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Quick Daily Guide
May 16
to 30, 2018

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two weeks:

Sun trine Mars
Sun inconjunct Saturn

Mercury oppose Jupiter
Mercury trine Saturn

Mercury sextile Neptune
Mercury trine Pluto

Venus inconjunct Mars

Venus trine Jupiter
Venus oppose Saturn

Venus sextile Uranus
Mars square Uranus
Jupiter trine Neptune

Wednesday, May 16
Mars enters a new sign – mainly eccentric, electric Aquarius – and
exactly squares Uranus. So don’t expect your plans to proceed
smoothly.  You may need to work out creative alternatives, in order
to get things done.  

Thursday, May 17
The Mars/Uranus square is still strong, so this continues to be a
jumpy, uneven time, in which things can fall apart more easily than
usual.  You’ll need to be careful, calm and patient.  Stay safe!  

Friday, May 18   
People are more reasonable, with Mercury trine Saturn.  
Communication improves.  But the Mars/Uranus square is still
strong, so continue to be alert.   

Saturday, May 19
This is a nice day to hang out with people and do something fun,
since Venus sextiles Uranus.  With Venus entering Cancer,
connections with others are warm and sensitive.  

Sunday, May 20
There could be some dissonance in relationships, since Venus is
inconjunct Mars.  Some people want to be close, while others want
to be free.  

Monday, May 21
The sun enters Gemini, and that helps with communication.  But the
Venus/Mars inconjunct is still strong, so there could be a few mix-
ups, with people going in different directions.  

Tuesday, May 22
This is a good day for writing, speaking, imagining, visualizing, with
Mercury sextile Neptune.  You’re sensitive to different realities,
wherever you find them.  It’s also a more physically energetic time,
with the sun/Mars trine.   

Wednesday, May 23
There’s lots of physical activity, with the sun trine Mars.  At the same
time, there’s some tendency to get carried away, especially when it
comes to plans and projects, since Mercury opposes Jupiter.  Don’t
promise the impossible, and be careful with expenses and

Thursday, May 24
There’s still lots to do – plenty of talk and plenty of action -  with the
sun/Mars trine. Some things are coming together nicely, with the
Jupiter/Neptune trine very strong.    

Friday, May 25
There’s a real mix of influences.  On the one hand, Jupiter trines
Neptune, so this is a time of creative expansion.  Communication is
generally good, with Mercury trine Pluto giving more depth and
meaning to your words.  And the sun/Mars trine is still lending extra
energy.  However, there’s also an undercurrent of sadness, as
Venus approaches the opposition to Saturn.  Some relationship
issues may need to be resolved.  

Saturday, May 26
You may feel a bit mournful, disappointed, or sad, as Venus opposes
Saturn.  There are still a lot of good things going on, if you look at
the bigger picture, since the Jupiter/Neptune trine is strong.  But
some of the small things could still be hard.

Sunday, May 27
This is an emotional time, with the moon in Scorpio, and the
Jupiter/Neptune trine still strong.  It’s good for coming together as a
community and focusing on healing work or creative possibilities.  

Monday, May 28
Energy could slump a bit, with the sun/Saturn inconjunct.  Don’t
demand a lot of yourself, and avoid going in too many directions.    

Tuesday, May 29
You may have to work harder than usual, and take on more
responsibility, with the sun inconjunct Saturn.  The full moon can
raise some issues around communication and transportation, so
pace yourself.  

Wednesday, May 30
With Mercury now in its home sign, Gemini, and joining the sun
there, there’s more talking, thinking, and processing.  The
Jupiter/Neptune trine is still strong, so people continue to be more
cohesive as a community, and more compassionate towards each
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