This Week in the Stars

Quick Daily Guide
January 26 to February 3, 2023

Planetary and lunar movements are calculated from midnight to midnight, EST.


After the moon makes its last aspect from one sign, it’s void-of-course (v/c) until it enters the next sign. During this time, you may find yourself on a winding road. More things are hung up or postponed, and often finally resolve themselves when the moon is in its new sign. Sometimes the moon is v/c for only a few hours, but there are times when it lasts most of the day. Of course, you’ll need to adjust this info to your own time zone.

Thursday, January 26

Moon 5° to 19° Aries  

Relationships are supportive, with the sun trining Ceres in air signs. It’s a good time to take stock of your intellectual and human resources – your contact list, your connections with helpful and positive people, your communication patterns, your organizational systems, the information available to you, your own skills and knowledge.   

Friday, January 27

Moon 19° Aries to 2° Taurus – moon is v/c from 4:01 pm to 6:42 pm EST  

Mercury in Capricorn can be a stern messenger at times, and now it’s squaring Chiron in Aries. Practical considerations can get in the way of moving forward with longstanding hopes and desires, and this can be painful. One way or another, sooner or later, you need to give yourself what you long for.

Saturday, January 28

Moon 2° to 15° Taurus  

Unresolved karmic issues could come up today, as the quarter-moon touches the north lunar node. There are steps that will lead you to inner peace, but it’s not just a matter of thinking about them. You also need to feel them, physically and emotionally.     

Sunday, January 29

Moon 15° to 28° Taurus

This is breakthrough time, with the sun trine Mars and Mercury trine Uranus. You can get out there, stretch your muscles, move, and do exciting things. It’s a good time to experiment, to check out new places and people, and to try out new ways of seeing the world.  

Monday, January 30

Moon 28° Taurus to 10° Gemini  – moon is v/c from 12:51 am to 3:34 am EST

There’s still a lot happening, with the sun/Mars trine and the Mercury/Uranus trine still strong. There are great conversations and discussions, innovative new ideas, and opportunities to try it all out. You’re on the move!

Tuesday, January 31

Moon 10° to 22° Gemini 

You’re more prone to distraction, as the sun moves away from the purposeful trine to Mars. There’s some dissonance between the disciplined order of Mercury in Capricorn and the endless curiosity of the Gemini moon.

Wednesday, February 1

Moon 22° Gemini to 4° Cancer – moon is v/c from 6:58 am to 3:11 pm EST

This is a good day for healing work, as the sun sextiles Chiron. You can understand more about what makes other people tick, and how people can work together effectively. At the same time, with the moon void-of-course for such a long time, you may not get a whole lot done.

Thursday, February 2

Moon 4° to 16° Cancer

Is there abundance in your life? What form does it take? With the Cancer moon, you’re thinking more about what keeps you safe and nurtured. Jupiter is opposing Ceres, so you may feel replete in some areas, but experience shortages in others.  

Friday, February 3

Moon 16° to 28° Cancer  

There are some wild cards today, with the sun square Uranus. The energy is creative, but erratic and somewhat separative. People have minds of their own, and so do technical and mechanical objects. This can lead you to wonder whether the robot revolution is starting.

Planetary positions between January 26, 12:01 am EST, and February 3, 11:59 pm EST  

Pluto – 28° Capricorn

Neptune – 23° Pisces

Uranus – 14° to 15° Taurus

Saturn – 25° to 26° Aquarius

Jupiter – 4° to 6° Aries

Mars – 9° to 11° Gemini

Venus – 28° Aquarius to 10° Pisces – enters Pisces on January 26, 9:32 pm EST

Mercury – 11° to 20° Capricorn

Sun – 5° to 15° Aquarius

Asteroids & Nodes

between January 26, 12:01 am EST, and February 3, 11:59 pm EST  

North lunar node – 8° Taurus

South lunar node –  8° Scorpio

Ceres – 6° Libra

Chiron – 12° Aries

Juno – 6° to 10° Aries

Pallas – 12° to 11° Cancer retrograde

Vesta –  24° to 28° Pisces