Current Aspects
June 4
to 11, 2020

all interpretations written & copyrighted by Jenny Yates

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June 10 to 16
Mars conjunct Neptune

May 30 to June 13
Sun square Mars

June 9 to 13
Sun square Neptune

Sun square Mars
(16° Gemini/Pisces)

This is an energizing
transits, but it's also
prone to accidents and conflict
, so be extra
careful.  It can mean accidents in transit,
errors on the job, and unexpected
problems with mobility and communication.  
There’s a tendency with this transit to do
everything too fast, to get distracted easily,
and to focus on the wrong things.  

It is very stimulating, and you can get a lot
done, if you can manage to stay on track.
The sun in Gemini is good for talking and
writing, so you can have some very
stimulating meetings and produce some
eloquent prose.  Your intuition is strong
and you could be quite inspired, with Mars
in Pisces. You may be open to ideas that
you never considered before.

conflict could be sparked in both
personal and work spaces. You speak
more quickly now, and sometimes
carelessly, and you can really bruise
people’s egos. Or you might be the one to
be bruised. Egos are fragile now, and
people use fast talk to defend them, and
this can make it hard to see the sorrow,
insecurity and fear that hides underneath.  

Boundaries are so important during this
time. Just because you care about
someone, that doesn’t mean that you have
the right to interfere with them, or tell them
what to do. Just because you care about a
project, that doesn’t mean that everyone
should do it your way. You may need to
take a step back, acknowledge your own
haste and heedlessness, and really listen.   

This is noticeable May 30 to June

It's exact
in NYC:  Sat, June 6, 3:11 pm
in Vancouver: Sat, June 6,
12:11 pm  
in London: Sat, June 6, 8:11 pm
in Singapore: Sun, June 7,
3:11 am  
in Sydney: Sun, June 7,
5:11 am   

Jupiter conjunct Pluto
(24° Capricorn)

This is a time of fierce loyalties and
intense ambitions.  Jupiter expands
everything it touches, and now it’s
giving its energy to Pluto, planet of
power and transformation.  So there
could be quite a few protracted –
perhaps even violent - struggles for
primacy. In a way, we’re all fighting
for primacy over a tiny enemy, the
corona virus.  

Many of these struggles are hidden
away, below the surface. There could
be tangled webs of influence,
obsession, favors, and debts, and it
may not be easy to see what’s really
going on.  And then sometimes some
fierce, unruly emotion – some desire,
resentment, or ambition -  bursts
through, and everyone may jump on
it, shocked to the bone.  And yet it’s
been there all along, if anyone cared
to look a little deeper.  

With this aspect, the urge for power
can reach toxic levels. So it’s really
important to keep talking about what’
s going on, both with the virus and in
the highest levels of government.
Free discussion helps a lot in working
through the power imbalances.

You can accomplish an enormous
amount during this transit if you work
with others, and channel your deeper
emotions towards a concrete,
practical goal. If you’re trying to make
the world a better place in some
definite way, and you’re listening to
the people around you and
cooperating with them, then more
power to you. You’re part of the

This is noticeable June 2 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Tues, June 30, 1:46 am
in Vancouver: Mon, June 29,
10:46 pm
in London: Tues, June 30,
6:46 am
in Singapore: Tues, June 30,
1:46 pm  
in Sydney: Tues, June 30,
3:46 pm

Mercury sextile Uranus  
(8° Cancer/Taurus)

This is very helpful for
communication.   Mercury in
Cancer gives a warm,
supportive way of connecting
with other people, and with
the sextile to Uranus, you’re
drawn to people who come
from different places, and
who have had different
experiences.  You want to
learn from them, to
understand their reality.  And
you can communicate your
own feelings more vividly.  

You may be saying some
unusual and perhaps
controversial things.  Others
are also more open to new
ideas, and so some very
exciting dialogues can

It’s a creative and
experimental time, in which
you can use your existing
skills and learn new things,
with the aim of creating a
different kind of world.  
There’s an added emphasis
on new technology, and you
may figure out new and more
efficient ways to use it.  Your
particular genius, whatever it
is, can emerge during this
time.  Whether you’re a
piano virtuoso or a master
chef, you express yourself
with more flair and with more
variations than usual.  

This is noticeable June 3 to

It's exact
in NYC: Fri, June 5,

7:04 am      
in Vancouver: Fri, June 5,

4:04 am       
in London: Fri, June 5,

12:04 pm        
in Singapore: Fri, June 5,

7:04 pm         
in Sydney: Fri, June 5,

9:04 pm      

June 2 to 19
Jupiter conjunct Pluto

June 3 to 7
Mercury sextile

The sun square Neptune
(20° Gemini/Pisces)

This is generally a vague, low-energy
aspect, not conducive to action.  But
Neptune is currently conjunct Mars, and
that keeps things moving, although not
necessarily in a clear direction. The mind
may send you one way, while your
emotions take you in another, and you
can end up not getting anywhere. You
may spend a lot of time questioning
yourself, your skills, your goals, your
religion, or your basic life philosophy.   

There could also be some odd situations
involving leadership. People in authority
may be completely unsuited for their jobs,
and other people may need to shore
them up.  This can make everyone feel
even more insecure.  

Communication is quite tricky during this
transit, and there can be
misunderstandings, misinformation, and
confusion.  It may not be easy to decipher
what someone means, and because
transits involving Neptune make everyone
more sensitive, it’s easy to imagine all
sorts of odd and improbable things.  

More grounded people will do better.  
Those who are already a bit spacey,
flakey or easily distracted may find it even
harder than usual to maintain clarity and
common sense. But even if you are an
easily flustered soul, you can find ways of
grounding yourself - perhaps through
meditation, or just by taking a walk in
some green space.  

This is noticeable June 9 to 13.         

It's exact
in NYC: Thurs, June 11, 5:37 am
in Vancouver: Thurs, June 11, 2:37 am  
in London: Thurs, June 11, 10:37 am  
in Singapore: Thurs, June 11, 5:37 pm   
in Sydney: Thurs, June 11, 7:37 pm

Mars conjunct Neptune
(20° Pisces)

Mars is the planet of action, and when
it’s with Neptune, action is more
intuitive, more circular, and sometimes
more confusing.  The challenging thing
about this aspect is that you can
spend a lot of time wandering around,
stimulated by everything around you,
and never really getting anything

This is a time of increased sensitivity,
on all levels.  You pick up the
emotional energy around you very
quickly, and you can also access
information from other realms which
are usually closed to you.  You may
find yourself conversing with the dead,
or understanding the messages in the
flight of birds.  If this is a normal part of
your life, you are probably enjoying the
extra intensity.   If it’s not so normal,
you may be feeling ungrounded,
uncertain and slightly freaked out.  

Addictions tend to be stronger during
this transit, so pay attention to the role
temptation plays in your life.  If you’re
trying to wean yourself off a habit or
substance, stay further away from it
than usual. This can apply to
anything.  You could find yourself
playing more video games or watching
more TV during this time, or just
daydreaming more.  

It’s a great time for spiritual work, as
your sense of cosmic connection is
profound.  It’s also good for artistic
work, especially in media that are fluid
and lyrical.  And it can be good for
sports and exercise, especially if you’
re doing something which requires a
heightened sense of your own body
and your environment.  

There’s an accident-prone element to
this transit, however.  Accidents can
happen because you’re so lost in
feelings or sensations that you don’t
notice what’s under your feet – and
this could be a banana peel, or a stray
cable, or the cat.  Be especially careful
around water.       

This is noticeable June 10 to

It's exact
in NYC: Sat, June 13, 10:13 am
in Vancouver: Sat, June 13, 7:13 am
in London:  Sat, June 13, 3:13 pm
in Singapore: Sat, June 13, 10:13 pm  
in Sydney: Sun, June 14, 12:13 am