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15 to 22, 2019

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Venus conjunct Saturn

Venus sextile Neptune

Venus conjunct Pluto

Mars conjunct Uranus
Saturn sextile Neptune


Friday, February 15
The energy is gentler, as Mars moves away from Uranus.  The
energy is primarily earthy, and so people are making practical

Saturday, February 16
There’s an aura of romance, with the Venus/Neptune sextile, so this
is a good time to take your special person out to dinner, or cuddle
up in bed eating chocolates with anybody you love (including

Sunday, February 17
There are still lots of romantic feelings, with Venus sextile Neptune,
and with the sun/Uranus sextile, things are getting pretty
interesting.  But as Venus inches closer to Saturn, there are also a
bunch of weighty matters that need to be discussed.

Monday, February 18
With Venus conjunct Saturn, and Mercury approaching Neptune,
you’re stretched between reality and fantasy.  On the one hand,
responsibilities are very heavy, and you need to pull your weight.  
On the other hand, as the sun sextiles Uranus and then moves into
Pisces, there’s something exciting and beautiful in your life,
something which fills you with amazement.  

Tuesday, February 19
This is a charged moment, with the Pisces/Virgo full moon.  Mercury
conjuncts Neptune, so your head is full of dreams and longings, and
it’s not always easy to concentrate.  But the Mercury/Saturn sextile
helps, since it keeps grounding you, bringing your attention back to

Wednesday, February 20
This is a good time for pertinent, meaningful discussions, with the
Mercury/Saturn sextile.  You are able to make your way through
many confusing side-issues, and concentrate on what matters.  

Thursday, February 21
Serious matters continue to come up, as Venus approaches Pluto.  
Some underlying power issues may need to be aired.  

Friday, February 22
Relationships are very intense, with Venus conjunct Pluto.  With
Mercury square Jupiter, there’s some tendency to plan or promise
too much, or to exaggerate, and this could cause trouble.  You don’t
want to dash anyone’s expectations.     

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