Current Aspects

January 12
to 24, 2018

all interpretations written & copyrighted by Jenny Yates

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January 23 to 26
Mercury conjunct Pluto

January 23 to 26
Mercury sextile Jupiter

Jupiter sextile Pluto
(19° Scorpio/Capricorn)

This brings together the
expansive energy of Jupiter and
the concentrated focus of Pluto,
so it’s a very productive time.  
You can see the larger picture,
and you can also see the
particular, practical changes that
need to be made.

With Jupiter in Scorpio, you may
be involved in tearing down a
particular structure or system,
working to get rid of underlying
toxins.  You are able to seize
your power, whether it’s great or
small, and use it to make deep,
long-lasting changes. With your
laser-like focus, nobody can
deter you from whatever you
think is good and right.  

This is a good time for using the
law to make positive change.  It
also lends itself to group work.  
The whole community can come
together to do whatever must be
done, and become stronger and
more cohesive in the process.    

This is noticeable December 30
to February 9.    

It's exact
in NYC:  Mon, Jan 15, 11:13 pm
in Vancouver: Mon, Jan 15,
8:13 pm  
in London: Tues, Jan 16,
4:13 am
in Singapore: Tues, Jan 16,
12:13 pm  
in Sydney: Tues, Jan 16,
3:13 pm

Sun conjunct Venus
(18° Capricorn)

This is a pleasant transit, good for social
events.  It’s an especially good time to get
together with others in purposeful ways, to
pursue some larger project that involves the
whole tribe.  You could have a quilting bee,
or you could fix up some run-down historic
building in your town, or you could organize a
coat drive to help those in need.  

Venus can be frivolous, focused only on
pleasure, but she’s much more disciplined
and responsible when she’s in Capricorn.  So
even when it comes to leisure activities, you’
re more purposeful these days, more likely to
get involved in important work and good
causes.  You are able to put your own
preferences aside and focus on the bigger
picture.  And at the same time, you enjoy the
camaraderie that comes from working with
others, and you learn lots of things about
sharing and cooperation.

This earthy sun/Venus conjunction gives a
particular attraction to structures of all kinds.  
For example, you may be moved to go on an
architectural tour, admiring beautiful homes
in your area.  Or you could learn to play a
game that has very intricate and formal
rules.  Or you could join a club with a definite
purpose and a fixed hierarchy.  

In relationships, everyone is more reliable
and responsible, less dramatic, less likely to
waste time fussing about everything.  Older
traditions are particularly valued because
they let everybody know where they stand. It’
s a good time for craftspeople and story

This is noticeable December 31 to January

It's exact
in NYC: Tues, Jan 9, 2:01 am
in Vancouver: Mon, Jan 8, 11:01 pm
in London: Tues, Jan 9, 7:01 am
in Singapore: Tues, Jan 9, 3:01 pm   
in Sydney: Tues, Jan 9, 5:01 pm

The sun sextile Mars
(19° Capricorn/Scorpio)

This transit is energizing, and it
really helps you get things done.  
The sun in Capricorn is focused
on long-term goals and practical
solutions to problems, so you are
more ambitious and more
disciplined than usual.  Mars in
Scorpio gives an incisive,
focused approach.  You’re not
distracted by anything, but are
ready to leap immediately into
the serious work.   

This also gives courage.  You
want to do more, to go deeper,
and that includes dealing with
areas that are sometimes taboo.  
You’re not afraid of what anyone
thinks.  You’re willing to make
changes, to address existing
power dynamics, to talk about
what nobody else is talking
about, and then to act on your

This is an especially good time
for athletes, giving more
commitment and endurance.  For
artists, it contributes to a more
serious, disciplined approach.  
You may be working with a highly
emotional subject, but you
maintain your cool.  You are in
control.  You are moving
unerringly towards a goal.      

This is noticeable January 4 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Weds, Jan 10, 12:36 am
in Vancouver: Tues, Jan 9,
9:36 pm  
in London: Weds, Jan 10,

5:36 am
in Singapore: Weds, Jan 10,
1:36 pm   
in Sydney: Weds, Jan 10,

4:36 pm

Mars sextile Pluto
(19° Scorpio/Capricorn)

This gives more force, more
drive, more focus, and more
executive power.  If you’re
working on a big, ambitious
project, this transit is especially
helpful.  You can dominate your
material, whatever it is, while at
the same time being aware of all
the underlying subtleties.  You
can organize on a large scale,
while still being flexible enough
to deviate from your
organizational model when the
situation changes.  

This transit adds to your
confidence.  In your particular
area of expertise,
you’re observant, perceptive
and skillful.  You know what

you’re doing, and you gravitate
towards others who also know
what they’re doing.  You’re not
afraid to go deeper;  you’re
ready to make far-reaching
changes when they are called
for.  You have a sense of your
own power, and you also
understand its limits.  

Desires are stronger during this
transit, more intense and
demanding, and there could be
some amazing erotic
experiences.  In any area of life
– whether it’s a new lover or a
new job – there’s more
likelihood of fulfillment.    

This is noticeable January 5 to

It's exact
in NYC: Mon, Jan 8, 2:58 pm   
in Vancouver: Mon, Jan 8,
11:58 am   
in London: Mon, Jan 8,

7:58 pm   
in Singapore: Tues, Jan 9,
3:58 am  
in Sydney: Tues, Jan 9,

6:58 am  

December 30 to
February 9
Jupiter sextile Pluto

December 31 to January 17
Sun conjunct Venus

January 14 to 21
Mars inconjunct Uranus

January 18 to 21
Mercury sextile Neptune

Venus sextile Mars
(19° Capricorn/Scorpio)

This is a very sexy transit.  Sure,

it’s good for meeting people and
getting to know them, for building
warm, affectionate relationships,
for going to the movies or to a
concert or out to dinner.  But it’s
even better for getting people into
bed.  It makes desires stronger,
attractions more compelling, and
physical expression more

Of course, there are other ways
to use this energy.  For artists, it
can be a time of emphatic,
emotionally expressive work.  It’s
especially good for sculptors,
weavers, wood-workers, and
opera singers.  Everything you do
has a stronger and more
immediate effect, bypassing the
logical mind to go straight to the
deeper self. Everything you do is
more dramatic and meaningful.   

Work goes more smoothly too.  
Venus in Capricorn gives a love
of accomplishment, and the
sextile to Mars makes this a more
physical sensation.  You like it
when you can see, hear and
touch the results of your efforts.  
So even if you’re just cleaning out
the garage, there’s a certain
sensuality to it - and so you may
be inclined to give it the most
thorough cleaning it’s ever had.    

This is noticeable January 6 to

It's exact
in NYC: Tues, Jan 9, 4:07 pm    
in Vancouver: Tues, Jan 9,

1:07 pm    
in London: Tues, Jan 9,

9:07 pm    
in Singapore: Weds, Jan 10,

5:07 am   
in Sydney: Weds, Jan 10,

8:07 am   

Mercury conjunct Saturn
(2° Capricorn)

This aspect always makes for a more
serious mind-set, but this is especially
true when Mercury and Saturn meet in
Capricorn.  You think more about your
responsibilities, about practical
necessities, and about the things that
need to be done.  You worry more, and
may feel a bit anxious at times.  You
develop plans and strategies. You get
more organized.   

It can also mean a few communication
difficulties.  There could be mechanical
reasons for this, such as a broken phone
or computer.  Or it may be that people
just aren’t talking to each other.  They
may be so focused on their own
obligations that they
don’t notice when other people are in the
dark.  They may be afraid of controversy
or conflict. They may not know what to
say, and so they say nothing.   

It could also be a tricky time for getting
around.  You may feel stuck, either
because of car problems, or because you
don’t have time to go where you’d like.  
You need to deal with things, one way or
another, and some more frivolous
pursuits may be postponed till this transit
is over.  

But during this transit, do watch for
loneliness or depression.  Don’t isolate
yourself from other people, even if you’re
afraid they won’t like you, or that you’ll
look like an idiot.  There is a serious
transit, but you’ll feel better if you don’t
take yourself all that seriously.    

This is noticeable January 11 to

It's exact
in NYC: Sat, Jan 13, 2:03 am
in Vancouver:  Fri, Jan 12,
11:03 pm  
in London: Sat, Jan 13, 7:03 am  
in Singapore: Sat, Jan 13, 3:03 pm  
in Sydney: Sat, Jan 13, 6:03 pm

Venus squares Uranus
(24° Capricorn/Aries)

This gives a little extra sparkle, a little
touch of something different.  It’s
unusual. It’s far-out.   It’s eccentric.  
Sometimes it’s slightly weird.  It can
definitely go too far and have people
looking at each other like they’re from
planets on the opposite sides of the

When it comes to relationships, this
transit tends towards separations,
even if only temporarily.  Everyone has
a mind of his/her own, and everyone
needs a little more space and
freedom.  This is not necessarily a bad
thing, as it can be a time of exciting
exploration.  Sometimes you can’t go
off in a new direction when you’re
carrying along a lot of baggage,
including all your relationships and
your responsibilities.  So this transit
gives a strong tendency to pare down,
and get rid of what you don’t need.  

At the same time, Venus is in
Capricorn, the most responsible and
traditional sign in the zodiac, so there’s
some inner tension around this.  You
may feel the strong urge to go off and
do something radical on your own, but
you can’t do it just yet.  This can be a
bit frustrating, and it can give a
tendency to be jumpy and snippy with
other people.  Try to find a few
interesting outlets for your creative

For artists, it can be an exciting time,
full of new artistic impulses.  It’s radical,
so not all the experiments are going to
be successful.  But you never know till
you try, and this transit lends itself to
trial efforts of all kinds.     

This is noticeable January 11 to 15.    

It's exact
in NYC:  Sat, Jan 13, 2:08 pm
in Vancouver: Sat, Jan 13, 11:08 am  
in London: Sat, Jan 13, 7:08 pm  
in Singapore: Sun, Jan 14, 3:08 am  
in Sydney: Sun, Jan 14, 608 am  

Sun square Uranus
(24° Capricorn/Aries)

This is a pretty volatile time.  
Watch for accidents, falls, shocks,
separations, conflicts, technical
problems, and a general sense of
restlessness.  Things could move
in unexpected directions, leaving
your schedules and plans in the
dust.  This could make life very
interesting, and you might have
more fun than usual.  Or you may
just feel like everything is chaotic
and frustrating.

This aspect brings out the rebel
in everyone, even the quiet, mild-
mannered types.  They’re
suddenly jumping up and down
and demanding attention,
startling everyone.  The people
who are rebellious at other times
are even harder to handle, and
may be out in the streets lying in
front of tanks.  It’s unclear what
the response will be though, since
nobody will be acting according to
form, including those in positions
of authority.   

There is definitely a destructive
side to this aspect, especially if
you’re trying to keep an
organization of some kind
together.  It pushes for freedom
from rules, even the rules that
have been carefully and
cooperatively and reasonably
crafted.  On the other hand,
sometimes even beautifully put-
together structures have to fall, to
make room for something that
nobody has thought of yet.  

This is noticeable January 12 to

It's exact
in NYC: Sun, Jan 14, 3:44 pm   
in Vancouver: Sun, Jan 14,
12:44 pm     
in London: Sun, Jan 14,

8:44 pm     
in Singapore: Mon, Jan 15,
4:44 am     
in Sydney: Mon, Jan 15,

7:44 am     

January 4 to 15
Sun sextile Mars

January 5 to 12
Mars sextile Pluto  

January 6 to 12
Venus sextile Mars

January 11 to 14
Mercury conjunct Saturn

January 11 to 15
Venus square Uranus

January 12 to 16
Sun square Uranus

Mars inconjunct Uranus
(24° Scorpio/Aries)

This is an unstable, rebellious transit,
prone to technical problems,
separations, upsets, mishaps and
accidents.  All kinds of inexplicable and
unusual things could happen, so be a
little more careful and a little more
aware than usual.  Be especially
cautious when driving or operating
machinery, or when handling knives or

People are more creative and
resourceful, but they need to be, in
order to deal with all the unexpected
situations.  Everyone is also a bit more
contrary and willful, more likely to
assert themselves as individuals.  
Nobody wants to follow the usual
routine, or to take orders from anyone,
and tempers could flare.  If there are
old grievances, they could take on new

Mars is very intense in Scorpio, so
there’s some danger of damage to
property, or even to persons.  This is
not a good time to insult the driver next
to you, even if he cut in front of you
earlier.  He might already be mad at his
boss, and he might have a gun.

There’s also a strong sexual element to
Mars in Scorpio, so watch out for the
unexpected in this area.  Don’t say
anything that might be construed as
sexual harassment, because everyone
is more sensitive to anything that
seems like a violation or an insult.  In
intimate relationships, there could be
some interesting developments
involving props, but be careful not to
electrocute yourself.  

This is noticeable January 14 to

It's exact
in NYC: Weds, 17 Jan, 4:37 pm       
in Vancouver: Weds, 17 Jan,
1:37 pm       
in London: Weds, 17 Jan, 9:37 pm         
in Singapore: Thurs, 18 Jan,
5:37 am      
in Sydney: Thurs, 18 Jan, 8:37 am      

Mercury sextile Neptune
(12° Capricorn/Pisces)

This mellows out the normally
pragmatic, skeptical Mercury in
Capricorn, and gives it a more
imaginative and spiritual cast.  

It’s especially good for creative
people.  Musicians and poets are
influenced by the flowing rhythms
of Neptune, while film-makers,
painters, photographers and
actors enjoy Neptune’s mastery of
the arts of illusion, and its
connection to dreams and
archetypes.  Even people who
don’t normally see themselves as
artists may be inclined to dabble,
and may realize how much fun it
can be.  

Mercury in Capricorn is usually
pretty grounded, but it’s less so
with this sextile to Neptune.  
However this is a harmonious
aspect, and so there’s no real
danger in letting earthy obligations
slide a little bit, and getting lost in
sweeter sensations of all kinds.  It’s
a nice time to go to the movies, or
to spend an evening staring into a
fire and telling the old stories.  

It strengthens intuition, and this
can be very handy when it comes
to communication.  You don’t have
to call someone up, because you
have a sudden inner knowledge of
what they’ll say about something.  
And later on, when you do check
with them, you usually find that you
were right.  You are also more
compassionate, more patient,
more likely to understand the other
person’s viewpoint.  

This is noticeable January 18 to
It's exact
in NYC: Fri, Jan 19, 8:07 pm  
in Vancouver: Fri, Jan 19, 5:07 pm  
in London: Sat, Jan 20, 1:07 am  
in Singapore: Sat, Jan 20,
9:07 am    
in Sydney: Sat, Jan 20, 12:07 pm  

Mercury conjunct Pluto
(19° Capricorn)

This makes for more focused
intelligence, a stronger desire to
learn things, and a fierce need to
communicate.  It can be a little
uncomfortable at times, since it
intensifies the connections
between people.  Some very
heavy issues are on the table, and
it’s time to find out where
everyone’s interests lie. You may
need to deal with some stark
realities, things you’ve avoided or
denied in the past.

Words and ideas are particularly
powerful at this time, and they can
have a stronger effect on
everyone.  People who are
normally strong speakers can
have an almost hypnotic effect.  
Those who are usually shy and
retiring may become obsessed
with some idea, and break through
their inhibitions, in order to speak
out.  But people will also spend
more time brooding, worrying,
turning ideas over and over.  

It’s a time of pressure.  Internally,
there can be pressure from fierce,
unrecognized compulsions.  
Externally, there may be relentless
forces pushing you in a certain
direction.   You don’t always
recognize the people you thought
you knew, since you’re seeing
their unconscious desires,
resentments and ambitions.  And
they may be looking at somebody
different when they look at you, as

This is noticeable January 23 to

It's exact
in NYC: Weds, Jan 24, 3:49 pm   
in Vancouver: Weds, Jan 24,
12:49 pm     
in London: Weds, Jan 24,
8:49 pm     
in Singapore: Thurs, Jan 25,
4:49 am     
in Sydney: Thurs, Jan 25,
7:49 am     

Mercury sextile Jupiter
(20° Capricorn/Scorpio)

This transit is especially helpful when it
comes to communication.  It’s much
easier to cooperate with people, to
figure out the interests that you have in
common and the outcomes that are
mutually beneficial.  Ideas emerge in
abundance, and express themselves in
a warmer and more vivid way.  People
encourage, support and nurture each

This is an especially good time to write
and speak, to publish articles and
manifestos, to work out the
philosophical essence of a project, to
share wisdom across disciplines and
generations and cultures. If you’ve
been asked to speak for ten minutes,
you might speak for a half hour,
because you have so much to say, and
your words will be enthusiastically

In Capricorn, Mercury is serious,
organized and efficient, with a certain
reluctance to get carried away.  But
this aspect gives more enthusiasm.  
Some good fortune comes your way, or
you see some definite progress in a
project that excites you – and things
start moving faster.  You can let go of
your skepticism and acknowledge that
there’s room for hope.  You’re still
cautious and realistic, but
you’re also optimistic about the future
and the bigger picture.      

This transit is conducive to growth in all
areas, especially in business and in the
professional realm.  It favors
professional achievement, financial
expansion, new educational horizons,
and philosophical insights.  Little things
have more meaning, and often add up
to important new truths.  

This is noticeable January 23 to 25.   

It's exact
in NYC: Thurs, Jan 25, 6:28 am      
in Vancouver: Thurs, Jan 25,
3:28 am        
in London: Thurs, Jan 25,
11:28 am        
in Singapore: Thurs, Jan 25,
7:28 pm        
in Sydney: Thurs, Jan 25, 10:28 pm