Current Aspects

May 16
to 30, 2018

all interpretations written & copyrighted by Jenny Yates

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Mars square Uranus
(0° Aquarius/Taurus)

No sooner does Uranus enter its new
sign, Taurus, then it squares Mars.  
Way to start things with a bang!  This
is one of the most accident-prone
aspects there is, so don’t play with any
volatile liquids in your kitchen, and don’
t stand under trees in lightning
storms.  There could also be technical
and mechanical problems, so pay
attention to your machines and

People are more impulsive under this
influence, and they can do wild, crazy,
daring, revolutionary things.    
Professors can leave their ivory towers
and start marching in the streets.
Peaceful idealists can decide it’s time
for direct action, and blow up banks.
Ideas take shape, and threaten
anything that’s established, especially
anything connected to monetary
interests.  That’s definitely the way to
get in trouble with the government.     

You may also feel quite rebellious in
your personal life.  Maybe
you’ve been steadily working at a desk
for years, putting in the time till
retirement.  And suddenly you realize
that you’ve actually always wanted to
be a rock star.  You see an electric
guitar at a yard sale, and it’s clearly a
sign.  But wait!  Maybe you should
hang on to your job until this transit is
over, and then think about other more
gradual ways to get out of your
comfortable rut.    

This is noticeable May 10 to 22.    

It's exact
in NYC: Weds, May 16, 3:03 am
in Vancouver: Weds, May 16,
12:03 am
in London: Weds, May 16,
8:03 am
in Singapore:  Weds, May 16,
3:03 pm
in Sydney: Weds, May 16,
5:03 pm

Jupiter trine Neptune
(16° Scorpio/Pisces)

This is a generous, open-hearted
transit, in which people find it
easier to get in touch with their
best selves.  Neptune in Pisces is
sensitive, intuitive, and spiritually
conscious, and the trine to Jupiter
enhances all these tendencies.  So
even your local crime boss could
suddenly discover his altruistic self,
and start giving all his money away
to the orphanage. Everyone has a
heart of gold, somewhere deep

It’s generally a lucky transit, without
being grasping or competitive.  
This could mean a lucky financial
break.  Or it could mean progress
towards one of your most
cherished desires.  Or it could
mean acceptance by your family,
friends, and the greater
community.  People are more loyal,
more willing to see through the
masks you wear and embrace you
as you are.  So it’s a good time for
all the prodigal children to come

This can also be a time of spiritual
gifts.  You feel that the universe is
purposeful, and that you and
everyone else have a place in it.  
All spiritual practices are enhanced
by this transit, and become more
deeply meaningful.   

And it’s also a very creative time.  
There’s a strong urge to express
yourself and all your emotions,
perhaps in a community setting,
perhaps in private. This could
mean letting all your demons out,
by acting in a neighborhood drama
group.  Or it could just mean
singing opera in the shower.  

This is noticeable May 10 to June

It's exact
in NYC:  Fri, May 25, 5:52 am
in Vancouver: Fri, May 25, 2:52 am
in London: Fri, May 25, 10:52 am
in Singapore: Fri, May 25, 5:52 pm  
in Sydney: Fri, May 25, 7:52 pm

May 22 to 24
Mercury oppose Jupiter

May 21 to 23
Mercury sextile Neptune

May 20 to 27
Sun trine Mars

May 24 to 27
Venus oppose Saturn

May 24 to 26
Mercury trine Pluto

Mercury trine Saturn
(8° Taurus/Capricorn)

This transit is very grounding,
especially in earth signs.  
Mercury’s trine to Saturn, planet of
form and discipline, gives orderly
thoughts, handy organizational
methods, and useful structures.  
Mercury in Taurus gives the urge to
build things that are solid and
durable, and Saturn helps make
that happen.  

It’s a good time to do any work that
requires discipline.  You focus on
the results you want, and get into
the zone, and you can accomplish a
great deal.  You may find yourself
achieving some of your goals
during this transit – not in a flashy
way, but with patient and persistent

When it comes to communication,
this is a very fortunate influence.  
You are able to deal with basics, to
say what you mean, and to be
specific about what you want to
accomplish.  Others appreciate that
you’re honest and forthright, and
that you focus on practical matters.  
Everybody wants results, and so
there’s lots of discussion about nuts
and bolts, and some sensible
decisions are made.  

Whenever there’s a good aspect to
Saturn, there’s an appreciation for
what has gone before.  So this is a
good time to find the wise ones in
your midst, and to get their advice
and blessings for whatever you’re
doing.  You can also find useful
information in old books.  You may
find that you’re dealing with
problems that have been dealt with
before, and so you don’t have to
start from scratch.

This is noticeable May 17 to 19.
It's exact
in NYC:  Fri, May 18, 12:48 pm  
in Vancouver: Fri, May 18,
9:48 am  
in London: Fri, May 18, 5:48 pm  
in Singapore: Sat, May 19,
12:48 am   
in Sydney: Sat, May 19, 2:48 am   

Venus sextile Uranus
(0° Cancer/Taurus)

This is an exciting transit,
especially when it comes to love
and friendship.  During this time,
you could meet a lot of
interesting people, learn new
things, and explore different
facets of your own personality in
the process.  You’re drawn to
those who are outside your usual
circle, people who have
something to teach you.

A friendship could go in a new
direction, and become romantic.
You might discover new things
about someone, as you see them
outside their usual milieu.  When
it comes to romantic gestures,
you’re inspired to do things a little
differently, and this can definitely
pique your lover’s interest.  And
because Venus is in the warm,
nurturing sign Cancer,
relationships could become
affectionate quite quickly.  

Even with strangers, you’re more
sensitive and more intuitive than
usual.  You pick up on the way
people feel, and you have an
impulse to nurture and protect
them.  You might bring home a
stranger you meet at the bus
stop, or adopt a stray kitty, during
this transit.  You want to make
everybody part of your family.  
Venus in Cancer is quite
retentive, and you might also
have a tendency to pick up odd
objects and find spots for them in
your home.  

This is a great aspect for artists,
as it encourages new ways of
looking at your material. You
want to do innovative things,
things that haven’t been done
before.  At the same time, your
work is accessible and emotional,
and people are very moved by

This is noticeable May 17 to

It's exact
in NYC: Sat, May 19, 1:30 pm     
in Vancouver: Sat, May 19,
10:30 am       
in London: Sat, May 19,

6:30 pm       
in Singapore: Sun, May 20,

1:30 am  
in Sydney: Sun, May 20, 3:30 am  

Venus inconjunct Mars
(1° Cancer/Aquarius)

This transit tends to put a few
obstacles in the path of true love.  
You feel more romantic and
impressionable than usual, and there
could be a strong intuitive link
between yourself and someone you
just met.  Perhaps it just feels right.  
Your heart is telling you to make a
move. Or it could be that you’ve been
lovers for a while, and your heart is
demanding that you move in together,
or get married, or pledge monogamy.  

However, Venus in Cancer can be a
little needy at times, and so be careful
that you aren’t overpowering, or
smothering, the one you love.  These
are the issues that can come up
under this transit.  You throw yourself
at the feet of your beloved and pledge
undying love, and your lover starts
muttering something about needing
more space.

Or it could be that the shoe is on the
other foot.  Perhaps you’re the one
who isn’t too sure how you feel about
all this mushy stuff, and you feel kind
of fond of this person, but you’re not
sure you’re ready to dedicate your life
to tandem bliss.  And so you may
have to draw some lines in the sand,
even though you really don’t want to
hurt anybody.  

Or it could be that logistics are
keeping you apart.  You can’t find the
car-keys, you lost the address where
you were supposed to meet, or your
boss is making you work late on the
night of your first date.  Remember, if
it’s meant to be, you’ll probably have
a second chance!        

In established relationships, this can
also be a time when it’s hard to
connect, even when everybody wants
to.  Old hurts could surface again,
and there could be a lot of
processing.  In order to get through
this unscathed, everyone needs to
withhold judgment and practice their
listening skills.    

This is noticeable May 18 to

It's exact
in NYC: Sun, May 20, 10:05 pm  
in Vancouver: Sun, May 20, 7:05 pm  
in London: Mon, May 21, 3:05 am  
in Singapore: Mon, May 21, 10:05 am  
in Sydney: Mon, May 21, 12:05 pm  

May 10 to 22
Mars square Uranus

May 10 to June 12
Jupiter trine Neptune

May 17 to 19
Mercury trine Saturn

May 17 to 21
Venus sextile Uranus

May 18 to 23
Venus inconjunct Mars

May 30 to June 2
Venus trine Jupiter  

May 27 to 31
Sun inconjunct Saturn

The sun trine Mars
(2° Gemini/Aquarius)

This is stimulating.  It helps you
channel the energy of the fast-moving
Gemini sun into definite, productive,
successful activities.  It gives
momentum, so you are less likely to
get sidetracked.  Your will translates
into action, and things move along at
a fast pace.  

Exercise is more fun now, and it’s a
good time to start a fitness program of
some kind.  The aspect lends itself to
sports and games that combine
physical and mental skills, and that
call for speed, agility and balance.  If
there’s a social element to your
exercise program, so much the
better.  You can make new friends
while hiking or catching a softball.   

Since it’s in air signs, this transit is
also very good for intellectual work,
and it’s a great time to write, organize,
teach or learn.  It’s especially good for
working in a group.  If you’re usually a
lone wolf, you may find yourself
surprised by how much easier
everything is when there are a bunch
of people supporting you, adding their
ideas to yours.       

All relationships get an extra boost
from this aspect, but it’s especially
good for friendships.  You could go to
out-of-the-way places and meet some
really interesting people, doing things
that you’ve always been curious
about. They might show you how to
do these things too.    

It’s also a great time for political or
civic action.  You want to be a force in
your community, and you have a lot of
ideas on how to do this.  Getting
together with others, you’re blown
away by the creative possibilities that
come up, the different ways that
things can be improved.  Whether
you’re focusing on the planet, or just
your little piece of it, you can make
the world a better place.    

This is noticeable May 20 to 27.           

It's exact
in NYC: Weds, May 23, 10:39 pm
in Vancouver: Weds, May 23,
7:39 pm  
in London: Thurs, May 24, 3:39 am  
in Singapore: Thurs, May 24,
10:39 am     
in Sydney: Thurs, May 24, 12:39 pm  

Mercury sextile Neptune
(16° Taurus/Pisces)

This transit adds to the imagination,
and it’s especially good for creative
people.  Musicians and poets are
influenced by the flowing rhythms of
Neptune, while film-makers, painters,
photographers and actors enjoy
Neptune’s mastery of the arts of
illusion, and its connection to
dreams and archetypes.  Mercury is
in the tactile sign Taurus, so this is
also a good aspect for potters,
weavers, and people who work with
earthy substances.

Mercury in Taurus is usually pretty
grounded, but this is less so with this
sextile to Neptune.  However this is a
harmonious aspect, and so you can
let earthy obligations slide a little bit,
and getting lost in sweeter
sensations of all kinds.  It’s a nice
time to go to the movies, or to spend
an afternoon swinging in a hammock
and contemplating nature.  

It strengthens intuition, and this can
be very handy when it comes to
communication.  You don’t have to
call someone up, because you have
a sudden inner knowledge of what
they’ll say about something.  And
later on, when you do check with
them, you usually find that you were
right.  You are also more
compassionate, more patient, and
more open to prompts from your
higher self.   

This is noticeable May 21 to

It's exact
in NYC: Tues, May 22, 10:13 pm  
in Vancouver: Tues, May 22,
7:13 pm  
in London: Weds, May 23, 3:13 am
in Singapore: Weds, May 23,
10:13 am  
in Sydney: Weds, May 23, 12:13 pm

Mercury oppose Jupiter
(16° Taurus/Scorpio)

This gives a tendency to go
overboard, especially when it comes
to the things you think, plan and
say.  You could get totally carried
away with some new idea or system,
and throw all your energy and
resources into manifesting it.  You
want to do it all the way, right now,
and you want everybody else to join
you.  But if you’re about to mortgage
your house to fund your idea, or if
you’re asking your Aunt Ida to invest
her life-savings, stop and ask
yourself if you’re about to go around
the bend.   

You may be especially attracted to
anything that seems mysterious.  So
you could find yourself entangled in
conspiracy theories, or secret
societies, and these can be
dangerous.  Ask yourself why you
should be privy to some secret
information that nobody else knows.  
What assumptions are you making
about yourself, and about everyone
else?  Over-confidence is a danger
with this transit.   

This transit fosters inspiration, so
you can accomplish a lot.  But you
can also squander a lot of energy,
resources and good will by being
foolhardy.  You can damage your
reputation by promising more than
you can deliver, and you could even
find yourself in legal trouble if you
go too far with something.  So this is
a good time to exercise restraint.  

This is noticeable May 22 to 24.       

It's exact
in NYC: Weds, May 23, 1:53 am
in Vancouver: Tues, May 22,
10:53 pm  
in London: Weds, May 23, 6:53 am
in Singapore: Weds, May 23,
1:53 pm  
in Sydney: Weds, May 23, 3:53 pm

Mercury trine Pluto
(19° Taurus/Capricorn)

This transit sharpens your wits,
gives more focus and courage,
and allows you to understand
everything in a more profound
way. It helps with communication,
and makes it possible for people
to share their most essential
concerns.  You’re not afraid to
speak up, to bring secrets to light,
but you aren’t rash about this.  
You think about the
repercussions, weigh the risks,
and articulate your ideas with

Rather than trying to fix things on
the surface, you’re paying more
attention to the roots of the
problems that have been
bothering you.  You may delve
into the historical underpinnings
of some difficulty, for example,
and this can help you deal with
the present situation.   

This is a time of greater ambition,
and it’s excellent for working
towards your most important
goals.  You’re thinking more
practically, more strategically, and
you can figure out solutions to
problems that stumped you last
week.  You could get in touch with
resources that you didn’t realize
you had, both in terms of your
own strengths, and in your
connection to the community.  

This is noticeable May 24 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Fri, May 25, 9:37 am
in Vancouver: Fri, May 25,
6:37 am
in London: Fri, May 25, 2:37 pm
in Singapore: Fri, May 25,
9:37 pm   
in Sydney: Fri, May 25, 11:37 pm

Venus oppose Saturn
(8° Cancer/Capricorn)

Venus, the planet of love, is
considerably dampened when she’s
opposed by Saturn, the planet of
realism, restriction and limitation.  
And so there can be delays,
disappointments, and missed
chances to connect.  This can be a
lonely time, and it’s important not to
isolate yourself, but don’t expect
other people to be there for you in
every way you want them to be, all of
the time.  

The lesson of this transit is to own
your own stuff, and not project it onto
other people.  Most disappointments
come along because you want
someone to rescue you, fix you,
redeem you, or admire you.  You
have to give yourself the positive
attention you need;  you have to
recognize your own status as a work
in progress, not perfect but

When you can do that, this aspect is
less painful.  It’s not the end of the
world if someone breaks a date, or if
there’s nobody around to go to the
movies with you, or if your lover
appears more interested in her book
than you.  You can find ways to
make yourself happy, if you look

One of the dangers of this aspect is
that you can be a bit of a martyr, and
that’s never a good idea.  Punishing
yourself can be a backhanded way
of trying to punish others.  You don’t
need to be strict with yourself, to limit
or deprive yourself.  It can help to
talk about your feelings, even if
others can’t help you attain what you
want at the moment.  Still, if you are
honest and forthright about what’s
going on with you, you feel better.  

This is noticeable May 24 to

It's exact
in NYC: Sat, May 26, 2:40 am   
in Vancouver: Fri, May 25, 11:40 pm  
in London: Sat, May 26, 7:40 am   
in Singapore: Sat, May 26,
2:40 pm      
in Sydney: Sat, May 26, 4:40 pm   

The sun inconjunct Saturn
(7° Gemini/Capricorn)

This transit slows things down, and
it can mean too much talk and no
action.  And that could be because
there’s something that’s delayed, or
stuck, or scanty.  It could be
anything from a flat tire to a
uncharged cell phone, with
transportation and communication
problems most likely.   

Communication problems can also
stem from your insecurities.  You
may be afraid that people won’t like
you, and so blurt out things that
give others a completely wrong
impression of you.  Or you may feel
restless and so not give someone
your full attention, and then later
you realize that you should have
listened more closely.   

The Gemini sun can sometimes be
a bit frivolous, while Saturn in
Capricorn is organized, ambitious,
and responsible.  And so there can
be some tension between these two
approaches.  You want to try lots of
things, and to dash from one
subject to another, but there are
things you need to do.  You have to
be more responsible than you want
to be, more limited in your outlook.
You don’t have as many choices as
you’d like, due to the obligations
you’ve taken on in the past.  

This transit can give a tendency to
be pessimistic, to focus too much on
the negative things that you’re
dealing with.  For people prone to
depression, this can be a tough
time.  Whatever happens, don’t give
yourself a hard time, but just hunker
down a little and make a few
resolutions about tomorrow.  You
might want to do some
restructuring, but don’t be extreme
about it.  Self-acceptance goes a
long way in lessening the problems
of a hard sun/Saturn transit.  

This is noticeable May 27 to 31.     

It's exact
in NYC: Tues, May 29, 2:36 am  
in Vancouver: Mon, May 28,
11:36 pm
in London: Tues, May 29, 7:36 am  
in Singapore: Tues, May 29,
2:36 pm     
in Sydney: Tues, May 29, 4:36 pm  

Venus trine Jupiter
(15° Cancer/Scorpio)

This is a nice time for a feast, a
family reunion, a harvest festival, a
block party, or any kind of tribal
gathering.  It’s pleasurable, festive,
optimistic, and enthusiastic, and it
makes it easier to enjoy oneself –
especially if that involves delicious
food and drink. People are
cheerful, helpful, and more willing
to forgive the wrongs that would
usually have them reaching for
their dueling pistols.  

Maybe you don’t want to be
around large throngs of fellow
revelers, but would just have some
time for your lover, spouse or best
friend.  This is a great time for
private parties as well. You can loll
around in the hot tub, walk by the
river, tell long-forgotten stories of
your childhood.  In water signs, it
lends itself to emotional pleasures
and to deepened intimacy.  

It’s a great time to make yourself
feel good, to indulge yourself in
whatever sybaritic possibilities are
at hand.  So take a vacation.  Visit
your spiritual homelands, or just
relax at a resort. Whatever you
haven’t had time for, do it now.  All
around you, there’s beauty, and
you can take the time to smell the
flowers, listen to music, or dance
all night long.  

For artists, this is an expansive
time.  You can really express
yourself, creating work that’s more
vulnerable and accessible, and
others respond to this.  It’s also a
good time for exhibitions,
presentations, concerts, book-
signings, and other ways of getting
your work out into the public

This is noticeable May 30 to June

It's exact
in NYC: Fri, June 1, 10:28 am
in Vancouver: Fri, June 1, 7:28 am  
in London: Fri, June 1, 3:28 pm  
in Singapore: Fri, June 1,
10:28 pm  
in Sydney: Sat, June 2, 12:28 am