This Week in the Stars

Quick Daily Guide
September 17 to 24, 2021

Friday, September 17

Relationships are more demanding, and you may feel a bit dissatisfied with the level of romance or happiness in your life, since Venus squares Saturn. And communication can be tricky, with Mercury inconjunct Neptune. However, the sun/Pluto trine is still strong, so you’re still focused on attaining your goals, and you won’t let anything stop you.

Saturday, September 18

This could be a confusing day, with Mercury inconjunct Neptune. You may feel indecisive, and timing could turn out to be somewhat complicated. Be sure all your information is correct before passing it along.  

Sunday, September 19

Things flow along more smoothly, as Mercury trines Jupiter. Connections with other people yield advantages for everyone, and there’s a general air of optimism.

Monday, September 20

The full moon in Pisces brings up a lot of questions around faith and trust. Mercury is approaching the square of Pluto, so some of these questions could feel very immediate and stressful. When you get into unfamiliar territory, be cautious, but don’t get tangled up in unacknowledged fears. It helps that the Mercury/Jupiter trine is still strong, as it gives some luck and protection.   

Tuesday, September 21

Mercury is moving very slowly these days, as it gets ready to turn retrograde next week, so the Mercury/Jupiter trine and the Mercury/Pluto square are both strong. Even though you want to see the good in everybody and everything, you can feel some underlying stress, and it might be useful to investigate it further.

Wednesday, September 22

Happy autumnal equinox!  This is rather a tense time, however, with Mercury square Pluto, and Venus approaching the opposition of Uranus. People may do the exact opposite of whatever you expect, and communication could be edgy. Don’t plan too much, as you may wind up having to change everything around at the last minute.  

Thursday, September 23

People are rebellious, restless, and changeable, with Venus opposing Uranus. You may be that way yourself, and so this could be a good day to go off and do your own thing. The Mercury/Pluto square is still strong, so communication could be a little sharp. Try not to assume the worst of anyone!

Friday, September 24

You can get more done, as Mars makes an airy trine to Saturn. You’re efficient, productive, and well-organized. However, with the Mercury/Pluto square still strong, there could still be some taxing disagreements around power, control, and boundaries, and these generally have to be resolved.

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