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March 16
to 23, 2018

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Venus square Pluto
Jupiter sextile Pluto

Friday, March 16
Things could drift a bit, as the moon wanes to the point of invisibility,
and mingles with Neptune.  You may feel a little ambivalent about

Saturday, March 17
The new moon in Pisces, with its square to Mars, brings up a lot of
sensitive issues, and show what you’ll be dealing with during the
coming month.  Mars also enters realistic, pragmatic Capricorn, so
the focus is on gathering the tools you’ll need.  

Sunday, March 18
Self-expression is the order of the day, as the conjunction of
Mercury and Venus approaches.  The moon in Aries underlines a
need to get in touch with your authentic self.   

Monday, March 19
The Mercury/Venus conjunction gives lots of spontaneous energy,
breaking out into passionate discussions and inventive creative
work.  The focus is on individual rights and personal goals.  

Tuesday, March 20
Happy spring equinox!  As the sun enters Aries, there could be
exciting new beginnings in your life.  Mercury conjuncts Venus,
adding bright new ideas and new creative possibilities to the mix.  

Wednesday, March 21
This is a dynamic time, with so much Aries energy, and you’re drawn
to what’s new.  But with the moon in Taurus, you can also find
pleasure, comfort and security in the things that have been around
for a while.   

Thursday, March 22
There’s a danger of accidents and mishaps, so be extra alert.  Not
only does Mercury go retrograde, but the sun/Mars square is strong
now.  There could be some passionate arguments and some epic

Friday, March 23
All relationships should be treated with great care, since underlying
power issues could come up to the surface, with the Venus/Pluto
square.  With Mercury now retrograde, you may need to go back and
fix some misunderstanding from the past.  
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