This Week in the Stars

Quick Daily Guide
May 7 to 14, 2021

See my blog It’s About Time for a look at the month as a whole.

Friday, May 7

Desires are strong, as Venus in Taurus approaches the square to Jupiter. You may feel a great temptation to overindulge, but remember that sometimes pleasures are equally good in moderation. You can give yourself a treat without spending every penny you have.  

Saturday, May 8

You can have fun, with Venus square Jupiter, but do watch out for a tendency to get carried away. Avoid eating a lot of the wrong things, or spending more money than you can afford, or signing up for more online classes than you can actually do. You may have that feeling that it’s now or never, but actually, tomorrow is another day.

Sunday, May 9

With Venus now in Gemini, the predominant energy is airy, and that means a lot of mental stimulation. This is a great time to read good books and connect with all kinds of interesting people and ideas. Or just spend some time gossiping, that’s fun too.   

Monday, May 10

It’s an innovative time, with Mars in Cancer approaching the sextile to Uranus. You might look around your house, and come up with an inventive new technique that will save hours off some ordinary household task. Or you could leave your house, and do something unusual, like go for a swim in your local river, or join a quilting bee. Leaving your house by itself feels a little daring, in these pandemic days.  

Tuesday, May 11

With Mars sextile Uranus, you aren’t content with anything ordinary. You want to push the boundaries just a little, take a path away from the beaten one. And there’s a new moon, a good reason to celebrate. A new lunar cycle, with its all its promise, is a good time to clarify your intentions for the next month.  

Wednesday, May 12

You’re ready to deal with some serious subjects, to educate yourself, with Mercury in Gemini trine Saturn. At the same time, as the sun approaches the sextile to Neptune, you’re also open to fantasy, to poetry, to the beauty of nature. And with the Mars/Uranus sextile still strong, it’s a great time for a new direction.

Thursday, May 13

Creative energy is very high. The sun sextiles Neptune, so you are attuned to everything beautiful, and open to the promptings of your spirit. At the same time, with the Mars/Uranus sextile still strong, you are brave enough to strike out on your own, forging a path that’s unique to you.

Friday, May 14

The energy slows down a bit, and you may run into a few obstacles, as Mars approaches the inconjunct to Saturn. The speed-bumps could be emotional reactions, or physical difficulties, or both.