What's Going On These Days?

Quick Daily Guide
September 14
to 24, 2018

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Mercury in Libra

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Saturn in Capricorn
Uranus in Taurus
Neptune in Pisces
Pluto in Capricorn

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Sun conjunct Mercury
Sun trine Mars
Sun square Saturn
Sun inconjunct Uranus
Mercury trine Mars

Mercury sextile Jupiter
Mercury square Saturn
Mercury inconjunct Uranus

Mercury oppose Neptune
Mercury trine Pluto
Venus sextile Saturn
Venus oppose Uranus
Mars square Uranus
Jupiter sextile Pluto
Saturn trine Uranus

Friday, September 14
Things are generally more stable.  The Venus/Saturn sextile is still
strong, so you can work with others to create something durable.  
Commitments are made and kept.   

Saturday, September 15
It’s a good time for concentrated mental work, with Mercury trine
Pluto.  However, with the approaching Mars/Uranus square, be alert
for accidents and mishaps.  

Sunday, September 16
There can be some real successes today, with Mercury sextile
Jupiter.  Inspiring words could be exchanged, and there could be
some new opportunities.  You still have to watch for accidents,
though, with the Mars/Uranus square forming.

Monday, September 17
The Capricorn moon helps you stay grounded, but there’s also some
restless, impulsive energy, with the Mars/Uranus square.  Stay alert
for sudden changes, accidents, and technical problems.  

Tuesday, September 18
This is one of those days when anything can happen.  With Mars
exactly square Uranus, there could be upsets, separations,
accidents, mechanical hassles, and abrupt schedule changes.  Stay

Wednesday, September 19
There’s still a lot of wild cards out there, with the Mars/Uranus
square.  People are energized but restless.  There’s a strong desire
for freedom from all restrictive conditions.  

Thursday, September 20
It’s an analytical, articulate day, with the sun and Mercury conjunct in
Virgo.  You can plan, organize, strategize, and solve problems.  
There’s still that physical restlessness, though, with the
Mars/Uranus square.  

Friday, September 21
Everybody is hungry for freedom, with the Mars/Uranus square, and
now the moon in Aquarius underlines that.  The sun/Mercury
conjunction helps bring you back to earth, though, as it offers a
more realistic head space.  

Saturday, September 22
Mercury is now in Libra, giving more idealism.  It makes an
inconjunct to Uranus, spurring creativity but also bringing a lot of
very odd ideas out of the woodwork.  And it’s prone to accidents,
technical glitches, and communication problems, so be careful.    

Sunday, September 23
The sun is now in Libra, so everybody is trying to find equilibrium.  
This is hard to come by, because Mercury almost simultaneously
trines Mars and squares Saturn.  So one minute you’re running
around in a rush of enthusiasm, and the next moment, you’re hitting
a wall.  Some doors are wide open and very welcoming, while others
are completely walled off.  

Monday, September 24
This is a hectic and unstable time, and the full moon brings its own
excitement.  The sun is inconjunct Uranus, so watch for mishaps,
accidents, and technical glitches.  With the Mercury/Mars trine still
strong, though, you’re energetic, physically and mentally, and you
can keep a step ahead of some of the potential problems.    
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