Current Aspects

March 16
to 23, 2018

all interpretations written & copyrighted by Jenny Yates

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March 22 to 25
Venus square Pluto

March 16 to 22
Mercury conjunct Venus

March 23 to 26
Venus inconjunct Jupiter

March 19 to 29
Sun square Mars

March 20 to May 1
Jupiter sextile Pluto

Mercury conjunct Venus
(16° Aries)

Your personality, creativity and
intelligence really shine through during
this transit.  It gives a strong interest in
new projects, and the energy and
resourcefulness to make new

Aries is a sign which is really focused
on questions of identity, and so this is
a time when you’re engaged in figuring
out who you are.  You may do this
through writing your memoirs, painting
self-portraits, or testing yourself in a
variety of unusual situations.  You’re
looking for your essential self.  And you
also want to know what it means to be

Philosophical inquiry isn’t enough
though.  It’s a very active time, when
you’re drawn to whatever evokes
passion and excitement.  If you’re
normally a staid, conventional person,
you may find yourself breaking a few
rules, and you’ll discover how good
that can feel.  You may make some
new friends who are also willing to take
off in a new and untried direction.  

This is a good time for communication.  
Everyone has a message of some kind,
and people want to share their
messages in ways that are especially
stimulating.  So people are more
creative and dramatic.  

This is noticeable March 16 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Tues, Mar 20, 12:02 am
in Vancouver: Mon, Mar 19,
9:02 pm  
in London: Tues, Mar 20, 4:02 am
in Singapore: Tues, Mar 20,
12:02 pm   
in Sydney: Tues, Mar 20, 3:02 pm

Sun square Mars
(3° Aries/Capricorn)

Everything is sharper during this
transit.  This is not the time to play with
knives, literally or figuratively.   

There’s a danger of conflict, especially
when it comes to leadership questions.  
Everybody has a very strong idea of
how to do everything, and some of
these ideas will clash.  If you see things
in the same way as your boss and
colleagues, you can get twice as much
done. If you don’t, you can waste days
in turf wars and procedural conflicts.  
Arguments can also be more hurtful
than usual, because tongues are
sharper under this transit.

On the physical level, this transit is
energizing, and it can mean feats of
superhuman strength.  But it’s also quite
accident-prone, so be extra careful.  It
can mean breakage, cuts, burns,
mechanical problems, errors on the job,
and a general lack of balance.  There’s
a tendency to try to do too much too
fast, to push too hard, and to overreact
to everything.  

Rebellions are more likely to break out
at this time, and the authorities are also
more drastic in thwarting them.  So
there could be coups, counter-coups,
aggression and repression.  Who will
win in the end?  Unless your position is
one of clear strength, it’s not the best
time to storm the gates, as the other
side won’t give in without a bloody fight.  
Ask yourself:  is your cause really
righteous, or are you just acting on
ambition, anger, or a desire for

This is noticeable March 19 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Sat, Mar 24, 12:07 pm  
in Vancouver: Sat, Mar 24, 9:07 am  
in London: Sat, Mar 24, 4:07 pm  
in Singapore: Sun, Mar 25, 12:07 am     
in Sydney: Sun, Mar 25, 3:07 am     

Jupiter sextile Pluto
(21° Scorpio/Capricorn)

This brings together the
expansive energy of Jupiter
and the concentrated focus
of Pluto, so it’s a very
productive time.  You can
see the larger picture, and
you can also see the
particular, practical
changes that need to be

With Jupiter in Scorpio, you
may be involved in tearing
down a particular structure
or system, working to get
rid of underlying toxins.  
You are able to seize your
power, whether it’s great or
small, and use it to make
deep, long-lasting changes.
With your laser-like focus,
nobody can deter you from
whatever you think is good
and right.  

This is a good time for
using the law to make
positive change.  It also
lends itself to group work.  
The whole community can
come together to do
whatever must be done,
and become stronger and
more cohesive in the

This is noticeable March 20
to May 1.      

It's exact
in NYC: Sat, Apr 14,
5:58 am
in Vancouver: Sat, Apr 14,
2:58 am
in London: Sat, Apr 14,
9:58 am  
in Singapore: Sat, Apr 14,
5:58 pm   
in Sydney: Sat, Apr 14,
8:58 pm

Venus square Pluto
(21° Aries/Capricorn)

This is intense.  It’s a time when love
can conquer everything, including your
good sense.  Desires are stronger and
more compelling, and they can take
you to exciting and dramatic places.  
So this can be a time of great intimacy,
or of a strong sense of romantic

At the same time, there could also be
some powerful (and sometimes
hidden) power struggles.  You want
things that you don’t ordinarily want,
and you find yourself thinking, “Why
not?  Why can’t I have whatever it is,
or whoever it is?”  And then you make
a lunge for the people or objects that
tantalize you, and this might work.  You
could impress people with your
boldness and initiative.  Or you might
find yourself slapped with a restraining

So be aware of this, and think ahead
of time about your lusts and impulses.  
Some are harmless, while others have
the potential to hurt other people and
to wreck your life.  The answers are
yours alone.  Nobody but you can say
which edges can be crossed, and
which you should stay far away from.  

For artists, this can be a time of fierce,
provocative work.  At the same time,
you might frighten yourself with the
work you produce, and have a harder
time sharing it with the public.  But,
even if you don’t release it to the
world, it can be cathartic for you.  And
in fact, everyone can benefit from the
emotional release of creative work
during this time.  

This is noticeable March 22 to

It's exact
in NYC: Fri, Mar 23, 7:16 pm  
in Vancouver: Fri, Mar 23, 4:16 pm  
in London: Fri, Mar 23, 11:16 pm  
in Singapore: Sat, Mar 24, 7:16 am      
in Sydney: Sat, Mar 24, 10:16 am    

Venus inconjunct Jupiter
(22° Aries/Scorpio)

This is an exciting, dramatic time, and
you don’t want to do anything in a
superficial way.  You’re drawn to
whatever is mysterious, evocative, and
emotionally intense.  You could explore
arcane philosophies and esoteric
healing practices.  You want to dig
more deeply into the inner caverns of
the soul.  

However, you can carry this too far, to
the point of obsession.  Limits may
seem a bit boring at this time.  But if
you find yourself building a lab in the
tower of your castle, and sending your
faithful servant out to gather bones
every night, it might be time to turn
your attention to more ordinary
pursuits for a while.    

It’s a time when you’re very sensitive to
pleasure, but there’s a tendency to go
to extremes. You may find yourself
spending more, eating more, drinking
more, doing more drugs, and sleeping
with more people, and you may be a
bit oblivious to dangers that you’d
ordinarily notice.  An extra chocolate or
two won’t hurt you, but accepting
unknown substances from strangers in
an underground leather bar might not
work out so well.

If you can avoid living too close to the
edge, this can be a fun time.  More
social things are going on, and
connections with others can become
intimate more quickly.  If you really
want to get to know somebody, let
things evolve naturally.  Don’t try for
everything at once.        

This is noticeable March 23 to 26.        

It's exact
in NYC: Sun, Mar 25, 5:07 am      
in Vancouver: Sun, Mar 25,
2:07 am      
in London: Sun, Mar 25, 9:07 am      
in Singapore: Sun, Mar 25,
5:07 pm         
in Sydney: Sun, Mar 25, 8:07 pm