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December 14, 2018
to Jan 7, 2019

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Mercury square Mars

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Mercury trine Uranus
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Venus sextile Saturn

Venus inconjunct Uranus
Venus trine Neptune
Venus sextile Pluto

Mars sextile Pluto

Jupiter square Neptune

Friday, December 14
It’s a drifty, dreamy day, with the Pisces moon moving between
Neptune and Mars.  Your intuition is working overtime, and this
could be wonderful.  But is it always entirely accurate?  Doubt
creeps in.   

Saturday, December 15
This is a good day for getting things done.  The Venus/Saturn sextile
gives practical energy, and it also settles down any jangly energy in
your relationships.  The Mars/Pluto sextile lends focus and

Sunday, December 16
Relationships benefit from Venus’ sextile to Saturn.  People are
supportive of each other’s goals, and sensitive to each other’s
feelings.  And with the Mars/Pluto sextile, you’re able to use your
own power skillfully, while being respectful of others.     

Monday, December 17
Work goes well, and you can coordinate your actions with others,
making important changes.  With Mars sextile Pluto, you are focused
and intent.  Relationships are sustaining, too, since the
Venus/Saturn sextile is still strong.   

Tuesday, December 18
Your intentions continue clear, and you are able to ignore all the
distractions and zero in on what you want to do.  With the Mars/Pluto
sextile, you’re in touch with both inner and outer resources.  

Wednesday, December 19
This is a time of enhanced creativity, with the sun/Uranus trine.  You
might want to have an adventure, to take a new direction.  

Thursday, December 20
With the sun trine Uranus, there’s a lot of excitement in your life,
and you have the freedom to try something new.  Meanwhile,
relationships are gentle and intuitive, with the Venus/Neptune trine.  

Friday, December 21
Happy winter solstice!  This is a pleasurable, successful day, with
Mercury conjunct Jupiter.  Relationships are warm, generous, open-
hearted, with Venus trine Neptune.  Enjoy yourself, whether with a
group of friends or one special person.  

Saturday, December 22
The full moon gives a lot of intense emotion.  But with the
Venus/Neptune trine, connections with others are sweet and
somewhat mystical.  

Sunday, December 23
There’s a gentleness to the day, with the Cancer moon making a
great trine with Venus and Neptune.  Emotions are strong though,
and there could be some sadness mixed in with the happiness.  

Monday, December 24
Things are a little confusing, with Mercury square Neptune, and you
might find yourself running around in circles.  It’s best to spend the
day doing something inconsequential and hypnotic.  

Tuesday, December 25
Don’t try for perfection, since everything is still a bit topsy turvy,
with the Mercury/Neptune square.  If a few things go wrong, you’ll
have more funny stories to tell later.  

Wednesday, December 26
It’s a quiet and fairly purposeful day, without a lot going on.  Venus
moves closer to the sextile to Pluto, so you could take time to get
into some deeper conversations.    

Thursday, December 27
You might feel a strong urge to tidy up, with the moon in Virgo and
Mars/Neptune in Pisces, but it could be a lost cause.  Cooperative
efforts work best, with the Venus/Pluto sextile.  

Friday, December 28
Relationships are intense and very meaningful.  With Venus sextile
Pluto, this is a good time to go beyond the surface pleasantries and
share your feelings about things that really matter.  

Saturday, December 29
Relationships continue to be very powerful, with the Venus/Pluto
sextile.  There can be a deeper level of understanding between you
and those you love.  

Sunday, December 30
Things are quiet, with relationships generally stronger and more
enduring.  The moon in Libra adds to the cooperative spirit.  

Monday, December 31
Things are getting more serious, as the sun approaches stern
Saturn.  But Mars enters Aries in time for the new year, giving more
energy, excitement, and noise.    

Tuesday, January 1
Hangovers may be worse than usual this year, with the sun/Saturn
conjunct staring everybody in the face as the new year begins.  At
this point, the less regretful you are, the happier you’ll be!  Try not to
look down on less happy mortals, however.    

Wednesday, January 2
Things are a little stripped-down and bare, with the sun/Saturn
conjunction.  The focus is on work, responsibilities, and being an
adult.  This could also mean refraining from doing what you really
want to do.  

Thursday, January 3
Life becomes more interesting, with the Mercury/Uranus trine.  You
have some great adventurous ideas, and they could actually work
out very well.  So go for it!  

Friday, January 4
Conversations and discussions are exciting and fruitful, and with
Mercury trine Uranus, you can do something outside your usual
routine.  And the sun sextiles Neptune, adding to your intuitive
understanding of whatever’s going on around you.  

Saturday, January 5
This is intense - a new moon with a stellium in Capricorn, and a solar
eclipse!  It looks like the day of reckoning for someone in power.  
Venus is also inconjunct Uranus, so some people are rebelling
against laws and traditions, while others are hell-bent on upholding
them.  It’s well to be careful today, and to pay close attention to the
results of your actions.    

Sunday, January 6
People continue to be nervous and excitable, with the Venus/Uranus
inconjunct.  Uranus also goes direct today. Don’t expect anyone to
act in a predictable way (including yourself).  

Monday, January 7
This is prone to accidents and conflicts, with the Mercury/Mars
square.  There could be a showdown between the mind and the gut,
between the old and the young, or between tradition and rebellion.  

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