Current Aspects
October 23
to 30, 2020

all interpretations written & copyrighted by Jenny Yates

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Jupiter sextile Neptune
(18° Capricorn/Pisces)

This is a good aspect for
dreamers.  Jupiter is usually more
prosaic and sensible when it’s in
Capricorn, but the sextile to
Neptune opens the door to flights
of fancy.  

Both Jupiter and Neptune tend to
exaggerate, to inflate, but since this
is a harmonious aspect, there
isn’t much damage done during this
transit.  You’re more idealistic, and
you can conceive of a better world.  
You may even be able to figure out
how to make it happen.  Your more
cynical side is temporarily in
abeyance while you work out a
plausible path to Utopia.

You may not get everything you
want, but you’ll likely have some
wonderful experiences.  It’s never a
bad thing to move towards
whatever makes your heart sing.

This transit is particularly good for
progress in the arts, including the
healing arts.  You are able to trust
your intuition, and it takes you
towards beauty, bliss, and
wholeness.  It can also be a time of
spiritual growth, when you feel a
stronger sense of connection to the

This is noticeable September 16 to
October 27.           

It's exact
in NYC:  Mon, Oct 12,
3:06 am
in Vancouver:  Mon, Oct 12,

12:06 am
in London: Mon, Oct 12,
8:06 am
in Singapore: Mon, Oct 12,
3:06 pm   
in Sydney: Mon, Oct 12,
5:06 pm

September 16 to
October 27
Jupiter sextile Neptune

October 28 to November 25
Jupiter conjunct Pluto

October 24 to 26
Sun conjunct Mercury

Mars square Jupiter
(19° Aries/Capricorn)

This really increases your energy and
ambition. Mars in Aries is impetuous,
active, and fast-moving, and the
square to Jupiter increases that. You
are motivated, ready to spring into
action. Thinking and talking isn’t
enough for you. You want your boots
on the ground.

This aspect is highly competitive.
Once you set an objective, you are
ready to win, and in order to do that,
you give it everything you have. And
so you might win, it’s true, but are
there other factors you aren’t
considering? Are you ruining your
health, by pushing so hard? Are you
working yourself to the bone? Are you
hurting your relationships, because
you insist on doing things your own
way? Are you absolutely sure that you’
re right about everything?  

The main danger with this aspect is
that you can go too far. Whether you’
re working or playing, you
don’t necessarily know when it’s time
to quit. You’re more likely to take a
chance, and to overestimate your
resources - of time, money,
reputation, or influence. And because
of that, you may not accomplish what
you want. In fact, you might end up
losing more than you can afford.  Your
will is strong, but sometimes will isn’t

However, if you can exercise a little
restraint, and try for more modest
goals, this can be a very successful
transit. Just watch out for the balloon
effect, and try not to get over-inflated.  
Proceed deliberately and stay in

This is noticeable October 14 to

It’s exact
in NYC: Mon, Oct 19, 1:37 am
in Vancouver: Sun, Oct 18,
10:37 pm
in London: Mon, Oct 19, 6:37 am
in Singapore: Mon, Oct 19,
1:37 pm
in Sydney: Mon, Oct 19, 4:37 pm

October 22 to 26
Venus trine Saturn

October 29 to November 2
Sun oppose Uranus

October 29 to November 9
Mercury square Saturn

Venus trine Pluto
(22° Virgo/Capricorn)

This is a time of passion and
intimacy.  If you’re in an
established relationship, you
can experience new depths.  If
you’re looking for love, you
are drawn to people with
whom you feel a strong soul
connection.  If you’re not
looking for love, friendship
can be equally significant at
this time.  You understand
more and more about the
people in your life, the ones
who matter most to you.  

For artists, this is an excellent
transit, giving skill,
concentration, and great
pleasure in everything you
do.  Your work tells the truth,
and gets under people’s
skins.  At the same time,
you’re more receptive to
beauty itself.  

This is also a great transit for
craftspeople, since it happens
in earth signs.  And it’s good
for gardeners, and anyone
who works with natural things.

All work goes a little more
harmoniously, and you can go
deeper with it, using
resources that you might have
ignored before.  Even if you’re
just organizing your space
and polishing your tools, you
have a natural sense of order
that brings you good results.  

This is noticeable October 20
to 23.        

It's exact
in NYC: Weds, Oct 21,

5:41 pm
in Vancouver: Weds, Oct 21,
2:41 pm  
in London: Weds, Oct 21,

10:41 pm  
in Singapore: Thurs, Oct 22,

5:41 am   
in Sydney: Thurs, Oct 22,

8:41 am   

October 20 to 23
Venus trine Pluto

October 14 to 24
Mars square Jupiter

Venus trine Saturn
(25° Virgo/Capricorn)

This is a grounding influence,
and it helps you keep it real.  In
relationships, it gives more loyalty
and stability, and promotes long-
lasting connections with others.  

Whether you’re dealing with
friends, lovers, family, or
partners, you have a clear sense
of what the other person actually
needs, and you try to be helpful.  
This could mean taking a meal to
a sickly neighbor, or lending a
tool, or offering your particular
skill.  Others help you as well.
You recognize that we all have a
certain responsibility for each
other, and that this shared
responsibility builds a strong
social foundation.  

For artists and craftspeople, this
is a productive and pleasant
time.  You’re more patient with
the demands of your art, willing to
give careful attention to each
step, noticing all the small
details.  This is also a good time
for healers and bodyworkers.

Whatever your work, it’s easier
and more congenial at this time.  
You’re doing your share, and
others are too, and so the work
goes well.  You’re all aware of the
larger goals, and how all these
small parts contribute to the
whole. You’re serious, but not
weighed down by the tasks at
hand. You feel capable,
committed, and in control.           
This is noticeable October 22 to

It's exact
in NYC: Sat, Oct 24, 11:40 am
in Vancouver: Sat, Oct 24,
8:40 am  
in London: Sat, Oct 24, 4:40 pm
in Singapore: Sat, Oct 24,
11:40 pm  
in Sydney: Sun, Oct 25, 2:40 am

Sun conjunct Mercury
(2° Scorpio)

This transit makes for strong,
focused mental energy, and
some intense calculations
could go on below the
surface.  Subtle nuances have
a great effect, and could
reflect some fierce jousting for
power and control.  Strategy is
important, and those who are
good at it will accomplish a
great deal.

For writers and speakers, this
is a very effective time.  Every
word counts. Every phrase
has strong emotional appeal
to those who read or listen.  
You can persuade people,
even hypnotize them, but
there's some danger that you
might ignore the usual
boundaries. There’s an
instinctive understanding of
psychology, and an interest in
subjects that are generally
dangerous or taboo.

People who are normally very
practical or prosaic may feel a
bit lost under this influence,
since mundane considerations
are not primary.  Deeper
feelings are running the show,
including old traumatic
memories.  However, it’s not
bad for these deeper feelings
to express themselves, and it
can be a real relief when
silence is broken.  This can
establish the groundwork for
important healing.  

This is noticeable October 24
to 26.       

It's exact
in NYC: Sun, Oct 25, 2:23 pm
in Vancouver: Sun, Oct 25,
11:23 am
in London: Sun, Oct 25,
6:23 pm  
in Singapore: Mon, Oct 26,
2:23 am   
in Sydney: Mon, Oct 26,
5:23 am   

Jupiter conjunct Pluto
(22° Capricorn)

This is a time of fierce loyalties and
intense ambitions.  Jupiter expands
everything it touches, and now it’s
giving its energy to Pluto, planet of
power and transformation.  So there
could be quite a few protracted –
perhaps even violent - struggles for
primacy. And yes, we’re all fighting for
primacy over a tiny enemy, the corona

During this time, some struggles are
overt, and others hidden away, below
the surface. There could be tangled
webs of influence, obsession, favors,
and debts, and it may not be easy to
see what’s really going on.  And then
sometimes some fierce, unruly emotion
– some desire, resentment, or ambition
- bursts through, and everyone jumps
on it, shocked to the bone.  And yet it’s
been there all along, if anyone cared to
look a little deeper.  

With this aspect, the urge for power
can reach toxic levels. So it’s really
important to keep talking about what’s
going on, both with the virus and in the
highest levels of government. Free
discussion helps a lot in working
through the power imbalances.

You can accomplish an enormous
amount during this transit if you work
with others, and channel your deeper
emotions towards a concrete, practical
goal. If you’re trying to make the world
a better place in some definite way,
and you’re listening to the people
around you and cooperating with them,
then more power to you. You’re part of
the solution.     

This is noticeable October 28 to
November 25.                

It's exact
in NYC:  Thurs, Nov 12, 4:38 pm
in Vancouver: Thurs, Nov 12, 1:38 pm
in London: Thurs, Nov 12, 9:38 pm
in Singapore: Fri, Nov 13, 5:38 am  
in Sydney: Fri, Nov 13, 8:38 am  

Sun oppose Uranus
(8° Scorpio/Taurus)

This is a time of ups and downs, probably
pretty dramatic.  Don’t expect anything to
go in a normal way.  You may find yourself
jumping through a lot of hoops, fielding fly
balls, and juggling an impossible array of
tasks, all at the same time.  Your body and
your brain are both very active, and there
could be technical and mechanical
challenges and mishaps of all kinds.

Your inner rebel could emerge at this time.
You want both freedom and control.  You
want to be free to express all your
preferences and beliefs, and you want total
control over the way you do this. If people
try to impinge on your freedom, you could
use financial pressures or emotional
threats to stop them. Or it may be that
someone else will use these on you, if you
don’t back off and let them do whatever
they want to do. You need to be pretty
clear about your power and your

It’s an exciting, dangerous time, but it’s also
a time of peak creativity.  You are willing to
be odd, to be different.  Even introverts will
decide it’s time to rock dramatic new
hairstyles, while extroverts will be as
flamboyant as peacocks.  Writers and
artists will throw themselves into dramatic,
ground-breaking work.  Art collectors and
museum curators will take a more radical
direction too.

At the same time, controversy is always
right around the corner.  Some people will
use radical methods in their fight to
continue the status quo, while others try to
disrupt it. Something that’s ground-
breaking to one person will be old hat to
someone else. And there will be a certain
number of people who are ready to throw
any number of babies out with their

And happy Halloween, by the way!            

This is noticeable October 29 to November

It's exact
in NYC: Sat, Oct 31, 11:53 am
in Vancouver: Sat, Oct 31, 8:53 am
in London: Sat, Oct 31, 12:53 pm  
in Singapore: Sat, Oct 31, 11:53 pm   
in Sydney: Sun, Nov 1, 2:53 am

Mercury square Saturn
(26° Libra/Capricorn)

This can be a frustrating time, especially
when it comes to communication and
transportation. Give yourself extra time,
since things may take longer.  It may be
difficult to make connections with others,
and to get around. Even simple things
require more work, and you may find that
you’re redoing things that you thought were

Mercury in Libra gives a strong aesthetic
sense, a love of patterns and symmetry, but
Saturn in Capricorn keeps interrupting that.  
Instead of doing things beautifully, you’re
required to do them in a pragmatic, efficient
way. You may feel that there’s more than
one way to do things, but still, you have to
deal with stern judgments from others. And
so you could feel misunderstood, restricted,
and unfairly criticized.  

Mercury in Libra also gives more idealism,
but this can sometimes backfire.  You can’t
help but look back and see all the good
intentions paving the road behind you, and
this makes you wonder where you’re
heading.  It’s important not to give in to a
sense of futility, but to have some faith in
yourself and your own ability to learn, to
listen, and to find inner clarity and

Meanwhile, don’t be discouraged if some
project doesn’t work out while this aspect is
in orb.  Just wait a few days and try again. If
it still doesn’t work, it was probably just a
really bad idea to begin with, and you can
be glad you didn’t force it.    

This is noticeable October 29 to November

It's exact for the first time
in NYC:  Sun, Nov 1, 2:06 pm
in Vancouver: Sun, Nov 1, 11:06 am
in London: Sun, Nov 1, 7:06 pm
in Singapore: Mon, Nov 2, 3:06 am  
in Sydney: Mon, Nov 2, 6:06 am  

It's exact for the second time
in NYC: Fri, Nov 6, 4:11 am
in Vancouver: Fri, Nov 6, 1:11 am
in London: Fri, Nov 6, 9:11 am
in Singapore: Fri, Nov 6, 5:11 pm  
in Sydney: Fri, Nov 6, 8:11 pm