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February 2
3 to March 3, 2017

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Thursday, February 23
The tensions are still pretty high.  But Mercury sextiles Saturn, and
this gives more patience and better organizational skills.  If you can
keep talking to other people, you can work things out.  

Friday, February 24
The revolutionary energy of the Jupiter/Uranus opposition gets
stronger, day by day.  But the moon in Aquarius reminds everyone
that we’re all in this together.  

Saturday, February 25
Everything is more charged, and it will stay that way for a while, as
Mars is drawn into the Jupiter/Uranus opposition.  Mercury enters
Pisces though, and this helps by giving a more spiritual

Sunday, February 26
There’s a real sizzle to the air, as Mars conjuncts Uranus, taking
sides with the radical element in the Jupiter/Uranus opposition.  And
there’s a solar eclipse at the new moon, so something important is
just beginning.  But most beginnings involve some kind of end, and
this one is no exception. Watch for accidents, mishaps and

Monday, February 27
Things continue to be very tense and edgy, with Mars and Uranus
ranged across from Jupiter.  Some revolutionary energy is holding
sway, but there’s a real danger of going too far, and destroying
things that can’t be easily rebuilt.  So do exercise caution.  

Tuesday, February 28
As the month ends, things are still busy, hectic, maybe a little
chaotic, with Mars and Uranus still opposing Jupiter.  Conflictive
energies continue to hold sway.   

Wednesday, March 1
The moon gets into Aries, and tries to hold on to the sharp, active
energy of the last five days.  But with the sun conjunct Neptune,
some confusion enters the picture, and nobody is quite sure what
just happened, if anything.  

Thursday, March 2
Jupiter exactly opposes Uranus, so the lines have been drawn in the
sand.  But with the sun/Neptune conjunction, there are a million
different responses and interpretations, and nobody knows quite
what to do now.  

Friday, March 3
People continue to take sides, to keep the fight going, with the
Jupiter/Uranus opposition still strong.  But some are beginning to
drift away, to take up their ordinary obsessions and addictions.  
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