This Week in the Stars

Quick Daily Guide
January 21 to 28, 2022

Times are given in EST. Planetary and lunar movements are calculated from midnight to midnight, EST.


Friday, January 21

Moon 7° to 20° Virgo

The Virgo moon is not impressed by all those Aquarius planets and their high-faluting ideas, while the three Aquarius planets may feel that the Virgo moon is too focused on tiny practical details. But when your mind is soaring up to the stars, it’s a good idea to keep yourself grounded in the small recurring tasks of everyday life.  

Saturday, January 22

Moon 20° Virgo to 3° Libramoon enters Libra at 5:02 pm EST

Things may proceed rather quickly at times, with the moon squaring Mars in Sagittarius. Mars is also inconjunct the lunar north node, giving more restlessness. You may feel some resistance to settling down and dealing with reality.  

Sunday, January 23

Moon 3° to 17° Libra

This is a good day to learn new things, with the sun and Mercury together in Aquarius. When you talk to friends, or when you come into contact with groups of like-minded people, you expand your understanding of the world around you.

Monday, January 24

Moon 17° Libra to 0° Scorpiomoon enters Scorpio at 10:57 pm EST

Relationships are freer and more interesting, as Venus approaches the trine to Uranus. At the same time, you’re quite efficient and organized, with Mars entering Capricorn.

Tuesday, January 25

Moon 0° to 14° Scorpio

The Venus/Uranus trine continues strong, and it will for a while, as Venus slows down to change direction. So it continues to be a good time for friendship, and for doing unusual, exciting things with your friends as well as with new acquaintances.  There’s also lots of creative energy.

Wednesday, January 26

Moon 14° to 28° Scorpio

Mercury has retrograded back into Capricorn, and now there are four planets in this sign. With discipline, organization and strategic thinking, you can get a lot done, especially when it comes to tying up loose ends from the past. At the same time, with the Venus/Uranus trine, there are plenty of ways to have fun.

Thursday, January 27

Moon 28° Scorpio to 12° Sagittariusmoon enters Sagittarius at 2:34 am EST

You’re still enjoying yourself, and making good contacts with others, with the Venus/Uranus trine, and with the Sagittarius moon, you’re impulsive and exuberant. However, since it squares Jupiter, there may be a few situations in which it would be wise to restrain yourself!

Friday, January 28

Moon 12° to 27° Sagittarius

Mercury bumps into Pluto in Capricorn. Words and information are quite charged, and people can say things that are deeply meaningful today. However, you could also find yourself involved in verbal struggles around power and boundaries.

Planetary positions between January 21, 12:01 am EST, and January 28, 11:59 pm EST  

Pluto – 26° Capricorn

Neptune – 21° Pisces

Uranus –10° Taurus

Saturn – 14° to 15° Aquarius

Jupiter – 4° to 6° Pisces

Mars – 27° Sagittarius to 3° Capricorn – Mars enters Capricorn January 24, 7:52 am EST

Venus – 12° to 11° Capricorn retrograde

Mercury – 6° Aquarius to 26° Capricorn retrograde – Mercury enters Capricorn January 25, 10:04 pm EST

Sun – 1° to 9° Aquarius


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