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June 2
2 to 30,  2017

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The sun in Cancer
Mercury in Cancer
Venus in Taurus
Mars in Cancer
Jupiter in Libra
Saturn in Sagittarius
Uranus in Aries
Neptune in Pisces
Pluto in Capricorn

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Sun conjunct Mercury

Mercury conjunct Mars
Mercury square Jupiter
Mercury trine Neptune
Mercury oppose Pluto
Venus inconjunct Saturn

Venus sextile Neptune
Venus trine Pluto
Mars square Jupiter

Mars trine Neptune
Mars oppose Pluto

Jupiter inconjunct Neptune

Thursday, June 22
Emotions are stronger, with three planets in Cancer.  The
Jupiter/Neptune inconjunct is still strong, so it isn’t always clear
what to do with all these feelings.  

Friday, June 23
This is an exciting new moon, good for setting new intentions
relating to home, family, and emotional satisfaction.  Relationships
are deeper and more meaningful, with the Venus/Pluto trine, but
there’s some tendency to rush into everything, with the
Mars/Jupiter square.  

Saturday, June 24
The energy from the new moon is still very strong, with four planets
in Cancer moving everyone towards powerful emotional
experiences.  Venus trines Pluto, intensifying all our connections
with others.  Don’t try to do too much, though, with the Mars/Jupiter

Sunday, June 25
Things could move very quickly, with Mars square Jupiter, so be a
little more careful than usual.  With the Mars/Neptune trine, you
could have some beautiful experiences, but you could also waste
time, money or energy by trying to squeeze too much in.  

Monday, June 26
Mars, Jupiter and Neptune are all involved in a dynamic but tense
configuration.  However, with Mars trine Neptune, there’s a lot of
room for inspiration, creative accomplishment, and spiritual growth.  

Tuesday, June 27
Things are getting complicated now, with Mercury also involved in
the Jupiter/Neptune inconjunct, and Mars still marginally involved.  
With Mercury trine Neptune, your imagination is flying high, and you
are more perceptive and intuitive.  But with Mercury square Jupiter,
your boundaries could be a little weak, and you could be a bit too
ambitious in your plans and projects.     

Wednesday, June 28
Everything is hopping, with Mercury and Mars conjunct.  There’s lots
of physical activity, plenty of emotional reactions, and tons of things
to get done.  It’s exciting, but do watch for accidents.  Venus is also
inconjunct Saturn, so there could be some sort of disappointment
involving another person.  Be gentle with yourself, and them.  

Thursday, June 29
Be careful, especially when it comes to boundary violations, since
Mercury opposes Pluto, and the Venus/Saturn inconjunct is still
strong.  Sometimes the rungs on the ladder of ambition can be
pretty slippery.  And sometimes your loved ones just aren’t there to
catch you when you fall.  

Friday, June 30
It’s still a pretty tense time, with Mercury and Mars lined up across
from Pluto.  This is like the moments before High Noon.  It’s
important to be clear about what battles you will fight, and which it’s
best to avoid.  
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