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Jan 1
8 to 25, 2019

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Mars square Saturn
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Saturn sextile Neptune

Friday, January 18
It’s an intense time, with Mercury conjunct Pluto, and the sun square
Uranus.  Romantic feelings are still very strong, with Venus trine
Mars, but who knows how things will shake out in the end?  Things
could take an unexpected turn.  A lot could be going on underneath
the surface.  

Saturday, January 19
Quite a few things could go wrong, with the sun/Uranus square and
the Mars/Saturn square.  Watch for accidents, mishaps, delays,
blockages, and technical problems.  However, relationships are still
warm and passionate, with the Venus/Mars trine.   

Sunday, January 20
There continue to be a lot of bumps in the road, with the
Mars/Saturn square.  Relationships are still sexy, however, and
there’s also an element of fantasy in them, with Venus trining Mars
and square Neptune.  Be careful that you aren’t over-idealizing your
lover, seeing only what you want to see.    

Monday, January 21
Things are still a bit difficult, and you’re carrying more
responsibilities, with Mars square Saturn - and the full moon (with an
eclipse!) dramatizes everything.  Relationships could also go around
in circles, with the Venus/Neptune square.  But is there a party
somewhere around?  With Venus approaching Jupiter, there’s love,
warmth, and generosity to be had.  

Tuesday, January 22
The hard work of the Mars/Saturn square persists.  But with Venus
conjunct Jupiter, there are also some beautiful, loving connections.  
There could be parties, community celebrations, or private get-

Wednesday, January 23
Watch for accidents and sudden sharp changes, with Mercury
square Uranus.  In spite of this, there is definite progress, as the
Mars/Jupiter trine approaches, and that’s a good reason to

Thursday, January 24
This is a joyful time, as Mars approaches the trine to Jupiter. You’re
finally moving ahead on some project that’s been stalled.  Mercury
enters Aquarius, giving you more of an overview.   

Friday, January 25  
You continue to make forward, as Mars trines Jupiter.  At last, you
can pursue your passions, and achieve notable success. There’s a
general sense of well-being, after the many frustrations you
endured throughout the week.    In your community, you receive
support and resources, and you share these generously with
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