What's Going On These Days?

Quick Daily Guide
April 18
to 25,  2017

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Sun conjunct Mercury
Sun trine Saturn

Mercury trine Saturn
Mercury conjunct Uranus

Venus sextile Mars
Venus square Saturn
Mars inconjunct Saturn

Tuesday, April 18
The pace is slow, and there are still quite a few blocks, with the
Mars/Saturn inconjunct.  Just keep plugging away, and try not to get
frustrated.  You’ll get it done eventually.  

Wednesday, April 19
You may be able to let go of some anger and impatience at this
point.   The sun crosses the threshold to Taurus, and joins Mercury
there, so it’s easier to find common-sense solutions to problems.  

Thursday, April 20
Some previous puzzles and frustrations could return, since the sun
and Mercury cross paths, with Mercury retrograding back to Aries.  
Pluto is stationary, adding to the tension.  Even if you’re itching for
change, it’s a slow process.  

Friday, April 21
Relationships may seem pretty stagnant, with Venus exactly square
Saturn.  The focus is on dealing with responsibilities, rather than
having fun.  Mars enters Gemini, though, giving a boost to

Saturday, April 22
Things continue to drag a bit.  The Venus/Saturn square is
enervating.  It may seem like it's all work and no play these days.  

Sunday, April 23
With the Venus/Saturn square, you’ve been dealing with some
relationship issues for ages, maybe handling mutual responsibilities
together, maybe dealing with solo romantic disappointments.  The
Mercury/Saturn trine helps you talk about whatever’s been going on,
and maybe make some new arrangements.  

Monday, April 24
It’s not that problems are magically resolved, but with the
Mercury/Saturn trine, there’s space to start dealing with them.  If
you’re open-minded, others will be too, and you can work out

Tuesday, April 25
Sensible issues continue to dominate the conversation, with the
Mercury/Saturn trine.  But with the moon in Aries and close to
Uranus, there could be a few wild cards too.  

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