Friday Forward

A few words about the
coming week...

by astrologer Jenny Yates
Friday, February 9

It looks like a pretty hectic week.  It starts out with lots of expansive
Jupiter energy, but since Jupiter is squaring first the sun and then
Mercury, there’s a tendency to go too far, too fast.  Can you do it all?  All
at the same time?  It’s probably better to take a slightly more moderate
approach.  Just saying.  

This doesn’t really get a chance to calm down before we head into a new
moon and a partial solar eclipse. There’s a lot of energy for change,
especially when it comes to ideas and perspectives, with Mercury joining
the sun and moon in Aquarius.  Radical ideas gain ground, but there are
still many differences variations in emphasis and expression.  Arguments
can ensue because everybody is convinced that they have the received
truth, and anybody who disagrees is a Neanderthal.  This doesn’t win
hearts and minds.  

One helpful note is that Venus enters tender, sensitive Pisces this week,
and this makes for a little more compassion towards others, and maybe a
realization that most people are coming from pain and fear that is unique
to them.  If they seem completely backwards to you, maybe it’s because
you just haven’t been through what they have. So don’t just talk;  listen.   
Friday, February 16

This is a vague, flowing, slightly confusing week, in which everyone is
wandering around trying to get from here to there, with no idea of how to
do so.  

Venus joins Neptune in spreading a general sense of mystery and
magic, and that could be wonderful for lovers, artists, and spiritual
seekers.  People are blowing bubbles, smelling the roses, taking strolls
under rainbows. Unicorns are frolicking.  Some people may be trying to
get some work done, and they are mostly pretty frustrated this week,
although Wednesday’s Mercury/Saturn sextile does help them.

It’s a very Piscean time.  During the week, the sun and Mercury enter
this free-flowing, intuitive, imaginative water sign, joining Venus and
Neptune there.  So the right-brained people are in their element.  You
may be lost, but if you’re living in the moment, you don’t care.  You can
meet some other lost people, maybe even your true love, coming
through the gloaming.  
Friday, February 22

There’s a lot happening this week.  Energy is much faster, tighter and

That’s because Venus and Mercury are both squaring Mars and
sextiling Pluto, and all four of these are demanding aspects.  Pluto
makes everything deeper and takes you out of your comfort zone, even
in a harmonious aspect.  And the hard aspect to Mars can make people
more competitive, more easily irritated, more inclined to push.  

So there could be quite a bit more open conflict this week, and it springs
from a place of strong emotion.  The most turbulent aspect is the
Mercury/Mars square, contrasting water and fire.  It’s got the all-
encompassing sympathies of Pisces and the fierce passions of
Sagittarius, sometimes going in different directions. Pisces is the sign of
the shaman and Sagittarius of the missionary, so we are going to see
some holy wars.

People have a lot to say, and they’re not going to quiet down until they’
ve spread their messages far and wide. And there’s some deep change
happening, a fiery tide that can't be turned back.       
Friday, March 2

This is one of those weeks in which a lot of things are happening
underground, and we won’t see the changes until later.  It starts with the
sun and Neptune together, giving more creative energy and more
spiritual consciousness.  We may all be sharing in a new sense of
compassion for those who are suffering, and this could develop into a
stronger commitment to social justice.  

When it comes to action, things start slow.  At first, people are mostly
mulling over what should be done.  Artists will be the first to express the
new awareness, and there could be some beautiful art created all
through this week.  

Towards the end of the week, the vibe is more activist.  Mercury and
Venus go into Aries, and some people will be speaking up more loudly
and boldly.  There will be innovative, radical proposals.  People will feel
the urge to break away from the group mind, to become more
independent, to control their own destinies.  It’s just starting to get
Friday, March 8

There are some contradictions this week.  On the one hand, Mars is
trining Uranus in fire signs, and this is great for forward progress.  Mars
is about action, and Uranus is about creativity, innovation, initiative, and
new technology.  So if you’re ready to try a new approach, go for it.  

On the other hand, first Mercury and then Venus will be squaring
Saturn this week as well, and that slows everything down.  It could be
that you have to clear out all this deadwood from the past before you
move forward.  It could be that you begin with lots of enthusiasm, and
then get hung up on some kind of obstacle.  Maybe you thought you
could leap over a barrier with ease, and then when you get closer, you
realize that it’s about ten feet tall.  

But still some good things happen, even if they happen in fits and
starts.  Not only do you have the exciting Mars/Uranus trine, but as you
go on with the week, the sun trines Jupiter!  So in spite of all the
glitches, it could end up being one of the more successful periods in
your life.  

Friday, March 16

Happy spring equinox!  I’m ready for winter to be over, and it’s always
nice to see the excitable, spontaneous energy of the Aries sun.  
Mercury, Venus and Uranus are all in Aries as well, adding to the
passion and the zeal.  There is a potential for new beginnings.   

In the beginning of the week, the aspects are not particularly dynamic,
however.  Mercury and Venus are conjunct, but other than that, the
restless Aries planets don’t have many outlets.  So people may be
thinking, planning, talking, getting ready for something big.  And then
Mercury goes retrograde towards the end of the week, so it doesn’t
happen.  There’s a glitch, a need to go back and fix something from the

And at the same time that everybody is trying to figure out what
happened, there’s an accident-prone square between the sun and
Mars.  And people may be playing the blame game, and the energy is a
bit explosive.  Patience will be needed, especially at the end of the
coming week, and it may be in short supply.  But the only way to move
forward is to slowly undo a bunch of knots, some of them quite old and
stubborn. Until this is done, you’re still tied to the past.