This Week in the Stars

Quick Daily Guide
May 20 to 27, 2022

Planetary and lunar movements are calculated from midnight to midnight, EDT.

Note on v/c moons:  When the moon is void-of-course (v/c), you may find yourself on a winding road. More things are hung up or postponed, and often finally resolve themselves when the moon enters its new sign. Sometimes the moon is v/c for only a few hours, but there are times when it lasts most of the day. Of course, you’ll need to adjust this info to your own time zone.

Friday, May 20

Moon 24° Capricorn to 9° Aquarius – moon is v/c from 7:59 am to 8:52 am EDT

It’s a very good day for communication, with Mercury sextiling Jupiter, and with both of them having the support of the Aquarius moon. So you could have some great meetings and discussions, and perhaps teach or learn something new. It’s an expansive time intellectually, but it’s also playful and fun. The sun leaves practical Taurus behind and moves into sprightly Gemini.  

Saturday, May 21

Moon 9° to 23° Aquarius

It’s a excellent day for intellectual efforts of all kinds, with the sun and Mercury together in Gemini and the moon in Aquarius. Ideas spring forth, and meet curious, receptive minds. The Mars/Pluto sextile is also forming, giving extra focus and energy.

Sunday, May 22

Moon 23° Aquarius to 6° Pisces – moon is v/c from 3:19 am to 11:49 am EDT

It’s an optimistic day, with the sun/Jupiter sextile forming. People are generally eager to move forward and see what happens next. And some consequential things can happen, with Mars sextile Pluto. Things may shift quite a bit from morning to evening, with the moon and Mercury both changing signs while squaring each other. So if something doesn’t work in the morning, try again in the afternoon.

Monday, May 23

Moon 6° to 20° Pisces

Things move quickly, with Mercury sextile Mars, the sun sextile Jupiter, the Mars/Pluto sextile still strong, and the Venus/Saturn sextile forming. This is an excellent time to go back and finish some big project, something that could really open things up for you. You’ve got a new fund of energy, optimism, and organizational skills. You’re also more intuitive, able to quickly figure out what’s important and what isn’t.

Tuesday, May 24

Moon 20° Pisces to 3° Aries – moon is v/c from 5:33 pm to 5:39 pm EDT

It’s a good time to work out agreements involving other people, with Venus sextile Saturn. You’re very optimistic, while having a clear sense of what the future may hold. The sun/Jupiter sextile and the Mercury/Mars sextile are strong, providing movement and energy. Plus the Mercury/Pluto trine is forming, so you can communicate in a deeper way. There’s a lot going on, but you can keep it steady, talking about the things that really matter.

Wednesday, May 25

Moon 3° to 16° Aries

Communication is deep and meaningful, with Mercury trine Pluto. You’re perceptive and thoughtful, and at the same time, realistic and practical, and you can figure out ways to implement the changes that are most needed at the moment. There’s a sense of immediacy, now that Mars has entered Aries.

Thursday, May 26

Moon 16° to 28° Aries – moon is v/c after 11:20 pm EDT

Things are a little more intense. The Mercury/Pluto trine is still strong, while the Venus/Pluto square is forming. So there could be some strong reactions to ideas, thoughts and feelings that come up, and you may need to work through some conflict. Try not to jump to conclusions about what’s happening. Your communicative gifts are strong now, and you can get down to the underlying issues, and figure out practical ways to solve continuing problems.

Friday, May 27

Moon 28° Aries to 11° Taurus – moon enters Taurus at 2:22 am EDT

Mercury is moving slowly these days, so the Mercury/Pluto trine is still strong. This gives you extra times to work out problems and come to viable solutions. Venus is now squaring Pluto, so everyone is slightly on edge. People are looking out for their own interests, and that’s okay, as long as you take the time to talk it through.   

Planetary positions between May 20, 12:01 am EDT, and May 27, 11:59 pm EDT  

Pluto – 28° Capricorn retrograde

Neptune –25° Pisces

Uranus – 15° to 16° Taurus

Saturn – 25° Aquarius

Jupiter – 1° to 3° Aries

Mars – 26° Pisces to 2° Aries – Mars enters Aries on May 24, 7:17 pm EDT

Venus – 20° to 29° Aries   

Mercury – 1° Gemini to 27° Taurus retrograde – Mercury reenters Taurus on May 22, 9:15 pm EDT

Sun –  29° Taurus to 6° Gemini – the sun enters Gemini on May 20, 9:22 pm EDT

Asteroids & Nodes between May 20, 12:01 am EDT, and May 27, 11:59 pm EDT  

North lunar node – 22° Taurus

South lunar node –  22° Scorpio

Ceres – 2° to 5° Cancer

Chiron – 14° to 15° Aries

Juno – 9° to 12° Pisces

Pallas –  8° to 12° Taurus  

Vesta – 28° Aquarius to 1° Pisces – Vesta enters Pisces on May 24, 5:38 am EDT


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