What's Going On These Days?

Quick Daily Guide
May 24
to 31,  2017

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Mercury inconjunct Jupiter
Mercury sextile Neptune
Mercury trine Pluto
Venus trine Saturn
Venus conjunct Uranus

Venus square Pluto

Mars oppose Saturn
Mars sextile Uranus

Jupiter inconjunct Neptune
Saturn trine Uranus

Wednesday, May 24
Relationships are a bit edgy, with the Venus/Pluto square.  
Dominance struggles can be hard on intimacy.    

Thursday, May 25
The new moon in Gemini is a good time for new initiatives relating to
communication, so you might want to start writing your memoirs.  
Venus is square Pluto, though, so other people may not cooperate
with all your plans.   

Friday, May 26
With the Venus/Pluto square strong, relationships are still a bit
edgy.  Some underlying tensions could show themselves.   

Saturday, May 27
Be careful not to get too carried away, especially with plans and
promises.  There’s a yod involving Jupiter in Libra, Mercury in
Taurus, and Neptune in Pisces.  

Sunday, May 28
There could be some beautiful, intuitive connections between
people, as Mercury sextiles Neptune.  But with the Mars/Saturn
opposition, watch out for patches of quicksand.    

Monday, May 29
It’s not easy to get things done, with Mars opposing Saturn, even
though Uranus acts as a mediator.  The usual routines may feel a bit
oppressive, so it might be good to try something different.  But you
also need to be careful, especially while driving.  

Tuesday, May 30
There’s more positive motion today, with Mars sextile Uranus.  You’
re ready to try innovative ways to get out from under all the weight
you’ve been carrying.    

Wednesday, May 31
You’re focused and resourceful, with Mercury trine Pluto.  
Relationships are grounded and serious, with the Venus/Saturn
trine, and you can establish solid cooperative ventures.  
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