This Week in the Stars

Quick Daily Guide
June 29 to July 6, 2022

Planetary and lunar movements are calculated from midnight to midnight, EDT.

Note on v/c moons:  When the moon is void-of-course (v/c), you may find yourself on a winding road. More things are hung up or postponed, and often finally resolve themselves when the moon enters its new sign. Sometimes the moon is v/c for only a few hours, but there are times when it lasts most of the day. Of course, you’ll need to adjust this info to your own time zone.

Wednesday, June 29     

Moon 7° to 19° Cancer

It continues to be a high-energy time, with the sun/Jupiter square and the Venus/Jupiter sextile still strong. Some pleasurable things can happen, but there’s also a danger of getting out of balance. For example, you could spend too much on something frivolous, or you could eat too much of something that’s bad for you. You can be moderate and still really enjoy yourself.  

Thursday, June 30

Moon 19° Cancer to 1° Leo – moon is v/c from 4:13 pm to 8:39 pm EDT

This looks like a slow and somewhat drifty day, with the moon picking up a trine from Neptune and an inconjunct from Saturn. It’s best for creative and spiritual work, although sometimes routine tasks may get in the way.   

Friday, July 1

Moon 1° to 13° Leo

Watch for a tendency to push too hard, with Mars square Pluto.  Competitive urges can be strong, and can make it harder to see alternatives and compromises. If you’re focused on winning, think about what exactly you’re winning, and what you may be sacrificing.   

Saturday, July 2

Moon 13° to 25°  Leo

When it comes to communication, you’re dealing with two contradictory aspects: Mercury’s trine to Saturn, and its square to Neptune.  On the one hand, you’re very efficient and organized. On the other hand, you can also be distracted by your vivid imagination, and your sensitivity to everything going on around you.  You could also be waylaid by misunderstandings or erroneous data – but still, you can accomplish a lot. The Mars/Pluto square is still strong, so you are inclined to push through any problems.  

Sunday, July 3

Moon 25°  Leo to 7° Virgo – moon is v/c from 5:58 am to 8:31 am EDT

Mercury in Gemini tends to move quickly, and to skim over things. But with Mercury inconjunct Pluto, there’s some danger in too shallow an approach. You may need to excavate, to find out what’s going on beneath the surface.

Monday, July 4

Moon 7° to 20° Virgo

Things move more quickly, both mentally and physically, as Mercury approaches the sextile to Mars. Both of them are about to change signs, so you may be approaching some deadlines. You really need to finish something, so that you can begin something new.

Tuesday, July 5

Moon 20° Virgo to 2° Libra – moon is v/c from 2:03 pm to 6:24 pm EDT

There’s a lot going on, and sometimes things could get confusing, since the moon opposes Neptune. Mercury and Mars are both changing sign, while sextiling each other, so you may have to shift gears while you’re in the middle of some task. Your mind is very active, and you could get a sudden new perspective on some ongoing problem.

Wednesday, July 6

Moon 2° to 15° Libra

Relationships are the focus, with the Libra moon, and Venus sextiling Chiron. Just talking to someone about something can be very healing, for both of you.

Planetary positions between June 29, 12:01 am EDT, and July 6, 11:59 pm EDT  

Pluto – 27° Capricorn retrograde

Neptune –25° Pisces retrograde

Uranus – 17° Taurus

Saturn – 24° Aquarius retrograde

Jupiter – 7° Aries

Mars – 25° Aries to 1° Taurus – Mars enters Taurus on July 5, 2:04 am EDT

Venus – 7° to 16° Gemini

Mercury – 18° Gemini to 3° Cancer – Mercury enters Cancer on July 5, 2:25 am EDT

Sun –  7° to 15° Cancer

Asteroids & Nodes

between June 29, 12:01 am EDT, and July 6, 11:59 pm EDT  

North lunar node – 21° to 20° Taurus

South lunar node –  21° to 20° Scorpio

Ceres – 19° to 22° Cancer

Chiron – 16° Aries

Juno – 19° to 20° Pisces

Pallas –  27° Taurus to 0° Gemini – Pallas enters Gemini on July 4, 11:12 pm EDT   

Vesta –  6° Pisces


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