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2 to 15, 2018

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Sun trine Neptune

Sun sextile Pluto
Mercury square Neptune
Venus trine Mars

Venus oppose Uranus

Mars square Jupiter
Mars sextile Uranus

Jupiter inconjunct Uranus

Friday, November 2
There are still a few aftershocks on the relationship front.  But as
the Venus/Uranus opposition breaks up, people become more

Saturday, November 3
Things are quiet, and with the moon in Virgo, this is a good time to
tackle all those routine tasks you’ve been putting off.  

Sunday, November 4
Things are starting to get a bit hectic again, as Jupiter moves
towards the inconjunct of Uranus.  It will be a couple of weeks
before they settle down, this time.  

Monday, November 5
Many gentle prayers are circulating, as the sun moves towards the
trine of Neptune.  This is a time of spiritual awareness, creative
expression, and intuitive guidance.  

Tuesday, November 6
People are kind to each other, with the sun trine Neptune, and
there’s more idealism in the air.  As Uranus moves back into Aries,
though, the underlying competitive urge is still strong.      

Wednesday, November 7
It’s a day of deep thought and reflection, with the new moon in
Scorpio. But things are not always calm on the outside, since the
Jupiter/Uranus inconjunct is strong.  Watch for mishaps and
technical problems.    

Thursday, November 8
Jupiter makes the exact inconjunct to Uranus, just before moving
into its new sign, Sagittarius.  So there’s a lot that can go wrong, but
there’s also a lot of excitement.  We’re entering into a more
optimistic period.  

Friday, November 9
It’s party time, with Venus trine Mars, and people are enjoying
themselves.  This is equally good for private tête-à-têtes.  

Saturday, November 10
The celebrations continue, since the Venus/Mars trine is still
strong.  And with the sun/Pluto sextile, there’s also a focus on
making positive, long-lasting changes.  

Sunday, November 11
The mood is more serious.  With the sun sextile Pluto, there’s
determination, focus, and a concerted drive for change.  

Monday, November 12
People are applying themselves to duties and responsibilities, with
the Capricorn moon.  At the same time, as Jupiter starts to move
through Sagittarius, there are some ambitious and optimistic plans
taking shape.     

Tuesday, November 13
There isn’t a whole lot happening.  Mercury is slowing down to go
retrograde, so some communicative and clerical chores take

Wednesday, November 14
As Mercury slows down, it squares Neptune, so there could be some
confusion when it comes to communication, information, and
contacts.  At the same time, Mars approaches the sextile to Uranus,
so there’s a lot to do, and some of it is very exciting.  A road map to
the future is being drawn.  

Thursday, November 15
Some interesting things are happening, with Mars sextile Uranus.  
You’re more creative and experimental, more interested in learning
more about the world around you.  At the same time, with the
Mercury/Neptune square, there could be some confusion at the
planning stage.  This could mean having to change your approach
on the fly, so be ready for that.   

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