Current Aspects

June 20
to 28, 2019

all interpretations written & copyrighted by Jenny Yates

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Saturn sextile Neptune
(18° Capricorn/Pisces)

The stern, austere approach
of Saturn in Capricorn is
softened by this sextile to
Neptune, and this is very
helpful.  You’re more intuitive,
more empathetic, more
sensitive to the ebb and flow
of emotion around you.  This
helps you work your way
around walls, barriers,
divisions, and entrenched

This is also a time when you
can fulfill your spiritual needs.  
You can find structures, such
as groups, meetings, or
religious organizations, that
give you what you need at the
heart-level, and then help you
connect to the divine.  You
may start a personal spiritual
practice, such as meditation.  

Creative work benefits from
this aspect as well, because
you can find the right
structures to contain your
creativity.  If you’re an artist,
you could set up a little studio
for yourself.  If your thing is
music, you could work out
ways to record or to perform.  
You have one foot in the world
of forms, one in the world of
ethereal beauty, and you find
your balance and move

This is noticeable May 14 to
July 18.        

It’s exact
in NYC: Tues, June 18, 7:47
in Vancouver: Tues, June 18,
4:47 am
in London: Tues, June 18,
12:47 pm
in Singapore: Tues, June 18,
7:47 pm
in Sydney: Tues, June 18,
9:47 pm

May 14 to July 18
Saturn sextile Neptune

June 22 to 25
Venus oppose Jupiter

June 22 to 25
Venus inconjunct Saturn

Jupiter square Neptune
(18° Sagittarius/Pisces)

Jupiter’s role is to expand, and
during this transit, it expands the
spiritual realm ruled by Neptune. So
it can be a time of particular signs
and portents, although it may not be
all that clear what any of them

However, many people are grasping
for meanings, interpreting things in a
way that fits in with their particular
belief systems, and often feeling
absolutely sure that they’ve found
the truth. So during this transit, you
find more zealots, fanatics, true
believers, and cult followers, and
they’re broadcasting their beliefs far
and wide.  They may be trying for a
more perfect world, but the end
result is that they just make it a
weirder one.  

Other people are flailing, completely
confused about what’s true and
what’s not.  One philosophical
system supplants the next, and
there’s never a total allegiance to
anything.  These folks don’t have
much ground under their feet, and
so it’s easy for them to panic, and to
get into more trouble.

The best way to handle this transit is
to check your own beliefs and
assumptions.  If
you’re honest, you’ll recognize that
there are lots of articles of faith, and
you may not be right about any of
this stuff.  This doesn’t mean you
need to change what you believe,
but you can be open to considering
other points of view.   Listen to other
people, learn more about the larger
world, and pay attention to the magic
around you.  Maybe it isn’t telling
you something.  Maybe it just is.      

This is noticeable June 1 to July

It's exact
in NYC: Sun, June 16, 11:21 am
in Vancouver: Sun, June 16,
8:21 am  
in London: Sun, June 16, 4:21 pm
in Singapore: Sun, June 16,
11:21 pm  
in Sydney: Mon, June 17, 1:21 am

June 1 to July 3
Jupiter square Neptune

June 25 to 29
Sun sextile Uranus

June 25 to 28
Venus inconjunct Pluto

June 22 to 25
Venus square Neptune

Mercury conjunct Mars
(21° Cancer)

This gives a lot of intellectual,
emotional and physical energy.  It gives
speed in processing, and quick intuitive
judgments about what’s going on
around you. And so you can
accomplish a lot, especially if you’re
surrounded by other people who feel
the same way.  There’s a tribal energy
about this aspect in Cancer.  It’s good
for dancing, singing, story-telling, and,
of course, synchronized swimming, so it’
s the perfect summer camp aspect.    

It makes for definite, instinctive
responses to stimuli, and if you’re a
dogcatcher or a race-car driver, this
could be very helpful.  If your work
requires more thought, or if you’re in a
situation in which your instincts and
your responsibilities are at odds, you
could run into trouble.  It’s very hard to
go against the way you feel during this

So there are likely to be more domestic
disputes.  If you’ve been annoyed by
Aunt Flo through the years, this is the
time when you might find yourself
yelling at her, “Don’t knit me any more
afghans, damn it!” And she could
broadcast your lack of gratitude all
over her facebook page, with
everybody in your family taking sides
and many of them reminiscing about
what a snotty kid you were.   

So, although it’s a very expressive time,
there are situations in which you want
to curb your outpourings of feeling.  It
may feel good, but it isn’t necessarily
worth it in the long run.  You also want
to be careful of accidents, especially
involving liquids, during this time.  Your
swimming buddy will probably save you
in the lake, but be extra careful in the

This is noticeable June 15 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Tues, June 18, 12:04 pm   
in Vancouver: Tues, June 18,
9:04 am   
in London: Tues, June 18,
5:04 pm   
in Singapore: Weds, June 19,
12:04 am   
in Sydney: Weds, June 19,
2:04 am   

Mars oppose Pluto
(22° Cancer/Capricorn)

This definitely increases ambition, but it
can also mean that ambition can trump
caution, good sense, or inconvenient
existing agreements.  It increases all the
appetites – for power, for love, for sex, for
exercise, for sensation, for drugs or
alcohol, for mastery of skills, or for world

So if you’re an Evil Mastermind, this is a
great time to lure the Hero to your
underwater cave and torture him/her, using
some slow method that will give you time to
brag about your methods.  But you know
how that ends.  For the rest of us, this is a
good time to pay attention to the ways we
try to control forces that are more powerful
than we are.   

There’s a certain amount of anxiety that
goes along with this transit.  This figures,
since appetites are often fueled by
anxiety.  The bottom layer is always the
question:  what happens if I don’t get what I
need/want?  What happens if I stop
pushing?  The answers lie deep, and it can
be very hard to look at things on this level.  

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you
should just step back and be passive.  This
transit can be a time of great effectiveness,
if you use it in a conscious way.  It’s not
bad to be ambitious, or to strive to be the
best at your craft.  It’s not bad to pursue
the object of your affections.  You just
have to recognize when your pursuit of
excellence is a path to a heart attack, or
when your love interest is about to take out
a restraining order.       

This is noticeable June 16 to

It's exact
in NYC: Weds, June 19, 11:26 pm   
in Vancouver: Weds, June 19,
8:26 pm   
in London: Thurs, June 20,
4:26 am  
in Singapore: Thurs, June 20,
11:26 am    
in Sydney: Thurs, June 20,
1:26 pm  

Mercury oppose Pluto
(22° Cancer/Capricorn)

This is pretty intense, and there
could be some dramatic events,
especially when it comes to
communication and power

There are some strong feelings
floating around, and this can
make it hard to see what’s really
going on.  Who’s in charge?  
What’s the truth of the situation?  
What are the true motives?  What
information is being withheld?  
These are the questions that
need to be answered right now,
and you may have to put aside
some of your usual assumptions
to answer them.

No matter what changes you’re
trying to effect in the world, the
most important changes are
within yourself.  Knowing yourself,
being truthful with yourself, is
crucial during this transit.  

If you know your own
attachments, your weak areas,
your emotional blind spots, you
are less likely to rush ahead and
get into trouble.  This is one of
those times when power
imbalances can be particularly
dangerous, so it helps if you can
be realistic both about the power
you have, and the power you don’
t have.  

This is noticeable June 17 to

It's exact
in NYC: Weds, June 19, 6:55 am   
in Vancouver: Weds, June 19,
3:55 am   
in London: Weds, June 19,
11:55 am     
in Singapore: Weds, June 19,
6:55 pm      
in Sydney: Weds, June 19, 8:55

June 15 to 22
Mercury conjunct Mars

June 16 to 23
Mars oppose Pluto

June 17 to 20
Mercury oppose Pluto

Venus opposes Jupiter
(17° Gemini/Sagittarius)

This gives more enthusiasm,
and it inclines to games, parties,
festivals, and adventures.  
Everybody is talking a mile a
minute, telling more jokes,
sharing long stories.  There’s
plenty of laughter, but when the
laughter dies down, you may
have that hollow feeling.  What’s
real, and what’s a big show?      

Excess is the main danger now.  
You are tempted in so many
directions, and distracted by
your temptations.  There are
things to buy, and you may
forget your budget and your
common sense. There are
things to taste, and you’re
eager to try them all.  There are
community events to attend,
even though you don’t really
have time for all of them.  But
you can jump in anyway, to the
point where you exhaust

There's some good cheer, but
there can be some frustration in
the mix, as you try to do and
have it all.  In relationships,
there can be a tendency to give
too much and to feel depleted
afterwards,  If you can manage
a little moderation, you’ll get
through this transit much more

This is noticeable June 22 to

It's exact
in NYC: Sun, June 23, 12:44 pm
in Vancouver: Sun, June 23,
9:44 am
in London: Sun, June 23,
5:44 pm
in Singapore: Mon, June 24,
12:44 am  
in Sydney: Mon, June 24,
2:44 am  

Venus inconjunct Saturn
(18° Gemini/Capricorn)

This isn’t the easiest transit when it
comes to love and intimacy.  People
are often late, and sometimes
completely unavailable. People may
withdraw for their own good reasons,
but they may not share their reasons
with you, and this can be painful.

If you have any trouble in social
circles, these feelings will be stronger
while this aspect is in orb.  It brings
up old insecurities around whether
you’re charming, smart, beautiful and
lovable enough to appeal to all the
people around you.  Everybody else
seems to be perfect, while you’re the
only one who’s flawed.

The most important thing to do
during this transit is to avoid judging
yourself.  You don’t need to compare
yourself to anyone.  You don’t need
to push yourself to sparkle when you
just feel like finding a good book and
retreating to some cool basement
spot.  It’s really okay.  You can
sparkle when this transit is over, if
you still want to.  

This can also contribute to creative
blocks.  There’s this small voice
inside you that’s always comparing
you to some imagined ideal of
greatness, and telling you that what
you’re doing is trivial and
insignificant.  Listening to that voice,
you may never put brush to canvas,
may let your violin gather dust, may
never follow up on your inspirations.  
Don’t let this happen.  Tell your inner
critic that the reviews won’t really be
in until you’ve been dead for years.  

This is noticeable June 22 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Sun, June 23, 10:31 pm
in Vancouver: Sun, June 23,
7:31 pm  
in London: Mon, June 24, 3:31 am  
in Singapore: Mon, June 24,
10:31 am    
in Sydney: Mon, June 24, 12:31 pm  

Venus square Neptune
(18° Gemini/Pisces)

This is an uncertain time for
relationships, and people can
confuse each other, let each other
down, or misunderstand each
other’s intentions.  The main
danger is that people can see
each other as fantasy figures, and
ignore the real, live human being
beneath.  You may have to gently
correct people who aren’t seeing
you accurately, while at the same
time being aware of your own
tendency to over-idealize or
demonize others.    

This transit enhances creativity,
because it gives a stronger and
more vivid imagination.  But it
tends to dissolve or ignore
structure, and this isn’t necessarily
the best thing for artistic efforts.  
You may find that your work is a bit
too diffuse and disconnected.  
Before getting to the point you
want to make, it may wander
around, get trapped in some dead
ends, and generally confuse your

Escapist pleasures have a lot more
allure, so, if you’re addicted to
something, now is not the time to
test your strength.  Rather, go to a
few extra meetings, and tell your
story.  But if you’re addicted to
something harmless like romance
novels or comic books, clear some
time on your agenda and let
yourself have a little mental
vacation.  It’s not the best time for
work, since daydreams can seem a
lot more compelling than anything
you have to do.

This is noticeable June 22 to 25.  

It's exact
in NYC:  Mon, June 24, 5:58 am  
in Vancouver: Mon, June 24,
2:58 am    
in London: Mon, June 24,
10:58 am    
in Singapore: Mon, June 24,
5:58 pm    
in Sydney: Mon, June 24, 7:58 pm  

Venus inconjunct Pluto
(22° Gemini/Capricorn)

This transit can mean trouble,
and that’s because it strengthens
your attraction to anything taboo
or dangerous.  And with Venus in
Gemini, you may not want to
choose between the various
things and/or people you desire.  
Trying to have it all can mean
ending up with nothing.  The main
way to handle all these
inconvenient attractions and
desires is to be honest with
everyone involved.  Don’t try to
smooth-talk your way out of

Hard aspects to Pluto focus on
unexamined beliefs, desires,
resentments or motivations.  In
romantic relationships, people
may project their own shadows
onto their partners, and there
could be some tendency to
pressure or manipulate others.  
Invisible power struggles can get
in the way of intimacy.  Friends
and acquaintances could also
ignore the usual boundaries, and
there could be some discomfort
around this.    

Those who abuse power are
more likely to do so under this
influence.  If you’re on the
receiving end of this, you need
courage to confront whatever is
going on.  It’s important to know
how to say “no” at this time. It’s
even harder to recognize what’s
going on when you’re the one
misusing power, so this is a good
time for some self-reflection.  

This is noticeable June 25 to

It's exact
in NYC: Thurs, June 27, 4:20 am   
in Vancouver: Thurs, June 27,
1:20 am   
in London: Thurs, June 27,
9:20 am   
in Singapore: Thurs, June 27,
4:20 pm     
in Sydney: Thurs, June 27,
6:20 pm   

Sun sextile Uranus
(5° Cancer/Taurus)

With the sun in Cancer, you are very
emotionally open, very sensitive to
everything going on around you.  And,
during this transit, you can take that
new awareness in some surprising

You not only notice all kinds of new
and different things, but you’re
inspired to do something about it.  This
is a great time to make change,
especially in your family,
neighborhood, or country.  When you
belong to a particular group, you are in
a position of influence.  With the
people in your vicinity, you can explore
new ways of thinking and new ways of
relating to each other.  

This transit makes change a little
easier, with more people seeing it as
exciting and fulfilling.  The future is
what we make it, and the desire to
reshape it is very strong right now.  We
are all willing to work together, to take
care of each other, to make sure that
every change is a positive one for the
least powerful in our midst.

So it’s a good time for experimenting.  
Your rational and your intuitive minds
can work together harmoniously, and
you can come up with new
approaches, new systems, and new
technology. You can also find new
ways of enjoying yourself:  places to
go, people to meet, parties to plan,
and yummy things to cook.  And artists
find their work infused with more
energy and excitement.    

This is noticeable June 25 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Thurs, June 27, 1:45 pm   
in Vancouver: Thurs, June 27,
10:45 am     
in London:  Thurs, June 27, 6:45 pm   
in Singapore: Fri, June 28, 1:45 am      
in Sydney: Fri, June 28, 3:45 am