This Week in the Stars

Quick Daily Guide
November 24 to December 3, 2021

Times are given in EST. Planetary and lunar movements are calculated from midnight to midnight, EST.

Wednesday, November 24

Moon 24° Cancer to 6° Leo – moon enters Leo November 24, 10:58 am

Mercury enters Sagittarius, making a fiery trine with the moon newly in Leo. This makes everything more exciting, and it’s great for communication. The pleasurable Venus/Mars sextile is still strong.

Thursday, November 25

Moon 6° to 18° Leo  

It looks like a fun Thanksgiving, with the Venus/Mars sextile still strong. There could be a few dramatic turns here and there, though, with the moon in Leo challenging Uranus in Taurus.

Friday, November 26

Moon 18° Leo to 1° Virgo – moon enters Virgo November 26, 9:11 pm

There’s pleasure, excitement, and romance, with the ongoing Venus/Mars sextile. There are so many ways to connect with people, and to enjoy the beauty all around you.

Saturday, November 27

Moon 1° to 14° Virgo

Looks like a good day for conversation, with the sun and Mercury together in Sagittarius. You can get into some far-flung discussions, involving distant times and places. The Venus/Mars sextile is still strong, so more intimate relationships are also satisfying.  

Sunday, November 28

Moon 14° to 27° Virgo

Things are flowing along very nicely. The sun conjuncts Mercury, so everyone has a lot to say, and Mars is approaching the trine of Neptune, so your actions dovetail nicely with your words. You don’t always know what will happen next, but your intuition guides you. And with the Venus/Mars sextile still strong, you’re enjoying yourself.   

Monday, November 29

Moon 27° Virgo to 11° Libra  – moon enters Libra November 29, 3:54 am

There’s beauty all around you, and many pleasurable possibilities, with Mars trine Neptune, and the Venus/Mars sextile still strong. No matter what you’re doing, you make good use of your intuition and instincts. It’s also a good time for intellectual pursuits, with the Mercury/sun conjunction still strong.

Tuesday, November 30

Moon 11° to 25° Libra

This is a great time for work, play, creative activities, and spiritual exploration. You are able to construct things that last, with the sun and Mercury still together, and both sextiling Saturn. This is especially true if you’re working on some idealistic vision for the future. You can also make some beautiful, mystical connections with others, since the Mars/Neptune trine is still strong, and Venus sextiles both sides of it. This is a truly lovely configuration. Following your heart, you do a lot of good in the world.

Wednesday, December 1

Moon 25° Libra to 10° Scorpio – moon enters Scorpio December 1, 6:56 am

It continues to be a very mystical time, with Neptune stationing today. There’s a somewhat more volatile influence, as Mercury makes the inconjunct to Uranus, so watch for accidents or technical difficulties. However, the sun/Saturn sextile is still strong, and this gives some ballast, so you can accomplish a lot. Relationships are exciting, deep, and intuitive, with the Venus/Mars sextile and Venus/Neptune sextile still strong. You can find ways of connecting with people who are very different from you.  

Thursday, December 2

Moon 10° to 25° Scorpio

Things are a bit more up and down, with the sun and Mercury both inconjunct Uranus. There could be a bit too much excitement at times, and you may have to suddenly change your plans.

Friday, December 3

Moon 25° Scorpio to 10° Sagittarius  – moon enters Sagittarius December 3, 7:12 am

It’s a very creative time, with the sun inconjunct Uranus, but there are a few disruptive elements. Watch for mishaps, accidents, and technical problems.  

Planetary positions between November 24 and December 3, 2021  

Pluto – 24° to 25° Capricorn

Neptune – 20° Pisces retrograde – turns direct on December 1, 8:22 am

Uranus – 12° to 11° Taurus retrograde

Saturn – 8° to 9° Aquarius

Jupiter – 24° to 25° Aquarius

Mars – 16° to 23° Scorpio

Venus – 15° to 22° Capricorn

Mercury –29° Scorpio to 15° Sagittarius – Mercury enters Sagittarius November 24, 10:36 am

Sun – 2° to 12° Sagittarius


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