Current Aspects

2 to 15, 2018

all interpretations written & copyrighted by Jenny Yates

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Venus oppose Uranus
(0° Scorpio/Taurus)

This is a destabilizing influence for
relationships.  Venus in Scorpio gives very
intense, passionate desires, and these can
sometimes come at the wrong time, or with the
wrong person.  When this happens, there can
be a lot of drama, and sometimes changes are

This is more likely to happen when the
relationship is shaky to begin with.  But even a
stable, long-lasting partnership can run into a
few challenges with this aspect.  One person
may be a little bored, a little restless, while the
other person is determined to keep things the
same.  Sooner or later, you have to find a
compromise.  It’s the fixity that often breaks
things down.   

This transit gives a strong interest in what’s
new and exciting, in every area.  It can mean
meeting really interesting people, way outside
your usual circle.  This can be good.  You
might decide to join a motorcycle gang, and
this could mean getting more fresh air and
exercise.  It could also mean getting arrested
for disturbing the peace.  Only you can decide
how far you want to take things with your new

Everyone feels a stronger urge for liberation,
and people can startle you with the new
personae they try on.  Your staid
neighborhood librarian may get “Born to Run”
tattooed on her thigh, while the juvenile
delinquent down the block takes vows and
becomes a nun.  You just never know.  

For artists, this can be a very cool transit,
because you can see beyond the usual
patterns.  You can try things that you never
even considered before, and some of these
things will take you in fascinating new
directions, and be mind-expanding for your
audience as well.   

This is noticeable October 27 to November

It's exact
in NYC: Weds, Oct 31, 4:45 am    
in Vancouver: Weds, Oct 31,
1:45 am    
in London:  Weds, Oct 31, 8:45 am    
in Singapore: Weds, Oct 31,
4:45 pm       
in Sydney: Weds, Oct 31, 7:45 am    

November 9 to 13
Sun sextile Pluto

November 11 to 21
Mercury square Neptune

October 27 to November 4
Venus oppose Uranus

November 7 to 11
Venus trine Mars

Jupiter inconjunct Uranus
(29° Scorpio/Aries)

This brings out the rebel in
everyone.  It’s an inventive, creative
transit, and it can mean making
gestures that are larger than life,
going to extremes.

Some deeper emotional material
could emerge, with Jupiter in
Scorpio, and it can take unexpected
forms.  If there’s something you’ve
suppressed inside yourself, it may
suddenly declare itself and shock
everyone, including yourself.   For
example, you could join a rock and
roll band, or the circus, or a cult.
You could go climb a mountain,
searching for your guru, or you
could devote yourself to sending
messages out into space, hoping for
the Vulcans to come rescue the

Scorpio is a sign of focus, but
Uranus aspects tend to be restless
and changeable, so there’s some
tension there.  You really want
something, you want it badly, but
your mind is darting all over the
place, and it’s harder to stick to your
project.  You have to practically
hypnotize yourself, and when you
do this, it’s harder for you to hear
any contrary voices suggesting that
maybe your project isn’t such a
great idea.  

Watch for technical and mechanical
errors during this time.  Lots of little
things can go wrong. You’re drawn
to people and situations that are
offbeat, experimental, untested, and
this makes life more interesting, but
it also means a certain number of
abrupt ends and beginnings.  

This is noticeable October 31 to
November 15.     
It's exact
in NYC: Thurs, Nov 8, 1:20 am
in Vancouver:  Weds, Nov 7,

10:20 pm  
in London: Thurs, Nov 8, 6:20 am
in Singapore: Thurs, Nov 8,

2:20 pm  
in Sydney: Thurs, Nov 8, 5:20 pm

Sun trine Neptune
(13° Scorpio/Pisces)

This is a lovely aspect, very
artistic and poetic.  It gives
a heightened spiritual
consciousness, which
expresses itself most
fortunately in creative work.  
Inspiration comes easily,
whether you are painting,
sculpting, making music,
designing buildings, or
anything else. You feel the
intimate touch of your muse.

It’s also an idealistic time,
and this idealism is not dry
or abstract, but rather a
strong feeling of empathy
for all living beings.  There’s
a willingness to go a little
further, to make a
difference, even to rescue
those who are in extreme
circumstances.  There’s a
gentler and more open
spirit in families, in villages,
in cities, in communities.

It can be a time of spiritual
awakening.  Awakening
could come through the
beauty of a sunset, or the
kindness of a stranger, or
from a piece of music.  And
love can awaken people to
their own unexplored
depths, and to the intrinsic
beauty that lies deep within
each of us.  This is a time
when romance feels like
destiny, and sex is like the
nectar of the gods.  

This is noticeable
November 4 to 8.       

It's exact
in NYC: Tues, Nov 6,

1:40 am  
in Vancouver:  Mon, Nov 5,
10:40 pm  
in London: Tues, Nov 6,

6:40 am  
in Singapore: Tues, Nov 6,
2:40 pm    
in Sydney: Tues, Nov 6,

5:40 pm  

October 31 to November 15
Jupiter inconjunct Uranus

November 4 to 8
Sun trine Neptune

November 14 to 24
Mars square Jupiter

November 12 to 18
Mars sextile Uranus

Venus trine Mars
(26° Libra/Aquarius)

This is sexually and romantically
stimulating.  Love affairs go more
quickly under this influence.  People
meet, make eye contact, and
suddenly they’re head-over-heels in
love.  With the need for romance
stronger, a small amount of
compatibility can take you a long

Friendships are also stronger, and
more active.  This is a good time to
get together with your best buddies,
either singly or in a group.  You can
do something pleasurable,
something that’s either culturally or
physically stimulating – or perhaps
both. It’s a time when it feels good to
be around other people.   

This is also a strong creative
influence, especially since the trine is
happening in air signs.  Your
aesthetic sensibilities are stronger,
and you’re more likely to be moved
and inspired by a romantic ballad, a
marble sculpture, the graceful angle
of a roof, or a garden in bloom.  You
want to surround yourself with
beauty, and to express your own
sense of what’s beautiful.   

This is noticeable November 7 to

It's exact
in NYC: Mon, Nov 19, 10:11 am
in Vancouver: Mon, Nov 19, 7:11 am
in London: Mon, Nov 19, 3:11 pm  
in Singapore: Mon, Nov 19,
11:11 pm   
in Sydney: Tues, Nov 20, 2:11 am

Sun sextile Pluto
(19° Scorpio/Capricorn)

This is a time when everyone goes a
little deeper.  There’s an interest in all
the subjects that are normally taboo –
sex, death, the underworld.  Myths and
stories can come to life. Medusa pokes
her head out of her cave, and the
sirens sing.   Everyone feels a desire
to dip their toes into dangerous,
otherworldly waters.

But because it’s a sextile, a
harmonious aspect, it’s generally safe
to live a little bit on the wild side. And
there’s a purpose to what you’re
doing.  It’s about your most compelling
desires, your strongest goals, your
most cherished dreams.  You’re going
there, one step at a time, and it takes
courage to do things you’ve never
done before.  Now – that courage is
available to you.  

There’s a lot of attractive force during
this transit.  You may find yourself
drawn quite strongly towards certain
people and situations, without knowing
quite why.  What are you supposed to
learn?  Why are you getting involved in
this?  If you don’t clutter your mind with
a lot of platitudes, you’ll figure out what
your spirit is trying to tell you.     

This is noticeable November 9 to

It's exact
in NYC: Sun, Nov 11, 10:21 am  
in Vancouver: Sun, Nov 11, 7:21 am  
in London: Sun, Nov 11, 3:21 pm  
in Singapore: Sun, Nov 11, 11:21 pm    
in Sydney: Mon, Nov 12, 2:21 am  

Mercury square Neptune
(13° Sagittarius/Pisces)

This is a confusing transit,
especially since Mercury is
changing directions when it
happens.  With Mercury in the
fast-moving and impulsive sign
Sagittarius, a lot of information
can just fly by, without being
picked up by the people who
need it.  And then a big,
grandiose idea comes along,
and everybody just latches on,
as though the day has been
saved.  But what are the root
assumptions here?  Is there
truth at the core?  

Very religious people may
become even more devout
under this influence, and
spiritual people will see the
divine in everything.  This
could be beautiful, but it could
also mean ignoring immediate
practical information.  And it
can contribute to confusion
when other people think you’re
speaking literally rather than

Even before Mercury turns
retrograde on November 16,  
you can have that retrograde
feeling.  So if you’re making
plans to meet someone, make
sure that the meeting point is
really clear.  This is not the
time to make assumptions.  
Even if you feel like an idiot
going over the information
again, still it’s best to check if
you have even the smallest
doubt about what you’ve just
agreed to.  And don’t count on
your cell phone working in a

This is noticeable November
11 to 21.                        

It's not exact, but it’s at its
in NYC: Fri, Nov 16, 8:33 pm     
in Vancouver: Fri, Nov 16,
5:33 pm     
in London: Sat, Nov 17,
1:33 am     
in Singapore: Sat, Nov 17,
9:33 am       
in Sydney: Sat, Nov 17,
12:33 pm     

Mars sextile Uranus
(29° Aquarius/Aries)

This is a very creative transit, a good
time to try new things.  You’re more
innovative, more likely to experiment.  
It might work, it might not, but you learn
a lot when you put things together in
different ways.  And you can have
some fun at the same time.  This
transit is fairly light, and doesn’t
indicate any weighty consequences.  
You can wander off the beaten track
with impunity.

This aspect energizes you both
mentally and physically.  It’s good for
exploring new places, for making new
friends, and for getting involved with
different kinds of communities.  You
might find yourself more interested in
science, or in progressive social
movements.  You might get involved in
saving the planet, or protesting

This is a great time to master some
new technology.  And if you’re inclined
that way, you might even invent
something.  All over the world, better
mouse-traps are being built.   

It’s good for sports and physical
activity, especially things that are fast-
moving, spontaneous and creative.  
You are especially drawn to a sport if
there’s some element of strategy, or
some intricate technique to be

This is noticeable November 12 to
It's exact
in NYC: Thurs, Nov 15, 4:31 am      
in Vancouver: Thurs, Nov 15,
1:31 am      
in London: Thurs, Nov 15,
9:31 am        
in Singapore: Thurs, Nov 15,
5:31 pm        
in Sydney: Thurs, Nov 15, 8:31 pm      

Mars square Jupiter
(2° Pisces/Sagittarius)

Mars can be a little spacy in Pisces,
and with this square to Jupiter, there’s
some danger of getting way ahead of
yourself, acting from a boundless but
ungrounded optimism.  This is a
mutable square, and so it’s prone to
lots of distractions.  You may start out
going in twenty directions at the same
time, and then wonder why you never
got where you thought you were

As with all hard Mars aspects, you can
feel a little out of control.  Impulse
control is not strong, partly because
you’re rushing around at a faster
pace.  Everything seems like a good
idea until it’s suddenly proven that it
isn’t, and you can wonder why you
jumped into this endeavor in the first
place.  You might find yourself looking
around for a scapegoat – or somebody
else might be doing this to you – so be
aware of that and avoid those that
appear particularly out of control.  

Hope is not a bad thing, and this
aspect gives you plenty of it.  It lends
itself to rule-breaking, sometimes from
carelessness and sometimes from
spiritual or moral beliefs.  There’s
some danger of becoming a martyr for
a cause, so weigh your options
carefully before going down that road.  
This really isn’t a good time to take
legal or financial risks.  There’s also a
danger of accidents or expensive

This is noticeable November 14 to

It's exact
in NYC: Mon, Nov 19, 8:30 pm
in Vancouver: Mon, Nov 19, 5:30 pm  
in London: Tues, Nov 20, 1:30 am  
in Singapore: Tues, Nov 20,
9:30 am     
in Sydney: Tues, Nov 20, 12:30 pm