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January 2
3 to 30, 2020

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Sun square Uranus
Mercury sextile Mars
Venus square Mars
Venus sextile Jupiter

Venus conjunct Neptune
Mars square Neptune

Saturn conjunct Pluto

Thursday, January 23
Watch for accidents, technical problems, and sudden twists of fate,
with the sun square Uranus.  Heightened pleasures, sweet romance,
art and beauty are also parts of your life, with Venus sextile

Friday, January 24
This is a rather volatile new moon, with the sun and moon squaring
Uranus, so be extra careful, whatever you’re doing.  Everything
moves faster, as the Mercury/Mars sextile forms.  

Saturday, January 25
Things move pretty quickly, with Mercury sextile Mars.  People are
full of ideas and eager to translate them into action.  At the same
time, there could be some sexual tension, with the Venus/Mars
square forming.

Sunday, January 26
You can’t always get what you want, with Venus square Mars.  There
could be a little tension between friends and lovers, as desires and
impulses go in different directions.  

Monday, January 27
Venus and Neptune are together, and this can be blissful and
beautiful.  But they both square Mars, so there could be some
friction between your fantasies and someone else’s commitments.     

Tuesday, January 28
It’s not easy to maintain your stability, with Mars squaring Neptune,
and Venus still involved.  Watch for missing objects, directional
problems, and odd accidents.  Relationships are uncertain, and
some folks may run away from them.    

Wednesday, January 29
With the Mars/Neptune square still strong, you may not be quite sure
where you’re going.  The main thing is to avoid making a lot of
progress in the wrong direction.   

Thursday, January 30
There’s still some tendency to wander around in a vague way.  But
as the Mars/Neptune square diminishes, you’re more purposeful,
and can get more done.  The Aries moon helps.   
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