Current Aspects

October 8
to 21, 2019

all interpretations written & copyrighted by Jenny Yates

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October 12 to 15
Mercury sextile Saturn

October 11 to 14
Venus oppose Uranus

October 12 to 16
Sun square Pluto

October 9 to 15
Mars inconjunct Uranus

Mercury oppose Uranus  
(5° Scorpio/Taurus)

This is very mentally stimulating,
but quite accident-prone, so be
careful. Accidents could happen
physically, especially when water
and earth are involved.  So if

you’re out walking, watch out for
wet patches and rabbit holes.  
There could also be technical
difficulties, or accidents involving
electricity, so don’t stand outside
during lightning storms or stick
your finger in any sockets.

Communication is quite tricky
during this time, so be careful
not to make assumptions.  You
may forget some crucial
protocol, and find you’ve insulted
someone in a position of power.  
Or you could accidentally bring
up some old scandal and end up
with a long-term enemy.  Pay
attention to your words, as they
can be more powerful and more
durable than you realize.  

This isn’t the best time to travel,
but if you must, expect to deviate
from your plans somewhat.  

You’ll need to be alert to figure
out the next best way to get
somewhere, when your first
plans collapse.  It’s a good idea
to cultivate a sense of humor,
and to think of all the great
stories you’ll get out of these
highly improbable

This is noticeable October 5 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Mon, Oct 7, 2:17 am
in Vancouver: Sun, Oct 6,
11:17 pm
in London: Mon, Oct 7,
7:17 am
in Singapore: Mon, Oct 7,
2:17 pm  
in Sydney: Mon, Oct 7,
5:17 am

Sun square Saturn
(14° Libra/Capricorn)

This is a tough transit.  The sun has to
do with vitality, identity and ego, and a
square from Saturn tends to dampen all
these things.  You may feel less
energetic, and need more rest than
usual.  There’s a danger of coming
down with colds or infections during this

The sun in Libra is generally kind,
loving, fair, and relationship-oriented,
but Saturn in Capricorn is cold and
rigid, and can inhibit any expression of
love.  And so during this time, you may
feel abandoned, misjudged, regretful,
or lonely.  You can run into some old
fears around reaching out to other
people, and this can give a tendency to
retreat into your shell.  Even if you’re
usually quite extroverted, this can be a
time when it’s hard to get what you want
from the rest of the world.  

This transit tends to be hard on the
ego.  You see yourself in a certain way,
but others don’t necessarily reciprocate
that vision.  And so you can start to
doubt yourself.  

Your internal messages are louder
now, and if they’re mainly helpful and
supportive, you can get through this
transit with little damage. But if you’re
hard on yourself, those inner voices
can really grate on your nerves, and
you could have trouble sleeping, or
accomplishing the simplest tasks.  
Remember what all those self-help
books are always telling you, and – no
matter whether things are going well or
badly - take some time to beam some
self-love back to yourself.

Be kind to others during this transit,
too.  Everybody is just slogging

This is noticeable October 5 to 9.       

It's exact
in NYC: Mon, Oct 7, 3:07 pm
in Vancouver: Mon, Oct 7, 12:07 pm
in London: Mon, Oct 7, 8:07 pm
in Singapore: Tues, Oct 8, 3:07 am   
in Sydney: Tues, Oct 8, 6:07 am   

October 5 to 8
Mercury oppose Uranus

October 5 to 9
Sun square Saturn

October 14 to 17
Mercury trine Neptune

The sun inconjunct Neptune
(16° Libra/Pisces)

This makes everybody slightly
inscrutable.  It’s not like they want
to be.  With the sun in Libra,
people are very interested in
doing the right thing, in making the
right decisions, in being liked by
others.  But with the inconjunct to
there’s some confusion about what
will achieve the desired effect.  
And so people are doing odd
things that just make every else
wonder, “What the heck is that

You may be drawn to people,
situations or things that are a little
bit out of the ordinary during this
transit.  You may be fascinated by
anything that’s charming, cute,
endearing, sentimental, vague,
mystical, or evocative.  You may
read all kinds of meanings into
whatever it is, and it could become
your personal totem.  And later
you yourself may wonder what the
attraction was.  Why did you give
all your savings to the Temple of
the Holy Siberian Relic?  Why did
you decide to start collecting
spotted mushrooms?  Why did you
adopt a lizard and imagine it was
giving you messages about the
end of the world?  

Who knows?  It’s an imaginative,
creative time, so some really
interesting things could happen.  
Or you could spend the whole time
watching TV and eating corn
chips.  Maybe that’s your
preferred private universe.  

This is noticeable October 7 to

It's exact
in NYC: Weds, Oct 9, 11:24 pm
in Vancouver: Weds, Oct 9,
8:24 pm
in London: Thurs, Oct 10,
4:24 am     
in Singapore: Thurs, Oct 10,
11:24 am       
in Sydney: Thurs, Oct 10,
2:24 pm      

Mars inconjunct Uranus
(5° Libra/Taurus)

This transit is exciting and
creative, but quite unstable.  It’s
prone to technical problems,
mishaps, accidents, upsets and
separations.  All kinds of
inexplicable and unusual things
could happen, so be extra careful,
especially when dealing with
machines, tools, and technical

You may feel more experimental,
more interested in how everything
works. You could invent something
new, but you could also
inadvertently destroy things –
perhaps by taking them apart with
no clear idea of how to put them
back together.  

Mars in Libra gives strong
principles, and during this transit,
you’re more likely to act on your
clear sense of justice.  This could
be a great time to agitate for your
rights, or for the rights of others.  
However, people may be angrier
and more impatient, and a simple
protest could end up with
everybody being carried off in
paddy-wagons.  So be aware, and
take some precautions like having
somebody with bail money on call.  

People are more contrary, more
impulsive, more prone to walking
out and slamming the door, during
this transit.  This could be hard on
relationships.  If you find yourself
steaming up, take a pause while
you look at the whole picture.
There may be more going on than
you realized at first, and absolute
fairness requires you to own your
own role in it.    

This is noticeable October 9 to

It's exact
in NYC: Sat, Oct 12, 4:00 am  
in Vancouver: Sat, Oct 12,
1:00 am    
in London: Sat, Oct 12, 9:00 am   
in Singapore: Sat, Oct 12,
4:00 pm     
in Sydney: Sat, Oct 12, 7:00 pm  

Venus oppose Uranus
(5° Scorpio/Taurus)

This is a destabilizing influence for
relationships.  Venus in Scorpio gives very
intense, passionate desires, and these can
sometimes come at the wrong time, or with
the wrong person.  When this happens,
there can be a lot of drama, and sometimes
changes are made.

This is more likely to happen when the
relationship is shaky to begin with.  But
even a stable, long-lasting partnership can
run into a few challenges with this aspect.  
One person may be a little bored, a little
restless, while the other person is
determined to keep things the same.  
Sooner or later, you have to find a
compromise.  It’s the fixity that often breaks
things down.   

This transit gives a strong interest in what’s
new and exciting, in every area.  It can
mean meeting really interesting people,
way outside your usual circle.  This can be
good.  You might decide to join a
motorcycle gang, and this could mean
getting more fresh air and exercise.  It
could also mean getting arrested for
disturbing the peace.  Only you can decide
how far you want to take things with your
new friends.  

Everyone feels a stronger urge for
liberation, and people can startle you with
the new personae they try on.  Your staid
neighborhood librarian may get “Born to
Run” tattooed on her thigh, while the
juvenile delinquent down the block takes
vows and becomes a nun.  You just never

For artists, this can be a very cool transit,
because you can see beyond the usual
patterns.  You can try things that you never
even considered before, and some of these
things will take you in fascinating new
directions, and be mind-expanding for your
audience as well.   

This is noticeable October 11 to

It's exact
in NYC: Sat, Oct 12, 6:06 pm    
in Vancouver: Sat, Oct 12, 3:06 pm     
in London: Sat, Oct 12, 11:06 pm      
in Singapore: Sun, Oct 13, 6:06 am      
in Sydney: Sun, Oct 13, 9:06 am      

The sun sextile Jupiter
(20° Libra/Sagittarius)

This is a pleasant, optimistic,
lucky transit, and it encourages
you to move outward, to extend
your horizons, to have new
experiences.  It’s especially good
for travel.  With the sun in Libra,
you can stay in balance,
wherever you go. If you’re not
traveling literally, you’re still
moving along the road of life,
with new possibilities unfolding
on either side, and you’re
inspired by everything you

This is especially good for
relationships, because the Libra
sun gives such great people
skills.  You are able to talk to all
kinds of people, to share
something of yourself, and to
find common ground.  Whether
you’re traveling in a twosome or
in a large group, you enjoy the
give-and-take of companionship.
You might find that you enjoy
social scenes that don’t usually
call to you.  

This transit is a good time to
soak up all the cultural offerings
in your milieu. You are moved by
all kinds of creative work,
because you’re especially alive
to beauty, but you especially
love classic, symmetrical forms.  
If you’re an artist, this is a time of
abundance for you.  You can
produce lovely, expressive work,
and share it with a receptive

This is noticeable October 11 to

It's exact
in NYC: Sun, Oct 13, 2:01
in Vancouver: Sun, Oct 13,
11:01 am        
in London: Sun, Oct 13,
7:01 pm         
in Singapore: Mon, Oct 14, 2:01
in Sydney: Mon, Oct 14, 5:01

Mercury sextile Saturn
(14° Scorpio/Capricorn)

This is a time of serious thought.  
You think more deeply about
things, dwelling on what is
mysterious, scary or emotionally
compelling.  You want answers,
and you want to understand.  
You’re willing to take a little more
time to study situations, to listen
to people, to get to the buried

It’s also a time when your sense
of responsibility is stronger, and
when you prefer more structure in
your intellectual life.  You are
more rigorous with yourself as
well as with others. You’re willing
to call people on lazy thinking and
unchecked assumptions, but you
do this in a careful, diplomatic
way.  You’re building bridges
rather than burning them, and
you want to be sure that these
bridges are solid and long-lasting,
not made with flimsy materials.   

You have a strong desire to
increase the amount of order in
your life, to work out systems that
are practical and efficient.  You
want to make time for things that
are truly meaningful, and this can
mean getting a lot of deadwood
out of the way first.  So you can
get to a lot of things that you’ve
put off, and cross quite a few
items off your “to do” list.      

This is noticeable October 12 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Mon, Oct 14, 2:56 am  
in Vancouver: Sun, Oct 13,
11:56 pm        
in London: Mon, Oct 14,

7:56 am    
in Singapore: Mon, Oct 14,
2:56 pm    
in Sydney: Mon, Oct 14, 5:56 pm  

Sun square Pluto
(20° Libra/Capricorn)

This is a tense transit, although it gives
tremendous force, and it can manifest in
a lot of positive ways.  People may push
harder, overcome great odds, move
fearlessly into unfamiliar territory, face
challenges that they’ve never been able
to approach before.  And so a lot can be

But at the same time, this transit can
unleash some inner demons.  Hidden
and repressed emotion can crop up:  
anger, resentment, jealousy,
possessiveness, paranoia, even
aggressive violence.  People may
sudden act out the suspicions they’ve
been harboring for years, with
destructive results.  

The more self-aware you are, the better
you can handle this transit.  The more
you recognize that your demons are not
yours alone, but are pretty much shared
by everyone alive, the better you can
handle their emergence.  So you hate or
fear somebody, or even a whole group
of people - is that so unusual? You
don’t need to berate yourself for it, and
you don’t need to act on the feelings
either.  Just acknowledge that these
emotions, like weeds in a garden, are
always going to crop up once in a while,
make you uncomfortable, and remind
you that you’re human.  

This is a challenging time, but the main
challenge is around self-control.  The
rest is generally a breeze.     

This is noticeable October 12 to

It's exact
in NYC: Mon, Oct 14, 3:37 am   
in Vancouver: Mon, Oct 14,
12:37 am     
in London: Mon, Oct 14, 8:37 am    
in Singapore: Mon, Oct 14,
3:37 pm      
in Sydney: Mon, Oct 14, 6:37 pm   

Saturn sextile Neptune
(16° Capricorn/Pisces)

The stern, austere approach of
Saturn in Capricorn is softened
by this sextile to Neptune, and
this is very helpful.  You’re
more intuitive, more
empathetic, more sensitive to
the ebb and flow of emotion
around you.  This helps you
work your way around walls,
barriers, divisions, and
entrenched animosities.  

It's a good time to tend to your
spiritual needs.  You can find
structures, such as groups,
meetings, or religious
organizations, that give you
what you need at the heart-
level, and then help you
connect to the divine.  You
may start a personal spiritual
practice, such as meditation.  

Creative work benefits from
this aspect as well, because
you can find the right
structures to contain your
creativity.  If you’re an artist,
you could set up a little studio
for yourself.  If your thing is
music, you could work out ways
to record or to perform.  You
have one foot in the world of
forms, one in the world of
ethereal beauty, and you find
your balance and move

This is noticeable October 13
to November 30.          

It's exact
in NYC: Fri, Nov 8, 9:45 pm
in Vancouver: Fri, Nov 8,

6:45 pm  
in London: Sat, Nov 9, 2:45 am
in Singapore: Sat, Nov 9,

9:45 am  
in Sydney: Sat, Nov 9,

12:45 pm

Mercury trine Neptune
(16° Scorpio/Pisces)

This is very pleasant, and gives a
feeling of attunement.  You can flow
with whatever is going on, accepting
what is at hand. You notice the beauty
around you, the refreshing breezes
that blow in your window and the
benevolence of sunshine. And you’re
more comfortable with your own
feelings, and with those of the people
around you.

Because you accept people more fully,
this is a good aspect for relationships.  
And because you accept them, you
move in a natural, fluid way to correct
any problems that come up.  You don’t
waste time blaming yourself or
anybody else, but look for whatever will
alleviate the discomfort.  You enjoy the
things that make your friends and
family members unique and adorable,
including all their little quirks, and they
manage to appreciate yours as well.    

This transit enhances your
imagination, and so is good for all
creative work.  It’s particularly nice for
poets, as it gives grace and flow to
language.  Even if you’re not writing
poetry, even if you’re just giving a
report to your boss or a presentation
to a client, you are a little more poetic
than usual, and others respond to

This is noticeable October 14 to

It's exact
in NYC: Tues, Oct 15, 6:44 pm    
in Vancouver: Tues, Oct 15,
3:44 pm     
in London: Tues, Oct 15, 11:44 pm      
in Singapore: Weds, Oct 16, 6:44 am    
in Sydney: Weds, Oct 16, 9:44 am    

October 7 to 11
Sun inconjunct Neptune

October 11 to 16
Sun sextile Jupiter

October 13 to
November 30
Saturn sextile Neptune

October 20 to 23
Venus trine Neptune

October 18 to 22
Venus sextile Saturn

October 17 to 21
Mercury sextile Pluto

Mercury sextile Pluto
(20° Scorpio/Capricorn)

This gives focus, resourcefulness and
gravitas.  Mercury in Scorpio
concentrates on things that have a lot
of transformative power, and this is
increased with the sextile to Scorpio’s
ruler, Pluto.  You are more inclined to
notice the underlying structure of
things, the deeper currents, the
conditions that need changing.  

It’s a good time for researchers in all
fields.  Scientists could discover new
elements, historians uncover buried
information about the past, and spies
could learn where the bodies are
buried.  This is not a demonstrative
position of Mercury, so there could be
a tendency to sit on the information
while figuring out what to do with it.   

However, there’s also a willingness to
deal with areas that are usually
taboo, so it can be a really good time
for an in-depth discussion.  You can
talk about sex, death, money, religion,
or whatever is presenting the main
obstacle to forward progress.  People
are discreet, able to keep secrets
when necessary, but honest about
the things that affect them.  

This is better for small groups and
private parties than it is for large
gatherings. If you’re at a party, you
may find one fascinating person to
talk to, and ignore everyone else.  
Teachers may also have a tendency
to focus on their best students.   

This is noticeable October 17 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Sat, Oct 19, 6:21 pm   
in Vancouver: Sat, Oct 19, 3:21 pm     
in London: Sat, Oct 19, 11:21 pm     
in Singapore: Sun, Oct 20, 6:21 am     
in Sydney: Sun, Oct 20, 9:21 am      

Venus sextile Saturn
(14° Scorpio/Capricorn)

This is a stabilizing transit for
relationships.  It’s about
affirming relationships that are
loyal, consistent and honest.  

If you’re just getting to know
someone, this is good for
mutual understanding.  If
you’re a little further along, it
may mean making a
commitment. Wherever you
are in a relationship, you’re
able to be clear about what
you want to get from it, and
sensitive about what your
partner is feeling.    

This is also a great influence
for those in long-time
relationships, and there could
be some gentle nostalgia
going on.  At the same time,
you could demonstrate your
love by doing something
practical, in line with earthy
Saturn.  What could be sexier
than changing the light bulb?  

This is good for artists too.  
You’re imaginative, visionary,
and open to all kinds of
unusual influences, but you’re
also more disciplined.  The
Muse can’t hang out with you if
you don’t show up, right?  
During this transit, you can
figure out a viable schedule,
locating the best time and
space for your creative work.  
And your work is more
substantial, more likely to
stand the test of time, under
this influence.  

This is noticeable October 18
to 22.      

It's exact
in NYC: Sun, Oct 20,
9:58 am      
in Vancouver: Sun, Oct 20,
6:58 am        
in London: Sun, Oct 20,
2:58 pm       
in Singapore: Sun, Oct 20,
9:58 pm         
in Sydney: Mon, Oct 21,
12:58 am

Venus trine Neptune
(16° Scorpio/Pisces)

This transit is generally good for
relationships, as it gives sympathy and
understanding.  Romance can flourish,
in all its forms, some more substantial
than others.  You may just be
imagining the pleasures of romance,
having an intense fantasy or a
compelling crush. Even if this is all
that’s happening, your imagination is
taking you to a really beautiful place,
and you’re learning something about
loving and accepting others.

But it’s also a good time for intimacy.  
People are more open, more willing to
expose their vulnerabilities to their
loved ones. Everyone is a little gentler
and more accepting.  And so
relationships can become deeper,
loyalties can be affirmed, and some old
problems could be resolved by a new

And it’s a nice time for all fantasies, not
just romantic ones.  You might be
dreaming of flying, or living on a
beach, or taking up a disguise and
living as someone else.  Whatever you
dream of, there’s a part of you that’s
working out ways to make this
happen.  Maybe it won’t happen
literally, but some magical experience
could recreate the essence of the

This is a wonderful time for artists, and
you can go further in exploring
anything that’s strange and mystical.
It’s especially good for the more fluid
arts, such as poetry, film and
photography.  With Venus in Scorpio,
some intensely dramatic feelings could
be conveyed.     

This is noticeable October 20 to

It's exact
in NYC: Mon, Oct 21, 3:39 pm
in Vancouver: Mon, Oct 21, 12:39 pm
in London: Mon, Oct 21, 8:39 pm
in Singapore: Tues, Oct 22, 3:39 am    
in Sydney: Tues, Oct 22, 6:39 am