What's Going On These Days?

Quick Daily Guide
April 22
to 29, 2019

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Sun conjunct Uranus

Mercury sextile Mars
Mercury square Saturn
Mars inconjunct Saturn
Mars square Neptune

Monday, April 22
Watch for accidents, mishaps, and technical problems, as the sun
conjuncts Uranus.  The wheel turns, and people switch positions,
and you may be startled by unforeseen outcomes.  All your creative
power is needed, but don’t take undue risks.   

Tuesday, April 23
Things continue to be out of kilter, with the sun/Uranus conjunction.  
This is a creative but unstable time, with more likelihood of
accidents and separations, so be cautious.  

Wednesday, April 24
It’s a serious time, with the moon in Capricorn, and Pluto turning
retrograde.  This is the beginning of a five-month period of power
evaluation, with more time for inner work and for planning future

Thursday, April 25
Everything continues very serious, and a bit slow, with the moon
conjunct both Saturn and Pluto.  It’s pretty good for organizing,
especially winnowing down.    

Friday, April 26
Energy is scattered, with the Mars/Neptune square.  It’s too easy to
run around and get nothing done, and you should watch for

Saturday, April 27
You’re easily distracted, with Mars square Neptune.  You’re curious
about everything, but you can easily get turned around and go in an
entirely wrong direction.  

Sunday, April 28
It’s still not easy to get anything done, with the Mars/Neptune
square.  Confusing situations could arise, and it takes time and
energy to figure them out.  

Monday, April 29  
It’s a slow, thoughtful day, as Saturn retrogrades.  The Pisces moon
encourages vision and imagination, but isn’t so good for anything

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