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January 13
to 21, 2021

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Jupiter square Uranus

Wednesday, January 13
This is a very tense time. The sun conjuncts Pluto, so power is
concentrated. Mars is exactly square Saturn, so some mounting
frustration is at its peak. And there’s a very tightly focused new
moon, so this the beginning of a new cycle. The only easy aspect
is Venus trining Uranus, which adds to creativity, and helps
resolve difficulties through innovation, communication, and
practical solutions.   

Thursday, January 14
Things are still very intense, with the sun conjunct Pluto. Uranus
turns direct today, and so the emphasis is on change. But the
Mars/Saturn square is still strong, so people are angry,
frustrated, and digging in to their positions.  

Friday, January 15
There’s still a lot of festering anger, with the Mars/Saturn square,
and there are blockages and dead ends contributing to this. As
Jupiter approaches the square to Uranus, the energy is

Saturday, January 16
Things could be a little more peaceful, with the moon in Pisces,
and Mars slipping away from that frustrating square to Saturn.
Movement is still erratic, though, with the Jupiter/Uranus square

Sunday, January 17
This is a time of broader change, with Jupiter exactly square
Uranus. It happens in fixed signs, which points to the deeply
embedded energies that are shifting.

Monday, January 18
Mars hasn’t gone to sleep, but it’s quieter for the moment. The
strong Jupiter/Uranus square shows that things are constantly
changing, with information emerging and resistance hardening.  

Tuesday, January 19
Mars wakes up and is very active again, approaching a
conjunction to Uranus and a square to Jupiter. There are lots of
people who think they’re invincible, and could decide to do crazy
things. If you’re not one of those people, you have a much better
chance of surviving! But still, be moderate and patient, and stay
alert for accidents. The sun enters Aquarius, helping to wave us
towards the future.  

Wednesday, January 20
This is a dangerous time, very accident-prone, with Mars exactly
conjunct Uranus, and both square Jupiter. I’m hoping that the
drama of this moment is all about the end of a particularly corrupt
era and the dawning of a new day. But I do worry.  Everybody,
stay safe!  

Thursday, January 21
This is a lot like yesterday, with Mars and Uranus still conjunct,
and the moon close by as well, and Jupiter squaring the whole
lot. The energy is volatile, expansive, restless, creative, and
explosive. Stay safe!  

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