Friday Forward

A few words about the
coming week...

by astrologer Jenny Yates
Friday, February 3, 2017

There’s not much going on this week, really.  With only lunar aspects, people shuffle between one thing and
another, and there isn’t a lot of lasting progress in any direction.  Jupiter stations and changes direction, so this
could be seen as a transitional time, in which everyone is checking in with everyone else, overhauling plans that
haven’t worked out well, figuring out compromises.  

Late in the week, this changes -  and next Thursday and Friday are pretty exciting, with a full moon and an
eclipse.  The sun and moon act as mediators in the ongoing Jupiter/Uranus opposition, so this is an opportunity
to move quickly and effectively towards a goal, and the more socially relevant it is, the better it will succeed.  

There’s energy for positive change.  So align yourself to it, think about it, and plan how to best use this sudden
and welcome momentum.     
Friday, February 10, 2017

The week begins with an exciting Leo/Aquarius full moon, so everybody is infused with creative energy.  There
are lots of progressive ideas, and the energy to put them into action, and it continues like this all week.  Many
things will slot themselves into place this week.  

The cranky, rebellious Jupiter/Uranus opposition is still in place.  But people hardly notice it, since the sun and
Saturn are both acting as mediators.  It’s as if people have been glaring at each other over a big divide, and
the sun and Saturn come out and urge people to get out from behind their walls, to greet each other, to shake
hands, and to talk about their long-term hopes and dreams.  Once people really meet, the old divisions melt

So make good use of this week to expand your horizons, whatever they are.  Think bigger, and think more
optimistically about the future.  You can manifest it, no matter what it is.  And the more people you include in
your image of the future, the more vibrant that future will be.  
Friday, February 17, 2017

There are two very different tendencies this week.  On the one hand, there are some excellent aspects for
rational thought and communication.  On the other hand, there’s another that’s all about anger, retribution and
cut-throat competition.  

And you could be affected by both.  On the one hand, you could be thinking about things in an innovative way,
sharing your ideas and conclusions with others, working out solutions to mutual problems, building something
concrete for the future.  Mercury makes harmonious aspects to Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn this week, so your
mind is very versatile and resilient.  

But on the other hand, you could also be steamed about something.  There could be some underlying tension
that breaks through the layer of rational thought, and threatens the structures that you’re so carefully building.  
With Mars square Pluto, old resentments are not forgotten, and frustrated desires still simmer under the surface.  

So do be careful this week.  Be careful of your own demons, and of those of others.  If you can channel all this
energy, if you can do something good with it, then you can accomplish a great deal.  But there’s also a potential
for destruction.  This is a week in which your conscious mind is your best friend.  So think about things, consider
your principles, and talk to those you respect, before you act.      
Friday, February 24, 2017

Good gravy, look at those aspects.  Okay, it really looks like there’s some erupting tension this week.  Shoot-
outs, turf grabs, deadly competitions, military exercises?  With the people we’ve got in the White House, it could
be almost anything. Hopefully, they’re not going to get us into the next World War.

So my advice is to be extra careful.  Once things start rolling, they could pick up momentum very quickly, and roll
over all obstacles.  And there’s anger spilling over, everywhere you look. Watch out for sharp objects, and this
includes people with sharp tongues.  Pay attention to your own anger.  If you feel too jumpy to rest, chop a bunch
of vegetables, but try not to chop your finger off.  

There’s also a new moon with an eclipse, and so the fiery beginnings that we’re seeing are likely to have real,
long-lasting consequences.  A new moon paints the picture of the next month, but an eclipse points to deeper
structural changes over the next six months.  

If you’re young and bold, and ready to fight the good fight, this might be your time.  But there’s also an
obfuscating factor, with the sun conjunct Neptune.  It’s like everybody gets all excited and a free-for-all begins,
and then the fog rolls in, and nobody can even see who they’re fighting anymore.  So this is also a time when you
need to keep in close touch with your instincts, and stay in balance all the time.   

Friday, March 3, 2017

With Venus going retrograde, this looks like a quieter week.  Last week, the big story was about Sessions’ lying
to Congress during the confirmation hearing, and I have a feeling that was the iceberg that will eventually bring
down a big ship.  

But this week, the focus is on relationships, with Venus retrograding.  People are spending more time affirming
their connections to family, friends, and partners, and reminiscing about the past.  Art and culture also rise a few
more steps in the scale of what’s important.  With the sun and Mercury coming together in Pisces, there’s a lot of
imaginative artistic work.  And spiritual people are also finding a stronger voice.

This doesn’t mean that the activist spirit has died down.  Mars in Aries is not as fiery as it’s been, but there’s
plenty of work to be done, and with Mars trining Saturn, this is a good time to do it.  But people also need to
have a life, to nurture and inspire each other, and sharing how to do that is also important.

Friday, March 10, 2017

This is a slow and somewhat frustrating week.  First Mercury and then the sun
will square Saturn, bookending the week, and in between these two hard
aspects, there is no major aspect activity at all.  

This doesn’t mean that nothing will happen, but that nothing particular will
capture people’s attention for long.  With only lunar aspects all week, people’s
moods shift quickly.  Something that’s meaningful at noon will be forgotten by

Some important things are also delayed, blocked, hindered.  With Mercury,
Venus and Uranus all in Aries, there’s an emphasis on new beginnings, and this
can be exciting -  but then these projects hit a wall, and the excitement vanishes
as quickly as it appeared.  With the Saturn squares, there could be some
definite losses and failures – or at least, it may seem that way from your current

It’s hard to gather the energy to keep fighting, or working, or agitating.  
Everyone might need a mental (and physical!) health break. Remember, there
are some big changes percolating below the surface, with the Jupiter/Pluto
square coming into orb.  But it will be a little while before we can really see
what’s going on, and a little longer before we feel a tidal shift.      

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