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March 14
to 22, 2019

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Mercury square Jupiter

Mercury sextile Saturn
Mercury conjunct Neptune

Mercury sextile Pluto

Venus square Mars
Venus sextile Jupiter
Mars inconjunct Jupiter

Mars trine Saturn

Mars trine Pluto

Thursday, March 14
Your efforts are really paying off, and you can get a lot done, with
Mars trining Saturn.  And communication goes well, with the sun
conjunct Mercury.  But with the sun/Jupiter square, be careful not to
get ahead of yourself.  Stay grounded and realistic about what’s

Friday, March 15
It continues to be a good time for getting things done, and you can
deal with some important topics, with the Mars/Saturn trine and the
Mercury/Pluto sextile.  However, there’s some danger of taking on
too much, with Mercury square Jupiter.  You could promise things
you can’t deliver, or just talk or write excessively.  

Saturday, March 16
The focus is on thinking, speaking and writing, and you are
particularly keen and perceptive, with Mercury sextile Pluto.  
However, the Mercury/Jupiter square is still strong, so don’t get too
carried away.  

Sunday, March 17
This is a very active time, with Mercury sextile Mars.  You are ready
to put your ideas into some kind of definite, practical form.  

Monday, March 18
It continues to be a very thoughtful, imaginative time, with Mercury
sextile Mars, and you are also ready to get to work, building things
that will last.  

Tuesday, March 19
Work is particularly focused and consequential, as the Mars/Pluto
trine forms, and the Mercury/Saturn sextile gives a good intellectual
foundation for everything you do.  Relationships could be a little
tense at times, however, with the Venus/Mars square.  

Wednesday, March 20
There’s a great deal happening, with the full moon and the spring
equinox!  There’s a lot of energy that seeks expression.  Mars trines
Pluto, so you are ready to take some crucial steps, but since it
approaches the inconjunct to Jupiter, don’t be too impetuous.  
Mercury sextiles Saturn, helping you access your own wisdom and
that of other people.  Buit with the Venus/Mars square, there could
be some stark differences, especially in intimate relationships, so all
your communication skills are needed.   

Thursday, March 21
There continues to be a hum of activity, but with Mars inconjunct
Jupiter, be careful not to be overly ambitious and overshoot your
mark.  With the Mercury/Saturn sextile and Mars/Pluto trine, you’re
mostly thoughtful and pragmatic, and you’re focused on important
long-term goals.  There could also be some pleasure and
celebration, since Venus sextiles Jupiter, but this is punctuated with
a certain amount of sexual tension, since Venus also squares Mars.  

Friday, March 22
Be moderate and circumspect, with the Mars/Jupiter inconjunct. You
don’t want to risk a whole lot at this point.  In relationships, too, take
the most flexible stance that’s compatible with your honor and
integrity, since the Venus/Mars square happens in fixed signs.   
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