Current Aspects

September 14
to 24, 2018

all interpretations written & copyrighted by Jenny Yates

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Saturn trine Uranus
(2° Capricorn/Taurus)

This is an aspect that
anchors creativity.  You’re
thinking about many things in
a new way, and you’re full of
good ideas.  And you want
these ideas to take physical
form.  You want to build
something that’s new and
exciting, but you also want it
to be solid and durable.

This transit is all about
combining the old and the
new.  You focus your
creativity on particular
problems, and use whatever
is at hand to solve them,
repurposing old resources so
that they serve new ends.
You are respectful of
tradition, and use whatever is
good that you find there.  You
pay attention to the
experiences of those who
have gone before, and you
store away what will be
needed in the future.

You believe in change, but
not for its own sake.  You
want to see change that
strengthens, that works for
the good of the people and
the earth over the long haul.  
You are not interested some
abstract notion of progress.  
You are a conservative in
that you conserve what is
valuable, and a radical in that
you constantly evolve in your

This is noticeable July 18 to
October 6.

It's not exact at this time, but
it will be at its closest on
August 27.

September 22 to 25
Mercury trine Mars

July 18 to October 6
Saturn trine Uranus

September 21 to 24
Mercury inconjunct Uranus

Jupiter sextile Pluto
(18° Scorpio/Capricorn)

This brings together the
expansive energy of Jupiter
and the concentrated focus
of Pluto, so it’s a very
productive time.  You can
see the larger picture, and
you can also see the
particular, practical changes
that need to be made.

With Jupiter in Scorpio, you
may be involved in tearing
down a particular structure or
system, working to get rid of
underlying toxins.  You are
able to seize your power,
it’s great or small, and use it
to make deep, long-lasting
changes. With your laser-like
focus, nobody can deter you
from whatever you think is
good and right.  

This is a good time for using
the law to make positive
change.  It also lends itself to
group work.  The whole
community can come
together to do whatever must
be done, and become
stronger and more cohesive
in the process.    

This is noticeable August 30
to September 23.        

It's exact
in NYC: Weds, Sept 12,

3:55 am
in Vancouver:  Weds,

Sept 12,
12:55 am
in London: Weds, Sept 12,
8:55 am
in Singapore: Weds, Sept 12,
3:55 pm  
in Sydney: Weds, Sept 12,
5:55 pm

August 30 to
September 23
Jupiter sextile Pluto

September 15 to 17
Mercury sextile Jupiter

September 18 to 23
Sun conjunct Mercury

September 22 to 24
Mercury square Saturn

September 23 to 27
Sun square Saturn

Venus oppose Uranus
(2° Scorpio/Taurus)

This is a destabilizing influence for
relationships.  Venus in Scorpio gives very
intense, passionate desires, and these can
sometimes come at the wrong time, or with the
wrong person.  When this happens, there can
be a lot of drama, and sometimes changes can
be made.

This is more likely to happen when the
relationship is shaky to begin with.  But even a
stable, long-lasting partnership can run into a
few challenges with this aspect.  One person
may be a little bored, a little restless, while the
other person is determined to keep things the
same.  Sooner or later, you have to find a
compromise.  It’s the fixity that often breaks
things down.   

This transit gives a strong interest in what’s new
and exciting, in every area.  It can mean
meeting really interesting people, way outside
your usual circle.  This can be good.  You might
decide to join a motorcycle gang, and this could
mean getting more fresh air and exercise.  It
could also mean getting arrested for disturbing
the peace.  Only you can decide how far you
want to take things with your new friends.  

Everyone feels a stronger urge for liberation,
and people can startle you with the new
personae they try on.  Your staid neighborhood
librarian may get “Born to Run” tattooed on her
thigh, while the juvenile delinquent down the
block takes vows and becomes a nun.  You just
never know.  

For artists, this can be a very cool transit,
because you can see beyond the usual
patterns.  You can try things that you never
even considered before, and some of these
things will take you in fascinating new directions,
and be mind-expanding for your audience as

This is noticeable September 9 to 15.                  

It's exact
in NYC: Weds, Sept 12, 5:02 am   
in Vancouver: Weds, Sept 12, 2:02 am   
in London: Weds, Sept 12, 10:02 am   
in Singapore: Weds, Sept 12, 5:02 pm     
in Sydney: Weds, Sept 12, 7:02 pm   

Venus sextile Saturn
(2° Scorpio/Capricorn)

This is a stabilizing transit for
relationships, and it’s especially
helpful with the Venus/Uranus
opposition happening at the same
time!  It’s about affirming
relationships that are loyal,
consistent and honest.  

If you’re just getting to know
someone, this is good for mutual
understanding.  If you’re a little
further along, it may mean making
a commitment. Wherever you are
in a relationship, you’re able to be
clear about what you want to get
from it, and sensitive about what
your partner is feeling.    

This is also a great influence for
those in long-time relationships,
and there could be some gentle
nostalgia going on.  At the same
time, you could demonstrate your
love by doing something practical,
in line with earthy Saturn.  What
could be sexier than changing the
light bulb?  

This is good for artists too.  You’re
imaginative, visionary, and open
to all kinds of unusual influences,
but you’re also more disciplined.  
The Muse can’t come by if you
don’t show up, right?  During this
transit, you can figure out a viable
schedule, locating the best time
and space for your creative work.  
And your work is more substantial,
more likely to stand the test of
time, under this influence.  

This is noticeable September 10
to 16.     

It's exact
in NYC: Weds, Sept 12,
11:57 pm    
in Vancouver: Weds, Sept 12,
8:57 pm      
in London: Thurs, Sept 13,
4:57 am      
in Singapore: Thurs, Sept 13,
11:57 am        
in Sydney: Thurs, Sept 13,
1:57 pm      

Mars square Uranus
(1° Aquarius/Taurus)

Mars is still moving slowly after its
recent retrograde, so this aspect
lingers a while.  This is one of the
most accident-prone aspects
there is, so don’t play with any
volatile liquids in your kitchen,
and don’t stand under trees in
lightning storms.  There could
also be technical and mechanical
problems, so pay attention to
your machines and gizmos.  

People are more impulsive under
this influence, and they can do
wild, crazy things.  Peaceful
idealists can decide it’s time for
direct action, and blow up banks.  
Professors can leave their ivory
towers and start marching in the
streets.  Ideas take shape, and
threaten anything that’s
established, especially anything
connected to monetary interests.  
That’s definitely the way to get in
trouble with the government.     

You may also feel quite rebellious
in your personal life.  Maybe
you’ve been steadily working at a
desk for years, putting in the time
till retirement.  And suddenly you
realize that you’ve actually always
wanted to be a rock star.  You
see an electric guitar at a yard
sale, and it’s clearly a sign.  But
wait!  Maybe you should hang on
to your job until this transit is
over, and then think about other
more gradual ways out of your
comfortable rut.    

This is noticeable September 11
to 24.     

It's exact
in NYC: Tues, Sept 18, 7:01 pm
in Vancouver: Tues, Sept 18,
4:01 pm
in London: Weds, Sept 19,
12:01 am
in Singapore: Weds, Sept 19,
7:01 am  
in Sydney: Weds, Sept 19,
9:01 am

Mercury oppose Neptune
(14° Virgo/Pisces)

Mercury is in Virgo, a precise,
analytical sign, but all the precision
can go out the window when it opposes
Neptune.  Everything is a little fuzzier
and more confusing, and it’s very easy
to make mistakes in any task involving
speaking, writing, or organizing.  

This is an ambivalent time. There
seem to be many possible ways to
tackle everything, and it’s really not
clear which is best.  Everything has its
pros and cons.  One way may look
definitely better, and then when you’ve
gotten a good start, you find that there
are some basic flaws to this method,
and you should have taken a different

It’s very easy to get lost during this
transit.  It’s easy to lose things.  It’s
easy to misunderstand people, and to
be misunderstood.  You may be
fascinated by people, objects or
situations, and your fascination could
lead you to expect things that are
unlikely if not impossible. Other people
may also over-idealize you, and you
could find yourself in uncomfortable
situations in which you feel like an

The best way to handle this transit is to
check your information very carefully.  
Ask people to repeat themselves if
necessary, and immediately deal with
anything that seems ambiguous.  Don’t
make assumptions, if you can possibly
help it.  When in doubt, or when too
many possibilities are calling to you,
just take a moment to be quiet and to
center yourself.  This will make it
easier to stay grounded.  

This is noticeable September 12 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Thurs, Sept 13, 9:31 pm      
in Vancouver:  Thurs, Sept 13,
6:31 pm      
in London: Fri, Sept 14, 2:31 am  
in Singapore: Fri, Sept 14, 9:31 am     
in Sydney: Fri, Sept 14, 11:31 am     

Mercury trine Pluto
(18° Virgo/Capricorn)

This transit sharpens your wits,
and allows you to understand
everything in a more profound
way. Communication becomes
more effective, and you find
that, mostly, other people are
willing to listen to reason,
especially when you are careful
to consider everyone’s
interests.  It’s an earthy trine, so
it is good for achieving practical
results, and meetings are more
focused and efficient.   

It’s a time of stronger ambition,
when you’re focused on your
most important goals. At the
same time, you’re also very
conscious of the small details,
since you know that any system
is only as strong as its

Because you’re thinking more
strategically, you can figure out
solutions to problems that
stumped you last week.  You
could get in touch with
resources that you didn’t realize
you had, both in terms of your
own strengths, and in your
connection to the community.

This is noticeable September
14 to 17.         

It's exact
in NYC: Sat, Sept 15,

10:53 pm     
in Vancouver: Sat, Sept 15,
7:53 pm       
in London: Sun, Sept 16,

3:53 am       
in Singapore: Sun, Sept 16,
10:53 am         
in Sydney: Sun, Sept 16,

12:53 pm       

September 9 to 15
Venus oppose Uranus

September 10 to 16
Venus sextile Saturn

September 11 to 24
Mars square Uranus

September 12 to 14
Mercury oppose Neptune

September 14 to 17
Mercury trine Pluto  

September 24 to October 1
Sun trine Mars

September 22 to 26
Sun inconjunct Uranus

Mercury sextile Jupiter
(19° Virgo/Scorpio)

This transit is especially helpful when
it comes to communication.  It’s much
easier to cooperate with people, to
figure out the interests that you have
in common and the outcomes that
are mutually beneficial.  Clever ideas
emerge in abundance, and they’re
mostly pretty practical as well.  
People encourage and support each
other in strategizing, learning, and
solving problems.

This is an especially good time to
write and speak, to publish articles
and manifestos, to work out the
philosophical essence of a project, to
share wisdom across disciplines and
generations and cultures. If you’ve
been asked to speak for ten minutes,
you might speak for a half hour,
because you have so much to say,
and your words will be
enthusiastically received and deeply

In Virgo, Mercury is earthy, analytical,
and logical, and there’s often a
tendency to focus on small details
rather than the larger picture.  But
this sextile to Jupiter helps you look
at the bigger picture, and see how
the smaller parts fit into the whole.  
So this is an excellent time for
planning for the future.  There’s
some immediate success, and there’s
also a hope of larger successes to

This is noticeable September 15 to

It's exact
in NYC: Sun, Sept 16, 7:51 am
in Vancouver: Sun, Sept 16, 4:51 am  
in London: Sun, Sept 16, 12:51 pm
in Singapore: Sun, Sept 16, 7:51 pm  
in Sydney: Sun, Sept 16, 9:51 pm

Sun conjunct Mercury
(28° Virgo)

This transit strengthens the Virgo
energy, so that everyone is more
analytical and discriminating, and more
likely to pay attention to the small
details.  You notice the things that you
do wrong, as well as the things that
everybody else is doing wrong, and
you’re more inclined to take measures
to correct the situation.  However, if
you spend too much time correcting
your family, friends and neighbors,
they could get a little miffed, so you
might want to watch this.   

There’s a strong interest in improving
conditions, in many different ways.  It’s
a good time for healing work of all
kinds, whether this means going to the
dentist, giving your cat a massage, or
harvesting herbs for medicinal tea.  
You are interested in using the
material and intellectual resources at
hand, in order to create a healthier
lifestyle for yourself and your loved

This transit in Virgo can give a
stronger interest in nature, and it’s a
good time to grow, harvest or study
plant or animal life.  You are more
inclined to categorize things, to
understand what makes each thing
different from the others.  There’s a
practical scientific bent to Virgo.  It’s a
good time to work with cars,
computers, and any gadgets you have
lying around the house.  .

This is noticeable September 18 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Thurs, Sept 20, 9:52 pm
in Vancouver: Thurs, Sept 20, 6:52 pm
in London: Fri, Sep 21, 2:52 am
in Singapore: Fri, Sep 21, 9:52 am  
in Sydney: Fri, Sep 21, 11:52 am

Mercury inconjunct Uranus
(1° Libra/Taurus)

This is quite accident-prone, so be
a little more alert than usual.  At the
same time, it’s a creative,
resourceful and ingenious time. You’
re more analytical and ingenious
than usual, more interested in
patterns and symmetry and how
everything works.  When something
is out of place, when something
messes up the design, you can’t
rest until you set it right.  

There can be a lot of
disagreements and arguments
during this transit, because
everyone has a different sense of
what the overall design is supposed
to look like.  Your ideas may seem
brilliant to you, and completely nuts
to someone else, and vice versa.  
So communication can be a little

At the same time, if you can keep
an open mind, it can be pretty
interesting to hear what all the
crackpots around you have to say.  
You may even abruptly change
your own mind, and give everyone
else a case of whiplash.  Of course,
they could then adopt your
previous position, just to keep the
argument going and to keep all the
ideas in play.  

Besides the risk of accidents, there
could be technical glitches,
directional errors, and abrupt
scheduling changes. People are
rebellious, bored with routine, and
even the most reliable folks could
get distracted and make mistakes.  

This is noticeable September 21 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Sat, Sep 22, 10:45 pm  
in Vancouver: Sat, Sep 22,
7:45 pm  
in London: Sun, Sep 23,
3:45 am      
in Singapore: Sun, Sep 23,
10:45 am      
in Sydney: Sun, Sep 23,
12:45 pm      

Mercury square Saturn
(2° Libra/Capricorn)

This can be a frustrating time,
especially when it comes to
communication and transportation.
Give yourself extra time, since things
may take longer.  It may be difficult to
make connections with others, and to
get around. Even simple things
require more work, and you may find
that you’re redoing things that you
thought were finished.

Mercury in Libra gives a strong
aesthetic sense, a love of patterns
and symmetry, but Saturn in
Capricorn keeps interrupting that.  
Instead of doing things beautifully,
you’re required to do them in a
pragmatic, efficient way. You may be
judged if you get it wrong, even
though you feel that there’s more
than one way to do things.  And so
you could be laboring under a sense
of being misunderstood, restricted,
and unfairly criticized.  

Mercury in Libra also gives more
idealism, but this can sometimes
backfire.  You can’t help but look
back and see all the good intentions
paving the road behind you, and this
makes you wonder where you’re
heading.  It’s important not to give in
to a sense of futility, but to have
some faith in yourself and your own
ability to learn, to listen, and to find
inner clarity and balance.    

Meanwhile, don’t be discouraged if
some project doesn’t work out while
this aspect is in orb.  Just wait a few
days and try again. If it still doesn’t
work, it was probably just a really bad
idea to begin with, and you can be
glad you didn’t force it.    

This is noticeable September 22 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Sun, Sep 23, 12:45 pm      
in Vancouver: Sun, Sep 23,
9:45 am      
in London: Sun, Sep 23, 5:45 pm      
in Singapore: Mon, Sept 24,
12:45 am  
in Sydney: Mon, Sept 24, 2:45 am  

Mercury trine Mars
(3° Libra/Aquarius)

This is an energizing transit, mentally
and physically, so it helps a lot to
counter the dour energy of the
Mercury/Saturn square (described at
left).  It’s very good for
communication, and it makes for
sparks of understanding between
people.  You’re more likely to find
people who share your particular
perspective on the world – socially,
politically, intellectually.  It’s a good
time to get together in groups,
whether it’s to discuss books, to learn
a new language, or to save the polar

Mercury in Libra gives a love of order,
design, balance, and symmetry, so
this is a good time to work out any
sort of system, whether scientific or
social.  You are motivated to be fair to
everyone, and to do everything as
beautifully and correctly as you can.  

Mars in Aquarius takes that
intellectual energy and gives it legs.  
No matter how beautiful a system
looks on paper, it may need tweaking
once you’re in the field, and you’re
ready to do that.  You’re creative,
experimental, excited by all the things
you’re learning.  You work well in a
team, supporting and guiding others,
sharing leadership, always thinking of
the good of the many.

It’s a great time for athletes,
especially in airy endeavors like
tennis, dance, skating and hang-
gliding.  It’s also good for artists,
especially if your work involves some
kind of social message.  And it’s a
good time for students and teachers,
since the current of learning flows
swiftly and pleasurably.  It also lends
itself to clever repartee and word

This is noticeable September 22 to

It's exact
in NYC: Sun, Sep 23, 9:29 pm       
in Vancouver: Sun, Sep 23,
6:29 pm       
in London: Mon, Sept 24, 2:29 am    
in Singapore: Mon, Sept 24,
9:29 am      
in Sydney: Mon, Sept 24, 11:29 am    

Sun inconjunct Uranus
(1° Libra/Taurus)

This is an erratic influence, so
be prepared for a few surprises.  

You may find yourself in suddenly
changed circumstances, and
flexibility is required. Carefully-laid
plans might have to be altered.  
The Libra sun likes to keep in
balance, but it may not be possible
to maintain this.  Rather, you’ll
need to be creative and alert, and
perhaps to replace your old
systems with new ones.  There’s an
element of uncertainty, as you
don’t know exactly how things will

This is accident-prone, so be
careful.  Mechanic objects and
technical systems are particularly
likely to cause trouble.  The power
may go out, the elevator may be
out of order, and the computer may
act squirrely.  With your usual tools
and methods not working for you,
you may need to figure out
temporary solutions.  Some of
these will work quite brilliantly, while
others will fall apart at the worst
possible moment.   

In relationships, there’s more
stress and more divisiveness.  
People need more room to do
things their own way, and it helps
to be flexible. Even if you’ve been
doing something a certain way for
a long time, that doesn’t mean it’s
right for you (or for the other
person) now. If you are patient,
honest, and fair -  and if you
accept that change is going to
happen, one way or another -  you
may find that you can create a new
and better equilibrium in your

This is noticeable September 22 to

It's exact
in NYC: Mon, Sept 24, 3:09 pm     
in Vancouver: Mon, Sept 24,
12:09 pm       
in London: Mon, Sept 24,
8:09 pm     
in Singapore: Tues, Sept 25,
3:09 am    
in Sydney: Tues, Sept 25,
5:09 am    

Sun square Saturn
(2° Libra/Capricorn)

This is a tough transit.  The sun
has to do with vitality, identity and
ego, and a square from Saturn
tends to dampen all these things.  
You may feel less energetic, and
need more rest than usual.  
There’s a danger of coming down
with colds or infections during this

The sun in Libra is generally kind,
loving, fair, and relationship-
oriented, but Saturn in Capricorn
is cold and rigid, and can inhibit
any expression of love.  And so
during this time, you may feel
abandoned, misjudged, regretful,
or lonely.  You can run into some
old fears around reaching out to
other people, and this can give a
tendency to retreat into your shell.  
Even if you’re usually quite
extroverted, this can be a time
when it’s hard to get what you want
from the rest of the world.  

This transit tends to be hard on
the ego.  You see yourself in a
certain way, but others don’t
necessarily reciprocate that
vision.  And so you can start to
doubt yourself.  

Your internal messages are louder
now, and if they’re mainly helpful
and supportive, you can get
through this transit with little
damage. But if you’re hard on
yourself, those inner voices can
really grate on your nerves, and
you could have trouble sleeping,
or accomplishing the simplest
tasks.  Remember what all those
self-help books are always telling
you, and – no matter whether
things are going well or badly -  
take some time to beam some self-
love back to yourself.

Be kind to others during this
transit, too.  Everybody is just
slogging through.  

This is noticeable September 23 to

It's exact
in NYC: Tues, Sept 25, 7:50 pm     
in Vancouver:  Tues, Sept 25,
4:50 pm     
in London: Weds, Sept 26,
12:50 am     
in Singapore: Weds, Sept 26,
7:50 am       
in Sydney: Weds, Sept 26,
9:50 am     

The sun trine Mars
(4° Libra/Aquarius)

This is energizing, stimulating, and
helpful.  It makes desires stronger,
and gives more success in realizing
them.  Your will translates into action,
and things move along at a quicker
pace.  And it helps you cope more
effectively with the restrictions and
disappointments of the sun/Saturn
square (described at left).

Since it’s in air signs, it’s especially
good for intellectual work.  You’re
curious about everything, especially
science and humanities, and you want
to investigate and experiment.  You
move rapidly and gracefully from
theory into practice, learning as you
go, and sharing what you learn with
others.  It’s especially good for group
work, as well as for working in

Relationships get an extra boost from
this aspect.  You are able to
communicate more openly and freely,
and you get involved in the things that
other people are doing.  Some
romantic entanglements pick up
speed and become more interesting
by the minute, but purely platonic
connections are also a lot of fun.    

People are also more inclined to live
in an active, healthy way.  When it
comes to diet and exercise, you can
more easily meet any challenges
you’ve set for yourself.   And it can be
a great time for games and sports,
with lots of rousing competitions.  It’s
especially good for games that
combine physical and mental skills,
and that call for balance, creativity,
and team coordination.        

This is noticeable September 24 to
October 1.         

It's exact
in NYC: Thurs, Sept 27, 7:34 pm
in Vancouver: Thurs, Sept 27,
4:34 pm
in London: Fri, Sept 28, 12:34 am  
in Singapore: Fri, Sept 28, 7:34 am    
in Sydney: Fri, Sept 28, 9:34 am