Current Aspects

February 15
to 22, 2019

all interpretations written & copyrighted by Jenny Yates

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Saturn sextile Neptune
(14° Capricorn/Pisces)

The stern, austere approach of
Saturn in Capricorn is softened by
this sextile to Neptune, and this is
very helpful.  You’re more intuitive,
more empathetic, more sensitive to
the ebb and flow of emotion around
you.  This helps you work your way
around walls, barriers, divisions,
and entrenched animosities.  

This is also a time when you can
fulfill your spiritual needs.  You can
find structures, such as groups,
meetings, or religious
organizations, that give you what
you need at the heart-level, and
then help you connect to the
divine.  You may start a personal
spiritual practice, such as

Creative work benefits from this
aspect as well, because you can
find the right structures to contain
your creativity.  If
you’re an artist, you could set up a
little studio for yourself.  If your
thing is music, you could work out
ways to record or to perform.  You
have one foot in the world of forms,
one in the world of ethereal beauty,
and you find your balance and
move forward.    

This is noticeable January 8 to
March 4.      

It's exact
in NYC: Thurs, Jan 31,
9:15 am  
in Vancouver: Thurs, Jan 31,
6:15 am  
in London: Thurs, Jan 31,
2:15 pm    
in Singapore: Thurs, Jan 31,
10:15 pm     
in Sydney: Fri, Feb 1,
1:15 am  

January 8 to March 4
Saturn sextile Neptune  

February 18 to 21
Mercury sextile Saturn

February 21 to 24
Venus conjunct Pluto

February 16 to 20
Sun sextile Uranus

Mars conjunct Uranus
(29° Aries)

This is an exciting, dynamic transit, but
it’s also quite unstable and accident-
prone, so be especially careful.  You
can get a lot done during this time, but
you could also cause some
destruction, if you don’t pay attention.  
This could mean anything from
breaking your arm to crashing your car
to accidentally insulting a valued

This is an impatient, restless transit, so
it’s a good idea to slow yourself down
periodically.  Look around you and
notice the accidents that are waiting to
happen.  Be especially careful around
knives, iron, fire, or anything hot, since
these are all connected to the sign
Aries.  And, of course, weapons!  This
isn’t the best time to clean your gun.

At the same time, it’s a very inventive
time, so if you’re inclined towards
mechanical things, you could develop
some amazing new prototype.  Just be
sure you don’t cut off your finger with
the electric saw while you’re making
the model.  

Arguments and conflicts are more
likely to spring up during this time.  
Everybody needs a little more
freedom, a little more space, and if
they don’t get it, they can lash out at
you.  So this is a good time to be very
respectful of others, and of their
boundaries.  And notice when you’re
getting defensive about things, and
find ways to cool yourself out.  

This is noticeable February 9 to

It's exact
in NYC: Weds, Feb 13, 1:20 am
in Vancouver: Tues, Feb 12, 10:20 pm
in London: Weds, Feb 13, 6:20 am
in Singapore: Weds, Feb 13, 2:20 pm  
in Sydney: Weds, Feb 13, 5:20 pm

Venus sextile Neptune
(15° Capricorn/Pisces)

This is a very creative time.  
Venus is the planet of artists, and
in an earth sign, it’s more
grounded and practical.  Your
imagination is working overtime,
and you want to turn all your
visions and inspirations into
concrete forms. You want to see
and touch the things you create.  
Venus in Capricorn gives an
attraction to structure, and the
sextile to Neptune insures that
you aren’t too rigid about this.  
You move towards forms that are
flowing, rhythmic, and graceful.  

This transit is also good for
relationships.  It’s easier to
accept others now, with all their
foibles and eccentricities.  It’s
easier to express your affections,
to lend a hand when needed, to
offer a shoulder to cry on.  Some
reserve may melt away, even
from people who are usually wary
of human interaction.  

And it’s a good time for pleasure,
especially those pleasures that
are whimsical, magical and
somewhat escapist.  You could
go to the movies, or to a concert,
or to the circus.  It’s easier for
you to be dazzled, to be carried
away by light and color and
rhythm and mood.  

This is noticeable February 15 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Sun, Feb 17, 3:44 am
in Vancouver:  Sun, Feb 17,
12:44 am
in London: Sun, Feb 17, 8:44 am
in Singapore: Sun, Feb 17,
4:44 pm  
in Sydney: Sun, Feb 17, 7:44 pm

February 9 to 16
Mars conjunct Uranus

February 15 to 18
Venus sextile Neptune

February 21 to March 5
Sun sextile Mars

February 21 to 24
Mercury square Jupiter

February 19 to March 2
Mercury sextile Venus

February 22 to 25
Mercury sextile Pluto

February 17 to 20
Mercury conjunct Neptune

February 16 to 20
Venus conjunct Saturn

Sun sextile Uranus
(29° Aquarius/Aries)

This is a time when you’re freer
and more creative.  This transit
opens all kinds of doors,
liberating you from old ways of
thinking, helping you discover
new alternatives.  With the sun in
Aquarius, you’re eager to know
things, to solve problems, and to
get answers to anything that’s
been bothering you lately.

It’s a great time for
experimenting.  Check out new
methods, new strategies, new
techniques, and new tools and
machines.  You might have been
thinking about doing something,
intrigued by the possibility, but
you haven’t dared try it.  Now is
the time.  If it doesn’t work out,
you’ll know it right away.  If it
does, you’ve created a new
beginning for yourself.

Individual efforts go well at this
time, as everyone is more
independent and resourceful,
but it’s also excellent for working
in groups of any size.  Everyone
has ideas and useful feedback
for everyone else. There’s a
stronger appreciation for
diversity, for the various gifts that
people bring to the table.      

This is noticeable February 16 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Mon, Feb 18, 2:55 am    
in Vancouver: Sun, Feb 17,
11:55 pm      
in London: Mon, Feb 18,
7:55 am    
in Singapore: Mon, Feb 18,
3:55 pm      
in Sydney: Mon, Feb 18,
6:55 pm    

Venus conjunct Saturn
(16° Capricorn)

Saturn tends to bring Venus
down.  It brings up issues from
the past, so you may find yourself
brooding about things that
happened long ago, people who
have vanished from your life,
things you forgot to do or say.  

This could be the time when you
decide to make amends, to offer
apologies, although you have to
be careful that these overtures
are really welcome.  It may be
enough to just recognize the
times you’ve done damage to
others, and to sit with that.  

And there can be some limitations
during this time.  You may find
that you can’t have quite as much
fun as you want, because there
are practical considerations.  
There isn’t enough time or
money, perhaps.  Or you may
want to do something with
someone who isn’t around, or
isn’t available.  You have to be
patient.  You have to accept
some delays or obstacles, or
some conditions.  It’s time to be
realistic, even when you’d much
rather live in a fantasy world.  In
the long run, clarity and
accountability do pay off.    

This is noticeable February 16 to

It's exact
in NYC: Mon, Feb 18, 5:52 am    
in Vancouver: Mon, Feb 18,
2:52 am      
in London: Mon, Feb 18,
10:52 am    
in Singapore: Mon, Feb 18,
6:52 pm       
in Sydney: Mon, Feb 18,
9:52 pm    

Mercury conjunct Neptune
(15° Pisces)

This can be a confusing time, as the
Mercury/Neptune combination can mean
losing objects, forgetting things, and going
in circles.  At the same time, there’s the
potential for great inspiration.  You are
more sensitive, more open to whatever
comes.  Whatever your field, you’re more
creative and intuitive, drawn to that which
is mysterious and elusive.  

If you’re a scientist, you become more
aware of the mystical elements of
science.  You wake up with dreams that
show you how everything fits together,
and help you solve whatever problem
you’re working on. If you’re an artist,
everything suddenly seems strangely
easy.  You may have struggled with your
techniques and materials before, but now
all the secrets of your art are revealed to
you.  You have the power to haunt,
amaze, and mesmerize your audience.

If you’re in the healing professions, you
are possessed of an even stronger
sympathy for everyone who is suffering.  
Your intuition goes unerringly to the
source of the problem.  You’re less
constrained by ordinary considerations,
and may be drawn to alternative

Because this is a hypnotic transit, there
are some dangers, and the main one is
that you can be hoodwinked by someone
who’s unscrupulous.  Watch out for sleight-
of-hand, for fraud, and for illusions.  You
may be all too ready to believe what you
want to believe, and this could get you into
trouble.  You can also become drawn into
someone else’s fantasy, when it’s not
really right for you.    

This is noticeable February 17 to 20.        

It's exact
in NYC: Tues, Feb 19, 1:36 am     
in Vancouver: Mon, Feb 18, 10:36 pm    
in London: Tues, Feb 19, 6:36 am     
in Singapore: Tues, Feb 19, 2:36 pm        
in Sydney: Tues, Feb 19, 5:36 pm     

Mercury sextile Saturn
(16° Pisces/Capricorn)

This gives more backbone to the
usually malleable Mercury in Pisces,
so it helps you get your thoughts,
ideas and information organized.  You
can come up with specific questions,
find out what you need to know, and
do something practical with the
knowledge.  It’s a good time to talk to
people who are wiser and more
experienced, or read books that give
you foundational information.  

This transit gives a stronger sense of
responsibility, and inclines you towards
more form and structure.  It’s excellent
for tackling paperwork and for writing
jobs that you’ve been putting off.  With
Mercury in Pisces, you are still doing
things in an artistic, imaginative way –
but with the sextile to Saturn, you’re
thinking mostly of your obligations, and
how good it will be to get these things

In relationships, this helps with
communication.  Mercury in Pisces can
give a tendency to go on and on in a
sort of random way, but the sextile to
Saturn helps you sort out what’s
relevant to the situation.  A lot can be
conveyed in just a few words.   And so
meetings can be shorter and more
efficient, and people don’t need to
spend so much time reading texts and

This is noticeable February 18 to

It's exact
in NYC: Tues, Feb 19, 9:39 pm     
in Vancouver: Tues, Feb 19,
6:39 pm       
in London: Weds, Feb 20, 2:39 am
in Singapore: Weds, Feb 20,
10:39 am  
in Sydney: Weds, Feb 20, 1:39 pm

Mercury sextile Venus
(24° Pisces/Capricorn)

This is a harmonious aspect, great
for communication of all kinds.
You’re poetic, emotional, sensitive,
and you can articulate your
feelings.  And you can talk to
people who normally seem a bit
stern and standoffish.  You know
just what to say.  If you are usually
one of those standoffish people,
you find yourself more open to the
people who wander into your

Mercury in Pisces gives great
mental versatility and fluidity.  Your
thoughts and your instincts are in
sync, and you aren’t bound by any
imposed forms.  At the same time,
you have a respect for forms, an
appreciation for what you can do
with all your mental energy.  And
so you can accomplish things,
especially things that require

There’s also more interest in art
and culture during this time.  
You’re open to beauty, whether it’s
a Greek urn or a symphony.  You
want to immerse yourself in
whatever stirs your senses.  For
artists, it’s a time of both inspiration
and hard work.  You can do very
ambitious things, and you’re so
immersed in your projects that
discipline comes easily.  

This is noticeable February 19 to
March 2.    

It's not exact but it’s at its closest
in NYC:  Mon, Feb 25, 4:53 am
in Vancouver: Mon, Feb 25,
1:53 am
in London: Mon, Feb 25, 9:53 am
in Singapore: Mon, Feb 25,
5:53 pm  
in Sydney: Mon, Feb 25, 8:53 pm

Mercury square Jupiter
(21° Pisces/Sagittarius)

This is a time of enhanced
enthusiasm, but it can mean getting
a bit too carried away.  There’s a
desire to do everything in a big
way, to create a future that is vastly
better than the present.  And to that
end, you may find yourself making
promises that are impossible to
keep, because they involve time or
energy or other resources that you
just don’t have.  Hope isn’t always
enough to carry you through.  

Mercury in Pisces can be a bit
forgetful anyway, and the square to
Jupiter can indicate carelessness.  
So it’s more important to watch for
mistakes, miscalculations, and
errors in judgment.  You may be
rushing to get everything finished,
perhaps because you’ve taken on
too much.  Or you may be so
excited by the larger picture that
you forget to pay attention to the

This is a tricky transit for finances,
so it’s not the best time to buy, sell
or make deals.  Values could be
over-inflated.  It’s also not the best
time to travel, for the same reason.  
And it’s not great for legal matters,
or for dealing with bureaucracy, as
everything could be a little more
complicated than usual.    

This is noticeable February 21 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Fri, Feb 22, 3:39 pm
in Vancouver: Fri, Feb 22,
12:39 pm  
in London: Fri, Feb 22, 8:39 pm
in Singapore: Sat, Feb 23,
4:39 am   
in Sydney: Sat, Feb 23, 7:39 am   

Venus conjunct Pluto
(22° Capricorn)

This transit intensifies
relationships, even in the
restrained earth sign Capricorn.  
There’s a lot of power under the
surface;  there are deeper chords
being played.  There could be
some subterranean jockeying for
power, some underlying
resentments, or some
unmentionable desires.  You may
have to be clear about your

The tension could be noticeable,
especially since most secrets
show themselves, one way or
another.  You may need to talk
about whatever is going on.  This
can help clear the air, and it can
be deeply healing when a
relationship is going through a
tough time.  At the same time, it
may not be necessary to reveal all
your demons, since they don’t
always have anything to do with
the other person.  But you do
need to recognize them yourself,
and to take responsibility for them,
rather than acting them out.  

Artists can produce very powerful
work during this transit.  There’s
an attraction to essential symbols,
to basic sources of emotional
energy.  You may be bolder and
more willing to broach previously
taboo areas.    

This is noticeable February 21 to

It's exact
in NYC: Fri, Feb 22, 10:52 pm
in Vancouver: Fri, Feb 22,
7:52 pm
in London: Sat, Feb 23,
3:52 am     
in Singapore: Sat, Feb 23,
11:52 am       
in Sydney: Sat, Feb 23,
2:52 pm     

The sun sextile Mars
(9° Pisces/Taurus)

This is an excellent aspect for getting
things done.  In Taurus, Mars is
practical and sensible, and the sextile
to the sun adds confidence and
leadership ability.  The Pisces sun can
be a little spacy at times, but Mars in
Taurus is a grounding force, and it
points you to real-life, concrete
solutions to any problems that come

This is especially good for any physical
work or play.  It gives a stronger urge
to deal with things as they are,
especially whatever is right in front of
you.  You can appreciate the feeling of
accomplishing things, even simple
tasks.  You are able to stay in the
moment, to enjoy the abundant
stimulation of your senses.  Touch and
hearing are especially strong, and this
is a good time to play music, or to
listen to it.  

It’s a sensual time, when it comes to
relationships.  It’s good for sharing
anything which feels good, from sex to
bowling to picking parsnips together.  
Whatever you like to do, you can really
get into it, and it’s doubly pleasurable
when you do it with someone you love.  

And there’s a spiritual element to this
transit.  The Zen master said, “When
hungry, eat.  When tired, sleep.” When
you can wholly accept yourself, your
friends and lovers, and the physical
world around you, you are
enlightened.  You don’t need more
than this.       

This is noticeable February 21 to
March 5.     

It's exact
in NYC: Weds, Feb 27, 9:32 pm
in Vancouver: Weds, Feb 27, 6:32 pm
in London: Thurs, Feb 28, 2:32 am  
in Singapore: Thurs, Feb 28,
10:32 am    
in Sydney: Thurs, Feb 28, 1:32 pm  

Mercury sextile Pluto
(22° Pisces/Capricorn)

This gives focus, resourcefulness
and a more sensitive awareness of
underlying influences.  It’s a good
time for researchers in all fields.  
Scientists could discover new
elements, historians uncover buried
information about the past, and
spies could learn where the bodies
are buried.  Some of this information
could come from intuitions, dreams,
or sudden hunches.  

There’s more compassion and
idealism, and there’s also a desire
to do something to change what’s
going on around you.  This can
begin with a deep, meaningful
discussion with equally empathic
people.  You could touch upon a lot
of sensitive subjects, including
death, religion, and poverty, and
you could imagine some truly
inspired way to resolve community
problems.  It’s also a good time for
spiritual or creative groups.  You
could invoke the ancestor spirits,
practice meditation, or share
sculpting or water-color

This is better for small groups and
private parties than it is for large
gatherings, however. If you’re at a
party, you may find one fascinating
person to talk to, and ignore
everyone else.  Teachers may also
have a tendency to focus on their
best students.   

This is noticeable February 22 to

It's exact
in NYC: Sat, Feb 23, 12:17 pm     
in Vancouver: Sat, Feb 23,
9:17 am     
in London: Sat, Feb 23, 5:17 pm       
in Singapore: Sun, Feb 24,
1:17 am   
in Sydney: Sun, Feb 24, 4:17 am