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Quick Daily Guide
June 20
to 28, 2019

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Sun sextile Uranus
Mercury conjunct Mars
Mercury oppose Pluto

Venus oppose Jupiter
Venus inconjunct Saturn
Venus square Neptune
Venus inconjunct Pluto

Mars oppose Pluto
Jupiter square Neptune
Saturn sextile Neptune

Thursday, June 20   
With the Mars/Pluto opposition still strong, demands could continue
to be strident, and emotions run high.  Stay focused, but at the same
time, watch for accidents and the stray explosion.  

Friday, June 21
Happy summer solstice!  Neptune retrogrades today, so you could
be a little spacy, but Saturn’s sextile to Neptune helps you stay on

Saturday, June 22
You may drift a little, with Neptune stationary and receiving aspects
from both Jupiter and Saturn.  Jupiter encourages adventure
fantasies, but Saturn channels your imagination in more useful

Sunday, June 23
There’s excess, but there could also be cutbacks, with Venus
opposing Jupiter and inconjunct Saturn.  You can have fun and
indulge yourself at times, but you may not be able to get everything
you want.   

Monday, June 24
Relationships are a little confusing, with Venus square Neptune, and
the Venus/Saturn inconjunct still strong.  People may not be where
you expect them to be.  

Tuesday, June 25
People are making more sense now, as the Venus/Neptune square
fades away.  With the Saturn/Neptune sextile still strong, you find it
easier to deal with the general weirdness of the human race.  

Wednesday, June 26
Mercury enters Leo, freeing up some mental energy.  However,
there could be some tension around power and boundary issues, as
the Venus/Pluto inconjunct forms.  

Thursday, June 27
Things get exciting, with the sun sextile Uranus.  This is a good time
to enjoy new people, places and activities.  However, with Venus
inconjunct Pluto, be especially respectful of everyone’s

Friday, June 28
Things continue to be pretty interesting, with the sun/Uranus
sextile.  This is good for creativity, problem-solving, and learning
new things.     
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