Friday Forward

A few words about the
coming week...

by astrologer Jenny Yates

Friday, April 13

Some things could break loose this week.  There’s a general sense of
new beginnings, along with some tendency to blow up whatever has
fulfilled its purpose.  

First Mercury goes direct on Sunday, letting us all off the hook when it
comes to cleaning up, repairing, reorganizing, and correcting.  There’s
only so much you can do to bury the sins and heal the wounds from
the past.  Then not much later, there’s the Aries new moon, always an
important point in the year.  This is the time for new beginnings.  

Then the sun approaches Uranus, the planet of sudden change.  
Especially in Aries, this combination is volatile.  It will be in orb all
week, exact on Wednesday, and it could mean all sorts of blow-ups.  
Couples could break up, organizations could fall apart, people could
lose their jobs, lightning could strike.  It could be pretty chaotic.  This
doesn’t mean that you should hide under the bed, but you may need
to figure out what’s negotiable and what isn’t.  What hill would you die
on? What creative solutions haven’t you tried yet?    

Everything could look like the inside of Donald Trump’s head, since he
has a natal sun/Uranus conjunction.  Yes, I know that’s a very
frightening thought!   
Friday, April 20

There is a lot of action this week, and much of it is positive, since Mars
in practical, efficient Capricorn is making a sextile with Jupiter in
focused, deliberative Scorpio.  People are forward-looking, community-
minded, but realistic.  There’s an emphasis on strategies that will move
the whole group towards success.

Things get more and more intense, though, as the week goes on,
culminating about Thursday, when Mars and Pluto are conjunct. This is
powerful energy!  Don’t forget that Pluto rules nuclear bombs, as well
as toxins of all kinds.  This doesn’t mean that the human civilization is
going to come to an end this week, but there could be lots of smaller
battles to the death in many organizations.  

There could be some dramatic struggles over leadership, for example,
with some people going down on the wheel and others going up.  
There could be conflicts over control and boundaries, and sexual
scandals could take a few more heads.  There will be differences over
methods, tools, and game plans.  These differences could escalate, as
people pick their teammates and figure out which hill they prefer to die

It’s not just about pressure and power struggles, though.  There’s a lot
of energy for transformation in this Mars/Pluto conjunction.  If you can
figure out how to work with other people, you can achieve amazing
things.  And if you’re working alone, this aspect gives more focus,
determination and courage.    

Friday, April 27

There isn’t much aspect activity this week, and what there is is
Saturnine.  First the sun trines Saturn, and then Venus makes an
inconjunct to it.  So things slow down.  In some ways, this is good,
because it allows you more time to finish past projects.  You can take
a breath.  But there are also delays and postponements that can be a
bit frustrating.

Venus in Gemini is sprightly, and interested in all sorts of different
things.  But with three planets in Capricorn, the focus is on
responsibilities. There just isn’t enough free time to check out all the
different things that call you. This is one of those weeks in which you
have to get real.     
Friday, May 4

This is a busy week, with a lot of tense aspect activity.  Mercury goes
through its final stretch in Aries, squaring Pluto and Mars in
Capricorn, approaching antsy Uranus. Arguments could flash out, and
a blue sky could suddenly turn stormy.  Watch for accidents and
mishaps.  Conspiracy theorists and social misfits will be prowling
around, looking for people they can push around.  

Lots of people are feeling overly confident, and absolutely sure that
they know what they’re doing, and this isn't necessarily a good thing.  
The sun opposes Jupiter, and so there’s some tendency to assume
too much, and to overdo things.  You could plan too many things,
spend too much money, make too many deals, and promise the

Relationships can be part of the problem, since Venus is one sign
over from the sun, but echoing many of its aspects.  You want people
to like you, which is natural, but if you’re trying to please all the
people, all the time, you’re going to end up on your face. You need
some limits. Venus also squares Neptune, so some relationships
enter a nebulous zone in which nobody really knows what anybody

Luckily, Pluto in Capricorn takes a mediator role in the sun/Jupiter
opposition, and this helps ground you.  Something rivets your
attention, reminding you that not everything is equally important. You
can turn away from all the things that distract you and amuse you,
and focus on your actual responsibilities.  And you can turn away
from the things that irritate you, and deal with anything that's actually
Friday, May 11

This is a very hectic, changeable and accident-prone week, so the
main thing is to stay safe!  Mercury, Uranus and Mars all change
signs, and they’re all in hard aspect with each other.  So conflicts
could escalate, and things could get physical more rapidly than

Technology could be problematic this week, so be sure that all your
back-up systems are functioning.  And communication could take
some really odd turns, so if you’re sending a lover a sexy video, make
sure it’s not accidentally going to your boss.  

There’s also a new moon, right in the middle of all this, and just as
Uranus enters its new sign.  So with all the things breaking down,
there could also be important new beginnings.  Sometimes the old
things have to collapse before the new can be built.  There’s a lot of
creative energy in these aspects, but it’s not always easy to control.
It’s like you’re trying to make a sculpture out of lightning bolts.  
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