What's Going On These Days?

Quick Daily Guide
July 13 to 24, 2018

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Sun inconjunct Saturn
Sun square Uranus
Sun oppose Pluto
Mercury inconjunct Neptune
Mercury inconjunct Pluto
Venus inconjunct Mars
Venus sextile Jupiter
Venus trine Saturn
Venus trine Uranus
Venus oppose Neptune
Saturn trine Uranus

Friday, July 13     
Things cool down rather quickly, as the Venus/Saturn trine forms.  
Suddenly everybody is more sensible and more aware of real-world

Saturday, July 14
Relationships are solid and reliable, with Venus trine Saturn.  This is
a good time to work together to improve conditions.  

Sunday, July 15
Things are a little more stressful, as the Mercury/Pluto inconjunct
and the Venus/Mars inconjunct form.  There could be some sexual
tensions and power issues.  

Monday, July 16
Communication can be a bit thorny, with Mercury inconjunct Pluto,
and Venus inconjunct Mars.  You may not realize that something
you’re saying is a trigger issue for someone else.  Think twice
before speaking and before reacting to what others say.  

Tuesday, July 17
Since Mercury is slowing down, the Mercury/Pluto inconjunct
lingers.  It’s important to respect other people’s privacy, and to be
clear about where your own boundaries are.  

Wednesday, July 18
Although you may still feel the bite of the Mercury/Pluto inconjunct,
it’s moving away, and so it’s easier to cope.  There aren’t as many
communication pitfalls.  

Thursday, July 19
With the moon in Libra and the sun in Cancer, some personal
differences could come up, and they may need to be worked
through.  Everybody means well, but that's not always enough.  

Friday, July 20
On the surface, there isn’t a whole lot going on, but some deeper
feelings could be percolating.  The Scorpio moon is a good time for
inner investigation.  

Saturday, July 21
This is favorable for parties and celebrations, with Venus
approaching the sextile to Jupiter.  You might want to have a cook-
out, a birthday party, or a community songfest.    

Sunday, July 22
This is a cheerful time, with Venus sextile Jupiter.  You generally
feel good, and you spread that feeling around to your friends and
neighbors.  And the sun enters fiery, confident Leo, adding to the
vibrant energy.  

Monday, July 23
Relationships could get a little more confusing, as Venus
approaches the opposition in Neptune.  The moon in impulsive
Sagittarius doesn’t help.  Try to avoid jumping to conclusions about
anyone or anything, because you could be way off target.  

Tuesday, July 24   
Expect things to be a little complicated and confusing, with Venus
opposing Neptune.  Nothing is quite like it seems, and with the
sun/Uranus square, this could mean a few mishaps and accidents.  
Stay safe!

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