Current Aspects

July 21
to 28, 2017

all interpretations written & copyrighted by Jenny Yates

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Jupiter inconjunct Neptune
(14° Libra/Pisces)

Jupiter is always an expansive force, and
during this time, it’s expanding Neptune, the
planet of imagination, intuition, ambivalence,
poetry, drugs, romance, and all altered states.
There’s some tendency to drift with this
transit.  This isn’t always a bad thing, since a
little drifting can give time for your emotions to
catch up with your mind.  But you can also drift
right past things that you were going to do,
and then find out that you missed your chance.

And so there are some confused people
wandering around.  Some folks are just trying
to feed their addictions, or find evidence for
their conspiracy theories. Some are enthralled
with fantasies that only they can see.

Others are trying to make the world a better
place, without any idea of how to do it.  You
want very badly to do the right thing, and to be
fair and impartial with your loved ones, as well
as with complete strangers.  But sometimes
you just don’t know.  What is the right thing?  

Jupiter in Libra is very idealistic, but there can
also be a tendency to see things in an
either/or way.  This is good, that’s bad.  And
this can mean a lot of time processing which
words to use, which political tack to take, which
legal avenues to pursue.  But with Jupiter
inconjunct Neptune, there’s a tendency for
things to shift, just when you thought you had
them figured out.  This can be pretty

So this is not the best time to press for
resolution.  What seems to clear to you is
probably a bit murky to someone else.  
Feelings look for justifications, sometimes
picking up very weird ideas to cloak
themselves in.  It’s a confusing time, and the
bottom line is to stay healthy and sane all
through it.   

This is noticeable from April 29 to July

It's exact for the first time
in NYC: Weds, May 17, 4:37 am
in Vancouver: Weds, May 17, 1:37 am  
in London: Weds, May 17, 9:37 am  
in Singapore: Weds, May 17, 4:37 pm   
in Sydney: Weds, May 17, 6:37 pm

It's exact for the second time
in NYC: Weds, July 5, 12:19 am
in Vancouver: Tues, July 4, 9:19 pm  
in London: Weds, July 5, 5:19 am
in Singapore: Weds, July 5, 12:19 pm   
in Sydney: Weds, July 5, 2:19 pm

April 29 to July 23
Jupiter inconjunct Neptune

July 22 to 26
Venus oppose Saturn

July 22 to August 16
Jupiter square Pluto

July 28 to 31
Venus sextile Uranus

July 22 to 26
Mercury trine Uranus

Sun square Uranus
(28° Cancer/Aries)

This is a pretty volatile time.  Watch
for accidents, falls, shocks,
technical problems, separations,
conflicts, and a general sense of
restlessness.  Things could move in
unexpected directions, leaving your
schedules and your plans in the
dust.  This could make life very
interesting, and you might have
more fun than usual.  Or you may
just feel like everything is chaotic
and frustrating.

This aspect brings out the rebel in
everyone, even the quiet, mild-
mannered types.  They are
suddenly jumping up and down and
demanding attention, startling
everyone.  The people who are
rebellious at other times are even
harder to handle, and may be out
in the streets demanding their
rights in no uncertain terms.  It’s
unclear what the response will be
though, since nobody will be acting
according to form, including those
in positions of authority.   

There is definitely a destructive
side to this aspect, especially if
you’re trying to keep an
organization of some kind
together.  It pushes for freedom
from rules, even the rules that have
been carefully and cooperatively
and reasonably crafted.  On the
other hand, sometimes even
beautifully put-together structures
have to fall, to make room for
something that nobody has thought
of yet.  

This is noticeable July 18 to

It's exact
in NYC: Thurs, July 20, 8:25 pm   
in Vancouver: Thurs, July 20,
5:25 pm     
in London: Fri, July 21, 1:25 am  
in Singapore: Fri, July 21,
8:25 am    
in Sydney: Fri, July 21, 10:25 am  

Sun conjunct Mars
(4° Leo)

This is a very dynamic aspect.  It gives
ambition, determination, will power,
confidence and focused energy, so it
can be a time of immense
accomplishment.  If you’ve always
wanted to take a leadership role, now
is the time to make it happen. And if
you’re usually a little reticent, you’ll feel
a stronger urge to get out there and
make an impact on the world around

However, everybody is very strong-
minded, so there’s a danger of getting
into ego wars with others.  Are you
upstaging anyone?  Do you feel that
someone is upstaging you?  Your
impulses and desires are stronger
now, so it’s not easy to stop and reflect
– but doing so can help you moderate
your urge to push back, and maybe
keep you out of a destructive long-
term struggle.  

There’s also a greater danger of
accidents, fires, and sudden health
crises, so stay alert to whatever’s
going on the physical plane.  It’s fine to
be bold, but don’t rush into any lion’s

There’s a lot of creative energy in this
aspect, so it’s great for artists.  
Everyone has a stronger need for self-
expression, whether this means
painting canvases or making speeches
in the town square.  Everyone is
burning a little brighter.  You want to
be recognized for your gifts; you want
your place in the sun.  And it’s true
that the world needs all our creative
gifts, so keep on shining.    

This is noticeable July 20 to August

It's exact
in NYC: Weds, July 26, 8:57 pm
in Vancouver: Weds, July 26, 5:57 pm
in London: Thurs, July 27, 1:57 am  
in Singapore: Thurs, July 27,
8:57 am    
in Sydney: Thurs, July 27, 10:57 am  

July 14 to 21
Mars square Uranus

July 18 to 21
Mercury trine Saturn

Mars square Uranus
(28° Cancer/Aries)

This is a restless, erratic transit.  
Things can change rather
suddenly, and so it’s a good idea
to consider a lot of different
contingencies, especially if

you’re doing anything important
(like heart transplant surgery, or
washing your mother’s antique
crystal stemware).  No matter
what you’re doing, be extra
careful, because this transit is
prone to mishaps, accidents,
excitable situations, and
technical and mechanical

Everyone is a little more
sensitive, more impulsive, more
likely to go to react in extreme
ways.  You may find yourself in
some kind of weird,
uncomfortable, unfamiliar
situation, and instead of taking a
few deep breaths and thinking
about the best response, you
could do something wild and
crazy.  For example, you
accidentally set the curtains on
fire, and instead of calling the
fire department, you jump out the

This is a time when ordinary
structures break down, and this
can put you in situations which
require a cool head, alertness,
and creativity.  So try not to
panic.  Sometimes there’s a way
to salvage the situation.  
Sometimes there isn’t, of course,
and you just have to accept a
setback and start over again.  
Sometimes the work has to be
done again, or the relationship is
over, or the mechanical object is
totally kaput. But don’t make the
situation worse by kicking the
wall, as you could just end up
with a broken foot as well.   

This is noticeable July 14 to 21.   

It's exact
in NYC: Mon, July 17, 9:37 pm
in Vancouver: Mon, July 17,

6:37 pm
in London: Tues, July 18,

2:37 am
in Singapore: Tues, July 18,

9:37 am   
in Sydney: Tues, July 18,

11:37 am

Mercury trine Saturn
(22° Leo/Sagittarius)

This transit is very grounding.  
Mercury has to do with the
mind, while Saturn is the planet
of form and discipline.  So this
gives orderly thoughts, handy
organizational methods, and
useful structures.  Since it
happens in fire signs, you also
have lots of confidence, energy,
and creative power – and so
you can get a lot done during
this time.

Communication goes more
smoothly, because you speak
clearly and say what you mean.  
You are able to think
realistically, accepting the limits
of time, space, and other
resources.  And you learn both
thoroughly and rapidly,
assimilating the new information
which will help you achieve your
larger goals.  You’re not really
interested in small details, so
you don’t get hung up.  But you
do want everything to be -  if
not perfect, then really good -  
and you know you can do it.   

You’re inspired, eager to go
further and do more.  At the
same time, you are willing to
take on the responsibilities
involved, to commit yourself.  
You can go it alone, or you can
work with the community, but
you are definitely going to do
your part. You’re reliable,
helpful, and hard-working.

This is a time to put your
principles into practice, creating
something that’s visionary and
will still stand the test of time.

It’s especially good for travel,
for sports and games, and for
academic work.  There’s a lot of
definite, purposeful mental
activity, and there are clear

This is noticeable July 18 to

It's exact
in NYC: Weds, July 19,

3:16 pm    
in Vancouver: Weds, July 19,
11:16 am    
in London: Weds, July 19,

8:16 pm    
in Singapore: Thurs, July 20,
3:16 am  
in Sydney: Thurs, July 20,

5:16 am  

July 18 to 22
Sun square Uranus

July 19 to 22
Venus inconjunct Pluto

July 20 to August 2
Sun conjunct Mars

Venus inconjunct Pluto
(17° Gemini/Capricorn)

This transit can mean trouble, and
that’s because it strengthens your
attraction to anything taboo or
dangerous.  And with Venus in
Gemini, you may not want to
choose between the various things
and/or people you desire.  Trying to
have it all can mean ending up with
nothing.  The main way to handle
all these inconvenient attractions
and desires is to be honest with
everyone involved.  Don’t try to
smooth-talk your way out of

Hard aspects to Pluto focus on
unexamined beliefs, desires,
resentments or motivations.  In
romantic relationships, people may
project their own shadows onto
their partners, and there could be
some tendency to pressure or
manipulate others.  Invisible power
struggles can get in the way of
intimacy.  Friends and
acquaintances could also ignore
the usual boundaries, and there
could be some discomfort around

Those who abuse power are more
likely to do so under this influence.  
If you’re on the receiving end of
this, you need courage to confront
whatever is going on.  It’s important
to know how to say “no” at this time.
It’s even harder to recognize what’s
going on when you’re the one
misusing power, so this is a good
time for some self-reflection.  

This is noticeable July 19 to 22.    

It's exact
in NYC: Thurs, July 20, 8:16 pm    
in Vancouver: Thurs, July 20,
5:16 pm    
in London: Fri, July 21, 1:16 am    
in Singapore: Fri, July 21,

8:16 am       
in Sydney: Fri, July 21, 10:16 am    

Venus oppose Saturn
(21° Gemini/Sagittarius)

Venus, the planet of love, is
considerably dampened when
she’s opposed by Saturn, the planet of
realism, restriction and limitation.  And
so there can be delays,
disappointments, and missed chances
to connect.  

This can be a lonely time, even if there
are people all around you.  It may be
that you feel there’s no intimacy, just a
lot of empty chatter.  Sometimes when
you feel vulnerable and really need
people, they are nowhere to be found.  
With all this, it’s important not to isolate
yourself.  You need people, even if they
aren’t always there for you in the way
you want.  

One of the dangers of this aspect is that
you can be a bit of a martyr, and that’s
never a good idea.  Punishing yourself
can be a backhanded way of trying to
punish others.  You don’t need to be
strict with yourself, to limit or deprive
yourself.  It can help to talk about your
feelings, even if others can’t help you
attain what you want at the moment.  
Still, if you are honest and forthright
about what’s going on with you, you feel

The lesson of this transit is to own your
own stuff, and not project it onto other
people.  Most disappointments come
along because you want someone to
rescue you, fix you, redeem you, or
admire you.  You have to give yourself
the positive attention you need;  you
have to recognize your own status as a
work in progress, not perfect but

When you can do that, this aspect is
less painful.  It’s not the end of the world
if someone breaks a date, or if there’s
nobody around to go to the movies with
you, or if your lover appears more
interested in her book than you.  You
can find ways to make yourself happy, if
you look around.  

This is noticeable July 22 to

It's exact
in NYC: Mon, July 24, 10:53 am
in Vancouver: Mon, July 24, 7:53 am  
in London: Mon, July 24, 3:53 pm
in Singapore: Mon, July 24, 10:53 pm   
in Sydney: Tues, July 25, 12:53 am

Mercury trine Uranus
(28° Leo/Aries)

This is a very creative transit, a
time when you can think outside the
usual boxes.  You are inventive,
original, independent.  The ordinary
is not for you;  you are a little
wilder, a little bolder, and a little
freer these days.

This brings out the dramatist in
everyone, and everyone needs to
have their moments in the sun. Lots
of hitherto hidden talents could
emerge, because people are more
likely to take risks.  You could find
the clown in yourself, or the
musician, or the painter, and have
a lot of fun exploring the

This is a wonderful time to learn,
and it’s also great for teaching.  
You are infinitely curious and
immediately enthusiastic about the
new things you discover.  You want
to try everything out.  This is a
playful influence, because the
essence of creativity is play.  It’s a
time of growing knowledge, but it’s
more about experiential knowledge
than book-learning.

Who are you, and who can you
be?  Now is the time to explore
these questions.

This is noticeable July 22 to

It's exact
in NYC: Mon, July 24, 12:32 pm
in Vancouver: Mon, July 24,
9:32 am
in London: Mon, July 24, 5:32 pm
in Singapore: Tues, July 25,
12:32 am
in Sydney: Tues, July 25, 2:32 am

Jupiter square Pluto
(17° Libra/Capricorn)

This is a time of intense,
concentrated power struggles.  
Pluto is about power,
transformation, and hidden
influences, and it also has to do
with deeper desires, yearnings
and motivations.  Jupiter can
bring these up, exaggerate them,
and often (but not always) reveal
them to everyone.

Some of these struggles are
around questions of equality and
access.  Jupiter in Libra is very
idealistic.  So if there are unfair
things happening, this is the time
when people may stand up and
demand that these wrongs be

Pluto, however, can be very
heavy-handed at times, and so
these demands could be met with
iron-fisted resistance.  It’s a
dangerous time to be a
revolutionary.  But dangerous
times are when revolutionaries
thrive, because the human spirit
doesn’t take well to compression,
restriction and manipulation.   

This is noticeable July 22 to
August 16.                        

It's exact
in NYC: Fri, Aug 4, 2:48 pm
in Vancouver: Fri, Aug 4,
11:48 am
in London: Fri, Aug 4, 7:48 pm
in Singapore: Sat, Aug 5,
2:48 am  
in Sydney: Sat, Aug 5, 4:48 am  

Venus sextile Uranus
(28° Gemini/Aries)

This aspect is exciting, especially when
it comes to love and friendship.  You
could meet a lot of interesting people,
learn new things, and explore different
facets of your own personality in the
process.  Communication is generally
fast and scintillating.  

It’s a great aspect for artists, as it
encourages new ways of looking at
your material.  Writers especially
benefit from the fiery inspirations of
Uranus in Aries, as well as from the
swift communicative energy of Venus
in Gemini.  And Venus in Gemini offers
multiple ways of exploring questions of

This is a good time for parties,
meetings, masked balls, reading clubs,
and all sorts of social and cultural
events.  There’s something to occupy
and interest everyone.  

This is noticeable July 28 to 31.  

It's exact
in NYC: Sun, July 30, 4:03 am  
in Vancouver: Sun, July 30, 1:03 am  
in London: Sun, July 30, 9:03 am    
in Singapore: Sun, July 30, 4:03 pm    
in Sydney: Sun, July 30, 6:03 pm