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January 12
to 24,  2018

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Mercury sextile Jupiter

Mercury conjunct Saturn

Mercury sextile Neptune
Mercury conjunct Pluto

Venus sextile Mars
Venus square Uranus

Mars inconjunct Uranus

Mars sextile Pluto
Jupiter sextile Pluto

Friday, January 12
Things slow down, with the Mercury/Saturn conjunction.  Everyone
is thinking twice, reconsidering the larger plan, wondering if it really
makes sense.  Venus and the sun are still together, so the focus is
more on close connections and personal projects.  

Saturday, January 13
Expect a few obstacles, and some problems communicating, with
Mercury conjunct Saturn.  Some logistical problems could be caused
by people who are unreliable or just plain nuts, since Venus is also
square Uranus.  Hopefully, this is not you.  

Sunday, January 14
Things continue to be up and down, with the sun square Uranus.  
Watch for accidents, electrical problems, and technical glitches.  
You might have to go in a whole new direction, since the usual
approach isn’t working.  

Monday, January 15
There’s still a lot of immediate instability, with the sun/Uranus
square. But take a moment for the larger picture, which is more
fortunate.  With Jupiter sextile Pluto, you are more focused in
general, and better able to direct the changes in your life.    

Tuesday, January 16
Continue to watch for accidents and technical problems, with the
Mars/Uranus inconjunct.  At the same time, the new moon indicates
that it’s a time for serious new beginnings.  Which ambitions have
the tug of reality?  Where do you want to put this restless energy?   

Wednesday, January 17
Things are still pretty unstable, with Mars inconjunct Uranus.  Things
could break down, and people could get into fights, especially if
they’ve been pushing back some strong feelings.  

Thursday, January 18
It’s still a jumpy, restless time, with the Mars/Uranus inconjunct.  But
Venus is now in Aquarius, and this gives more understanding and
objectivity, especially when it comes to relationships.    

Friday, January 19
Things settle down.  With Mercury sextile Neptune, people are
taking a gentler and more compassionate approach.  Individual acts
of kindness matter a lot.  

Saturday, January 20
The sun is now in Aquarius, and this can foster a friendlier and more
enlightened perspective.  With the Jupiter/Pluto sextile still strong,
it's a good time to look ahead and check on what you’re creating for
the future.   

Sunday, January 21
There’s a higher level of spiritual consciousness, with the moon in
Pisces and the sun/Venus in Aquarius.  The Jupiter/Pluto sextile
helps with creating positive change in your community and in the

Monday, January 22
There’s more energy available, with the moon in fiery Aries.  With the
Jupiter/Pluto sextile, people are interested in understanding things
in a deeper way, and making lasting changes.   

Tuesday, January 23
There could be a few issues around individualism vs the social
good, as the Aries moon gets involved with the Jupiter/Pluto
sextile.  There may be skirmishes, but the larger good generally

Wednesday, January 24
This is a time when people channel powerful forces, with Mercury
conjunct Pluto.  There could be eloquent speeches and writing, and
there could also be charismatic demagogues hypnotizing the
populace. Make sure you own your own demons, and be
compassionate towards other who are struggling.   

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