Current Aspects

June 4
to 19, 2018

all interpretations written & copyrighted by Jenny Yates

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Jupiter trine Neptune
(16° Scorpio/Pisces)

This is a generous, open-hearted transit,
in which people find it easier to get in
touch with their best selves.  Neptune in
Pisces is sensitive, intuitive, and
spiritually conscious, and the trine to
Jupiter enhances all these tendencies.  
So even your local crime boss could
suddenly discover his altruistic self, and
start giving all his money away to the
orphanage. Everyone has a heart of
gold, somewhere deep inside.   

It’s generally a lucky transit, without being
grasping or competitive.  This could
mean a lucky financial break.  Or it could
mean progress towards one of your most
cherished desires.  Or it could mean
acceptance by your family, friends, and
the greater community.  People are more
loyal, more willing to see through the
masks you wear and embrace you as you
are.  So it’s a good time for all the
prodigal children to come home.     

This can also be a time of spiritual gifts.  
You feel that the universe is purposeful,
and that you and everyone else have a
place in it.  All spiritual practices are
enhanced by this transit, and become
more deeply meaningful.   

And it’s also a very creative time.

There’s a strong urge to express
yourself and all your emotions, perhaps
in a community setting, perhaps in
private. This could mean letting all your
demons out, by acting in a neighborhood
drama group.  Or it could just mean
singing opera in the shower.  

This is noticeable May 10 to June

It's exact
in NYC:  Fri, May 25, 5:52 am
in Vancouver: Fri, May 25, 2:52 am
in London: Fri, May 25, 10:52 am
in Singapore: Fri, May 25, 5:52 pm  
in Sydney: Fri, May 25, 7:52 pm

June 12 to 14
Mercury sextile Uranus

May 10 to June 12
Jupiter trine Neptune

June 9 to 13
Sun inconjunct Pluto

June 5 to 7
Mercury square Neptune

June 13 to 16
Venus square Uranus

The sun is inconjunct Jupiter
(15° Gemini/Scorpio)

This transit gives optimism, but it
can mean being somewhat
careless and unrealistic.  Every
passing fancy seems like a good
idea, and you can drive yourself
crazy trying to follow each of
them to its illogical conclusion.  

It’s not a particularly good time
for large projects, or for legal or
financial matters.  Because

there’s a tendency to go
overboard, you could end up
paying more than usual, or
making things more complicated
than they need to be.  
Communication could get a little
snarled up, and you may not be
as tactful as you always thought
you were.   

In general, it’s easy to find
yourself on the wrong side of
rules, regulations, laws,
traditions, religious beliefs, and
cultural divides.  You may decide
that a particular rule is trivial,
and that you can break it with
impunity, and then could end up
in an embarrassing or messy
situation.  Everyone is well-
meaning but a little clumsy under
this transit.  

With this transit, the main thing is
to keep it simple.  Do one thing
at a time, and then pause and
think a minute before you jump
into the next thing.  

This is noticeable June 3 to

It's exact
in NYC: Tues, Jun 5, 4:10 pm
in Vancouver: Tues, Jun 5, 1:10
in London: Tues, Jun 5, 9:10 pm  
in Singapore: Weds, Jun 6, 4:10
in Sydney: Weds, Jun 6, 6:10

Mercury inconjunct Jupiter
(15° Gemini/Scorpio)

This transit gives a broader view of
the world, a fascination with
interesting ideas and wide-ranging
philosophies.  It encourages a
Renaissance mind-set.  

At the same time, there can be
some difficulty with details.  With
Mercury in the mentally active sign
Gemini, you’re very easily
distracted.  And there’s so much
going on around you all the time.  
There are tons of varying opinions,
mountains of information,
proliferating perspectives.  You
want to go deeper, but at the same
time, you don’t want to miss

There can be communication
difficulties during this time,
especially when deeply-held
prejudices get added to the mix.  
People may be talking a lot, but still
not discussing the things that are
most important to them.  Some
crucial feelings and information
could be kept under wraps for a
while, and then emerge at
inopportune moments.  

People may also be drawn to
anything that is a little mysterious,
dangerous, or taboo.  And these
taboo subjects can somehow find
their way into polite society,
upsetting the protocol.  There’s a
danger of saying tactless things,
ignoring hallowed tradition, or even
breaking the law.  

This is noticeable June 4 to 6.    

It's exact
in NYC: Tues, Jun 5, 7:20 pm
in Vancouver: Tues, Jun 5, 4:20 pm
in London: Weds, Jun 6, 12:20 am   
in Singapore: Weds, Jun 6, 7:20
in Sydney: Weds, Jun 6, 9:20 am     

Venus oppose Pluto
(20° Cancer/Capricorn)

This makes for very intense relationships.  
People go down deeper, and this can mean
more intimacy, more sex, and a deeper level of
connection.  But it can also mean that people
feel a bit threatened by each other.  

You can have important psychological insights
under this influence, both into other people
and into yourself.  It can be a time when you’re
really conscious of where power lies, what
drives people, and where the bodies are
buried.  Some people will ignore other people’s
boundaries for their own ambitions or cravings,
and so
it’s important to be clear about where your
boundaries are, and about your right to defend

However, you may just feel invaded because
somebody has called attention to something
you thought you were hiding, and you can
respond to that feeling in different ways.  Is
there really a threat, or is this an opportunity to
let go of one of your barriers?  If someone is
being careless of your health, safety, or
emotional well-being, then yes, the walls need
to stay strong.  But you might want to
investigate a little, to find out where the other
person is coming from.

For artists, this can be a time of strong but
disquieting work.  You may be able to exorcise
some old demons through your art, but not all
of your audience can handle this.  

This is noticeable June 4 to 7.        

It's exact
in NYC: Tues, Jun 5, 10:25 pm
in Vancouver: Tues, Jun 5, 7:25 pm  
in London: Weds, Jun 6, 3:25 am       
in Singapore: Weds, Jun 6, 10:25 am         
in Sydney: Weds, Jun 6, 12:25 pm       

Sun conjunct Mercury
(15° Gemini)

This transit strengthens that
Gemini energy:  quick-
moving, quick-thinking,
verbal, light, playful, witty,
flexible, changeable.  You
are more conscious of all
the ideas whizzing around in
your brain, more likely to
express them.  You are also
more interested in all kinds
of information, even things
that you wouldn’t normally
think twice about.  

This is a great transit for
talking to people.  You can
talk to neighbors,
bystanders, fellow
commuters, family members,
acquaintances, co-workers,
shopkeepers, friends.  It’s all
about the connection
between people, the
exchange of energy that
happens when people get
together.  Even if you’re just
saying good morning,

there’s a spark.  It’s a time
when those sparks fly.   

This is noticeable June 4 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Tues, Jun 5,

10:01 pm
in Vancouver: Tues, Jun 5,

7:01 pm  
in London: Weds, Jun 6,
3:01 am       
in Singapore: Weds, Jun 6,
10:01 am         
in Sydney: Weds, Jun 6,
12:01 pm       

The sun square Neptune
(16° Gemini/Pisces)

This is a soft, vague aspect, in
which it’s a little difficult to decide
between all the alternatives.  It can
mean drifting from one activity to
the next, and it all seems quite nice,
but there isn’t a strong push in any
particular direction.

There can also be
misunderstandings and confusion
during this transit, so watch for
that.  It may not be easy to decipher
what someone means, and because
transits involving Neptune make
everyone more sensitive, it’s easy
to imagine all sorts of odd and
improbable things.  More grounded
people will do better.  Those who
are already a bit spacey, flakey or
easily distracted may find it even
harder than usual to maintain clarity
and common sense.  

There could also be some odd
situations involving leadership.
People could attain positions for
which they’re completely unsuited,
and other people may need to
shore them up.  This kind of
doesn’t generally last long, but it
can make everyone a bit insecure
it’s going on.

This is noticeable June 4 to 9.       

It's exact
in NYC: Thurs, Jun 7, 1:57 am  
in Vancouver: Weds, Jun 6,
10:57 pm       
in London: Thurs, Jun 7, 6:57 am  
in Singapore: Thurs, Jun 7,

1:57 pm    
in Sydney: Thurs, Jun 7, 3:57 pm  

June 3 to 7
Sun inconjunct Jupiter

June 4 to 6
Mercury inconjunct Jupiter

June 4 to 7
Venus oppose Pluto

June 4 to 7
Sun conjunct Mercury

June 4 to 9
Sun square Neptune

June 19 to 23
Venus oppose Mars

June 19 to 22
Mercury trine Neptune

June 18 to 20
Mercury trine Jupiter

June 17 to 20
Venus inconjunct Saturn

June 15 to 17
Mercury inconjunct Mars

June 14 to 16
Mercury oppose Saturn

Mercury square Neptune
(16° Gemini/Pisces)

This transit can sow a certain amount of
confusion.  With Mercury in the fast-
moving sign Gemini, information can just
fly by, without being picked up by the
people who need it.  Contradictory ideas
will be bouncing around, and people
won’t know what to think.  It’s a time when
definite, clear information is a little hard to
come by, and that can make for some

It can feel a little bit like a Mercury
retrograde.  So if you’re making plans to
meet someone, make sure that the
meeting point is really clear.  This is not
the time to make assumptions.  Even if
you feel like an idiot going over the
information again, still it’s best to check if
you have even the smallest doubt about
what you’ve just agreed to.  And don’t
count on your cell phone working in a

One problem here is that people can
believe things that just aren’t true, and
these ideas can be very seductive.  Or
they may believe things that could be
true, but aren’t really relevant in the
current situation.    

Very religious people may become even
more devout under this influence, and
spiritual people will see the divine in
everything.  This could be beautiful, but it
could also mean ignoring immediate
practical information.  And it can
contribute to confusion when other
people think you’re speaking literally
rather than metaphorically.   

This is noticeable June 5 to

It's exact
in NYC: Weds, Jun 6, 10:07 am
in Vancouver: Weds, Jun 6, 7:07 am  
in London:  Weds, Jun 6, 3:07 pm
in Singapore: Weds, Jun 6, 10:07 pm  
in Sydney: Thurs, Jun 7, 12:07 am

Mercury inconjunct Pluto
(20° Gemini/Capricorn)

This transit can bring up some tricky
underlying power dynamics.  You
may think that everything is clear,
and that what you see on the
surface is all that’s going on.  But
the other person may have a hidden
agenda, including goals and beliefs
that are at odds with your own.  

Outward criticism can smart, but
manipulation and hidden pressure
can be more deadly. If you’re aware
that this is happening, you are less
likely to react with frustration or
impatience, and if you choose, you
can address it directly.  

This transit is a conflict between air
and earth.  You could be the airy
person, the idea person, who is
surrounded by Philistines.  Or you
may be the earthy one, the one who
knows what’s really going on, and
you’re surrounded by airheads who
just talk all the time and never
actually get anything done.  And so
you may feel it’s time to exert your
power, one way or another, perhaps
by direct criticism, or perhaps by
invoking restrictive rules or bylaws.  

Either way, the problem is
communication.  It may be that one
person isn’t talking about the central
issue.  It may be that someone else
is talking too much about everything
else.  Respectful listening and
focused questions can help you
resolve this.   

This is noticeable June 7 to

It's exact
in NYC: Fri, Jun 8, 9:32 am  
in Vancouver: Fri, Jun 8, 6:32 am  
in London: Fri, Jun 8, 2:32 pm    
in Singapore: Fri, Jun 8, 9:32 pm    
in Sydney: Fri, Jun 8, 11:32 pm  

Sun inconjunct Pluto
(20° Gemini/Capricorn)

This can bring up some thorny
leadership issues.  If you are a
leader who prides yourself on
flexibility, openness, and good
communication skills, it can be
disheartening when other
people criticize or judge you.  It
can be even more
disheartening when they make
a grab for your power.  Good
intentions can go by the
wayside when you have to
defend your position.  

Or you may be on the other
side, and have an ineffectual,
hot-air sort of boss who never
deals with the real issues.  It
may be that you’ve been waiting
all your life for a chance at the
top position, and now you have
some supporters who believe in
you.  So it may be time for a
palace coup.

This is a time to pay attention to
very subtle clues.  You can be
caught off guard by things that
will be evident in hindsight, but
that you were too busy to
notice.  Don’t try to do too many
things at once, because there’s
always the danger that the most
important tasks will be put off
until it’s too late.  And listen as
much as you talk.      

This is noticeable June 9 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Mon, Jun 11, 1:13 pm
in Vancouver: Mon, Jun 11,
10:13 am  
in London: Mon, Jun 11,
6:13 pm
in Singapore: Tues, Jun 12,
1:13 am   
in Sydney: Tues, Jun 12,
3:13 am   

June 7 to 9
Mercury inconjunct Pluto

Mercury sextile Uranus  
(1° Cancer/Taurus)

This is great for communication.   
Mercury in Cancer gives a warm,
supportive way of connecting with
other people, and with the sextile
to Uranus, you’re drawn to
people who come from different
places, and who have had
different experiences.  You want
to learn from them, to understand
their reality.  And you can
communicate your own feelings
more vividly.  

You may be saying some unusual
and perhaps controversial
things.  Others are also more
open to new ideas, and so some
very exciting dialogues can

It’s a creative and experimental
time, in which you can use your
existing skills and learn new
things, with the aim of creating a
different kind of world.  There’s
an added emphasis on new
technology, and you may figure
out new and more efficient ways
to use it.  Your particular genius,
whatever it is, can emerge during
this time.  Whether you’re a piano
virtuoso or a master chef, you
express yourself with more flair
and with more variations than

This is noticeable June 12 to

It's exact
in NYC: Weds, Jun 13, 7:41 am   
in Vancouver: Weds, Jun 13,
4:41 am     
in London: Weds, Jun 13,
12:41 pm   
in Singapore: Weds, Jun 13,
7:41 pm     
in Sydney: Weds, Jun 13,
9:41 pm   

Venus square Uranus
(1° Leo/Taurus)

This gives a little extra sparkle, a little
touch of something different.  It’s
unusual. It’s far-out.   It’s eccentric.  
Sometimes it’s slightly weird.  It can
definitely go too far and have people
looking at each other like they’re from
planets on the opposite sides of the

When it comes to relationships, this
transit tends towards separations,
even if only temporarily.  Everyone
has a mind of his/her own, and
everyone needs a little more space
and freedom.  This is not necessarily
a bad thing, as it can be a time of
exciting exploration.  Sometimes you
can’t go off in a new direction when
you’re carrying along a lot of
baggage, including all your
relationships and your
responsibilities.  So this transit gives a
strong tendency to pare down, and
get rid of what you don’t need.  

Some separations are painful,
however.  Venus in Leo can be
flamboyant, and so there could be a
few dramatic and public partings of
the ways. Try to resist the temptation
to respond vengefully if this happens,
since things could just escalate from

For artists, it can be an exciting time,
full of new artistic impulses.  It’s
radical, so not all the experiments are
going to be successful.  But you never
know till you try, and this transit lends
itself to trial efforts of all kinds.     

This is noticeable June 13 to 16.     

It's exact
in NYC: Thurs, Jun 14, 11:32 pm    
in Vancouver: Thurs, Jun 14,
8:32 pm      
in London: Fri, Jun 15, 4:32 am    
in Singapore: Fri, Jun 15,
11:32 am       
in Sydney: Fri, Jun 15, 1:32 pm    

Mercury oppose Saturn
(6° Cancer/Capricorn)

This can be a time of intellectual and
emotional struggle, as well as more
mundane communication problems.  
You have some important things to
say, but, for one reason or another,
it may not be easy to get your
message out there.  It could be that
people are involved in their own
problems, and are not listening to
you.  It could be that people are just
not ready to hear what you have to
say, no matter that it may be
overdue. It could be that you’re shy
about passing along criticisms or

So there can be a few frustrations
associated with this aspect.  It can
also manifest as practical problems
connected with communication or
transportation.  This could mean
malfunctioning cars, computers, or
cell phones, for example.  There
could be delays because people
have to go back and get things that
they’ve forgotten, or because traffic
is snarled up.

The best way to deal with this transit
is to be patient, and to maintain your
sense of humor.  So everything’s
going along more slowly than
usual?  That doesn’t mean it won’t
get done eventually.  Would it be the
end of the world if something is a
day or two late?  Relax, already.  
And if it IS the end of the world, and
you’re the scientist struggling to tell
everybody that the earth’s core is
about to explode – well, mama said
there’d be days like this.     

This is noticeable June 14 to 16.     

It's exact
in NYC: Fri, Jun 15, 9:46 pm    
in Vancouver: Fri, Jun 15, 6:46 pm    
in London: Sat, Jun 16, 2:46 am
in Singapore: Sat, Jun 16, 9:46 am   
in Sydney: Sat, Jun 16, 11:46 am

Mercury inconjunct Mars
(8° Cancer/Aquarius)

Communication is trickier during this
transit. People can jump on each
other, argue without resolving
anything, and end up edgy and

Mercury in Cancer is very sensitive
and intuitive, but there’s a danger of
confusing facts and feelings.  If you
speak in a way that seems overly
emotional, and especially if you’re
focused on airing your grievances,
some people are going to tune you
out.  They’ll think that you’re whining,
even if you’ve got legitimate reasons
to complain.

Or you may be on the other side of
this, and be very objective and
factual, focusing on the greater good
rather than your own advantage.  You
may be convinced that you’re doing
the right thing, and making the world a
better place.  But there will be people
who tune you out as well, thinking that
you’re cold and pedantic, and that you’
re lecturing to them.  

Everything has an emotional charge,
and there’s nothing wrong with
speaking the truth from your heart.  At
the same time, if you’re trying to get
something done – and especially if
you want to change something – it
helps to have a larger overview.  This
is a time when the personal and the
political have to process quite a lot, in
order to iron things out.  

The best way to handle this aspect is
to think before you speak, speak
before you act, and always be willing
to admit that you don’t have all the

This is noticeable June 15 to 17.   

It's exact
in NYC: Sat, Jun 16, 9:02 pm
in Vancouver: Sat, Jun 16, 6:02 pm  
in London: Sun, Jun 17, 2:02 am  
in Singapore: Sun, Jun 17, 9:02 am    
in Sydney: Sun, Jun 17, 11:02 am  

Venus inconjunct Saturn
(6° Leo/Capricorn)

This is a tricky transit, when it
comes to love and intimacy.  
People are more independent,
more likely to go their own way, and
sometimes this means that they just
don’t have time for each other. You
may find that people are
unavailable, or just late, and this
can be pretty discouraging at

Barriers between people can also
spring up because of fear.  You
may have had your heart broken in
the past, perhaps when you were a
little child, perhaps even in a past
life, and this could get between you
and your heart’s desire now.  You
want to break through, to make a
connection, to express the passion
that you feel inside.  But it isn’t
easy.  These old shadows lurk
around you, keeping you from the
one you love.  Even in social
occasions, the fear that you won’t
be liked can keep you home.  

Artists too can experience fear.  On
the one hand, there’s the joy of
creating.  It feels good, no matter
the outcome.  On the other hand,
there’s that small voice inside you
that’s always comparing you to
some imagined ideal of greatness,
and telling you that you’ll never
measure up.  Listening to that
voice, you may never put brush to
canvas, may let your violin gather
dust, may never follow up on your
inspirations.  Don’t let this happen.  

This is noticeable June 17 to

It's exact
in NYC: Tues, Jun 19, 6:54 am
in Vancouver: Tues, Jun 19, 3:54
in London: Tues, Jun 19, 11:54 am  
in Singapore: Tues, Jun 19, 6:54
in Sydney: Tues, Jun 19, 8:54 pm

Mercury trine Jupiter
(13° Cancer/Scorpio)

This is a time when your world view
expands. Mercury has to do with the
way you think, speak and learn, and in
Cancer, it’s open, impressionistic, and
emotional.  With the trine to Jupiter,
that expands exponentially.  You are
aware of all the feelings swirling
around you, even picking up things
that happened in the distant past, and
including it all in your thought-
processes.  You find it easy to
understand what others are going
through, from the tiniest baby to the
oldest centenarian.  

Relationships are more friendly and
affirming during this time.  You find
kinship, understanding and support
everywhere you look, and
communication becomes more
philosophical and wide-ranging.  It’s a
time when the community can come
together to celebrate, to worship, to
create, or to learn.  It’s wonderful for
festivals, parties, and ceremonies.  

Your sympathies are strong, but it’s
not just about feeling what other
people are feeling.  Your optimism
helps you find solutions.  Sometimes
you have to go down to the root of the
problem, but you’re willing to do that.

It’s an especially good time for writers,
poets, editors, teachers, students,
and anyone who counts on
eloquence.  Your imagination is
especially vivid, and the results can
be wonderful. You find it easier to
amuse, persuade, inspire and
educate people, because everyone is
more open.  And everyone is looking
for a brighter vision, a light to guide
the path.   

This is noticeable June 18 to

It's exact
in NYC: Tues, Jun 19, 3:42 pm
in Vancouver: Tues, Jun 19, 12:42
in London: Tues, Jun 19, 8:42 pm  
in Singapore: Weds, Jun 20, 3:42 am  
in Sydney: Weds, Jun 20, 5:42 am  

Mercury trine Neptune
(16° Cancer/Pisces)

It’s a time of enhanced imagination,
intuition, and creativity.  There’s a little
magic in the air. You’re attracted to
whatever is strange and mysterious,
and attuned to very subtle influences.  

This is good for communication,
especially when it comes to close
friends and family members.  You can
unburden your heart, tell someone you
care about them, and share important
information about future plans. Your
memory is also stronger under this
influence, and you can make some
wonderful connections with people
from your past.  You can also spend
some time preserving memories of the
present moment.   

During this time, your mental pictures
are more vivid and expressive, and so
your speech and writing affect people
more strongly.  Your world-view is
more holistic, with a good combination
of intellect and emotional awareness.  
You are very sensitive, very
responsive to atmosphere, and you
can tap into what others are feeling.  

You are more psychic under this
influence, and you can pick up
important information on that level.  At
the same time, it’s not the most
realistic influence in the world, and
there’s some tendency to walk around
in a dream state. But it’s a great time
for spiritual work, for connecting with
cosmic forces.  And it’s great for music,
poetry, film, and all the more fluid art-

This is noticeable June 19 to

It's exact
in NYC: Weds, Jun 20, 11:58 pm  
in Vancouver: Weds, Jun 20, 8:58 pm  
in London: Thurs, Jun 21, 4:58 am  
in Singapore: Thurs, Jun 21,
11:58 am     
in Sydney: Thurs, Jun 21, 1:58 pm  

Venus oppose Mars
(9° Leo/Aquarius)

This is an exciting but unstable time,
when it comes to love, sex and
romance.  You might be feeling totally
passionate, yearning for some
particular person with all your heart.  
But it’s hard to get it together.  Maybe
the person is in love with someone
else, or already in a relationship.  Or
maybe you’re a million miles away from
each other.  Or maybe your schedules
just can’t quite connect.

When people do get together, there
could be fireworks, but there could
also be conflicts.  People have
different ideas of what constitutes
romance, and one person could be
quite dramatic, while the other is more
cerebral.  So one person is ready to
leap into a torrid affair, while the other
is still talking about your mutual tastes
in books.  

And if you are in bed, there’s still lots
of room for stylistic differences.  One
person is hot, the other cool.  If these
differences are pronounced enough,
they could mean an abrupt halt to the
whole enterprise.  

This same dynamic can affect
friendships, and even work
relationships.  People just don’t seem
to want the same thing you want.  Or
else, they’re rushing you, trying to
make you decide before you’re ready.
Everybody is locked into the question:  
do I get what I want?  Or do I

This is noticeable June 19 to

It's exact
in NYC: Thurs, Jun 21, 12:54 pm    
in Vancouver: Thurs, Jun 21,
9:54 am      
in London: Thurs, Jun 21, 5:54 pm    
in Singapore: Fri, Jun 22, 12:54 am       
in Sydney: Fri, Jun 22, 2:54 am