What's Going On These Days?

Quick Daily Guide
August 11
to 18,  2017

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Sun sextile Jupiter
Sun trine Saturn
Sun inconjunct Pluto
Mercury sextile Venus
Mercury oppose Neptune

Venus square Jupiter
Venus inconjunct Saturn

Venus trine Neptune

Venus oppose Pluto
Mars sextile Jupiter

Mars inconjunct Neptune

Mars inconjunct Pluto
Jupiter sextile Saturn

Jupiter square Pluto

Friday, August 11
Relationships are gentler, and there’s more intuitive understanding,
with the Venus/Neptune trine.  Generally, you feel a sense of good
will wafting through the air, with the sun/Jupiter sextile.  However,
there could still be moments of confusion and ambivalence, with the
Mars/Neptune inconjunct.    

Saturday, August 12
There could be some tricky situations, with Mercury going
retrograde today, so pay attention to minute logistical questions.  At
the same time, with Venus trine Neptune, interactions with other
people are mostly pretty pleasant, and when you concentrate on
what you love, there’s an easy flow.  

Sunday, August 13
You are able to ground yourself more easily, thanks to the sun’s
trine to Saturn.  Motivated by results, you can create some strong,
lasting structures.  

Monday, August 14
This is pretty good for business, with the sun/Saturn trine still
strong.  However, interpersonal relationships are a little edgy, with
the Venus/Pluto opposition.  Some issues around power and
boundaries could come up.  

Tuesday, August 15
There could be some conflicts today, with Venus opposing Pluto and
the Mars/Pluto inconjunct forming.  Sometimes people have secret
agendas, and these could emerge in unexpected ways.  So if you’re
feeling paranoid, there could be a good reason.  

Wednesday, August 16
Be careful about the things you do, including the ways that you
express anger and frustration.  With Mars inconjunct Pluto, ordinary
responses and impulses could backfire.  With the Venus/Jupiter
square, you may be a bit more extravagant than usual.  

Thursday, August 17
You can have fun, with Venus square Jupiter, but you can also go
too far, trying to do and have everything at once, and exhausting
your energy or your budget.  Be moderate.  With the Mars/Pluto
inconjunct still strong, this is not the best time to act on impulse.     

Friday, August 18
There are highs and lows.  On the one hand, there could be some
sadness or a disappointment, with Venus inconjunct Saturn.  On the
other hand, a new opportunity or possibility could come up, with the
Mars/Jupiter sextile forming.  

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