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February 16
to 23,  2018

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Mars square Neptune

Friday, February 16
Interesting ideas are bursting out all over, as Mercury and the sun
connect in Aquarius. Some folks are running around, spreading
confusion, going in all different directions, as Mars approaches the
square to Neptune.  Luckily, the Venus/Saturn sextile is still strong,
so people are finding ways to take care of each other.

Saturday, February 17
On an intellectual level, it’s a good time, with the sun and Mercury
conjunct in Aquarius.  There could be lots of interesting
conversations, and some good writing.  But there’s still a certain
amount of confusion, with Mars square Neptune.  Great plans can be
developed, and then people can end up just going around in circles
and never getting anywhere.  

Sunday, February 18
This is very much like yesterday, only more so, since Mercury and
the sun are in Pisces, adding to the general vagueness.  Some
inspired ideas can emerge, but it’s hard to translate them into
practical action.  

Monday, February 19
The moon in Aries gets people moving, but there are still traces of
ambivalence, confusion and misdirection, with the Mars/Neptune
square.  Use your intuition, rather than counting on what everybody
says is true.  

Tuesday, February 20
As Venus approaches Neptune, relationships become mysterious
and complicated, and sometimes also more romantic.  There’s a soft-
lens approach which works well in some situations, and not so much
in others.  

Wednesday, February 21
There’s beauty, drama, heartbreak, mystery, bliss, and that’s all
coming from Venus conjuncting Neptune.  Luckily, Mercury is
sextiling Saturn, so things can still get done.  There are a few people
who are still making sense, while everybody else is frolicking in the

Thursday, February 22
The enchantment seems to be vanishing – not all at once, but slowly,
as the Venus/Neptune conjunction recedes.  There’s still lots of
Pisces energy, so you’re still attuned to the mystic realm.    

Friday, February 23
With the moon in Gemini, everybody is chattier, but the moon makes
some tense aspects to all those Pisces planets.  This could
contribute to a certain amount of miscommunication.  

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