Friday Forward

A few words about the
coming week...

by astrologer Jenny Yates
Friday, June 22

The weekend begins with the electrifying energy of the sun/Uranus sextile,
so you’re jazzed up and ready to do something different.  But as Monday
arrives, and the week gets going, things start to drag.  The sun opposes
Saturn, so things get heavy.  

This is an emotional time, and the sun/Saturn opposition brings out
everybody’s vulnerabilities, insecurities and old sorrows.  The Cancer sun
is particularly sensitive and empathic, so people can really suffer on other
people’s behalf.  Right now the whole world is outraged over the DT
administration’s treatment of migrant children.  It’s a collective pain that
won’t be healed all that quickly.  

The full moon in Cancer/Capricorn elaborates the political themes of the
moment.  On one side are the empaths (represented by the water sign
Cancer) and on the other side the pragmatists (represented by the earth
sign Capricorn.)  To the empaths, the pragmatists seem heartless and
cruel.  To the pragmatists, it seems that the empaths are wholly led by
feelings rather than realism.  When they demonize each other, each side
hunkers down.    

The full moon’s task is to bring all this out into the open, to make the
various positions clearer.  And what the sun/Saturn opposition will do is put
everybody in touch with the ancient fears, needs, anxieties and
resentments that form the foundation of all our political stances. It won’t be
Friday, June 28

There’s a lot of hectic, accident-prone aspects this week.  About the only
day that isn’t prone to unscheduled explosions is the Fourth of July!  

A lot of people will be celebrating this weekend, and it’s not the safest nor
the most orderly time.  Mercury’s square to Uranus can mean mishaps and
technical problems, with many unexpected changes of plans.  The sun
and Mars are inconjunct, so there could be lots of disagreements and
conflicts.  Venus, the planet of love, isn’t helping.  She’s fighting over
some boundary issues, locked as she is into an inconjunct with Pluto.

Things improve only marginally as the new week begins.  Mercury gets
hung up in an inconjunct to Saturn, and then an opposition to Mars.  So
things are either moving too slowly or too quickly, and it’s hard to find a
rhythm that works.  

There’s only one helpful aspect, the sun’s trine to Jupiter, and you’ll feel it
on Wednesday and Thursday.  So if you’re taking a holiday on the Fourth,
this is a good time to celebrate and to enjoy your friends and family,
before you jump back into the fray.     
Friday, July 6

The weekend looks pleasant, with the sun/Neptune trine as the dominant
influence.  Spontaneous pleasures are the best kind, and there will
plenty of them.  

On Monday and Tuesday, people are still feeling pretty optimistic, but
there’s a tendency to get carried away with plans and projects.  With
Mercury in Leo, confidence is very high, even when it’s not particularly
warranted, and it’s squaring Jupiter, the planet which rules gambling.  So
people can think of themselves as invulnerable, or imagine that their
resources will last indefinitely.  Nope.  

This is followed by the sun’s opposition to Pluto and a solar eclipse, and
these are the main influences on Wednesday and Thursday.  This is
when it becomes quite clear how much power you truly have.  You may
have more than you thought in some areas, and it can be worth to speak
up and make a declaration of some kind.  On the other hand, there are
other areas in which you have less than you’d like, and you just have to
deal with that.  

It does help that Venus trines Uranus during this same time.  So you
have friends, and they can help you stay grounded.  This is going to be