Current Aspects

July 13 to 24, 2018

all interpretations written & copyrighted by Jenny Yates

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July 20 to 24
Venus sextile Jupiter

July 18 to October 6
Saturn trine Uranus

July 14 to 17
Venus inconjunct Mars

July 22 to 26
Venus oppose Neptune

Venus trine Uranus
(2° Virgo/Taurus)

This is a very creative aspect.  Venus is not all
that flashy when it’s in Virgo, but it gives you a
good grasp of earthy materials, tools, and
techniques.  Your creativity emerges in
everything you do, but especially if you’re
dealing with something that’s tactile, something
that appeals to your senses.  

Whether you’re painting a picture, playing a
piccolo, making pots, building a portico, or
baking a loaf of pumpernickel bread – you
infuse it with joy and beauty.  The results are
great, and just a little out of the ordinary.  You
put your own unique stamp on everything you
do. And you enjoy the process, the excitement
of making something new.

This transit gives lots of energy to your social
life.  You’re drawn to free, unconventional
people, and it’s a great time to share stories
about where you’ve been and what you’ve done,
and to listen to the amazing tales of others.  You
may find yourself taking up with people who are
very different from anyone you’ve known
before.  You learn a lot from these encounters.

Romance is also a form of creative expression,
and you may find yourself showing your
affection in all kinds of unusual ways – and so
this can heat up a long-term relationship.  At the
same time, you may need a little more space
than usual, but because this is a harmonious
transit, it’s a preference rather than a

If you’re single, you may be more interested in
friendship than in high passion. Or if you can do
this sort of thing comfortably, you might have a
night or two of kinky sex with a new partner, and
then go your way.   

This is noticeable July 10 to 13.              

It's exact
in NYC:  Weds, Jul 11, 11:25 pm
in Vancouver: Weds, Jul 11, 8:25 pm
in London: Thurs, Jul 12, 4:25 am
in Singapore: Thurs, Jul 12, 11:25 am  
in Sydney: Thurs, Jul 12, 1:25 pm

Mercury inconjunct Neptune
(16° Leo/Pisces)

This transit can be a bit
confusing.  Information isn’t
always accurate, and people
don’t always communicate it
clearly.  Everybody has their
own way of seeing things,
which is fine, but the problem
is that people tend to think
that they’re entirely objective,
and that the people who see
in a different way are just

Sensitivity is increased, with
this transit, and not always in
a good way.  People may be
picking up on things that they
don’t usually notice, and not
quite knowing how to interpret
them.  With all the unstable
energy at this time, the old
habits and patterns don’t
necessarily work anymore, but
the new paradigm is not in
place yet.  

This is a creative and
idealistic aspect, but there can
also be an element of self-
sacrifice that’s not always
healthy or useful.  Idealism
can go too far, and can ask
too much of everyone, and
then it’s more likely to fail.  
There’s a place for the ego,
although it’s not always easy
to figure out exactly what that
place is.     

This is noticeable July 10 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Thurs, Jul 12,
3:52 am
in Vancouver: Thurs, Jul 12,
12:52 am
in London: Thurs, Jul 12,
8:52 am  
in Singapore: Thurs, Jul 12,
3:52 pm   
in Sydney: Thurs, Jul 12,
5:52 pm

Sun oppose Pluto
(20° Cancer/Capricorn)

This is a very intense time on a
lot of levels.  You feel a sense of
pressure, both from inside
yourself and from the social,
political and economic realities
we all deal with every day.  It’s
all gotten sharper, more
demanding, and you may be
starting to feel that you have to
do something dramatic.  You
have to get down to the
essentials and transform things
on a deep level.  You can’t be
afraid of an unknown future.

This transit is all about power.  
And in a world with drastic power
imbalances, it can be a
dangerous time.  People may
confront powers that are much
greater than they are, and find
themselves crushed.  Other
people can triumph over great
odds. And you don’t know what
the outcome will be until you try.  

And although this transit can
manifest in external struggles
over power, it’s basically about
coming to terms with our own
deeply-buried creative power.  
There are deep roots to our
passion, our emotion, our
struggles to survive in this
world.  And where we encounter
the greatest fear, we also
encounter essential hidden

This is noticeable July 10 to

It's exact
in NYC: Thurs, Jul 12, 6:04 am  
in Vancouver: Thurs, Jul 12,
3:04 am    
in London: Thurs, Jul 12,
11:04 am  
in Singapore: Thurs, Jul 12,
6:04 pm    
in Sydney: Thurs, Jul 12,
8:04 pm  

Venus trine Saturn
(4° Virgo/Capricorn)

This is a grounding influence, and it
helps you keep it real.  In relationships,
it gives more loyalty and stability, and
promotes long-lasting connections with

Whether you’re dealing with friends,
lovers, family or partners, you have a
clear sense of what the other person
actually needs, and you try to be
helpful.  This could mean taking a meal
to a sickly neighbor, or lending a tool,
or offering your particular skill.  Others
help you as well. You recognize that
we all have a certain responsibility for
each other, and that this shared
responsibility builds a strong social

For artists and craftspeople, this is a
productive and pleasant time.  You’re
more patient with the demands of your
art, willing to give careful attention to
each step, noticing all the small
details.  This is also a good time for
healers and bodyworkers.

Whatever your work, it’s easier and
more congenial at this time.  You’re
doing your share, and others are too,
and so the work goes well.  You’re all
aware of the larger goals, and how all
these small parts contribute to the
whole. You’re serious, but not weighed
down by the tasks at hand. You feel
capable, committed, and in

This is noticeable July 12 to

It's exact
in NYC: Sat, Jul 14, 2:44 am   
in Vancouver: Fri, Jul 13, 11:44 pm
in London: Sat, Jul 14, 7:44 am     
in Singapore: Sat, Jul 14,
2:44 pm      
in Sydney: Sat, Jul 14, 4:44 pm   

Mercury inconjunct Pluto
(19° Leo/Capricorn)

This transit can mean struggles
over power and control,
especially on the verbal level.  
There’s some danger of people
trying to pressure, threaten,
dominate or manipulate other
people, and so you have to be
pretty clear both about your own
boundaries and those of others.  
Mercury in Leo can give a
tendency to dominate through
sheer force of will, but this can

Mentally, this is a pretty intense
period. It’s a time of deep thought
about goals, desires, longings,
resentments, phobias, and fears.  
There are questions to answer,
puzzles to solve, and a general
feeling that time is running out.  
Old, unfinished issues could
come up, seemingly out of
nowhere, but they’ve actually
been simmering underneath for a
long time.  You can’t put off
dealing with them any longer.

You can get in touch with some of
your inner demons, and do some
important transformative work.  
The main thing is not to project all
your fears onto others, and to
make someone else the villain.

This is noticeable July 13 to

It's exact
in NYC: Mon, Jul 16, 11:24 am   
in Vancouver: Mon, Jul 16,
8:24 am   
in London: Mon, Jul 16, 4:24 pm   
in Singapore: Mon, Jul 16,
11:24 pm      
in Sydney: Tues, Jul 17,
1:24 am   

July 10 to 13
Venus trine Uranus

July 10 to 14
Mercury inconjunct

July 10 to 14
Sun oppose Pluto

July 12 to 15
Venus trine Saturn

July 13 to 19
Mercury inconjunct Pluto

July 24 to 28
Sun inconjunct Saturn

July 23 to 27
Sun square Uranus

Venus inconjunct Mars
(6° Virgo/Aquarius)

This transit tends to put a few
obstacles in the path of true love.
Maybe you’ve got too much work to
do, and no time for sex or romance.  
Maybe you’re rethinking your
connection with someone, wondering
how healthy it is.  Maybe you’re
focusing on taking care of yourself,
and don’t want things to get too
passionate. Maybe you just want to
be friends.

But there is some sexual tension
here, however you want to interpret
it.  And you and the other person
could be interpreting it in very
different ways.  One of you may want
to jump in, while the other wants to
lean away.  One of you wants to talk
about it, while the other doesn’t
know what to say.  One of you wants
to analyze it, and the other to just let
it be.  One of you wants to get in
touch with your essential sensuality,
and the other one just wants to
watch TV.    

Or it could be that logistics are
keeping you apart.  You can’t find
the car-keys, you lost the address
where you were supposed to meet,
or your boss is making you work late
on the night of your first date.  
Remember, if it’s meant to be, you’ll
probably have a second

This is noticeable July 14 to

It's exact
in NYC: Mon, Jul 16, 3:55 am
in Vancouver: Mon, Jul 16,
12:55 am
in London: Mon, Jul 16, 8:55 am  
in Singapore: Mon, Jul 16,
3:55 pm   
in Sydney: Mon, Jul 16, 5:55 pm

Saturn trine Uranus
(2° Capricorn/Taurus)

This is an aspect that anchors
creativity.  You’re thinking
about many things in a new
way, and you’re full of good
ideas.  And you want these
ideas to take physical form.  
You want to build something
that’s new and exciting, but you
also want it to be solid and

This transit is all about
combining the old and the new.  
You focus your creativity on
particular problems, and use
whatever is at hand to solve
them, repurposing old
resources so that they serve
new ends. You are respectful of
tradition, and use whatever is
good that you find there.  You
pay attention to the
experiences of those who have
gone before, and you store
away what will be needed in the

You believe in change, but not
for its own sake.  You want to
see change that strengthens,
that works for the good of the
people and the earth over the
long haul.  You are not
interested some abstract notion
of progress.  You are a
conservative in that you
conserve what is valuable, and
a radical in that you constantly
evolve in your understanding.  

This is noticeable July 18 to
October 6.

It's not exact at this time, but it
will be at its closest on August

Venus sextile Jupiter
(13° Virgo/Scorpio)

This is a pleasant transit.  People are
warmer, more generous and more
affectionate towards each other, and
there are lots of good reasons to
celebrate.  And so there can be all
kinds of festive occasions:  parties,
plays, concerts, singalongs,
community gatherings, church
picnics. There’s a feeling of

It’s a great time for sharing food and
drink, and there’s a good blend
between the healthy and the
delicious.  Jupiter in Scorpio can be a
little excessive when it comes to the
pleasures of the flesh, but Venus in
Virgo is more moderate, and helps
you find the right balance.  

Venus in Virgo also lends itself to
working parties.  It’s a good time to
get all the neighbors together and do
a roof-raising or a quilting bee.  As an
earth sign, Virgo especially lends
itself to physical work.  

And work is more successful under
this influence as well as more fun.  
Doctors and nurses will see
miraculous discoveries, teachers will
see the light in their students’ eyes,
and gardeners will grow gorgeous
flowers and robust vegetables.  
Awards and prizes may be won, and
people can bask in their well-earned

This is noticeable July 20 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Sun, Jul 22, 5:20 am
in Vancouver: Sun, Jul 22, 2:20 am
in London: Sun, Jul 22, 10:20 am  
in Singapore: Sun, Jul 22, 5:20 pm   
in Sydney: Sun, Jul 22, 7:20 pm

Venus oppose Neptune
(16° Virgo/Pisces)

This is a very creative transit, but it
can also be somewhat confusing.  
Venus in Virgo seeks control, but with
the opposition to Neptune, this can be
hard to come by, and there can be an
ongoing sense that things are getting
a little too chaotic.  To combat this,
people can become very fussy about
little details.  This doesn’t necessarily
help anybody get it together.  

In relationships, there can be
beautiful, mystical elements, but there
can also be confusion and
misrepresentation.  You may be more
sensitive to the masks people wear,
and other people don't always
appreciate this.  So you may find
yourself constantly ruining other
people’s delusions and fantasies, or
they may do the same to you.  

Imagination is very strong under this
influence, and some people will vanish
into their vivid fantasy worlds.  This
isn’t necessarily bad.  You may need a
break into a world of TV shows or fan
fiction or comic books.  But those with
addiction problems will have a tougher
time, simultaneously attracted and
repelled by drugs, alcohol, or other
obsessions.  The best approach is to
find a substitute, something that will
mesmerize you for a little while, but not
do any physical, mental or emotional

This is noticeable July 22 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Tues, Jul 24, 3:22 pm
in Vancouver: Tues, Jul 24, 12:22 pm  
in London: Tues, Jul 24, 8:22 pm  
in Singapore: Weds, Jul 25, 3:22 am    
in Sydney: Weds, Jul 25, 5:22 am    

Sun square Uranus
(2° Leo/Taurus)

This is a pretty volatile time.  Watch for
accidents, falls, shocks, separations,
conflicts, technical problems, and a
general sense of restlessness.  Things
may seem stuck, and then suddenly
take off in unexpected directions,
leaving your schedules and plans in
the dust.  You have to be extra
creative, and use alternate methods to
save the day.  

This aspect brings out the rebel in
everyone, even the quiet, mild-
mannered types.  They’re suddenly
jumping up and down and demanding
attention, startling everyone.  The
people who are rebellious at other
times are even harder to handle, and
may be out in the streets lying in front
of tanks.  It’s unclear what the
response will be though, since nobody
will be acting according to form,
including those in positions of

There is definitely a destructive side to
this aspect, especially if you’re trying
to keep an organization of some kind
together.  It pushes for freedom from
rules, even the rules that have been
carefully and cooperatively and
reasonably crafted.  On the other
hand, sometimes even beautifully put-
together structures have to fall, to
make room for something that nobody
has thought of yet.  

This is noticeable July 23 to 27.     

It's exact
in NYC: Weds, Jul 25, 7:35 am     
in Vancouver: Weds, Jul 25,
4:35 am       
in London: Weds, Jul 25, 12:35 pm     
in Singapore: Weds, Jul 25,
7:35 pm        
in Sydney: Weds, Jul 25, 9:35 pm     

The sun inconjunct Saturn
(3° Leo/Capricorn)

This transit slows things down, and
lays down a few obstacles.  Something
is delayed, stuck, or scanty, and the
problem could be just a lack of funds,
time or energy. Or it could be that
people’s egos are getting in the way,
so there’s nothing gets done.  
Everybody wants to look important, but
nobody wants to take action and run
the risk of failing.    

Or it may be that you’ve been shoved
into center stage, and you don’t
particularly want to be there.  You’re
the spokesperson, or the head coach,
or the queen of the ball, and your
confidence fails you.  You suddenly
find yourself going through an
existential crisis, wondering if you have
anything left to give.   

This transit can give a tendency to be
pessimistic, to focus too much on the
negative things that you’re dealing
with.  For people prone to depression,
this can be a tough time.  Whatever
happens, don’t give yourself a hard
time, but just hunker down a little and
make a few resolutions about
tomorrow.  You might want to do some
restructuring, but don’t be extreme
about it.  Self-acceptance goes a long
way in lessening the problems of a
hard sun/Saturn transit.  

This is noticeable July 26 to 28.       

It's exact
in NYC: Thurs, Jul 26, 5:39 pm
in Vancouver: Thurs, Jul 26, 2:39 pm
in London: Thurs, Jul 26, 10:39 pm  
in Singapore: Fri, Jul 27, 5:39 am  
in Sydney: Fri, Jul 27, 7:39 am