What's Going On These Days?

Quick Daily Guide
December 2
to 10, 2020

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Uranus in Taurus
Neptune in Pisces
Pluto in Capricorn

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Sun trine Mars

Sun square Neptune
Mercury inconjunct Uranus
Venus inconjunct Mars
Venus trine Neptune
Venus sextile Pluto
Jupiter conjunct Saturn

Wednesday, December 2
With the Cancer moon, emotions are strong, and people are
expressing them. But there are also spontaneous celebrations,
with the sun and Mercury in Sagittarius.  

Thursday, December 3
You may feel a little vulnerable at times, as the Cancer moon
responds to the sharp temper of Mars in Aries. Be kind to
yourself, as well as to everyone else.  

Friday, December 4
Venus is entering a more active period, and relationships are the
focus. The moon in Leo lends itself to dramatic romantic

Saturday, December 5
Venus is trine Neptune and inconjunct Mars, so you are full of
longings for beauty, love, and harmony. You’re more sensitive to
the little snags and frustrations that are just a part of living, but
you also have ways to escape from them, into your imagination.  

Sunday, December 6
This is a bit accident-prone, with Mercury inconjunct your Uranus,
so be careful, especially when dealing with technology. The
Venus/Neptune trine is still strong, with all its romantic feelings,
but Venus is also inconjunct Mars, so you could also feel
annoyed or impatient with your loved ones at times.

Monday, December 7
You may still feel a little impatient and overly competitive at
times, although less so than yesterday. With the moon in Virgo,
you can maintain a pretty cool head, and this is a good time to get

Tuesday, December 8
The energy is a bit scattered, as the sun approaches the square
to Neptune. You may just need to put aside your to-do list, and lay
back and let yourself daydream.

Wednesday, December 9
You may not be all that ambitious, and with the sun square
Neptune, there’s some danger of going off in the wrong
direction. Relationships are very strong and sustaining, though,
as Venus approaches the sextile to Pluto.

Thursday, December 10  
Relationships become more powerful and intimate, as Venus
sextiles Pluto. There’s more sharing and a deeper level of
understanding. There’s also more energy to do things, with the
sun/Mars trine, but the sun/Neptune square is still strong as well,
so there could still be pockets of confusion and disorganization
here and there.

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