Current Aspects

May 24
to 31, 2017

all interpretations written & copyrighted by Jenny Yates

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May 30 to June 3
Venus trine Saturn

May 26 to 28
Mercury inconjunct Jupiter

Saturn trine Uranus
(26° Sagittarius/Aries)

This is an aspect that anchors
creativity.  You’re thinking
about many things in a new
way, and you’re full of good
ideas.  But you don’t just want
to talk or write about these
ideas;  you want them to take
form, to become part of the
social fabric, to take shape, to
have lasting value.  It’s a
harmonious aspect, so it helps
you find the best and most
reliable structures to hold your
innovative ideas.  

This transit is all about
combining the old and the
new.  You focus your creativity
on particular problems, and
use whatever is at hand to
solve them, repurposing old
resources so that they serve
new ends. You are respectful
of old tradition, and use
whatever is good that you find
there.  You pay attention to the
experiences of those who have
gone before, and you store
away what will be needed in
the future.

You believe in change, but not
for its own sake.  You want to
see change that strengthens,
that works for the good of the
people and the earth over the
long haul.  You are not
interested in progress for its
own sake.  Purposeless motion
is not valuable to you.  You are
a conservative in that you
conserve what is valuable, and
a radical in that you constantly
evolve in your understanding.  

This is noticeable April 29 to
June 5.                 

It's exact
in NYC: Fri, May 19, 2:14 am
in Vancouver: Thurs, May 18,
11:14 pm  
in London: Fri, May 19,
7:14 am
in Singapore: Fri, May 19,
2:14 pm  
in Sydney: Fri, May 19,
4:14 pm

Jupiter inconjunct Neptune
(14° Libra/Pisces)

Jupiter is always an expansive force, and
during this time, it’s expanding Neptune, the
planet of imagination, intuition, ambivalence,
poetry, drugs, romance, and all altered
There’s some tendency to drift with this
transit.  This isn’t always a bad thing, since a
little drifting can give time for your emotions
to catch up with your mind.  But you can also
drift right past things that you were going to
do, and then find out that you missed your

And so there are some confused people
wandering around.  Some folks are just
trying to feed their addictions, or find
evidence for their conspiracy theories. Some
are enthralled with fantasies that only they
can see.

Others are trying to make the world a better
place, without any idea of how to do it.  You
want very badly to do the right thing, and to
be fair and impartial with your loved ones, as
well as with complete strangers.  But
sometimes you just don’t know.  What is the
right thing?  

Jupiter in Libra is very idealistic, but there
can also be a tendency to see things in an
either/or way.  This is good, that’s bad.  And
this can mean a lot of time processing which
words to use, which political tack to take,
which legal avenues to pursue.  But with
Jupiter inconjunct Neptune, there’s a
tendency for things to shift, just when you
thought you had them figured out.  This can
be pretty unnerving.

So this is not the best time to press for
resolution.  What seems to clear to you is
probably a bit murky to someone else.  
Feelings look for justifications, sometimes
picking up very weird ideas to cloak
themselves in.  It’s a confusing time, and the
bottom line is to stay healthy and sane all
through it.   

This is noticeable from April 29 to July

It's exact for the first time
in NYC: Weds, May 17, 4:37 am
in Vancouver: Weds, May 17, 1:37 am  
in London: Weds, May 17, 9:37 am  
in Singapore: Weds, May 17, 4:37 pm   
in Sydney: Weds, May 17, 6:37 pm

It's exact for the second time
in NYC: Weds, July 5, 12:19 am
in Vancouver: Tues, July 4, 9:19 pm  
in London: Weds, July 5, 5:19 am
in Singapore: Weds, July 5, 12:19 pm   
in Sydney: Weds, July 5, 2:19 pm

April 29 to June 5
Saturn trine Uranus

April 29 to July 23
Jupiter inconjunct Neptune

May 30 to June 1
Mercury trine Pluto

May 27 to June 3
Mars sextile Uranus

May 26 to 29
Mercury sextile Neptune

May 26 to 31
Mars oppose Saturn

May 31 to June 5
Venus conjunct Uranus

Venus square Pluto
(19° Aries/Capricorn)

This is intense.  It’s a time when
love can conquer everything,
including your good sense.  
Desires are stronger and more
compelling, and they can take you
to exciting and dramatic places.  
So this can be a time of great
intimacy, or of a strong sense of
romantic destiny.  

At the same time, there could also
be some powerful (and sometimes
hidden) power struggles during
this time.  You want things that
you don’t ordinarily want, and you
find yourself thinking, “Why not?  
Why can’t I have whatever it is, or
whoever it is?”  And then you
make a lunge for the people or
objects that tantalize you, and this
might work.  You could impress
people with your boldness and
initiative.  Or you might find
yourself slapped with a restraining

So be aware of this, and think
ahead of time about your lusts
and impulses.  Some are
harmless, while others have the
potential to hurt other people and
to wreck your life.  The answers
are yours alone.  Nobody but you
can say which edges can be
crossed, and which you should
stay far away from.  

For artists, this can be a time of
fierce, provocative work.  At the
same time, you might frighten
yourself with the work you
produce, and have a harder time
sharing it with the public.  But,
even if you don’t release it to the
world, it can be cathartic for you.  
And in fact, everyone can benefit
from the emotional release of
creative work during this time.  

This is noticeable May 23 to

It's exact
in NYC: Thurs, May 25, 12:21 pm  
in Vancouver: Thurs, May 25,

9:21 am  
in London: Thurs, May 25,

5:21 pm  
in Singapore: Fri, May 26,

12:21 am   
in Sydney: Fri, May 26, 2:21 am   

May 23 to 27
Venus square Pluto

Mercury inconjunct Jupiter
(13° Taurus/Libra)

Mercury in Taurus is conservative and
restrained, while Jupiter in Libra is
idealistic, so there can be some
dissonance between these two
viewpoints.  On the one hand, you
want to do the practical, expedient
thing, and on the other hand, you
want to be conscientious, ethical, and
a good citizen of the world.

This is one of those times when the
road to hell can be paved with lots of
good intentions.  You may be trying
too hard to prove yourself, when your
heart isn’t really in it.  You want to eat
your cookies yourself, but your
teacher says you have to share, and
then you don’t end up getting one.  
So you go home and persuade your
parents to sue the teacher, the school
board, and the other kids.

Yes, you can get carried away under
this influence.  And since Jupiter is in
Libra, there’s always the possibility of
legal action.  This is not the time to
insult a thin-skinned colleagues, even
if you think it’s funny to make fun of
the way he walks.  Turns out he had
some evil bone disease as a child,
and now everybody in the office is
shunning you for your insensitivity.   

Not thinking a situation through, you
could blurt out things that create a
commotion.  You could reveal secrets,
break confidences, or start rumors.  
You could also plan or promise more
than you can really manage, perhaps
as a way to avoid admitting that you’re
wrong about something.  Trying to
avoid trouble, you can get into a
whole lot more.     

This is noticeable May 26 to 28.    

It's exact
in NYC: Sat, May 27, 3:17 pm  
in Vancouver: Sat, May 27, 12:17 pm  
in London: Sat, May 27, 8:17 pm  
in Singapore: Sun, May 28,
3:17 am     
in Sydney: Sun, May 28, 5:17 am     

Mercury sextile Neptune
(14° Taurus/Pisces)

This transit adds to the
imagination, and it’s especially
good for creative people.  
Musicians and poets are
influenced by the flowing
rhythms of Neptune, while film-
makers, painters, photographers
and actors enjoy Neptune’s
mastery of the arts of illusion,
and its connection to dreams
and archetypes.  Mercury is in
the tactile sign Taurus, so this is
also a good aspect for potters,
weavers, and people who work
with earthy substances.

Mercury in Taurus is usually
pretty grounded, but this is less
so with this sextile to Neptune.  
However this is a harmonious
aspect, and so you can let
earthy obligations slide a little
bit, and getting lost in sweeter
sensations of all kinds.  It’s a
nice time to go to the movies, or
to spend an afternoon swinging
in a hammock and contemplating

It strengthens intuition, and this
can be very handy when it
comes to communication.  You
don’t have to call someone up,
because you have a sudden
inner knowledge of what they’ll
say about something.  And later
on, when you do check with
them, you usually find that you
were right.  You are also more
compassionate, more patient,
and more open to prompts from
your higher self.   

This is noticeable May 26 to

It's exact
in NYC: Sun, May 28,
3:03 am      
in Vancouver: Sun, May 28,
12:03 am      
in London: Sun, May 28,
8:03 am        
in Singapore: Sun, May 28,
3:03 pm         
in Sydney: Sun, May 28,
5:03 pm      

Mars oppose Saturn
(25° Gemini/Sagittarius)

This is a time of obstacles and
limitations, and some of these can be
rather frustrating.  Mars in Gemini gives
a strong desire to run around and do a
million things at once.  It focuses a lot of
energy on meeting people, calling them
up on the phone, and exchanging
ideas.  There’s also a strong need to
move physically, to shift your physical
point of view for a new perspective.  

But with the opposition to Saturn, it’s
hard to do all this.  People aren’t home
when you call, or aren’t available for the
projects you have in mind. Things that
should be simple get stuck.  When you
can’t get one thing done, then you can’t
move on to the next, and this can bring
on some very irritated feelings.  

For all that you do, there can be a
recurring message that you aren’t doing
enough. This may come from other
people, who are more critical than usual,
or it may come from yourself. This is a
good time to free yourself from too much
reliance on other people’s opinions of
you, but it’s harder to dislodge the judge
in your own head.

The worst thing you can do is respond
to this criticism by redoubling your
efforts.  This is not a good time to rush
around, because you may just hit the
same walls over and over again.  
Rather, you need to stop and breathe
and assess your situation.  Is there a
way out that you didn’t see before?  Is
there a compromise that would work?  
You do have options, but when you’re in
a hurry all the time, you don’t see them.  

This can be rather accident-prone, so
be a little more careful than usual,
especially when you’re in movement.  
Cool down your nervous energy before
you get into a car.  

This is noticeable May 26 to

It's exact
in NYC: Mon, May 29, 2:54 am  
in Vancouver: Sun, May 28,
11:54 pm       
in London: Mon, May 29, 7:54 am    
in Singapore: Mon, May 29, 2:54 pm    
in Sydney: Mon, May 29, 4:54 pm  

Mars sextile Uranus
(26° Gemini/Aries)

This transit is excellent for technical
work of any kind, for puttering around
with computers and gadgets and
wires and cables.  In general, it’s a
creative transit, good for trying
anything new.  You’re more
innovative, more likely to experiment.  
It might work, it might not, but you
learn a lot when you put things
together in different ways.  

This is the time to explore new places,
make new friends, have unusual
conversations, dash off interesting
notes and letters and facebook
updates, and share stimulating bits of
news.  This isn’t a sedentary
influence, but rather increases the
desire to go out, do something out of
your usual routine, and connect with
all kinds of people.    

It’s good for sports and physical
activity, especially when you’re
moving fast -  as in biking, walking,
skate-boarding, tennis or handball.  
You can find innovative ways to
improve your performance.  

Energy is not as swift and easy when
this overlaps with the Mars/Saturn
opposition, described above on the
far right.  But when that aspect is
over, everything lightens up, and you
can go faster and make great
progress on whatever you’re working

This is noticeable May 27 to June
It's exact
in NYC:  Tues, May 30, 10:39 pm
in Vancouver: Tues, May 30, 7:39 pm
in London: Weds, May 31, 3:39 am
in Singapore: Weds, May 31,
10:39 am  
in Sydney: Weds, May 31, 12:39 pm

Mercury trine Pluto
(19° Taurus/Capricorn)

This transit sharpens your wits, gives
more focus and courage, and allows
you to understand everything in a
more profound way. It helps with
communication, and makes it
possible for people to share their
most essential concerns.  You’re not
afraid to speak up, to bring secrets to
light, but you aren’t rash about this.  
You think about the repercussions,
weigh the risks, and articulate your
ideas with care.     

Rather than trying to fix things on the
surface, you’re paying more attention
to the roots of the problems that have
been bothering you.  You may delve
into the historical underpinnings of
some difficulty, for example, and this
can help you deal with the present

This is a time of greater ambition,
and it’s excellent for working towards
your most important goals.  You’re
thinking more practically, more
strategically, and you can figure out
solutions to problems that stumped
you last week.  You could get in
touch with resources that you didn’t
realize you had, both in terms of your
own strengths, and in your
connection to the community.  

This is noticeable May 30 to June

It's exact
in NYC: Weds, May 31, 8:02 am  
in Vancouver: Weds, May 31,
5:02 am  
in London: Weds, May 31, 1:02 pm  
in Singapore: Weds, May 31,
8:02 pm    
in Sydney: Weds, May 31, 10:02 pm  

Venus trine Saturn
(25° Aries/Sagittarius)

Saturn takes the fiery energy of
Venus in Aries, and channels it
towards work, discipline and
responsibility.  Especially when it
comes to your relationships with other
people, this is a time of

Your passions are strong, and you
want to do something real with them.  
You want to help people, and to work
side-by-side with people who share
your vision of the future.  You could
get more involved in community
projects, or perhaps international
efforts to make the world a better
place.  Your passions are immediate,
and your perspective global.

In personal relationships, too, you are
very aware of your responsibilities.  
You’re willing to make definite
commitments, to volunteer your time
and energy, in order to help your
family and friends cope more ably with
the ups and downs of life.  Tradition is
more meaningful to you, although you
don’t think of it as static.  You want to
create new patterns and rituals, while
still being respectful of the old ones.  

For artists, this is a very fertile time.  
You’re very conscious of form, but not
at all limited by it.  You enjoy
experimenting with new ways to
express yourself, but you are still
grateful for everything that tradition
and experience have taught

This is noticeable May 30 to June

It's exact
in NYC: Thurs, Jun 1, 11:23 am    
in Vancouver: Thurs, Jun 1, 8:23 am    
in London: Thurs, Jun 1, 4:23 pm      
in Singapore: Thurs, Jun 1,
11:23 pm       
in Sydney: Fri, June 2, 1:23 am

Venus conjunct Uranus
(27° Aries)

There can be quite a few ups and
downs in your relationships during this
transit.  This is not the best time to fall
in love, but it’s a time when more
people are doing it, and it’s not just
spring fever. It’s the urge for

During this transit, you can do all kinds
of outrageous things to get attention.  
You could get your beloved’s name
tattooed on your arm, or take her to
the circus and have the knife-thrower
spell out her name on the wall. You
could sing under her window, or build a
marble palace in her honor, or name a
star after her.  This is not the most
moderate time in the world.

If your potential lover is interested in
you, it’s a very passionate time. You
can bring out new possibilities in each
other, explore places you never
thought you’d go, do things you never

It’s also a time of enhanced creativity,
very good for artists. Your sense of
beauty takes you to amazing new
places.  However, this transit is very
impetuous, so don’t give in to the urge
to burn all your old work.  Sure, your
new work is more exciting, but later on
you may be glad that you didn’t make
a bonfire out of everything you’ve
done since you were in junior

This is noticeable May 31 to June

It's exact
in NYC: Sat, June 3, 3:32 am  
in Vancouver: Sat, June 3, 12:32 am  
in London: Sat, June 3, 8:32 am  
in Singapore: Sat, June 3, 3:32 pm    
in Sydney: Sat, June 3, 5:32 pm