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February 18 to 26, 2021

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Sun sextile Uranus

Mercury conjunct Jupiter
Venus sextile Uranus

Mars trine Pluto
Saturn square Uranus

Friday, February 26
You can find constructive ways to channel your energy, with the
Mars/Pluto trine and the sun/Uranus sextile both strong. You’re
careful and conscientious, but you’re also excited by the
wonderful creative possibilities that appear before you.

Saturday, February 27
With today’s full moon in mutable signs, it’s a stimulating,
changeable time. Your imagination is particularly active, with the
Pisces sun, so you might just want to watch movies and read
poetry. But the Virgo moon could also give the urge to run
around and get all those neglected cleaning and organizing tasks

Sunday, February 28
The energy is fairly light, with all the Pisces and Aquarius
influences, and you may find yourself drifting around. But the
Saturn/Uranus square is still strong, and so there
continues to be
some underlying tension.  There are changes that need to be
made, but it’s not easy to make them.  

Monday, March 1
March begins with good energy for connection and
communication, as the Libra moon picks up the airy energy of all
those Aquarius planets. People are more reasonable, more
willing to compromise.

Tuesday, March 2
This is Mars’ last full day in Taurus, and so the stubborn people
are really holding on to their positions. There’s some dissonance
between Mars’ resistance to change, and the Libra moon’s
dedication to equality.

Wednesday, March 3
Mental energy is expansive, with Mercury approaching Jupiter,
and with Venus sextile Uranus, all kinds of relationships are
interesting and fun.  It’s also a wonderful day for artistic work.  

Thursday, March 4
Spirits are higher, and people are more generous and open-
minded, as Mercury conjuncts Jupiter. There’s an urge to
connect with as many people as possible, and y
ou can find all
sorts of reasons to celebrate. Some big, ambitious projects could
begin now.   

Friday, March 5
It continues to be a time of soaring idealism and high mental
energy, with the Mercury/Jupiter conjunction still strong. The
moon in Sagittarius adds to the optimism, exuberance, and
ambition. It’s a great time for any kind of community work.

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