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August 1
0 to 17, 2018

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Saturn trine Uranus

Friday, August 10
Relationships continue a bit thorny, with the Venus/Saturn square.  
Communication is also complicated, with the Mercury/Neptune
inconjunct and the Mercury/Jupiter square.  You could assume too
much, or expect too little.   

Saturday, August 11
It’s an unstable time, with a solar eclipse, and with the sun/moon
inconjunct Pluto.  Caution and self-analysis are helpful, and the main
thing is not to project your own into demons onto other people.  The
Mercury/Jupiter square is still strong too, another reason to be
careful of what you say or write.  

Sunday, August 12
Things continue to be edgy, as the sun/Pluto inconjunct is still
strong. Some deeper changes are playing themselves out.   

Monday, August 13
Mars has slipped back into Capricorn, giving a more serious and
respectable cast to things.  People are more aware of the
consequences of their actions, less likely to take risks.  

Tuesday, August 14
It looks like a fairly peaceful day, as the moon in Libra hangs out with
Venus.  People are more idealistic, and with the Jupiter/Neptune
trine strong, more compassionate towards others.

Wednesday, August 15
It continues to be a pretty smooth time, without much major drama.  
There’s a lot of daydreaming going on, with the Jupiter/Neptune
trine, but there’s also plenty of purposeful and practical work, with
the Saturn/Uranus trine.  

Thursday, August 16
Things are quiet.  With the moon in Scorpio, many matters are tucked
away, kept as private concerns.  It’s also a very spiritual time, with
the Jupiter/Neptune trine.

Friday, August 17
With the moon joining Jupiter in its trine to Neptune, this looks like a
dreamy but pleasant time.  Communities join together to sustain
each other and to share deep feelings.  It’s a time of enhanced
spirituality and creativity.   
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