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April 1
to 8, 2020

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Venus trine Mars
Venus trine Saturn

Mars conjunct Saturn

Mars square Uranus

Jupiter conjunct Pluto

Wednesday, April 1
There’s hard work to be done, with the Mars/Saturn conjunction still
strong.  It’s a slow slog, but as you reconcile the mistakes of the
past and begin to lay a new plan, you can move forward.   

Thursday, April 2
As Jupiter approaches Pluto, everybody is under a lot of strain.  The
Cancer moon brings up sentimental feelings, and it can help to
share these with a loved one.  

Friday, April 3
There are opportunities to escape, and to get lost in some kind of
fantasy world, with Mercury conjunct Neptune.  At the same time,
some grounding is provided by the Venus/Saturn trine.  This
reminds you that there are people who depend on you, as well as
people you can depend on.  

Saturday, April 4
Relationships are pretty solid now, with Venus trine Saturn.  This is
really helpful, since mentally, people are feeling drifty and
insubstantial, with the Mercury/Neptune conjunction still strong.  
And there’s a collective sense of strain, with Jupiter exactly
conjunct Pluto.  

Sunday, April 5
Relationships continue to be the grounding force in your life, with
the Venus/Saturn trine.  Even if you can’t touch your friends and
loved ones, you can still have important, sustaining conversations
with them.  

Monday, April 6
There’s the danger of accidents and technical problems, as Mars
approaches the square to Uranus.  Be careful around water and

Tuesday, April 7
The full moon in Libra/Aries makes for general restlessness.  And
Mars squares Uranus, increasing the desire for personal freedom -
so watch for accidents, mishaps, and technical problems, as well as
unwise impulses.  Luckily, you have some basic good sense that
protects you, with Mercury sextiling Jupiter/Pluto.  This is a good
time to expand your mind, to go a little further or a little deeper into
any subject that interests you.   

Wednesday, April 8   
The edgy energy of the Mars/Uranus square makes it hard to relax,
and you should continue to watch for accidents and mishaps.  
However, the Mercury/Jupiter sextile is good for intellectual work,
mental inspiration, and communication, so you do have some
satisfying outlets for your energy.    

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