What's Going On These Days?

    Quick Daily Guide
     August 13
to 20, 2020

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Sun inconjunct Neptune
Sun inconjunct Pluto

Mercury trine Mars

Mercury inconjunct Jupiter

Mercury inconjunct Saturn
Mercury inconjunct Neptune
Mercury inconjunct Pluto
Venus sextile Uranus
Mars square Saturn

Mars square Pluto
Jupiter sextile Neptune

Thursday, August 13
Anger, pain and power imbalances are evident, with Mars square
Pluto. It’s important to be clear about what you can control, and
when you should stand back.  Know your own boundaries, and
respect those of other people.

Friday, August 14
Some big projects are getting into gear, with Mercury inconjunct
Jupiter. But there are still a lot of underlying tensions. The
Mars/Pluto square is still strong, and the sun is approaching an
inconjunct to Pluto. It’s best to be cautious, and to look beneath
the surface whenever possible.

Saturday, August 15
There’s a lot going on, and power struggles are the crux of it, with
the sun inconjunct Pluto. Communication can take confusing turns,
with liars and tricksters popping up to make things even murkier,
as we see from Mercury’s inconjunct to Neptune.

Sunday, August 16
There’s more passionate, focused action, with both the sun and
Mercury trining Mars. But power dynamics still weave a tangled
web, with Mercury inconjunct Pluto.

Monday, August 17
There’s definitely more progress, with the sun and Mercury trining
Mars in fiery signs. Will power and determination win through. And
with the sun and Mercury together, people are expressing
themselves loudly and boldly.

Tuesday, August 18
The new moon sets this as a new beginning. People have to be
especially creative, in these pandemic times, and Venus’ sextile to
Uranus insures that there will be ground broken, and reasons to
celebrate. However, with the sun, moon and Mercury all inconjunct
Saturn, there could also be some serious restrictions and worries.
Everyone is weighed down by a keen sense of responsibility.    

Wednesday, August 19
Things are still playing out in new and interesting ways, with the
Venus/Uranus sextile still strong. But the sun/Saturn inconjunct is
still strong too, so there are many limitations on what can be done,
and some folks will miss the freedom and carelessness of the old

Thursday, August 20
Things calm down a little. With Mercury now in Virgo, and the moon
here too, there’s an emphasis on getting everything organized,
healthy, and in good shape.

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