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September 1
7 to 25, 2020

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Mercury square Saturn

Mercury inconjunct Neptune
Mercury square Pluto
Venus inconjunct Jupiter
Venus square Uranus
Venus inconjunct Neptune
Venus inconjunct Pluto
Mars square Saturn

Jupiter sextile Neptune

Thursday, September 17
The new lunar cycle begins on a fairly harmonious note, with the
sun and moon trining Saturn. This gives a more moderate and
practical outlook, and helps you deal with reality. At the same time,
Mercury is squaring Jupiter, so in some areas, you could be
tempted to go too far, to plan or promise too much.

Friday, September 18
Some confusion is likely, with Mercury inconjunct Neptune. You
could lose something, or forget a crucial task. However, the
sun/Saturn trine is still strong, and it helps you stay pretty well
organized, even if a few things go off kilter.

Saturday, September 19
This is an accident-prone day, with the sun inconjunct Mars, so be
extra careful. Slow down a bit, and watch out for bad behavior from
fire, knives, and metal objects. People could be jumpier and more
irascible than usual, too.

Sunday, September 20
Continue to watch out for accidents, since the sun/Mars inconjunct
is still strong. With the Mercury/Pluto square forming,
communication could also be challenging, with people competing
fiercely and vying for control.

Monday, September 21
There’s a veneer of cheerfulness and good fellowship, with Venus
inconjunct Jupiter. But underneath it, people are worrying,
strategizing, trying to wrest away more control. With Mercury
square Pluto, words can be sharp, and can dig deep into the

Tuesday, September 22
Happy fall equinox!  A new season generally signals a new
beginning, but with Mercury approaching the square to Saturn, you
may feel like you’re living the same day over and over.

Wednesday, September 23
Things are going pretty slowly, with Mercury square Saturn.
Communication may be blocked and halting, and events may be
delayed or cancelled. Venus is inconjunct Neptune, so some folks
are just steeping away from reality, immersing themselves in their
favorite addictions.

Thursday, September 24
This is very accident-prone, with Mercury opposing Mars, so be
extra careful. The challenge of the day is to keep your balance,
even though some things are rushing by too fast, and other things
are completely blocked.

Friday, September 25
There could be some tension in relationships, as Venus
approaches the inconjunct to Pluto. If you’ve been avoiding some
inconvenient truth, you may need to confront it.

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