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October 8
to 21, 2019

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Uranus in Taurus
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Pluto in Capricorn

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Sun sextile Jupiter
Sun square Saturn
Sun inconjunct Neptune
Sun square Pluto
Mercury sextile Saturn
Mercury oppose Uranus
Mercury trine Neptune

Mercury sextile Pluto
Venus sextile Saturn

Venus oppose Uranus

Venus trine Neptune

Mars inconjunct Uranus
Saturn sextile Neptune

Tuesday, October 8
It’s rather a slow day, with the sun/Saturn square still strong.  You
may need extra patience and discipline.

Wednesday, October 9
Daydreaming is the main activity, with the sun inconjunct Neptune.  
Check everything twice so that you don’t forget or lose anything.  

Thursday, October 10
Pockets of confusion could still trip you up, with the sun/Neptune
inconjunct still strong, and the moon in Pisces.  Find ways to ground
yourself, so that you don’t just wander around.  

Friday, October 11
Things could start moving faster.  With the Mars/Uranus inconjunct
forming, this is an accident-prone time, so be extra careful.  

Saturday, October 12
Relationships are challenging, with Venus opposing Uranus, and
Mars inconjunct it.  People do sudden, surprising things, and there
could be flashpoints of conflict.  Watch for accidents too.  Luckily,
the sun/Jupiter sextile is forming, and this is protective and

Sunday, October 13
It’s a lucky, pleasurable time, with the sun sextile Jupiter, but there
could also be a lot of sudden complications.  Relationships continue
to be unstable, with Venus and Mars both in tense aspect to Uranus,
and there could be boundary and control issues, with the sun/Pluto
square.  The full moon adds to the intensity.  The only calming
influence is the Mercury/Saturn sextile, which contributes some
practicality and good sense.  

Monday, October 14
Power dynamics continue to be challenging, with the sun square
Pluto.  However, it helps that you’re disciplined, responsible and
mature, with Mercury sextile Saturn.  And with the sun/Jupiter
sextile still strong, there could be some kind of lucky break.   

Tuesday, October 15
This is a time of spiritual growth and sensual delights.  With Mercury
trine Neptune, you are attuned to the beauty and the sweetness
around you, and you can find many ways to enjoy yourself.

Wednesday, October 16
Things continue to be a bit more mellow than usual, with the
Mercury/Neptune trine still strong.  People are kinder and more
forgiving of each other.  

Thursday, October 17
With the moon in Gemini and the sun and Mars in Libra, it’s an airy
day.  Spirits are lighter, and people may feel more like playing than

Friday, October 18
Some more serious subjects come up, as Mercury approaches the
sextile to Pluto.  Some important changes could be discussed, and
agreements made.   

Saturday, October 19
You’re ready to talk about some previously taboo issues, with
Mercury sextile Pluto.  Some secrets may be revealed, and this can
clear the way for necessary changes.    

Sunday, October 20
There’s a lot of constructive work being done, with Venus sextile
Saturn, and the Mercury/Pluto sextile still strong.  Relationships
become stronger, as people deal with their responsibilities in a
more realistic way.   

Monday, October 21
Relationships lighten up, and there’s more gentleness, kindness
and sympathy.  With Venus trine Neptune, this could be a beautiful,
inspiring time.  
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