What's Going On These Days?

Quick Daily Guide
December 8
to 15,  2017

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The current lunar cycle
The current moon sign
The sun in Sagittarius
Mercury in Sagittarius
Mercury retrograde
Venus in Sagittarius
Mars in Libra

Mars in Scorpio

Jupiter in Scorpio
Saturn in Sagittarius
Uranus in Aries
Neptune in Pisces
Pluto in Capricorn

here for a longer
description of each of the
following aspects, all in orb at
some point during the five days:

Sun conjunct Mercury
Sun trine Uranus
Mercury conjunct Venus

Mercury conjunct Saturn
Mercury trine Uranus
Venus square Neptune
Mars sextile Saturn
Jupiter trine Neptune

Friday, December 8
You continue to work hard.  This is a time for finishing things up, as
Mars and Saturn, still sextiling each other, prepare to leave their
respective signs.  

Saturday, December 9
Some interesting innovations could emerge, as Mercury heads
towards the trine of Uranus.  Mars enters Scorpio too, giving a
tendency to go deeper into everything.  

Sunday, December 10
This is a good day for stimulating new experiences, with Mercury
trine Uranus.  However, watch for some confusion in relationships,
since Venus squares Neptune.   You might be trying to meet your
friend someplace, while she’s somewhere else entirely, and Mercury
being retrograde doesn’t help.    

Monday, December 11
With five planets in fire signs, there’s plenty of movement.  But you
may still be experiencing some of that Venus/Neptune confusion,
with people milling about and not quite knowing where they’re

Tuesday, December 12
Intellectual endeavors get a boost from the sun/Mercury
conjunction in Sagittarius.  There are a lot of wild ideas, but there is
also philosophical breadth and wisdom.  

Wednesday, December 13
The fanatics could be out, with seven planets in Scorpio and
Sagittarius.  Some folks are true believers, while others are just

Thursday, December 14
The moon conjuncts Jupiter, and this gives a more benevolent and
generous view of the world.  Some deep feelings could gain an
audience, and transform the way people think about something.    

Friday, December 15
This is good for conversation and cultural activities, with Mercury
and Venus together in Sagittarius.  There could be impassioned
discussions and inspiring spectacles.    

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