This Week in the Stars

Quick Daily Guide
July 30 to August 6, 2021

Friday, July 30

Mars is now in mostly sensible Virgo, but the Mars/Jupiter opposition is still strong, so people are still inclined to go to extremes. This could prove problematic for personal relationships, with Venus inconjunct Saturn. When it comes to your own behavior, practice balance and moderation. When it comes to other people, don’t exhaust yourself with criticism. 

Saturday, July 31

This is not the most productive day, with the moon in Taurus playing a part in a fixed T-square. It takes effort to get anything to budge.

Sunday, August 1

Movement is slow, if not completely blocked, with the sun and Mercury both opposing Saturn. Don’t give yourself a hard time, even though you may feel a bit weighed down by your responsibilities. In a few days, things will be progressing much more quickly.  

Monday, August 2

There may be a disappointment, an obstacle, or a burden, with the sun opposing Saturn. However, there are also new options opening up, especially in relationships, as the Venus/Uranus trine forms. Look to the future, rather than getting bogged down in the past, or in the limitations of the present.

Tuesday, August 3

The energy is very changeable, with Venus trine Uranus, and Mercury squaring it. Unexpected things could happen, and these could run the gamut from wonderful to disruptive. Watch for technical problems and communication errors, but enjoy whatever serendipitous pleasures come your way.

Wednesday, August 4

Things are not as unstable as they were yesterday, but there’s still the possibility of sudden shifts in unexpected directions, with the Venus/Uranus trine and Mercury/Uranus square. Stay alert.

Thursday, August 5

It continues to be a rather accident-prone time, as the sun approaches the square to Uranus. There’s a lot of creative energy, but it’s anybody’s guess how it will be expressed. And with the moon in Cancer, you may be more tender-hearted than usual.

Friday, August 6

Things could develop in surprising ways, and there are some wild cards in the mix, with the sun square Uranus. Keep an eye out for accidents, technical mishaps, uprisings, and coups.  

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