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The Basic Reading

Reading ………. $140 (7 pages or more)
Short Reading… $90 (3 pages or more)

This is the most popular and flexible kind of reading. It will look at your natal
chart, at current transits, at the past and the future, at your relationships
with the other people involved, and at anything else that has bearing on the
questions at hand.

You can send a group of related questions, or several unrelated questions,
since I can fit quite a lot of specific information into seven pages. Be sure to
send the birthdata of anyone else involved in the matter. It also helps me to
know the date when the situation began.

When the question is fairly simple and can be answered in about three
pages, order the half-size reading.

Natal Charts

Natal Reading………. ……….. $140
(7 pages or more)
Short Reading……………………..$90
In Depth Natal Reading ……$275
(25 pages or more)

The natal chart is a picture of your self and
your life. It’s a tool for self-understanding, an
exploration of the knots in your psyche, a
celebration of your essential self. The natal
chart does not change over time, so this
reading describes ongoing patterns and
tendencies (although you can express them in
different ways at different times).

In the basic reading, the most fascinating
patterns in your natal chart are described. This
reading will give you an overall look at what’s
going on in your natal chart. These make
good gifts.

In the in-depth natal reading, every planet,
house position and aspect is examined.
Archetypal images are presented, in order to
make the interpretation more graphic, but
there’s also an emphasis on practical
strategies to deal with specific inner

In either chart, questions are encouraged,
since this interpretation is written expressly for

Following are some of the questions that can
be answered in a natal chart:

Are you mostly fiery, watery, earthy or airy?
What face do you show to the world?
How do you see yourself?
How healthy is your ego?
What is your heroic quest?
If there was a myth written about your life, how
would it go?
What kind of mental foundations do you build?
What’s your learning style?
How do you communicate?
In order to feel satisfied, what do you need?
What patterns of behavior were formed in your
Did your birth experience have a strong effect
on you?
What kind of home works best for you?
How did your early education affect you?
Which career brings the most success?
What makes you happy?
What are your methods for getting what you
want, and how well do they work?
Do you have a gambler’s chart?
What are the messages of your impulses?
How do you handle anger?
What is your relationship to your shadow?
In what areas do you limit yourself, and why?
What are your creative outlets?
What kinds of relationships work for you?
What does your chart say about love and
Which traits are you most likely to project onto
other people?
What relationship do you have to the greater
What kinds of messages did your ancestors
pass down?
What health issues might come up, and how
are they related to psychological patterns?
What kind of healing work are you doing in this
How comfortable are you with emotion and
What is your relationship to faith?
In what ways are you a representative of your
Are you dealing with any karmic trauma?
What is your karmic task in this life?

Calendar Charts

Six Month Reading………………………….$140
(7 pages or more)
One Year Reading ……….. $140
(7 pages or more)
Three Year Reading……………… . $140
(7 pages or more)
Ten Year Reading…………..………… $140
(7 pages or more)

These are readings of current transits – that is,
influences that affect you now and for finite

For an overview of a particular period of time, order
one of these. They focus on the main influences,
how to deal with them, and how long they’ll last.
Which particular parts of your natal chart are being
activated during this time? What are the lessons?
What can you do with this energy?

Which of the various time-frames should you
choose? It depends on how much detail you
want. The shorter the period you’re examining, the
more detail.

These readings are written entirely for you, so feel
free to include all the questions you want,
whichever kind of reading you’re choosing. I don’t
use any kind of canned interpretations in any of the

Following are some of the questions that can be
addressed in a calendar chart:

How does the year look for professional success?
How about furthering your education?
Will it be a good year for developing your
leadership skills?
How does the next year look for finances?
What can you expect from your relationships?
What energy will you be bringing to your
What are the best times for dealing with your
When does communication flow most smoothly?
When is the best time for moving, or for buying or
selling a house?
Are legal procedures going to go smoothly?
Will you be able to work easily within existing social
How will you relate to the community around you?
Will you have rebellious urges, and should you give
in to them if you do?
Will there be a lot of major changes?
Is the energy stable or unstable, or both at different
When are the best times to go ahead with
important projects?
When should you be careful about accidents and
What periods are best for working at difficult tasks?
When will you be most disciplined?
What challenges will you have to deal with?
What pleasures and delights could be forthcoming?
Which of your talents and abilities will be
What’s a good time for travel and vacations?
What kind of emotional growth will you experience
this year?
Are there any health concerns you should know
about during the coming year?
Considering your soul path, what is the main thing
you’re learning this year?
How are you growing spiritually?

Compatibility Charts

Compatibility Chart …… $140 (at least 7 pages)
Half-size compatibility………….. $90 (at least 3 pages)
In Depth Compatibility Chart … $275 (at least 25 pages)

The compatibility readings look at the energy between two people. If you want a quick answer to “Should I
ask Mary Jane out on a date?”, the half-size reading is the best choice. (You do need her birthdata, of
course!) If you’re already in a partnership with her, either of the other readings are better choices.

Both the regular and the in-depth readings check out the different ways you connect (or sometimes, resist
connection). The shorter reading focuses on the most important areas, while the in-depth compatibility
chart covers a lot more ground: emotional bonds, respect and appreciation, personality differences,
communication patterns, sexual energy, power issues, romantic needs, and conflict resolution. In both
readings, strategies are given for working out kinks.

This reading is written entirely for you, so feel free to ask any questions that come to mind. It can be
useful for me to know the duration of your relationship. And it also helps to know the gender of both
people, mainly so I can use the appropriate pronouns!

Following are some of the questions that can be addressed in a compatibility chart:

Do you respect each other?
Do you have struggles over authority?
Do you recognize the validity of each other’s emotions?
Do you support each other emotionally?
Can you live together?
How well do you communicate?
What kind of sexual energy is there between you?
What situations can lead to conflicts?
How do you resolve conflicts?
How do you handle each other’s shadows?
Do your outer personalities mesh well?
Are your heroic quests compatible?
Do either of you have problems with intimacy or commitment?
Do you have fun together?
Can you express your feelings for each other?
Can you work together?
Can you do physical things together?
Can you take responsibility for each other?
What impact do your early childhood patterns have on the relationship?
Are there ego struggles between you, and if so, how do you resolve them?
In what ways are you completely different?
How can you manage your differences?
Are you good for each other’s careers?
Are your goals compatible?
If a myth were written about your relationship, how would it go?

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