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June 4
to 11, 2020

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Sun square Mars

Sun square Neptune

Mercury sextile Uranus

Mars conjunct Neptune

Jupiter conjunct Pluto

Thursday, June 4
You could be a little touchy, accident-prone, and easily aggravated
by other people and by conditions, with the sun/Mars square. It is a
creative time, however, with Mercury approaching the sextile to
Uranus.  This helps you figure out alternate ways to do things, if
your first attempts fall flat.   

Friday, June 5
This is a time of transformation, with the full moon and an eclipse
in Gemini/Sagittarius. Mercury is also sextile Uranus, adding a
strong desire to learn, to understand, and to connect.  With the
sun/Mars square still strong, people continue to be angry, and
there is still conflict, but there is also definite movement towards a
better future.

Saturday, June 6
Conflict could hit a peak, with the sun exactly square Mars.  Be
careful, as this is an accident-prone time, especially when you’re in
motion. Words also move quickly, and sometimes destructively.
But with the Mercury/Uranus sextile still strong, new perspectives
are taking everyone toward change.

Sunday, June 7
It continues to be a time of agitation, conflict, accidents and
mishaps, with the sun/Mars square still strong.  Communication is
choppy, and it’s not always easy for people to hear each other.  

Monday, June 8
Things continue to be pretty intense, as the moon in Capricorn
emphasizes the power issues of the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction.  
The sun/Mars square is still strong, so people are still edgy and
agitated, and things happen quickly. Be a little more careful than

Tuesday, June 9
Revolutionary energy is activated, as the moon in Aquarius
interacts with Uranus.  The sun/Mars square is still strong, so
there’s plenty of momentum, but energy could also be wasted in
skirmishes and arguments.  

Wednesday, June 10
There’s some confusion, and goals are not always clear, as the sun
moves towards the square of Neptune. This is the time to center
yourself and ask for spiritual guidance.

Thursday, June 11
A fog of strong feelings covers everything, with the sun exactly
square Neptune. It’s hard to communicate clearly when there’s so
much old sorrow and trauma, and it’s hard to know what to do
next.  Some people may retreat, some run in circles, and some
could get tangled up in old arguments.  The best path is one of
conscious clarity, self-acceptance, and spiritual grounding.

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