Current Aspects

August 1
0 to 17, 2018

all interpretations written & copyrighted by Jenny Yates

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Saturn trine Uranus
(2° Capricorn/Taurus)

This is an aspect that anchors
creativity.  You’re thinking
about many things in a new
way, and you’re full of good
ideas.  And you want these
ideas to take physical form.  
You want to build something
that’s new and exciting, but you
also want it to be solid and

This transit is all about
combining the old and the
new.  You focus your creativity
on particular problems, and
use whatever is at hand to
solve them, repurposing old
resources so that they serve
new ends. You are respectful
of tradition, and use whatever
is good that you find there.  
You pay attention to the
experiences of those who have
gone before, and you store
away what will be needed in
the future.

You believe in change, but not
for its own sake.  You want to
see change that strengthens,
that works for the good of the
people and the earth over the
long haul.  You are not
interested some abstract
notion of progress.  You are a
conservative in that you
conserve what is valuable, and
a radical in that you constantly
evolve in your understanding.  

This is noticeable July 18 to
October 6.

It's not exact at this time, but it
will be at its closest on August

July 18 to October 6
Saturn trine Uranus

July 31 to September 1
Jupiter trine Neptune

August 16 to 20
Mercury sextile Venus

Mars square Uranus
(2° Aquarius/Taurus)

Mars has retrograded back to the
square of Uranus, and it’s moving
slowly, so this aspect lingers a while.  
This is one of the most accident-
prone aspects there is, so don’t play
with any volatile liquids in your
kitchen, and
don’t stand under trees in lightning
storms.  There could also be
technical and mechanical problems,
so pay attention to your machines
and gizmos.  

People are more impulsive under this
influence, and they can do wild,
crazy things.  Peaceful idealists can
it’s time for direct action, and blow up
banks.  Professors can leave their
ivory towers and start marching in
the streets.  Ideas take shape, and
threaten anything that’s established,
especially anything connected to
monetary interests.  That’s definitely
the way to get in trouble with the

You may also feel quite rebellious in
your personal life.  Maybe you’ve
been steadily working at a desk for
years, putting in the time till
retirement.  And suddenly you realize
that you’ve actually always wanted to
be a rock star.  You see an electric
guitar at a yard sale, and it’s clearly
a sign.  But wait!  Maybe you should
hang on to your job until this transit
is over, and then think about other
more gradual ways out of your
comfortable rut.    

This is noticeable July 25 to August

It's exact
in NYC:  Weds, Aug 1, 10:39 pm
in Vancouver: Weds, Aug 1, 7:39 pm
in London: Thurs, Aug 2, 3:39 am  
in Singapore: Thurs, Aug 2,
10:39 am    
in Sydney: Thurs, Aug 2, 12:39 pm  

July 25 to August 10
Mars square Uranus

Jupiter trine Neptune
(15° Scorpio/Pisces)

This is a generous, open-hearted
transit, in which people find it easier to
get in touch with their best selves.  
Neptune in Pisces is sensitive, intuitive,
and spiritually conscious, and the trine
to Jupiter enhances all these
tendencies.  So even your local crime
boss could suddenly discover his
altruistic self, and start giving all his
money away to the orphanage.
Everyone has a heart of gold,
somewhere deep inside.   

It’s generally a lucky transit, without
being grasping or competitive.  This
could mean a lucky financial break.  Or
it could mean progress towards one of
your most cherished desires.  Or it
could mean acceptance by your family,
friends, and the greater community.  
People are more loyal, more willing to
see through the masks you wear and
embrace you as you are.  So it’s a
good time for all the prodigal children
to come home.     

This can also be a time of spiritual
gifts.  You feel that the universe is
purposeful, and that you and everyone
else have a place in it.  All spiritual
practices are enhanced by this transit,
and become more deeply meaningful.   

And it’s also a very creative time.  
There’s a strong urge to express
yourself and all your emotions,
perhaps in a community setting,
perhaps in private. This could mean
letting all your demons out, by acting in
a neighborhood drama group.  Or it
could just mean singing opera in the

This is noticeable July 31 to September

It's exact
in NYC: Sun, Aug 19, 3:44 am
in Vancouver: Sun, Aug 19, 12:44 am  
in London: Sun, Aug 19, 8:44 am
in Singapore: Sun, Aug 19, 3:44 pm  
in Sydney: Sun, Aug 19, 5:44 pm

The sun inconjunct Neptune
(15° Leo/Pisces)

This makes everybody slightly
inscrutable.  It’s not like they want to
be.  With the sun in Leo, actually,
people want to shine, to be beloved,
to be admired, to be the best at
everything.  But with the inconjunct
to Neptune, there’s some confusion
about what will achieve the desired
effect.  And so people are doing
odd things that just make every else
wonder, “What the heck is that

And so you may be drawn to
people, situations or things that are
a little bit out of the ordinary during
this transit.  You may be fascinated
by anything that’s charming, cute,
endearing, sentimental, vague,
mystical, or evocative.  You may
read all kinds of meanings into
whatever it is, and it could become
your personal totem.  And later you
yourself may wonder what the
attraction was.  Why did you give all
your savings to the Temple of the
Holy Siberian Relic?  Why did you
decide to start collecting spotted
mushrooms?  Why did you adopt a
lizard and imagine it was giving you
messages about the end of the

Who knows?  It’s an imaginative,
creative time, so some really
interesting things could happen.  Or
you could spend the whole time
watching TV and eating corn chips.  
Maybe that’s your preferred private

This is noticeable August 6 to

It's exact
in NYC: Weds, Aug 8, 7:09 am   
in Vancouver: Weds, Aug 8,
4:09 am   
in London: Thurs, Aug 9, 12:09 am   
in Singapore: Thurs, Aug 9,
7:09 am      
in Sydney: Thurs, Aug 9, 9:09 am   

Sun conjunct Mercury
(16° Leo)

This transit makes for strong
mental energy.  Everybody is
talking more, expressing
themselves more colorfully
and dramatically.  People are
making speeches,
pontificating, lecturing,
explaining, using dynamic
language.  They’re using
emphatic, vivid words to draw
attention to themselves.

It’s a very creative time, since
there’s such a strong drive for
self-expression.  It’s
especially good for writers,
but all kinds of artists find it
easier to get a message
across, and to convey
something vibrant and

Words have more effect
during this transit, so it is a
good idea to be careful what
you say to others.  With the
sun and Mercury in Leo,
there can be a tendency to
dominate people verbally, to
insist on your own version of
the world.  But shyer people
also benefit from this aspect,
and may speak out more
clearly than they usually do.  
There is room for everyone to
tell the story they are living.  

This is noticeable August 7 to

It's exact
in NYC: Weds, Aug 8,
10:06 pm
in Vancouver: Weds, Aug 8,
7:06 pm
in London: Thurs, Aug 9,
3:06 am
in Singapore: Thurs, Aug 9,
10:06 am   
in Sydney: Thurs, Aug 9,
12:06 pm

Venus inconjunct Uranus
(2° Libra/Taurus)

This is a changeable time, especially for
relationships.  People are more
independent, more willful, and less
reliable. In romantic relationships, people
may profess their love to the high
heavens, and then stand you up, so that
you’re sitting there in an Italian restaurant
sipping your wine for an hour. In
friendships, you could connect like long-
lost buddies, make all kinds of plans, and
then discover that none of them are
actually practical.

This transit can impact your work too,
since it makes it harder to build
cooperative relationships.  The agenda
may look great, and everybody agrees on
what needs to be done.  Then there’s
some kind of unexpected change.  The
chairman quits, or the most valuable
member of the team gets sacked, or you
find out that the funding isn’t there after
all.  So you’re milling around, trying
fruitlessly to keep it together.

It won’t necessarily be this dramatic.  It
could be that people just irritate you more
than usual.  You’re dodging in one
direction, and they dodge the same way,
so you still bump into them.  The folks
around you may seem less polite, less
tractable, and just generally more
disheveled.  It offends your sense of the
way things should be.

This is a creative aspect, though, and it
can be good for artists and craftspeople.  
Your sense of beauty could take some
odd directions, and you could end up with
something very original.  Of course, it may
offend some traditionalists!  You may not
be too sure about it yourself.  But it’s
definitely different.  

This is noticeable August 7 to 11.       
It's exact
in NYC: Thurs, Aug 9, 7:57 am   
in Vancouver: Thurs, Aug 9, 4:57 am   
in London: Thurs, Aug 9, 12:57 pm     
in Singapore: Thurs, Aug 9, 7:57 pm     
in Sydney: Thurs, Aug 9, 9:57 pm   

Mercury inconjunct Neptune
(15° Leo/Pisces)

This transit can be a bit
confusing.  Information isn’t
always accurate, and people
don’t always communicate it
clearly.  Everybody has their
own way of seeing things,
which is fine, but the problem
is that people tend to think
that they’re entirely objective,
and that the people who see
in a different way are just

Sensitivity is increased, with
this transit, and not always in
a good way.  People may be
picking up on things that they
don’t usually notice, and not
quite knowing how to
interpret them.  With all the
unstable energy at this time,
the old habits and patterns
don’t necessarily work
anymore, but the new
paradigm is not in place yet.  

This is a creative and
idealistic aspect, but there
can also be an element of
self-sacrifice that’s not always
healthy or useful.  Idealism
can go too far, and can ask
too much of everyone, and
then it’s more likely to fail.  
There’s a place for the ego,
although it’s not always easy
to figure out exactly what that
place is.     

This is noticeable August 7 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Thurs, Aug 9,
5:28 pm   
in Vancouver: Thurs, Aug 9,
2:28 pm   
in London: Thurs, Aug 9,
10:28 pm   
in Singapore: Fri, Aug 10,
5:28 am   
in Sydney: Fri, Aug 10,
7:28 am   

Venus square Saturn
(3° Libra/Capricorn)

This is a somber aspect, especially when it
comes to Venus-ruled things, such as love,
affection, pleasure and beauty.  You may feel
discouraged in any of these areas.  You may
be working too hard, taking too much
responsibility, not having enough fun.  You
may be judging yourself, applying an
impossible standard of perfection. You may
wonder why nobody loves you, since you’re
doing everything right.   

Relationships are more rigorous now, and it
can be difficult to connect.  Even if your
relationship is usually pretty smooth, it can
encounter some bumps. The usual romantic
gestures don’t go over as well, and you can
feel neglected or abandoned.  Your partner
may be worried, preoccupied, or involved in
some solo project that doesn’t have room for

A hard Saturn aspect can give you a sense
of being in a rut.  It can seem like you’re
complaining about the same things all the
time, and they never get better.  The only
good thing about this transit is that it does
make you aware of problem areas, and, even
if you can’t fix them under this influence, you
may be able to once it’s over.  

When it comes to looking for love, this isn’t a
particularly favorable influence.  You may
feel more romantic than usual, but you may
also be carrying around more baggage than
you realize.  If you’re desperate for love, if
you think it will solve all your problems, then it
will remain elusive.  Are you looking at each
possible lover as a potential other half of
yourself, rather than seeing a separate
individual?  Or it could be the other way.  
Perhaps you’re trying too hard to please
others, rather than thinking about what really
works for you?  

This transit is all about finding balance. It’s in
that balance that love can flow.  

This is noticeable August 8 to 11.         

It's exact
in NYC: Thurs, Aug 9, 9:34 pm    
in Vancouver: Thurs, Aug 9, 6:34 pm    
in London: Fri, Aug 10, 2:34 am     
in Singapore: Fri, Aug 10, 9:34 am       
in Sydney: Fri, Aug 10, 11:34 am     

Mercury square Jupiter
(14° Leo/Scorpio)

This transit stimulates ambition,
especially on the intellectual level.  
You’re bursting with creative
power, you have energy and
charisma, and you can become
very enthusiastic about some
larger project.  You’re excited, and
ready to move ahead. But wait just
a second.  There may be more
going on than you realize.  It may
not be as simple as it looks.      

During this time, the main thing to
watch is hubris.  You can be
seduced by the glamor of fame,
but the glitter and applause aren’t
all that lasting.  Or maybe you feel
that your powers and skills are
being neglected, and you want to
show everybody how great you
really are.  This probably won’t
work out the way you expect
either.  So before you leap into
anything, make sure that it’s really
want you want to do – for yourself,
because you love it, not for fame
and fortune and general

You really just have to appreciate
yourself, and the endless
inventiveness of your own mind.
It’s not up to anyone else to
validate you.  

This is a tricky transit for finances,
so it’s not the best time to buy, sell
or make deals.  Values could be
over-inflated.  It’s also not the best
time to travel, for the same
reason.  And it’s not great for legal
matters, or for dealing with
bureaucracy, as everything could
be a little more complicated than

This is noticeable August 8 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Sat, Aug 11, 2:31 am
in Vancouver: Fri, Aug 10,
11:31 pm     
in London: Sat, Aug 11, 7:31 am
in Singapore: Sat, Aug 11,
2:31 pm  
in Sydney: Sat, Aug 11, 4:31 pm

Sun inconjunct Pluto
(19° Leo/Capricorn)

This can bring up some thorny
leadership issues.  If you are a leader
who prides yourself on flexibility,
openness, and good communication
skills, it can be disheartening when
other people criticize or judge you.  It
can be even more disheartening
when they make a grab for your
power.  Good intentions can go by
the wayside when you have to defend
your position.  

Or you may be on the other side, and
have an ineffectual, hot-air sort of
boss who never deals with the real
issues.  It may be that you’ve been
waiting all your life for a chance at the
top position, and now you have some
supporters who believe in you.  So it
may be time for a palace coup.

This is a time to pay attention to very
subtle clues.  You can be caught off
guard by things that will be evident in
hindsight, but that you were too busy
to notice.  Don’t try to do too many
things at once, because there’s
always the danger that the most
important tasks will be put off until it’s
too late.  And listen as much as you

This is noticeable August 9 to 13.     

It's exact
in NYC: Sat, Aug 11, 9:28 pm
in Vancouver: Sat, Aug 11, 6:28 pm
in London: Sun, Aug 12, 2:28 am
in Singapore: Sun, Aug 12, 9:28 am   
in Sydney: Sun, Aug 12, 11:28 am

August 6 to 10
Sun inconjunct Neptune

August 7 to 10
Sun conjunct Mercury

August 7 to 11
Venus inconjunct Uranus

August 7 to 12
Mercury inconjunct

August 8 to 11
Venus square Saturn

August 8 to 13
Mercury square Jupiter

August 9 to 13
Sun inconjunct Pluto

Mercury sextile Venus
(11° Leo/Libra)

This is a friendly aspect, and it makes
everything more fun, whether you’re
working, studying or playing with other
people.  The confidence, vitality and
warmth of Mercury in Leo makes it
easy to express yourself, to connect to
other people, to set them at ease, and
to take on leadership positions.  

Meanwhile, Venus in Libra gives
idealism, and a desire for justice and
equality.  It’s easy for you to put
yourself in other people’s shoes. You
really want other people to like you,
and you want everything to be civil and
friendly around you.  So you put your
energy towards peace, cooperation
and harmony, wherever you are.  If
you’ve got some talents in this
direction, this is a good time to run for
office, or to otherwise involve yourself
in the issues of the day.  

It’s also a wonderful time for artists and
craftspeople, as your sense of beauty
is stronger, and you can communicate
it more vividly.  Your public is ready to
hear from you!  

This is noticeable from August 16 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Sat, Aug 18, 11:34 am
in Vancouver: Sat, Aug 18, 8:34 am  
in London: Sat, Aug 18, 4:34 pm  
in Singapore: Sat, Aug 18, 11:34 pm  
in Sydney: Sun, Aug 19, 1:34 am