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15 to 22, 2019

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Saturn sextile Neptune

Friday, November 15
Although there isn’t as much excitement and action, the strong
Saturn/Neptune sextile shows that progress can continue.  This is
one of those times when ideals become manifest.    

Saturday, November 16
The moon in Cancer picks up the watery energy of the sun and
Mercury, and helps with communication.  You are sensitive to
everything around you, and can go with the flow.  

Sunday, November 17
It continues to be a time of extra sensitivity.  However, there could
be some dissonance between the emotion and attachment of the
Cancer moon and the adventurous impulses of Jupiter in

Monday, November 18
The Leo moon can urge a more lavish lifestyle, and that could be
nice.  However, watch for misunderstandings arising from fixed
emotional patterns and inflexible belief systems, as the moon
conflicts with Mercury in Scorpio.     

Tuesday, November 19
Mars enters Scorpio, giving more focus and determination and
stronger desires.  You are intent on getting what you want, and
you’re patient enough to bide your time.  

Wednesday, November 20
Mercury goes direct.  So now we are all looking at the information
that came out during the retrograde, all the secrets and tensions
that were revealed, and figuring out how to move forward.    

Thursday, November 21
The energy is earthier, as the Virgo moon picks up the practical,
responsible energy of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.  It’s time to
build good, solid structures.  

Friday, November 22
The sun enters Sagittarius, giving the brighter, more boisterous
approach that generally heralds the end-of-year holidays.  But
there’s also an emphasis on tradition, community mores, and
community action.  
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