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February 12
to 19, 2020

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Wednesday, February 12
You could get caught up in the slow drifts of Mercury in Pisces once
again.  It’s hard to focus when there’s so little aspect activity, and
it’s not easy to decide things when the moon's in Libra.  

Thursday, February 13
There’s more going on today, as the Libra moon aspects the sun,
Pluto and Saturn.  There’s a strong desire to understand, and this
means engaging more with the people around you.  

Friday, February 14
You’re more spiritually aware, as the Jupiter/Neptune sextile goes
into orb.  You’re ready to make a commitment to something that's
beautiful, inspiring or otherworldly.  

Saturday, February 15
You can dig deeper and understand more, as the Scorpio moon
interacts with Pluto.  Some truths emerge.  

Sunday, February 16
Everything is a little vague and confusing, as Mercury goes
retrograde.  It’s easy to get distracted, to lose your place, to mix up

Monday, February 17
Things continue to be a little drifty, with Mercury so newly
retrograde.  Mars -  now in Capricorn - helps some, though, when it
comes to getting organized.  

Tuesday, February 18
The Capricorn moon contributes to an earthy day.  The focus is on
doing what you can, in the best way you can, in spite of the mix-ups
of Mercury retrograde.  

Wednesday, February 19
The sun is now in Pisces, so you may be a bit more comfortable as
you go with the flow.  A lot of rules have been relaxed, but there is
still a strong Capricorn presence, so there’s a pretty solid
underlying structure.  

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