This Week in the Stars

Quick Daily Guide
October 22 to 29, 2021

Planetary and lunar movements are calculated from midnight to midnight, EDST.

Friday, October 22 – Moon 16° to 28° Taurus

This is much like yesterday, with Mars now exactly square Pluto. It’s not always easy to know when to act and when to step to the side. In general, when there’s a lot at stake, be sure you know how much power you really have in the situation.

Saturday, October 23 – Moon 28° Taurus to 9° Gemini. Moon enters Gemini 3:57 am.

The sun enters Scorpio early this morning, giving more emotional intensity to the coming month. Today is prone to accidents, conflicts, and technical problems, with Mercury approaching the inconjunct to Uranus, and the Mars/Pluto square still strong. Take a cautious approach, and listen to your instincts.

Sunday, October 24 – Moon 9° to 21° Gemini

It’s a creative time, but a few things could go wrong, with Mercury inconjunct Uranus. There could be technical glitches or communication problems.

Monday, October 25 – Moon 21° Gemini to 3° Cancer. Moon enters Cancer 5 pm.

Don’t expect things to be entirely smooth, with the Mercury/Uranus inconjunct still strong. New information could be surprising, and plans may suddenly change.

Tuesday, October 26 – Moon 3° to 15° Cancer

You may be feeling a bit restless, eager to move on to the next thing. With Venus in Sagittarius square Neptune, however, make sure that you’re not jumping into a cloud. Fantasies look beautiful, but they don’t necessarily have the strength to hold you.   

Wednesday, October 27 – Moon 15° to 27° Cancer

There’s a vague, drifty feeling to the day, with the Venus/Neptune square. You may be more sensitive, more easily affected by everything around you.

Thursday, October 28 – Moon 27° Cancer to 9° Leo. Moon enters Leo 5:07 am.

This is a good day for a celebration, with Venus sextile Jupiter. People are brimming with optimism, generosity, and creativity.

Friday, October 29 – Moon 9° to 22° Leo

There’s still some exuberant energy, with the Venus/Jupiter sextile continuing strong. But as the sun approaches the square to Saturn, some very serious concerns are poking through. Some people are working hard, while others are hunkering down.  

Planetary positions this week:

Pluto – 24° Capricorn

Neptune – 20° Pisces retrograde

Uranus – 13° Taurus retrograde

Saturn – 6° to 7° Aquarius

Jupiter – 22° Aquarius

Mars – 24° to 29° Libra

Venus – 15° to 23° Sagittarius

Mercury – 11° to 19° Libra

Sun – 28° Libra to 6° Scorpio. Sun enters Scorpio at 12:51 am, October 23.

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