Friday Forward

A few words about the
coming week...

by astrologer Jenny Yates
Friday, October 6

This is a pretty intense week.  It starts out with the concentrated erotic
energy of the Venus/Mars conjunction, so people move towards whatever
stirs most passion.  On Friday, everyone is busy doing what they love (or
who they love).  And there’s also an intellectual component, with the sun
and Mercury together in the balanced air sign Libra.  So, in addition to all
the bodies talking, there are good mental connections and plenty of
interesting conversations.   

But the energy turns a bit bleak quickly, with first Venus and then Mars
squaring Saturn.  Venus does it over the weekend, so suddenly all that
concentrated desire hits a bump, just when you expected it all to become
most torrid.  Your new lover is just one big red flag, or your Muse deserts
you to join the Foreign Legion, or the wall of your new solarium caves in.  
You have to rethink this thing.  

Then Mars takes its turn to square Saturn.  As the new week begins on
Monday, things slow down even further.  Every action comes up against a
challenging reaction, often right away, so it’s hard to get any momentum.  
The air itself feels like it’s composed of more sluggish elements. It’s
frustrating, and it calls for great patience.  

And all that sprightly conversation can turn into suspicions and
accusations, as both the sun and Mercury square Pluto.  Whose fault is
all this, anyway?  What went wrong?  

Meanwhile, Jupiter quietly enters Scorpio, ushering in a new astrological
year, and promising that we will get to the bottom of this, one way or
another.  All that we are hiding will come to light. We are beginning a time
of deep excavation and transformation.          

Friday, October 13

Nothing is going to work out quite like you planned it this week.  There are
three hard Uranus aspects – oppositions to Mercury and the sun, and an
inconjunct to Mars.  There’s a lot of action, but much of it will go off in a
completely unexpected directions.  

We all may feel like cat-herders, or even wolf-herders.  And it won’t be just
that we’re trying to get other people to stay in line.  We may be our own
worst enemies – making mischief, experimenting with unlikely possibilities,
rebelling just at that crucial moment, sabotaging our own plans as well as
everybody else’s.  

The creative spirit is strong, and there could be some notable successes
this week, as Mercury hooks up with Jupiter.  So in some areas, you can
move ahead.  But generally it’s best to be more cautious than usual.  If
there’s even the slightest chance that something will tip over, it’s likely to
happen.  Don't take anything for granted.