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March 27
to April 3, 2017

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Mars sextile Neptune

Mars trine Pluto

Jupiter square Pluto

Monday, March 27    
The new moon is very fiery, so there will be a great many
independent voices speaking up, and creative people are especially
inspired.  With Mars sextile Neptune, people yearn for more
meaning in their lives.  There's a stronger spiritual awareness.  

Tuesday, March 28
Things flow pretty well, with the Mars/Neptune sextile.  You are able
to follow your instincts, and to express your feelings, and that feels

Wednesday, March 29
Serious thoughts are predominant, with Mercury trine Saturn.  It’s a
good day for planning, reading, writing, signing contracts, making
deals, and catching up on paperwork.  

Thursday, March 30
There are some tricky power dynamics coming to a head, with
Jupiter exactly square Pluto.  This isn’t a surprise;  they’ve been
brewing for weeks.  

Friday, March 31
Mercury enters Taurus, and so some of the passionate rhetoric
cools down a little.  The Gemini moon helps with communication.  

Saturday, April 1
The Gemini moon is light and witty, so it’s a good day for wordplay.  
But there continue to be deeper struggles going on below the
surface, with the Jupiter/Pluto square.  

Sunday, April 2
Venus retrogrades back into Pisces, so the energy is a little more
diffuse.  The moon squares it on its way into Cancer - so what you
want is not always what you need.  

Monday, April 3   
Emotions are strong, imagination vivid, and creativity flows easily,
with the Cancer moon trining Neptune.  It’s not a particularly
disciplined day though.  

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