This Week in the Stars

Quick Daily Guide
April 22 to May 6, 2024

Planetary and lunar movements are calculated from midnight to midnight, EDT.

What does it mean when I say the moon is v/c? After the moon makes its last aspect from one sign, it’s void-of-course (v/c) until it enters the next sign. During this time, you may find yourself on a winding road. More things are hung up or postponed, and often finally resolve themselves when the moon enters its new sign.

Monday, April 22

Moon 12° to 24° Libra  – moon is v/c after 7:23 pm EDT

Some tension could persist, as the sun/Pluto square is still strong. People feel the strain of breaking new ground, not quite knowing what will happen next. With the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction still strong, it continues to be a time of major change, and lots of people are taking risks they wouldn’t usually take.

Tuesday, April 23

Moon 24° Libra to 6° Scorpio   – moon is v/c until 11:19 am EDT

This full moon could bring some feelings of pressure, since it forms a fixed T-square with Pluto. At the same time, when you go deep, there’s the potential for transformation.

Wednesday, April 24

Moon 6° to 18° Scorpio  

Things are still moving pretty quickly, and sometimes erratically, with the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction still strong. There are many creative possibilities, but changes can snowball, so be a little more cautious than usual.  

Thursday, April 25

Moon 18° Scorpio to 1° Sagittarius – moon is v/c from 7:16 pm to 9:36 pm EDT   

Mercury in Aries goes direct, and so it’s easier to move forward. You’re less likely to get bogged down in all your old baggage. The Jupiter/Uranus conjunction continues strong, and is still urging change.

Friday, April 26

Moon 1° to 13° Sagittarius   

There’s some dissonance between the stability of the Taurus sun and the restlessness of the Sagittarius moon. With the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction still strong, there are a lot of powerful forces in play.

Saturday, April 27

Moon 13° to 26° Sagittarius

Try not to move too fast today, as things could get a bit confusing. Mars is approaching the conjunction to Neptune, so not everything is as it seems.   

Sunday, April 28

Moon 26° Sagittarius to 10° Capricorn – moon is v/c from 3:30 am to 5:37 am EDT

You might find yourself going around and around, with the Mars/Neptune conjunction. If you’re a circle dancer, this could be quite wonderful. But if you’re trying to get somewhere, you could end up a bit dizzy, and wondering what happened.  

Monday, April 29

Moon 10° to 23° Capricorn

It’s a good day for tapping into your intuition, with the Mars/Neptune conjunction exact. You want to go with the flow, to stay with what feels right on the soul level. Venus enters Taurus, adding to your sensuality, and there are a lot of earthy influences to help ground you.    

Tuesday, April 30

Moon 23° Capricorn to 7° Aquarius – moon is v/c from 11:18 am to 11:19 am EDT   

Relationships could be a bit fraught, with the Venus/Pluto square. There could be some underlying and unadmitted beliefs which interfere with love and understanding. Your cosmic challenge is to approach everyone with good will, no matter how much they annoy you. Mars enters Aries today, giving more energy, but also adding a stronger tendency to impulsiveness and quick judgments.  

Wednesday, May 1

Moon 7° to 21° Aquarius   

Power issues could continue to come up in relationships, with sex and money as hot topics, since Venus in Taurus exactly squares Pluto. You might have to delve below the surface to figure out what’s going on.   

Thursday, May 2

Moon 21° Aquarius to 5° Pisces – moon is v/c from 5:28 am to 2:51 pm EDT

It’s a pretty intense time, as Pluto retrogrades. It’s time to come to terms with the transformations of the last few months, and integrate them into your life. Mars approaches the sextile to Pluto, and this gives the energy and motivation to do this.  

Friday, May 3

Moon 5° to 19° Pisces   

This is a time of strong mental and physical energy, as Mars in Aries sextiles Pluto. You know where you’re going, and you’re making good use of all your resources.

Saturday, May 4

Moon 19° Pisces to 4° Aries – moon is v/c from 3:06 pm to 4:40 pm EDT   

You continue to be very purposeful and productive, with the Mars/Pluto sextile. Your desire for deep, meaningful change guides you.  

Sunday, May 5

Moon 4° to 19° Aries   

There’s lots of fiery energy keeping things moving. And there’s lots of earthy energy, helping you to keep it real.  

Monday, May 6

Moon 19° Aries to 3° Taurus – moon is v/c from 1:57 am to 5:42 pm EDT   

It’s a good day for healing work – physical or psychological –  with Mercury conjunct Chiron. The sun approaches a sextile to Saturn, and so you can take a mature, responsible approach.

Planetary positions and movement between April 22, 12:01 am EDT and May 6, 11:59 pm EDT  

Sun –  2° to 17° Taurus

Mercury – 16° to 21° Aries – Mercury turns direct on April 25, 8:54 am EDT

Venus – 20° Aries to 9° Taurus – Venus enters Taurus on April 29, 7:31 am EDT

Mars – 23° Pisces to 5° Aries – Mars enters Aries on April 30, 11:32 am EDT

Jupiter – 22° to 25° Taurus

Saturn – 15° to 17° Pisces

Uranus –  21° to 22° Taurus

Neptune –  28° to 29° Pisces

Pluto – 2° Aquarius – Pluto retrogrades on May 2, 1:47 pm EDT

Asteroids & Nodes

between April 22, 12:01 am EDT, and May 6, 11:59 pm EDT  

North lunar node –  15° Aries

South lunar node –  15° Libra

Ceres – 19° to 21° Capricorn

Chiron – 20° to 21° Aries

Juno –  6° Virgo

Pallas –  6° to 2° Sagittarius retrograde

Vesta –  6° to 12° Cancer