Current Aspects

January 18
to 25, 2019

all interpretations written & copyrighted by Jenny Yates

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January 19 to 22
Venus square Neptune

Jupiter square Neptune
(14° Sagittarius/Pisces)

Jupiter’s role is to expand, and during this
transit, it expands the spiritual realm ruled
by Neptune. So it can be a time of
particular signs and portents, although it
may not be all that clear what any of them

However, many people are grasping for
meanings, interpreting things in a way
that fits in with their particular belief
systems, and often feeling absolutely
sure that
they’ve found the truth. So during this
transit, you find more zealots, fanatics,
true believers, and cult followers, and
they’re broadcasting their beliefs far and
wide.  They may be trying for a more
perfect world, but the end result is that
they just make it a weirder one.  

Other people are flailing, completely
confused about what’s true and
what’s not.  One philosophical system
supplants the next, and there’s never a
total allegiance to anything.  These folks
don’t have much ground under their feet,
and so
it’s easy for them to panic, and to get into
more trouble.

The best way to handle this transit is to
check your own beliefs and assumptions.  
If you’re honest, you’ll recognize that
there are lots of articles of faith, and you
may not be right about any of this stuff.  
This doesn’t mean you need to change
what you believe, but you can be open to
considering other points of view.   Listen
to other people, learn more about the
larger world, and pay attention to the
magic around you.  Maybe it isn’t telling
you something.  Maybe it just is.      

This is noticeable January 2 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Sun, Jan 13, 1:58 pm
in Vancouver: Sun, Jan 13,
10:58 am  
in London: Sun, Jan 13, 6:58 pm
in Singapore: Mon, Jan 14, 2:58 am  
in Sydney: Mon, Jan 14, 5:58 am  

January 2 to 25
Jupiter square Neptune

Saturn sextile Neptune
(14° Capricorn/Pisces)

The stern, austere approach
of Saturn in Capricorn is
softened by this sextile to
Neptune, and this is very
helpful.  You’re more intuitive,
more empathetic, more
sensitive to the ebb and flow
of emotion around you.  This
helps you work your way
around walls, barriers,
divisions, and entrenched

This is also a time when you
can fulfill your spiritual
needs.  You can find
structures, such as groups,
meetings, or religious
organizations, that give you
what you need at the heart-
level, and then help you
connect to the divine.  You
may start a personal spiritual
practice, such as meditation.  

Creative work benefits from
this aspect as well, because
you can find the right
structures to contain your
creativity.  If
you’re an artist, you could set
up a little studio for yourself.  
If your thing is music, you
could work out ways to record
or to perform.  You have one
foot in the world of forms, one
in the world of ethereal
beauty, and you find your
balance and move forward.    

This is noticeable January 8
to March 4.      

It's exact
in NYC: Thurs, Jan 31,
9:15 am  
in Vancouver: Thurs, Jan 31,
6:15 am  
in London: Thurs, Jan 31,
2:15 pm    
in Singapore: Thurs, Jan 31,
10:15 pm     
in Sydney: Fri, Feb 1,

1:15 am  

Venus trine Mars
(8° Aries/Sagittarius)

This is a time when passion can flare.  
Venus is about art, pleasure, love and
romance, and in any of these areas,
you may experience spontaneous

Love affairs can move quickly under
this influence.  People feel the
attraction when they’re still across the
room from each other, just like in the
movies.  They’re swept by some
magnetic force, whether or not they
have anything in common.  In fact,
differences add to the piquancy.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that a
love affair will last.  Fire signs are very
romantic, and this can sometimes
mean high drama and tragic endings.  
Only you know whether you want to
open yourself to the trance state called
love, whether you can take the risk at
this moment in your life.  But it is a time
when spontaneity is rewarded, even if

This influence is not just for young
lovers, as old ones can also burn with
new passion under this influence.  And
people who aren’t looking for romantic
love are passionate about other things
– anything that feels good, that looks
good, that gives them that heady
sense of being alive.  This could be
anything from a new hat to a trip to

This is a wonderful creative influence,
and artists are able to give themselves
completely to the joy and power of
their art. Not only does creative work
feel good, but it can give new meaning
to your life.  It can give you a glimpse
into who you really are.   

This is noticeable January 13 to

It's exact
in NYC: Fri, Jan 18, 11:49 am
in Vancouver: Fri, Jan 18, 8:49 am  
in London: Fri, Jan 18, 4:49 pm  
in Singapore: Sat, Jan 19, 12:49 am   
in Sydney: Sat, Jan 19, 3:49 am   

January 8 to March 4
Saturn sextile Neptune  

January 21 to 29
Mars trine Jupiter

January 20 to 24
Venus conjunct Jupiter

Sun square Uranus
(28° Capricorn/Aries)

This is a pretty volatile time.  Watch
for accidents, falls, shocks,
separations, conflicts, technical
problems, and a general sense of
restlessness.  Things could move in
unexpected directions, leaving your
schedules and plans in the dust.  
This could make life very
interesting, and you might have
more fun than usual.  Or you may
just feel like everything is chaotic
and frustrating.

This aspect brings out the rebel in
everyone, even the quiet, mild-
mannered types.  They’re suddenly
jumping up and down and
demanding attention, startling
everyone.  The people who are
rebellious at other times are even
harder to handle, and may be out in
the streets lying in front of tanks.

 It’s unclear what the response will
be though, since nobody will be
acting according to form, including
those in positions of authority.   

There is definitely a destructive side
to this aspect, especially if
you’re trying to keep an
organization of some kind together.  
It pushes for freedom from rules,
even the rules that have been
carefully and cooperatively and
reasonably crafted.  On the other
hand, sometimes even beautifully
put-together structures have to fall,
to make room for something that
nobody has thought of yet.  

This is noticeable January 16 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Fri, Jan 18, 8:30 pm
in Vancouver: Fri, Jan 18, 5:30 pm  
in London: Sat, Jan 19, 1:30 am  
in Singapore: Sat, Jan 19,
9:30 am     
in Sydney: Sat, Jan 19, 12:30 pm  

Mercury conjunct Pluto
(21° Capricorn)

This makes for more focused
intelligence, a stronger desire to
learn things, and a fierce need to
communicate.  It can be a little
uncomfortable at times, since it
intensifies the connections between
people.  Some very heavy issues
are on the table, and it’s time to find
out where everyone’s interests lie.
You may need to deal with some
stark realities, things you’ve
avoided or denied in the past.

Words and ideas are particularly
powerful at this time, and they can
have a stronger influence on
everyone.  People who are normally
strong speakers can have an
almost hypnotic effect.  Those who
are usually shy and retiring may
become obsessed with some idea,
and break through their inhibitions,
in order to speak out.  But people
will also spend more time brooding,
worrying, turning ideas over and

It’s a time of pressure.  Internally,
there can be pressure from fierce,
unrecognized compulsions.  
Externally, there may be relentless
forces pushing you in a certain
direction.   You don’t always
recognize the people you thought
you knew, since you’re seeing their
unconscious desires, resentments
and ambitions.  And they may be
looking at somebody different when
they look at you, as well.  

This is noticeable January 17 to

It's exact
in NYC: Fri, Jan 18, 3:03 pm
in Vancouver: Fri, Jan 18, 12:03 pm
in London: Fri, Jan 18, 8:03 pm
in Singapore: Sat, Jan 19,

4:03 am    
in Sydney: Sat, Jan 19, 7:03 am    

Mars square Saturn
(13° Aries/Capricorn)

Mars in Aries is fiery, ambitious, and
temperamental, and you may feel a
strong urge to push, to move ahead,
to quickly vanquish any obstacles
ahead of you.  However, some of
these obstacles have been there a
long time, and they don’t move so
readily.   And so you can find yourself
in frustrating situations.  

You can get angry, and you can
seethe. General irritability could lead
to conflicts with others, and if you
blame them for all the obstacles you
encounter, there could be fierce
quarrels. Accidents can also happen
you’re too impatient to pay attention
to what’s right in front of you.  Rather
than stirring up trouble, or jumping
into dangerous or illegal alternatives,
you may just need to cultivate some

Often this transit brings past failures
to awareness, and so you can find
yourself retracing steps already
taken. You just need to accept that
everything is going to be a bit slower
than usual.  The best approach is to
take whatever incremental steps are
possible during this time.  You could
start by sweeping the space where
you’ll be working, or getting rid of the
debris from past projects.   

Try to be a little kinder to yourself,
and to others, and you’ll survive this
transit with less damage.  Sooner or
later, things will move forward again.   

This is noticeable January 17 to 24.    

It's exact
in NYC: Mon, Jan 21, 6:47 am   
in Vancouver: Mon, Jan 21,
3:47 am   
in London: Mon, Jan 21, 11:47 am     
in Singapore: Mon, Jan 21,
7:47 pm     
in Sydney: Mon, Jan 21, 10:47 pm   

January 13 to 23
Venus trine Mars

January 16 to 20
Sun square Uranus

January 17 to 19
Mercury conjunct Pluto

January 17 to 24
Mars square Saturn

January 22 to 24
Mercury square Uranus

Venus squares Neptune
(14° Sagittarius/Pisces)

This makes for a really vivid
fantasy life, but sometimes the
difficulty can be figuring out where
your fantasies end and reality
begins.  It’s very easy to persuade
yourself that you have everything
under control, when actually
there’s a certain amount of chaos
around you.  Or you could
persuade yourself that you know
something, when you don’t really
have a clue.  

This transit enhances creativity,
because it gives a stronger and
more vivid imagination.  But it
tends to dissolve or ignore
structure, and this isn’t necessarily
the best thing for artistic efforts.  
You may find that your work is a
bit too diffuse and disconnected.  
Before getting to the point you
want to make, it may wander
around, get trapped in some dead
ends, and generally confuse your

In relationships, the main danger
is that people can see each other
as fantasy figures, and ignore the
real, live people beneath.  You
may have to gently correct people
who aren’t seeing you accurately,
while at the same time being
aware of your own tendency to
over-idealize or demonize

This is noticeable January 19 to

It's exact
in NYC: Sun, Jan 20, 11:15 pm  
in Vancouver: Sun, Jan 20,
8:15 pm  
in London: Mon, Jan 21, 4:15 am  
in Singapore: Mon, Jan 21,
12:15 pm    
in Sydney: Mon, Jan 21, 3:15 pm  

Venus conjunct Jupiter
(16° Sagittarius)

This is an expansive, pleasurable time,
great for indulging yourself and
others.  It calls for celebrations,
gatherings, parties, festivals, and
political rallies.  Everything’s a little
bigger than life, a little more
outrageous and dramatic and colorful.  
Passions flare, song breaks out,
spontaneous dancing goes viral.    

If you host an event during this time,
invite all your friends, and don’t worry
about how they’ll fit together.  
Everybody’s chattier, freer and more
generous under this influence.  And it
doesn’t matter how fancy your party
is.  People are willing to rough it, to try
things they never tried before. You
might want to try an adventurous
theme, or some kind of exotic cuisine.  
However, folks could eat and drink
more than they usually do, so be sure
that there is plenty of whatever you

It’s a great time to be on vacation,
since energy is high, and there are all
kinds of pleasurable possibilities
everywhere you look. It’s a fun time for
sports and games, and, win or lose,
everyone is a good sport.  Games of
chance are also popular, since
everyone wants to try their luck. You’ll
either be gambling or gamboling, or
possibly both.  

It’s a good time for artists, with your
work more passionate and exuberant.  
You connect with your audience, and
they return the love.    

This is noticeable January 20 to

It's exact
in NYC: Tues, Jan 22, 7:25 am  
in Vancouver: Tues, Jan 22, 4:25 am  
in London: Tues, Jan 22, 12:25 pm  
in Singapore: Tues, Jan 22, 8:25 pm    
in Sydney: Tues, Jan 22, 11:25 pm  

Mars trine Jupiter
(16° Aries/Sagittarius)

This is a pretty exciting transit, and
there will be some definite, positive
changes.  It lends itself to sports,
contests, travel, adventure, new
cultural encounters, and wilderness

It’s a good time for political action,
and everybody will be more
passionate and more partisan than
usual.  Commitments will be made,
and money and energy will be
spent.  Although people may have
the same mission in mind, it’s not
wholly a peaceful time.  Some
controversies will flare up, and
there could be fierce competition
for the last word.   At the same
time, people are inspired by each
other, and so the end result of all
this activity could be some sort of
community victory.    

This is a good time for social action
– especially around justice,
education, law, the military, police
issues, and freedom of expression.  
People are more willing to stand up
for what they believe, to be
counted. Heroic qualities are
appreciated, wherever they are

It’s a high-energy, enthusiastic
transit, in which you can get a lot
done.  It’s great for moving speedily
towards any kind of highly visible
goal – whether you’re on a horse,
on foot, in a racecar, or part of a
milling crowd of protestors.    

This is noticeable January 21 to

It's exact
in NYC: Fri, Jan 25, 12:53 pm   
in Vancouver: Fri, Jan 25,
9:53 am     
in London: Fri, Jan 25, 5:53 am     
in Singapore: Sat, Jan 26, 1:53 am
in Sydney: Sat, Jan 26, 4:53 am

Mercury square Uranus
(28° Capricorn/Aries)

This is quite accident-prone, so be
extra careful during this transit.  It can
mean all sorts of unforeseen
situations, especially having to do with
communication, planning, and
transportation.  Some of the
unexpected events could be
interesting, fun, or advantageous, but
you can’t really count on that.

It’s a busy time, with a lot going on,
and so you may be more distracted
than usual -  and this can lead to
accidents and errors.  But it’s also a
highly creative time, when you can get
into some stimulating conversations,
debates and arguments, or when you
can brainstorm with others and come
up with exciting ideas.  There’s no
telling where anything will lead.

This is not the best time to do anything
that involves split-second timing, like
robbing a bank.  It’s best if you can be
spontaneous and flexible, willing to find
the right combination of intuition and
information, and responsive to
changing circumstances.  It’s not great
for dealing with technology, but if you
have a natural understanding of the
workings of machines, you can do
amazing things with them during this

It’s a good time to learn new things, but
try not to do this the hard way.  

This is noticeable January 22 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Weds, Jan 23, 6:13 am
in Vancouver: Weds, Jan 23, 3:13 am
in London: Weds, Jan 23, 11:13 am
in Singapore: Weds, Jan 23, 7:13 pm  
in Sydney: Weds, Jan 23, 10:13 pm