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Quick Daily Guide
July 2
to 9, 2020

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Mercury square Mars

Mercury sextile Uranus

Jupiter sextile Neptune

Jupiter conjunct Pluto

Thursday, July 2
Saturn is now back in Capricorn, and this may mean more
limitations, more responsibility, more accountability.  The
restlessness of the Sagittarius moon has a hard time with the
security needs of the sun and Mercury in Cancer.

Friday, July 3
You’re more brilliant than usual, as Mercury leaves the sextile to
Uranus.  This has been a time of proliferating ideas, and now you
can decide which of them is doable.

Saturday, July 4
We’re all still feeling the ongoing collective tension of the
Jupiter/Pluto conjunction. The Capricorn moon is sobering, adding
to a certain restraint.

Sunday, July 5
The full moon brings an eclipse, so it’s an emotional time. Some
people will mourn their lost family members, while others complain
about daily restrictions. No matter what’s going on, it’s better to let
it out, and to share your feelings with loved ones.  

Monday, July 6
With the moon in Aquarius, people are beginning to focus on the
future. But as the Mercury/Mars square forms, there could be
some arguments and hard feelings.

Tuesday, July 7
Watch for accidents and conflicts, with the Mercury/Mars square.
Everything moves quickly, and people may be more impatient and

Wednesday, July 8
Households may not be all that peaceful or comfortable, with
Mercury square Mars. Continue to watch for accidents, minor
domestic disasters, and communication problems, and be gentle
with yourself and your loved ones.

Thursday, July 9
There continue to be some tensions around the things people feel,
say and do, with the Mercury/Mars square still strong. You may feel
a little irritable, but try not to lash out at the people you care about.

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