This Week in the Stars

Quick Daily Guide
June 7 to 27, 2024

Planetary and lunar movements are calculated from midnight to midnight, EDT.

What does it mean when I say the moon is v/c? After the moon makes its last aspect from one sign, it’s void-of-course (v/c) until it enters the next sign. During this time, you may find yourself on a winding road. More things are hung up or postponed, and often finally resolve themselves when the moon enters its new sign.

Friday, June 7

Moon 25° Gemini to 8° Cancer – moon is v/c from 8:15 am to 8:40 am EDT

The brightest days cast the strongest shadows. The sun and Venus are still together, so your life is graced with all kinds of loving relationships. But they both square Saturn, so there could also be some disappointment or loss in this area. It may be that there’s someone who doesn’t want to hear what you have to say, and, even though it’s hard, you have to accept that we can’t all agree.

Saturday, June 8

Moon 8° Cancer to 21° Cancer

This isn’t the easiest day, with both the sun and Venus squaring Saturn. There could be quite a few challenges, including some bruises to your ego. Life is a little weightier than usual, so you need to be extra good to yourself.

Sunday, June 9

Moon 21° Cancer to 4° Leo – moon is v/c from 3:05 pm to 3:28 pm EDT

There may be a few drawbacks and delays, and it may not always be possible to do what you want to do, with the sun square Saturn. Give yourself and everyone else a little extra slack. Mars enters Taurus, a calm and unhurried sign, so it’s better to play the long game.

Monday, June 10

Moon 4° to 16° Leo

Change is a part of life, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. As Mars approaches the square to Pluto, you may be feeling quite a lot of pressure. There are things that you need to deal with, and you can’t do it in a superficial way.

Tuesday, June 11

Moon 16° to 29° Leo – moon is v/c after 3:16 pm EDT

You may run into a few obstacles, with Mars in Taurus square Pluto, but try to be diplomatic and patient. Everybody has their own viewpoint, and their own little rituals, and these don’t always sync easily with yours.

Wednesday, June 12

Moon 29° Leo to 11° Virgo – moon is v/c until 1:38 am EDT

Be a little more cautious today, since Mercury squares Saturn, and the Mars/Pluto square is still strong. Communication isn’t always easy, and you may find yourself disagreeing rather vehemently with someone. Being kind is important, but it’s also important to be clear about your boundaries as well as respectful of others’.

Thursday, June 13

Moon 11° to 23° Virgo

This is a good day for healing work, both physically and in terms of relationships. With the sun and Mercury in Gemini both sextile Chiron in Aries, there could be communication breakthroughs.

Friday, June 14

Moon 23° Virgo to 4° Libra – moon is v/c from 1:53 pm to 2:12 pm EDT

Communication goes more smoothly, and it’s also more fun, with the sun and Mercury together in Gemini, and Venus not all that far away. Everybody can find common interests.

Saturday, June 15

Moon 4° to 16° Libra

It’s still a pretty easy day, with Mercury still quite close to the sun. There’s lots of airy energy, so it’s good for social and cultural events.

Sunday, June 16

Moon 16° to 28° Libra

There’s still a lot of sparkling conversation, as Mercury and Venus come together in Gemini. However, there could also be some confusion, with Venus square Neptune. Try not to over-idealize anyone or anything, as this is just setting yourself up for disillusionment. There’s magic when you look for it, but it can take different forms than you expect.

Monday, June 17

Moon 28° Libra to 10° Scorpio – moon is v/c from 2:05 am to 2:37 am EDT

This is a very confusing, changeable time, with Mercury and Venus together and both squaring Neptune. You think you know what’s going on, and then things shift, and it all looks unfamiliar. Both Mercury and Venus enter Cancer, and Mercury makes an inconjunct to Pluto, adding a lot of emotional intensity.

Tuesday, June 18

Moon 10° to 23° Scorpio

Relationships are very emotional, and a bit fraught at times, with Venus in Cancer inconjunct Pluto. Desires are stronger, and so it’s not easy to relax and let things be. Take some deep breaths and drink a lot of water.   

Wednesday, June 19

Moon 23° Scorpio to 6° Sagittarius – moon is v/c from 12:18 pm to 12:31 pm EDT

This is a time of important spiritual growth, with an exact trine between Neptune and the asteroid Vesta. You may get back in touch with something you once held dear – a lovely dream, a cherished ideal, or a private passion.  

Thursday, June 20

Moon 6° to 19° Sagittarius  

Things can get confusing once more, as the sun squares Neptune just before moving into Cancer. It’s the summer solstice! Dance and be merry, and don’t try too hard to make sense out of things! This is a day to flow with whatever happens, rather than trying to stick to a schedule.

Friday, June 21

Moon 19° Sagittarius to 2° Capricorn – moon is v/c from 6:58 pm to 7:08 pm EDT

Things move a little faster, as Mercury makes a sextile to Mars, and this also helps with communication. However, the sun/Neptune square is still strong, and the sun also makes an inconjunct to Pluto, so there’s still the danger of confusion, misunderstandings, and errors. The full moon insures that emotions run high.

Saturday, June 22

Moon 2° to 16° Capricorn

You may be dealing with an important transition, and the pressure could be pretty intense at times. With the sun inconjunct Pluto, it’s important to maintain a sense of perspective. Don’t exhaust yourself with trying to get everything right or attempting to live up to other people’s expectations.   

Sunday, June 23

Moon 16° Capricorn to 0° Aquarius – moon is v/c from 11:05 pm to 11:14 pm EDT

When it comes to your passions and your goals, this could be an important moment. Pluto is exactly opposed to Vesta, so it’s important that you know what you want. Own your creativity, and find exciting new ways to manifest it in the world.    

Monday, June 24

Moon 0° to 14° Aquarius

This is a good day to deal with domestic chores, organizational efforts, and health initiatives, especially with your nearest and dearest. With Mercury in Cancer sextile Juno in Virgo, you can be part of a coordinated effort to make your ordinary life work better.   

Tuesday, June 25

Moon 14° to 28° Aquarius – moon is v/c after 6:29 pm EDT

You can continue with the work you started yesterday, since the Mercury/Juno sextile is still strong, and now Mercury is opposing Ceres. This is a good time to focus on getting the provisions you need, in order to live in a healthy, comfortable way.

Wednesday, June 26

Moon 28° Aquarius to 12° Pisces – moon is v/c until 2:07 am EDT  

Things settle down, as Mercury in Cancer trines Saturn, and it’s a good time to deal with obligations connected to home and family. Emotions are strong but, even so, communication goes smoothly, and you can make some definite commitments.

Thursday, June 27

Moon 12° to 27° Pisces

Water is the strongest element these days, so everybody is especially sensitive and emotional. At the same time, you can find ways to have fun, as Venus approaches the sextile to Mars. Don’t be afraid to say what you want. You might just get it.

Planetary positions and movement between June 7, 12:01 am EDT and June 27, 11:59 pm EDT  

Sun –  16° Gemini to 6° Cancer – sun enters Cancer on June 20, 4:50 pm EDT

Mercury – 7° Gemini to 20° Cancer – Mercury enters Cancer on June 17, 5:06 am EDT

Venus – 17° Gemini to 12° Cancer – Venus enters Cancer on June 17, 2:20 am EDT

Mars – 28° Aries to 13° Taurus  – Mars enters Taurus on June 9, 12:34 am EDT

Jupiter – 2° to 7° Gemini

Saturn – 19° Pisces

Uranus –  24° to 25° Taurus

Neptune –  29° Pisces

Pluto – 1° Aquarius retrograde

Asteroids & Nodes

between June 7, 12:01 am EDT, and June 27, 11:59 pm EDT  

North lunar node –  13° to 11° Aries

South lunar node –  13° to 11° Libra

Ceres – 19° to 16° Capricorn retrograde

Chiron – 22° to 23° Aries

Juno –  11° to 16° Virgo

Pallas –  23° to 20° Scorpio retrograde

Vesta –  24° Cancer to 3° Leo – Vesta enters Leo on June 19, 6:07 pm EDT