August 17 to 20
Sun inconjunct Saturn

Current Aspects
August 13
to 20, 2020

all interpretations written & copyrighted by Jenny Yates

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Jupiter sextile Neptune
(20° Capricorn/Pisces)

This is a lovely aspect for
dreamers.  Jupiter is usually more
prosaic and sensible when it’s in
Capricorn, but the sextile to
Neptune opens the door to flights
of fancy.  

Both Jupiter and Neptune tend to
exaggerate, to inflate, but since
this is a harmonious aspect, there
isn’t much damage done during
this transit.  You’re more idealistic,
and you can conceive of a better
world.  You may even be able to
figure out how to make it happen.  
Your more cynical side is
temporarily in abeyance while you
work out a plausible path to Utopia.

You may not get everything you
want, but you’ll likely have some
wonderful experiences.
It’s never a bad thing to move
towards whatever makes your
heart sing.

This transit is particularly good for
progress in the arts, including the
healing arts.  You are able to trust
your intuition, and it takes you
towards beauty, bliss, and
wholeness.  It can also be a time
of spiritual growth, when you feel
a stronger sense of connection to
the cosmos.    

This is noticeable July 9 to August

It's exact
in NYC: Mon, July 27,
12:07 pm
in Vancouver: Mon, July 27,
9:07 am  
in London: Mon, July 27,
5:07 pm
in Singapore: Tues, July 28,
12:07 am   
in Sydney: Tues, July 28,
2:07 am   

July 9 to August 23
Jupiter sextile Neptune

August 15 to 18
Mercury trine Mars

August 15 to 17
Mercury inconjunct Pluto

August 14 to 16
Mercury inconjunct Neptune

Mars squares Pluto
(23° Aries/Capricorn)

This is a very tense transit, and it
can express itself as struggles
over control, power, and
influence.  It could mean some
nasty political in-fighting. In fact,
some mechanisms that are
usually kept secret could become
more visible now, letting
everybody know what kinds of
deals are struck in the back
rooms.  This could generate a
real outcry.  

It’s a revolutionary aspect, with
Mars in the impetuous, fierce sign
Aries.  You may be involved in
staking your own claim, even if
you have to fight the
establishment to do it.  You may
have a sudden urge to go off in
an independent direction, and
flout tradition, even if you could
get into trouble.  But be careful,
since you may be playing with
forces that are more powerful
than you know.  There’s more at
stake than there usually is.  You
could pull on a thread and the
whole sweater could unravel.

People can get hurt during this
transit, and that’s because
everyone is quicker to defend
their rights and guard their
territory. But you don’t need to be
overly anxious, and you can be
attentive to nuances without
getting paranoid. If you give
people their space, and are clear
about your own boundaries, you
should be fine.

This is noticeable August 7 to
It's exact
in NYC: Thurs, Aug 13, 3:14 am
in Vancouver: Thurs, Aug 13,
12:14 am
in London: Thurs, Aug 13, 8:14 am
in Singapore: Thurs, Aug 13,
3:14 pm   
in Sydney: Thurs, Aug 13, 5:14 pm

Sun inconjunct Pluto
(23° Leo/Capricorn)

This can bring up some thorny
leadership issues.  If you are a
leader who prides yourself on
flexibility, openness, and good
communication skills, it can be
disheartening when other people
criticize or judge you.  It can be
even more disheartening when
they make a grab for your
power.  Good intentions can go
by the wayside when you have to
defend your position.  

Or you may be on the other side,
and have an ineffectual, hot-air
sort of boss who never deals with
the real issues.  It may be that
you’ve been waiting all your life
for a chance at the top position,
and now you have some
supporters who believe in you.  
So it may be time for a palace
coup. Or is it? Do take a moment
to ask yourself what, exactly,
you’re risking.  

This is a time to pay attention to
very subtle clues.  You can be
caught off guard by things that
will be evident in hindsight, but
that you were too busy to notice.  
Don’t try to do too many things at
once, because there’s always the
danger that the most important
tasks will be put off until it’s too
late.  And listen as much as you

This is noticeable August 13 to

It's exact
in NYC: Sat, Aug 15, 6:12 am  
in Vancouver: Sat, Aug 15,
3:12 am   
in London: Sat, Aug 15,
11:12 am   
in Singapore: Sat, Aug 15,
6:12 pm     
in Sydney: Sat, Aug 15,
8:12 pm  

The sun inconjunct Jupiter
(19° Leo/Capricorn)

This transit gives extra ambition,
but it can also give some anxiety
about what you’re able to
accomplish. You have a lot of
bright ideas, and you feel that you’
re on the verge of something
amazing. But can you do it? You
may be second-guessing yourself
a lot, holding up progress.

But maybe, instead of worrying that
you won’t achieve greatness, you
should look more closely at those
doubts and fears. Are they telling
you something about what’s
possible and what’s not? Are they
alerting you to some deficiency in
your resources? And why, exactly,
do you feel such a need to prove
yourself? Does your value depend
on how the rest of the world sees

These are the questions to ask
yourself during this transit, rather
than pushing through obstacles
and rushing ahead. This is actually
not the best time to work on your
most ambitious projects. There
could be financial or legal hassles,
or you may find that some plans
are not really that practical. The
urge to shine can take you to some
dingy places, especially if you don’t
understand your own motives.

You can accomplish quite a lot
under this influence, if you’re
moderate and balanced. If you aim
for a more modest goal, you’re
more likely to taste success.    

This is noticeable August 9 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Tues, Aug 11, 2:34 am
in Vancouver: Mon, Aug 10,
11:34 pm  
in London: Tues, Aug 11, 7:34 am
in Singapore: Tues, Aug 11,
2:34 pm  
in Sydney: Tues, Aug 11, 4:34 pm

Mercury inconjunct Jupiter
(18° Leo/Capricorn)

This is a time when you can talk,
write, plan, or schedule things to
excess.  A hard aspect to Jupiter
can play havoc with your sense of
proportion.  You want to do
everything, all at the same time,
and to keep doing it forever.  If
anybody tells you you’re being
unrealistic, you take umbrage.  You
tell them they’re bringing you down.  

And you are probably having a
great time, because this transit
provides energy and optimism.  It’s
only later that you may notice that
you’ve promised too much to too
many people, and that it’s
impossible to manage all this.  Why
did you schedule every Saturday
morning for the next six years?  

Of course, some excesses are
harmless.  If you tell some stranger
at the bus stop your life story, well,
maybe they were interested.  If you
start on your memoirs, and stay up
all night without getting further than
third grade, no harm done.  Put it
aside, maybe you’ll finish it later.  If
you write long, warm chatty letters
to everyone you know, they’ll
probably be happy to get them.  

Talk is mostly pretty cheap, and
there’s lots of talk during this
transit.  Just don’t sign on any
dotted lines until the transit is over.  
This is not the time to buy a car,
since you’re likely to get one that’s
very glittery on the outside and held
together by duct tape on the

This is noticeable August 13 to

It's exact
in NYC: Fri, Aug 14, 7:28 am
in Vancouver: Fri, Aug 14, 4:28 am
in London: Fri, Aug 14, 12:28 pm
in Singapore: Fri, Aug 14, 7:28 pm  
in Sydney: Fri, Aug 14, 9:28 pm

The sun inconjunct Neptune
(20° Leo/Pisces)

This makes everybody slightly
inscrutable.  It’s not like they want to
be.  With the sun in Leo, actually,
people want to shine, to be beloved,
to be admired, to be the best at
everything.  But with the inconjunct to
Neptune, there’s some confusion
about what will achieve the desired
effect.  And so people are doing odd
things that just make every else
wonder, “What the heck is that

And so you may be drawn to people,
situations or things that are a little bit
out of the ordinary during this
transit.  You may be fascinated by
anything that’s charming, cute,
endearing, sentimental, vague,
mystical, or evocative.  You may read
all kinds of meanings into whatever it
is, and it could become your
personal totem.  And later you
yourself may wonder what the
attraction was.  Why did you give all
your savings to the Temple of the
Holy Siberian Relic?  Why did you
decide to start collecting spotted
mushrooms?  Why did you adopt a
lizard and imagine it was giving you
messages about the end of the

Who knows?  It’s an imaginative,
creative time, so some really
interesting things could happen.  Or
you could spend the whole time
watching TV and eating corn chips.  
Maybe that’s your preferred private

This is noticeable August 10 to

It's exact
in NYC: Weds, Aug 12, 10:32 am   
in Vancouver: Weds, Aug 12,
7:32 am     
in London: Weds, Aug 12, 3:32 pm     
in Singapore: Weds, Aug 12,
10:32 pm      
in Sydney: Thurs, Aug 13, 12:32 am

The sun trine Mars
(24° Leo/Aries)

This is a stimulating transit, giving lots
of confidence, dynamic energy and
purposeful action.  Desires are
stronger, and you’re more successful
in realizing them.  You are
spontaneous, impetuous, ready to
make a mad dash towards the object
of your desire, whatever (or whoever)
it is.

Since the trine is in fire signs, it’s
particularly good for self-expression
and creative work.  You are inspired
to do all kinds of exciting, adventurous
things, putting your unique mark on
everything. This is great for creative
work, for exercise, for political action,
for heroic endeavors, and for
community projects.     

This transit brings out the leader in
you.  Not everybody can be in charge
of everything, but everyone can take
the initiative, managing a particular
piece of a larger project, doing it well.  
This transit will bring out an
atmosphere of friendly competition, in
which everyone works independently,
but people cheer each other on.  

With fire signs, there is always a
romantic spirit.  Grand gestures come
naturally, and some of these can pave
the way to romantic entanglements.  
You’re more likely to take the plunge,
to dare, to risk, and so this can be an
exciting time.

This is noticeable August 13 to

It's exact
in NYC: Sun, Aug 16, 10:01 am
in Vancouver: Sun, Aug 16, 7:01 am
in London: Sun, Aug 16, 3:01 pm
in Singapore: Sun, Aug 16, 10:01 pm  
in Sydney: Mon, Aug 17, 12:01 am

August 7 to 19
Mars square Pluto

August 9 to 13
Sun inconjunct Jupiter

August 10 to 14
Sun inconjunct Neptune

August 13 to 15
Mercury inconjunct Jupiter

August 13 to 17
Sun inconjunct Pluto

August 13 to 19
Sun trine Mars

August 15 to 19
Sun conjunct Mercury

August 17 to 19
Mercury inconjunct Saturn

August 16 to 20
Venus sextile Uranus

August 18 to September 3
Mars square Saturn

Mercury inconjunct Neptune
(20° Leo/Pisces)

This transit can be a bit
confusing.  Information isn’t
always accurate, and people
don’t always communicate it
clearly.  Everybody has their
own way of seeing things, which
is fine, but the problem is that
people tend to think that they’re
entirely objective, and that the
people who see in a different
way are just nuts.    

Sensitivity is increased, with this
transit, and not always in a good
way.  People may be picking up
on things that they don’t usually
notice, and not quite knowing
how to interpret them.  With all
the unstable energy at this time,
the old habits and patterns don’t
necessarily work anymore, but
the new paradigm is not in place

This is a creative and idealistic
aspect, but there can also be an
element of self-sacrifice that’s
not always healthy or useful.  
Idealism can go too far, and can
ask too much of everyone, and
then it’s more likely to fail.  
There’s a place for the ego,
although it’s not always easy to
figure out exactly what that
place is.     

This is noticeable August 14 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Sat, Aug 15, 1:13 am
in Vancouver: Fri, Aug 14,
10:13 pm  
in London: Sat, Aug 15,
6:13 am  
in Singapore: Sat, Aug 15,
1:13 pm   
in Sydney: Sat, Aug 15, 3:13 pm

Mercury inconjunct Pluto
(23° Leo/Capricorn)

This transit can mean struggles
over power and control,
especially on the verbal level.  
There’s some danger of people
trying to pressure, threaten, or
manipulate other people, and so
you have to be pretty clear both
about your own boundaries and
those of others.  Mercury in Leo
can give a tendency to dominate
through sheer force of will, but
this can backfire.  

Mentally, this is a pretty intense
period. It’s a time of deep
thought about goals, desires,
longings, resentments, phobias,
and fears.  There are questions
to answer, puzzles to solve, and
a general feeling that time is
running out.  Old, unfinished
issues could come up, seemingly
out of nowhere, but they’ve
actually been simmering
underneath for a long time.  You
can’t put off dealing with them
any longer.

You can get in touch with some
of your inner demons, and do
some important transformative
work.  The main thing is not to
project all your fears onto
others, and to make someone
else the villain.

This is noticeable August 15 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Sun, Aug 16, 9:38 am   
in Vancouver: Sun, Aug 16,
6:38 am     
in London: Sun, Aug 16,
2:38 pm     
in Singapore: Sun, Aug 16,
9:38 pm     
in Sydney: Sun, Aug 16,
11:38 pm   

Mercury trine Mars
(24° Leo/Aries)

This is an energizing transit,
mentally and physically, and your
passions emerge in everything you
say and do.  You speak and write
more dynamically, more vividly, and
more spontaneously, and you can
convince anyone of anything – as
long as you believe it yourself.  

It’s a great time to get out and do
things, and any kind of sport is
favored. Mercury in Leo is most
attracted to exercise that builds
strength, as well as anything that
has a creative or performative
element – like juggling, fire-
swallowing, ice-skating or pole-
dancing. You want to express
yourself, mentally and physically,
and you also want to have be
playful, to have fun.

Mars in Aries is more competitive,
and it lends itself to exercise that’s
intensely focused and maybe a little
dangerous, like archery or knife-
throwing. You want whole-body
experiences, and you also want to
be the best at everything you do.  

This transit is great for political work,
because it keeps your energy high
and your hopes strong. You might
be taking to the streets in protest, or
pestering your members of
congress with phone calls, or
designing eye-catching posters and
memes in support of your cause.
You’re more willful and determined,
and you won’t be silenced. During
this transit, more people discover
their gift for leadership.   

This is noticeable August 15 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Mon, Aug 17, 1:29 am  
in Vancouver: Sun, Aug 16,
10:29 pm    
in London: Mon, Aug 17, 6:29 am   
in Singapore: Mon, Aug 17,
1:29 pm    
in Sydney: Mon, Aug 17, 3:29 pm   

Sun conjunct Mercury
(25° Leo)

This transit makes for strong
mental energy.  Everybody is
talking more, expressing
themselves more colorfully
and dramatically.  People are
making speeches,
pontificating, lecturing,
explaining, using dynamic
language.  They’re using
emphatic, vivid words to draw
attention to themselves.

It’s a very creative time, since
there’s such a strong drive
for self-expression.  It’s
especially good for writers,
but all kinds of artists find it
easier to get a message
across, and to convey
something vibrant and

Words have more effect
during this transit, so it is a
good idea to be careful what
you say to others.  With the
sun and Mercury in Leo,
there can be a tendency to
dominate people verbally, to
insist on your own version of
the world.  But shyer people
also benefit from this aspect,
and may speak out more
clearly than they usually do.  
There is room for everyone
to tell the story they are

This is noticeable August 15
to 19.                            

It's exact
in NYC: Mon, Aug 17,
11:07 am   
in Vancouver: Mon, Aug 17,
8:07 am     
in London: Mon, Aug 17,
4:07 pm    
in Singapore: Mon, Aug 17,
11:07 pm     
in Sydney: Tues, Aug 18,
1:07 am

Venus sextile Uranus
(10° Cancer/Taurus)

This is an exciting transit, especially
when it comes to love and friendship.  
During this time, you could meet a lot of
interesting people, learn new things,
and explore different facets of your own
personality in the process.  You’re
drawn to those who are outside your
usual circle, people who have something
to teach you.

A friendship could go in a new direction,
and become romantic. You might
discover new things about someone, as
you see them outside their usual milieu.  
When it comes to romantic gestures,
you’re inspired to do things a little
differently, and this can definitely pique
your lover’s interest.  And because
Venus is in the warm, nurturing sign
Cancer, relationships could become
affectionate quite quickly.  

Even with strangers, you’re more
sensitive and more intuitive than usual.  
You pick up on the way people feel, and
you have an impulse to nurture and
protect them.  You might bring home a
stray kitty, or sew masks for school-
teachers, or give all your childhood
books away to neighborhood children,
during this transit. You want to make
everybody part of your family.  Venus in
Cancer is quite retentive, and you could
also find yourself picking up odd objects
and finding spots for them in your

This is a great aspect for artists, as it
encourages new ways of looking at your
material. You want to do innovative
things, things that haven’t been done
before.  At the same time, your work is
accessible and emotional, and people
are very moved by it.   

This is noticeable August 16 to

It's exact
in NYC: Tues, Aug 18, 3:27 pm
in Vancouver: Tues, Aug 18, 12:27 pm
in London: Tues, Aug 18, 8:27 pm
in Singapore: Weds, Aug 19, 3:27 am
in Sydney: Weds, Aug 19, 5:27 am

Mercury inconjunct Saturn
(26° Leo/Capricorn)

This aspect slows things down,
especially when it comes to
organization, transportation and
communication.  Mercury in Leo is
energetic and willful, and it has a
dissonant relationship with Saturn
in careful, stodgy Capricorn.  

So you can find yourself dealing
with people who think they know
everything, and who have no
respect for tradition, or those who
can’t stick to a routine.  Or you may
be on the other side, and be
dealing with people who are totally
rigid about routines and traditions,
and who don’t give you the chance
to show what you know.  Either
way, there are communication
gaps, and it’s hard to get anything

You can also find this dynamic
inside yourself.  On the one hand,
you want to do things that are a
little more creative and exciting.  
On the other hand, you have a
feeling that you’re get in trouble if
you deviate from what’s expected
of you.  And so your frustrations
can cause you to break rules just
for the hell of it, in small but time-
consuming ways, and this doesn’t
help anything.     

You may feel a little down, because
it’s harder to visualize solutions.  
The ideal and the practical can
seem worlds apart, and unresolved
problems can hang over your
head. You may be working on old,
tough issues that you’ve worked on
before (or that you’ve ignored
before). If you’ve swept a lot of
stuff under the rug in the past, you
can find yourself walking on a very
lumpy rug.   

This is noticeable August 17 to

It's exact
in NYC: Tues, Aug 18, 5:16 am
in Vancouver: Tues, Aug 18,
2:16 am
in London: Tues, Aug 18, 10:16 am
in Singapore: Tues, Aug 18,
5:16 pm  
in Sydney: Tues, Aug 18, 7:16 pm

The sun inconjunct Saturn
(26° Leo/Capricorn)

This transit slows things down,
and lays down a few obstacles.  
Something is delayed, stuck, or
scanty, and the problem could
be just a lack of funds, time or
energy. Or it could be that
people’s egos are getting in the
way, so there’s nothing gets
done.  Everybody wants to look
important, but nobody wants to
take action and run the risk of

Or it may be that you’ve been
shoved into center stage, and
you don’t particularly want to be
there.  You’re the
spokesperson, or the head
coach, or the queen of the ball,
and your confidence fails you.  
You suddenly find yourself
going through an existential
crisis, wondering if you have
anything left to give.   

This transit can give a tendency
to be pessimistic, to focus too
much on the negative things
that you’re dealing with.  For
people prone to depression, this
can be especially tough.  
Whatever happens, don’t give
yourself a hard time, but just
hunker down a little and make a
few resolutions about tomorrow.  
You might want to do some
restructuring, but don’t be
extreme about it.  Self-
acceptance goes a long way in
lessening the problems of a
hard sun/Saturn transit.  

This is noticeable August 17 to

It's exact
in NYC: Tues, Aug 18, 11:48 pm
in Vancouver: Tues, Aug 18,
8:48 pm  
in London: Weds, Aug 19,
4:48 am
in Singapore: Weds, Aug 19,
11:48 am  
in Sydney: Weds, Aug 19,
1:48 pm

Mars square Saturn
(26° Aries/Capricorn)

Mars in Aries is fiery, ambitious,
and temperamental, and you may
feel a strong urge to push, to move
ahead, to quickly vanquish any
obstacles ahead of you.  However,
some of these obstacles have
been there a long time, and they
don’t move so readily.   And so you
can find yourself in frustrating

You can get angry, and you can
seethe. Your impatience could
lead to conflicts with others, and if
you blame them for all the
obstacles, there could be fierce
quarrels. Accidents can also
happen when you’re too frustrated
to pay attention to what’s right in
front of you.  Rather than stirring
up trouble, or jumping into
dangerous or illegal alternatives,
you may just need to cultivate
some patience.     

Just accept that everything is
going to be a bit slower than
usual.  The best approach is to
take whatever incremental steps
are possible during this time.  You
could start by sweeping the space
where you’ll be working, or getting
rid of the debris from past
projects.  Often this transit brings
past failures to awareness, and so
you can find yourself retracing
steps already taken.  

Try to be a little kinder to yourself,
and to others, and you’ll survive
this transit with less damage.  
Sooner or later, things will move
forward again.   

This is noticeable August 18 to
September 3.     

It's exact
in NYC: Mon, Aug 24, 2:19 pm
in Vancouver: Mon, Aug 24, 11:19
in London: Mon, Aug 24, 7:19 pm
in Singapore: Tues, Aug 25, 2:19
in Sydney: Tues, Aug 25, 4:19