Current Aspects
December 2
to 10,  2020

all interpretations written & copyrighted by Jenny Yates

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December 3 to January 8
Jupiter conjunct Saturn

December 8 to 13
Sun trine Mars  

December 4 to 7
Venus trine Neptune

December 4 to 8
Venus inconjunct Mars

December 5 to 7
Mercury inconjunct Uranus

December 7 to 11
Sun square Neptune

December 8 to 11
Venus sextile Pluto

Jupiter conjunct Saturn
(0° Aquarius)

This aspect comes around about
every twenty years. Since the
beginning of the twentieth
century, it’s been aligned with a
presidential election in the US,
and seven times running (from
1840 to 1960), a president
elected under this influence has
died in office. However, in 1980,
Reagan broke this pattern by
getting shot but surviving. The
next time it came around, with
George W. Bush in 2000, he
made it through without a
scratch.  Hopefully, Joe Biden will

This is a very important
conjunction, and it’s not
surprising that it’s pegged to the
rise and fall of powerful figures.
These two planets are both
connected to social norms, with
Jupiter representing social
privileges and benefits, and
Saturn representing social duties
and restrictions. Coming
together, they show how we fit
into our social milieu – how we
conform to it, rebel against it, or
use it as a springboard. They
show what we give to our
community, and what we take
from it.

So this is a serious time, when we
turn a collective chapter. We’re
absorbing the lessons of the last
chapter, and going on to create a
new kind of relationship to
society at large. We’re building
our community, and to make it
work, we have to find the right
mix of optimism and realism.

This is noticeable December 3 to
January 8.                

It’s exact
in NYC: Mon, Dec 21, 1:20 pm
in Vancouver: Mon, Dec 21,
10:20 am
in London: Mon, Dec 21, 6:20 pm
in Singapore: Tues, Dec 22,
2:20 am
in Sydney: Tues, Dec 22, 5:20 am

Venus trine Neptune
(18° Scorpio/Pisces)

This transit is generally good for
relationships, as it gives
sympathy and understanding.  
Romance can flourish, in all its
forms, some more substantial
than others.  You may just be
imagining the pleasures of
romance, having an intense
fantasy or a compelling crush.
Even if this is all that’s happening,
your imagination is taking you to
a really beautiful place, and
you’re learning something about
loving and accepting others.

But it’s also a good time for
intimacy.  People are more open,
more willing to expose their
vulnerabilities to their loved ones.
Everyone is a little gentler and
more accepting.  And so
relationships can become deeper,
loyalties can be affirmed, and
some old problems could be
resolved by a new tenderness.
This is especially helpful in light of
the tensions of the Venus/Mars
inconjunct, described at right.  

And it’s a nice time for all
fantasies, not just romantic ones.  
You might be dreaming of flying,
or living on a beach, or taking up
a disguise and living as someone
else.  Whatever you dream of,
there’s a part of you that’s
working out ways to make this
happen.  Maybe it won’t happen
literally, but some magical
experience could recreate the
essence of the fantasy.  

This is a wonderful time for
artists, and you can go further in
exploring anything that’s strange
and mystical.  It’s especially good
for the more fluid arts, such as
poetry, film and photography.  
With Venus in Scorpio, some
intensely dramatic feelings could
be conveyed.     

This is noticeable December 4 to

It’s exact
in NYC: Sat, Dec 5, 11:53 pm
in Vancouver: Sat, Dec 5, 8:53 pm
in London: Sun, Dec 6, 4:53 am
in Singapore: Sun, Dec 6,
12:53 pm
in Sydney: Sun, Dec 6, 3:53 pm

Venus inconjunct Mars
(18° Scorpio/Aries)

This transit can put some obstacles
in your path, especially when it
comes to love and lust. This could be
because of the pandemic. Maybe
you’re not in each other’s bubble,
and this could be frustrating. You
might feel angry at the pandemic,
and then take it out on your would-
be lover, which doesn’t help at all to
smooth the path to true love.

But even if you’re living together, you
could be experiencing some sexual
tension under this influence. You
may want sex at different times, or in
different ways, or in different rooms
in your house. Maybe one of you
wants to dress up, and the other
wants to dress down. Maybe one of
you likes it to be leisurely, and the
other one just falls asleep when the
pace slows.

Beyond sex, intimacy itself can be
challenged by this transit. Venus in
Scorpio gives a more powerful need
for emotional connection, but Mars in
Aries represents the solo player, the
cowboy, the cat who walks by itself.
So it may not be easy to get what
you need from your partner. You
may experience the other person as  
too demanding or too withholding.  

The main danger here is that you
can start to bicker at each other, or
get involved in competitive games in
which nobody wins. There’s really no
advantage to an imbalance of power,
when it comes to partnership. You
need to accept your partner’s
essential personhood, just as you
accept that you yourself will always
have more desires than you can

It does help that the Venus/Neptune
trine (described at left) is happening
at the same time, as this creates a
romantic atmosphere. Still, with a
hard Venus/Mars aspect, there can
be a lot of nuts-and-bolts issues.
The scene is set, but is there
action?  Is it working for both of

This is noticeable December 4 to

It’s exact
in NYC: Sun, Dec 6, 1:41 am
in Vancouver: Sat, Dec 5, 10:41 pm
in London: Sun, Dec 6, 6:41 am
in Singapore: Sun, Dec 6, 2:41 pm
in Sydney: Sun, Dec 6, 5:41 pm

Mercury inconjunct Uranus
(7° Sagittarius/Taurus)

This is a time of enhanced
creativity, but it’s quite accident-
prone, so be a little more alert than
usual. There could be technical
glitches, sudden scheduling
changes, and destabilizing errors.  
People are taking on more than
they can easily handle, and things
are happening faster than usual.
 It’s worthwhile to slow down and to
simplify, whenever possible.  

Mercury in Sagittarius tends to be
impulsive, to leap into things that
are new.  And during this transit,
those leaps can take you quite far
afield at times.  And even though
you may feel quite restless, this is
not the best time to travel, since
there could be mechanical or
technical hassles, even beyond the
dangers of the pandemic.  If you do
decide to have an adventure, make
sure that you have lots of good
back-up plans in place.  It could be
exciting, but it won’t be predictable.  

The urge for freedom is strong
during this transit, and there can be
disagreements, arguments, break-
ups and separations.  Fights can
make everyone feel insecure, but
don’t respond by making more
demands and rules.  If possible, try
to open up mutual spaces, so that
everyone feels that they have a lot
of room to maneuver.  

After the transit is over, people will
mostly come back to their usual
lives and routines. And if they don’t,
there was more than just this transit
going on.     
This is noticeable December 5 to

It’s exact
in NYC: Sun, Dec 6, 7:42 am
in Vancouver: Sun, Dec 6, 4:42 am
in London: Sun, Dec 6, 12:42 pm
in Singapore: Sun, Dec 6, 8:42 pm
in Sydney: Sun, Dec 6, 11:42 pm

The sun square Neptune
(18° Sagittarius/Pisces)

This is a vague, confusing aspect, in
which it’s a little difficult to decide
between all the alternatives.  You
want to do it all, and may impulsively
start doing something before
realizing that it would be in your best
interest to do something quite

There can also be
misunderstandings and even
deception during this transit, so
watch for that.  It may not be easy to
decipher what someone means, and
because transits involving Neptune
make everyone more sensitive, it’s
easy to imagine all sorts of odd and
improbable things.  Your intuition
may be working overtime, but it’s not
always easy to distinguish between
true intuition and wishful thinking.  

More grounded people will do
better.  Those who are already a bit
spacey, flakey or easily distracted
may find it even harder than usual to
maintain clarity and common sense.  
Some folks may need to go off and
spend some time in the woods,
communing with nature, and this
transit can be a good time for
meditation and spiritual work.   

There could also be some odd
situations involving leadership.
People could attain positions for
which they’re completely unsuited,
and other people may need to shore
them up.  This kind of situation
doesn’t generally last long, but it can
make everyone insecure while it’s
going on.

This is noticeable December 7 to

It’s exact
in NYC: Weds, Dec 9, 2:40 pm
in Vancouver: Weds, Dec 9,
11:40 am
in London: Weds, Dec 9, 7:40 pm
in Singapore: Thurs, Dec 10, 3:40 am
in Sydney: Thurs, Dec 10, 6:40 am

Venus sextile Pluto
(23° Scorpio/Capricorn)

This can be a very romantic,
intimate time.  It gives more
intense relationships, deeper
sexual energy, and more focused
desires.  You have outlets for
powerful emotions, including
some you may have buried for a
long time.  You are ready to
express what you feel, in a clear
and focused way.  

This is an excellent time for
artists, and you can produce
some really beautiful, moving
work.  You have access to a
greater range of feelings, and
you find a place for these in your
craft, whatever it is.  It’s
especially good for actors and
musicians; you are able to let all
the feelings flow through your
body, and you can anchor them
through some kind of formal
structure.  This could be the
structure of a musical
composition or a dramatic scene,
for example.  You fill it out and
bring it to life.  

No matter how strong the
feelings, this is not a noisy
transit.  Relationships become
more private, more discreet, and
this also adds to the intensity.  If
you’re sharing something with
someone else, the rest of the
world is not necessarily in the
picture.  But you know what’s
going on, and you feel changed
by it.             

This is noticeable December 8 to

It’s exact
in NYC: Thurs, Dec 10, 6:52 am
in Vancouver: Thurs, Dec 10,
3:52 am
in London: Thurs, Dec 10,
11:52 am
in Singapore: Thurs, Dec 10,
7:52 pm
in Sydney: Thurs, Dec 10,
10:52 pm

The sun trine Mars
(19° Sagittarius/Aries)

This is a stimulating transit, giving lots of
confidence, dynamic energy and purposeful
action.  Desires are stronger, and you’re
more successful in realizing them.  You are
spontaneous, impetuous, ready to make a
mad dash towards the object of your desire,
whatever (or whoever) it is.

Since the trine is in fire signs, it’s
particularly good for self-expression and
creative work.  You are inspired to do all
kinds of exciting, adventurous things,
putting your unique mark on everything.
This is great for exercise, for political
action, for heroic endeavors, and for
community projects.     

This transit brings out the leader in you.  
Not everybody can be in charge of
everything, but everyone can take the
initiative, managing a particular piece of a
larger project, doing it well.  This transit will
bring out an atmosphere of friendly
competition, in which everyone works
independently, but people cheer each other

With fire signs, there is always a romantic
spirit.  Grand gestures come naturally, and
some of these can pave the way to
romantic entanglements.  You’re more likely
to take the plunge, to dare, to risk, and so
this can be an exciting time.

This is noticeable December 8 to 13.          

It’s exact
in NYC: Fri, Dec 11, 1:00 am
in Vancouver: Thurs, Dec 10, 10:00 pm
in London: Fri, Dec 11, 6:00 am
in Singapore: Fri, Dec 11, 2:00 pm
in Sydney: Fri, Dec 11, 5:00 pm