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Quick Daily Guide
August 19
to 26, 2019

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Sun conjunct Venus

Mercury trine Jupiter
Mercury inconjunct Saturn
Mercury inconjunct Neptune
Mercury inconjunct Pluto
Venus conjunct Mars
Venus trine Uranus
Mars trine Uranus

Monday, August 19
The moon in Aries adds to the fire, and so this is a good time to take
the initiative.  Larger plans are starting to take shape.  

Tuesday, August 20
There are ups and downs.  Some things are moving forward, while
other things are blocked, as Mercury moves towards the trine of
Jupiter and the inconjunct of Saturn.  

Wednesday, August 21
You can make some progress, but don’t expect consistency.  
Mercury trines Jupiter, bringing some delightful benefits, but it also
makes an inconjunct to Saturn, with the danger of slowdowns and

Thursday, August 22
There’s some danger of wandering around in a fog, with Mercury
inconjunct Neptune.  Don’t overlook the smaller, more modest
voices in your vicinity, as they may have important information.   

Friday, August 23
The sun enters Virgo, and Venus and Mars are coming together in
Virgo, so this is a good time to start some sort of concrete project.  
Work and play are both more pleasurable at this time.   

Saturday, August 24
Desires are strong, and you really want to go after anything you
enjoy, with Venus and Mars together.  However, Mercury is
inconjunct Pluto, so there’s some danger of trespassing in
forbidden territory.  Make sure that you’re getting the “all clear”
signal before venturing forth.  

Sunday, August 25
This is a good day for pleasurable, sensual activities, with Venus and
Mars together in Virgo. It’s especially good for getting outside and
mucking about in nature.    

Monday, August 26   
Relationships are really interesting, with Venus trine Uranus.  You
could meet somebody new and different, or an existing relationship
could evolve.  Creative energy is very high.
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