Current Aspects

December 6
to 13, 2019

all interpretations written & copyrighted by Jenny Yates

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December 6 to 10
Sun square Neptune

Venus sextile Mars
(9° Capricorn/Scorpio)

This is a very sexy transit.  Sure,

it’s good for meeting people and
getting to know them, for building
warm, affectionate relationships,
for going to the movies or to a
concert or out to dinner.  But it’s
even better for getting people into
bed.  It makes desires stronger,
attractions more compelling, and
physical expression more

Of course, there are other ways to
use this energy.  For artists, it can
be a time of emphatic, emotionally
expressive work.  It’s especially
good for sculptors, weavers, wood-
workers, and opera singers.  
Everything you do has a stronger
and more immediate effect,
bypassing the logical mind to go
straight to the deeper self.
Everything you do is more
dramatic and meaningful.   

Work goes more smoothly too.  
Venus in Capricorn gives a love of
accomplishment, and the sextile to
Mars makes this a more physical
sensation.  You like it when you
can see, hear and touch the
results of your efforts.  So even if
you’re just cleaning out the
garage, there’s a certain
sensuality to it - and so you may
be inclined to give it the most
thorough cleaning it’s ever had.    

This is noticeable November 29 to
December 6.         

It's exact
in NYC:  Tues, Dec 3, 10:47 am  
in Vancouver: Tues, Dec 3,

7:47 am   
in London: Tues, Dec 3, 3:47 pm   
in Singapore: Tues, Dec 3,

11:47 pm    
in Sydney: Weds, Dec 4, 2:47 am  

November 29 to
December 6
Venus sextile Mars

The sun square Neptune
(15° Sagittarius/Pisces)

This is a vague, confusing aspect, in
which it’s a little difficult to decide
between all the alternatives.  You want
to do it all, and may impulsively start
doing something before realizing that it
would be in your best interest to do
something quite different.  

There can also be misunderstandings
and even deception during this transit,
so watch for that.  It may not be easy
to decipher what someone means, and
because transits involving Neptune
make everyone more sensitive, it’s
easy to imagine all sorts of odd and
improbable things.  Your intuition may
be working overtime, but it’s not
always easy to distinguish between
true intuition and wishful thinking.  

More grounded people will do better.  
Those who are already a bit spacey,
flakey or easily distracted may find it
even harder than usual to maintain
clarity and common sense.  Some
folks may need to go off and spend
some time in the woods, communing
with nature, and this transit can be a
good time for meditation and spiritual

There could also be some odd
situations involving leadership. People
could attain positions for which they’re
completely unsuited, and other people
may need to shore them up.  This kind
of situation doesn’t generally last long,
but it can make everyone insecure
it’s going on.

This is noticeable December 6 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Sun, Dec 8, 4:00 am  
in Vancouver: Sun, Dec 8,
1:00 am    
in London: Sun, Dec 8,
9:00 am    
in Singapore: Sun, Dec 8,
5:00 pm    
in Sydney: Sun, Dec 8,
8:00 pm  

December 7 to 10
Venus sextile Neptune

December 9 to 12
Venus conjunct Saturn

December 9 to 12
Mercury inconjunct Uranus

December 11 to 15
Venus conjunct Pluto

December 10 to 16
Mars trine Neptune

December 7 to 23
Jupiter trine Uranus

Venus sextile Neptune
(15° Capricorn/Pisces)

This is a very creative time.  
Venus is the planet of artists,
and in an earth sign, it’s more
grounded and practical.  Your
imagination is working
overtime, and you want to turn
all your visions and inspirations
into concrete forms. You want
to see and touch the things
you create.  Venus in
Capricorn gives an attraction
to structure, and the sextile to
Neptune insures that you aren’
t too rigid about this.  You
move towards forms that are
flowing, rhythmic, and

This transit is also good for
relationships.  It’s easier to
accept others now, with all their
foibles and eccentricities.  It’s
easier to express your
affections, to lend a hand when
needed, to offer a shoulder to
cry on.  Some reserve may
melt away, even from people
who are usually wary of human

And it’s a good time for
pleasure, especially those
pleasures that are whimsical,
magical and somewhat
escapist.  You could go to the
movies, or to a concert, or to
the circus.  It’s easier for you to
be dazzled, to be carried away
by light and color and rhythm
and mood.  

This is noticeable December 7
to 10.                                   

It's exact
in NYC: Sun, Dec 8, 4:48 pm  
in Vancouver: Sun, Dec 8,
1:48 pm   
in London: Sun, Dec 8,
9:48 pm   
in Singapore: Mon, Dec 9,
5:48 am  
in Sydney: Mon, Dec 9,
8:48 am   

Jupiter trine Uranus
(2° Capricorn/Taurus)

This is a very creative transit.  It
happens in earth signs, so it lends
itself to working with things that you
can touch, taste, hear or smell.  So
it’s especially good for potters,
sculptors, musicians, and makers of
jewelry and perfume.  

And because it’s in earth signs, it
helps ground you.  If you’ve been an
impractical artist in the past, this
transit can help you work out a
business plan, and you might end up
with your operettas and water-colors
paying the rent!  If you’re basically
practical, and have never really
gotten in touch with your artistic side,
this transit can bring it out.  You want
to expand, to be free to express
everything you imagine.  

It’s also good for scientists and social
scientists of all stripes, and it can
lead you to some eureka moments.
You’re eager to try new things.  And
whether you’re an urban planner, a
biologist, a doctor, an herbalist, or a
genetic designer, you can amaze
people with new insights and new
applications.  You can figure out
ways that we can all live safer,
healthier, more comfortable, and
more ecologically efficient lives.  

This is also a positive time for
politicians and civil servants.  
There’s a strong push for progress,
in every field. Grounded, practical,
sustainable altruism is the order of
the day.   

This is noticeable December 7 to
It's exact
in NYC: Sun, Dec 15, 2:01 pm     
in Vancouver: Sun, Dec 15,
11:01 am      
in London: Sun, Dec 15, 7:01 pm      
in Singapore: Mon, Dec 16,
3:01 am        
in Sydney: Mon, Dec 16,
6:01 am         

Venus conjunct Saturn
(19° Capricorn)

Saturn tends to bring Venus
down.  It brings up issues from
the past, so you may find
yourself brooding about things
that happened long ago,
people who have vanished
from your life, things you
forgot to do or say.  

This could be the time when
you decide to make amends,
to offer apologies, although
you have to be careful that
these overtures are really
welcome.  It may be enough to
just recognize the times
you’ve done damage to
others, and to sit with that.  

And there can be some
limitations during this time.  
You may find that you can’t
have quite as much fun as
you want, because there are
practical considerations.  
There isn’t enough time or
money, perhaps.  Or you may
want to do something with
someone who isn’t around, or
isn’t available.  You have to
be patient.  You have to
accept some delays or
obstacles, or some
conditions.  It’s time to be
realistic, even when you’d
much rather live in a fantasy
world.  In the long run, clarity
and accountability do pay

This is noticeable December 9
to 12.         

It's exact
in NYC:  Weds, Dec 11,
5:04 am    
in Vancouver: Weds, Dec 11,
2:04 am     
in London: Weds, Dec 11,
10:04 am     
in Singapore: Weds, Dec 11,
6:04 pm      
in Sydney: Weds, Dec 11,
9:04 pm    

Mercury inconjunct Uranus
(3° Sagittarius/Taurus)

This is a time of enhanced creativity,
but it’s quite accident-prone, so be a
little more alert than usual. There
could be technical glitches, sudden
scheduling changes, and destabilizing
errors.  People are taking on more
than they can easily handle, and
things are happening faster than
usual.  It’s worthwhile to slow down
and to simplify, whenever possible.  

Mercury in Sagittarius tends to be
impulsive, to leap into things that are
new.  And during this transit, those
leaps can take you quite far afield at
times.  And even though you may feel
quite restless, this is not the best time
to travel, since there could be
mechanical or technical hassles.  If
you do decide to have an adventure,
make sure that you have lots of good
back-up plans in place.  It could be
exciting, but it won’t be predictable.  

The urge for freedom is strong during
this transit, and there can be
disagreements, arguments, break-
ups and separations.  Fights can
make everyone feel insecure, but
don’t respond by making more
demands and rules.  If possible, try to
open up mutual spaces, so that
everyone feels that they have a lot of
room to maneuver.  

After the transit is over, people will
mostly come back to their ordinary
lives and routines. And if they don’t,
there was more than just this transit
going on.     
This is noticeable December 9 to

It's exact
in NYC: Weds, Dec 11, 6:54 am     
in Vancouver: Weds, Dec 11,
3:54 am      
in London: Weds, Dec 11,
11:54 am       
in Singapore: Weds, Dec 11,
7:54 pm       
in Sydney: Weds, Dec 11,
10:54 pm     

Mars trine Neptune
(15° Scorpio/Pisces)

This watery trine keeps the
emotions flowing.  It helps with
everything you do, because it
keeps you in touch with your
intuition.  You can approach
everything with an acute sense of
how it feels, whether it feels right or
wrong, whether the placement and
timing will work or not.  You’re
picking up subtle information that
doesn’t usually register on your
radar.  And you don’t have to
channel it through your mind,
which would only slow things
down.  Your gut tells you the truth,
and directs your action.

This is a great aspect for athletes,
as it adds to grace and skill.  It
makes all of us more at home in
our bodies, able to pivot and bend
and move in whatever way is
necessary in the moment.  
Psychologically too, it gives more
flexibility.  We are all more
responsive to the emotional
atmosphere, instinctively
responding to the way others feel,
and this makes for more harmony.

This can manifest in some strange,
beautiful and exotic experiences as
well.  There’s always a little
trickster element with any Neptune
aspect.  Things are not the way
they usually are, but that doesn’t
mean that they’re threatening.    

This is noticeable December 10 to

It's exact
in NYC: Fri, Dec 13, 6:54 am     
in Vancouver:  Fri, Dec 13,
3:54 am     
in London: Fri, Dec 13,
11:54 am      
in Singapore: Fri, Dec 13,
7:54 pm       
in Sydney: Fri, Dec 13,
10:54 pm     

Venus conjunct Pluto
(21° Capricorn)

This transit intensifies relationships,
even in the restrained earth sign
Capricorn.  There’s a lot of power
under the surface; there are deeper
chords being played.  There could be
some subterranean jockeying for
power, some underlying resentments,
or some unmentionable desires.  You
may have to be clear about your

The tension could be noticeable,
especially since most secrets show
themselves, one way or another.  You
may need to talk about whatever is
going on.  This can help clear the air,
and it can be deeply healing when a
relationship is going through a tough
time.  At the same time, it may not be
necessary to reveal all your demons,
since they don’t always have anything
to do with the other person.  But you
do need to recognize them yourself,
and to take responsibility for them,
rather than acting them out.  

Artists can produce very powerful work
during this transit.  There’s an
attraction to essential symbols, to
basic sources of emotional energy.  
You may be bolder and more willing to
broach previously taboo areas.    

This is noticeable December 11 to

It's exact
in NYC: Fri, Dec 13, 10:16 am      
in Vancouver: Fri, Dec 13, 7:16 am       
in London: Fri, Dec 13, 3:16 pm       
in Singapore: Fri, Dec 13,
11:16 pm        
in Sydney: Sat, Dec 14, 2:16 am