What's Going On These Days?

Quick Daily Guide
June 4 to 19, 2018

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Sun conjunct Mercury
Sun inconjunct Jupiter
Sun square Neptune
Sun inconjunct Pluto
Mercury inconjunct Mars
Mercury trine Jupiter
Mercury inconjunct Jupiter
Mercury oppose Saturn
Mercury sextile Uranus
Mercury trine Neptune
Mercury square Neptune
Mercury inconjunct Pluto
Venus oppose Mars
Venus inconjunct Saturn
Venus square Uranus
Venus oppose Pluto
Jupiter trine Neptune

Monday, June 4  
The focus is on air signs, so it’s a good time to talk to people, to
write, and to get yourself organized.  People are more
communicative and idealistic.  

Tuesday, June 5
Things are pretty intense.  Venus opposes Pluto, so there could be a
few edgy power struggles between people.  The sun and Mercury
are together, both inconjunct Jupiter, so it’s easy to get carried
away and ignore inconvenient details.  Stay safe!  

Wednesday, June 6
Things continue to be a bit rocky, and even more confusing, with the
sun and Mercury now squaring Neptune.  Communication could
break down at times.  And the Venus/Pluto opposition is still strong,
so you could have some trust issues with others.   

Thursday, June 7
This is not as stressful, but it’s a bit diffuse.  With the sun square
Neptune, it’s not easy to get yourself organized.  

Friday, June 8
Communication is tricky, with Mercury inconjunct Pluto.  People may
be talking a lot, but aren’t necessarily revealing their deeper

Saturday, June 9
Most of the conflicts have been worked through by now.  The Aries
moon encourages direct, honest communication.  

Sunday, June 10
Some power struggles could develop, as the sun approaches the
inconjunct to Pluto.  The moon in Taurus could also bring up some
stubborn assumptions.  

Monday, June 11
With the sun inconjunct Pluto, there could be tensions around
authority, boundaries and control.  Try to relax around the small

Tuesday, June 12
This is still somewhat stressful, with the sun/Pluto inconjunct still
strong.  There are lots of options, but there’s also a feeling of

Wednesday, June 13
Communication flows more easily, with Mercury sextile Uranus, and
some really interesting ideas could emerge.  The new moon makes
this a good time for new beginnings.   

Thursday, June 14
People may do some really odd, unexpected things, with Venus
square Uranus.  The Cancer moon could also bring up some
emotional issues.  

Friday, June 15
Expect things to slow down, or get sidetracked, with Mercury
opposing Saturn.  And people are still acting squirrely, as the
Venus/Uranus square continues strong.  This is not the best day to
make a deal of any kind.  

Saturday, June 16
Things move quickly, with Mercury inconjunct Mars.  Watch for
conflicts and accidents.  It helps if you’re attentive to changing
energy, and if you try to maintain an objective stance, even when
things affect you personally.  

Sunday, June 17
The Leo moon gives everyone more vitality.  But it can also mean a
few quarrels over who’s in charge.  

Monday, June 18
Relationships can be a little lackluster, as Venus approaches the
inconjunct to Saturn.  With Neptune retrograding, everyone may feel
a bit lost in space.  

Tuesday, June 19
There are some wonderful successes and advances, with Mercury
trine Jupiter.  At the same time, with Venus inconjunct Saturn, there
could also be a few disappointments, especially when it comes to
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