Current Aspects

January 17 to 24, 2020

all interpretations written & copyrighted by Jenny Yates

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Saturn conjunct Pluto
(22° Capricorn)

Astrologers have been watching out for
this conjunction for quite a while, and now
it’s finally arriving.  It’s a very intense
aspect, and it could mean a social,
political or economic reversal of some

This intensifies everyone’s sense of
responsibility, and that’s not a bad thing.  
People may feel a visceral connection to
the sufferings of their fellow humans, and
to other species, all over the world.  The
realities of climate change could finally
sink in.  There could be an outpouring of
grief for all the tragedy that’s just labeled
“business as usual”.  

At the same time, this could mean that
there are a lot more depressed and
despondent people walking around.  For
those who feel powerful, there are many
ways to work with this increased sense of
responsibility, and to improve conditions.  
For those who feel mostly powerless, this
could be a frightening time, in which they
feel crushed by the heavy hand of fate.  

Everyone feels a certain pressure during
this transit.  Everyone is more aware of
time, and of the commitments that we’ve
made – to ourselves, to each other, to the
world we live in.  We are all looking for
sources of strength in the deepest parts
of ourselves.     

This is noticeable December 19 to
February 5.  

It's exact
in NYC:  Sun, Jan 12, 11:59 am  
in Vancouver: Sun, Jan 12,
8:59 am   
in London: Sun, Jan 12,
4:59 pm    
in Singapore: Mon, Jan 13,
12:59 am    
in Sydney: Mon, Jan 13,
3:59 am    

January 23 to 27
Mercury sextile Mars

December 19 to February 5
Saturn conjunct Pluto

January 25 to 29
Venus conjunct Neptune

January 25 to 31
Mars square Neptune

Sun square Uranus
(2° Aquarius/Taurus)

This is a changeable time.  
Watch for accidents, falls,
shocks, separations, conflicts,
technical problems, and a
general sense of restlessness.  
Things may seem stuck, and
then suddenly take off in
unexpected directions, leaving
your schedules and plans in the
dust.  You may have to be extra
creative, and use alternate
methods to save the day.  

This aspect gives a real urge to
improve conditions, and this can
mean rebelling against the
status quo.  You’re more
inclined to get out of your
armchair and do something that
makes the world a better place,
whether this means campaigning
for your candidate, or just
picking up trash in the park.  

At the same time, you may also
be a little harder to get along
with.  You may be more abrupt,
and things may seem more
black-and-white than usual.  
Suddenly shifting gears doesn’t
help, and there’s a lot of that
going on during this transit.  
Nobody knows what anybody is
going to do, and when there is
action, it can be unnerving.     

This is noticeable January 21 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Thurs, Jan 23, 1:54 am
in Vancouver: Weds, Jan 22,
10:54 pm
in London: Thurs, Jan 23,

6:54 am
in Singapore: Thurs, Jan 23,
2:54 pm   
in Sydney: Thurs, Jan 23,

5:54 pm

Venus sextile Jupiter
(11° Pisces/Capricorn)

This is a pleasant transit.  It
makes everything softer,
sweeter, and more beautiful.  It’
s especially welcome, given the
stark tendencies of the
sun/Uranus square happening
at the same time.

Venus in Pisces is a kind,
gentle influence, and Jupiter
expands that kindness to
include more people.  So this is
a great time for parties,
celebrations, art openings, and
community events.  People
share encouragement,
inspiration, and of course, food
and wine.  There’s a sense that
good things are abundant.   

Personal pleasures are also
heightened, especially those
that are hypnotic and sensual.  
This is a good time to escape
from the ordinary, to enter into
some kind of fantasy world.  
This could mean going to the
movies, or taking a walk in
some lovely garden, and letting
yourself get carried away by the
beauty around you.  It’s also
great for romantic gestures, like
sharing muffins and champagne
with the love of your life.      

This is noticeable January 21 to

It's exact
in NYC: Thurs, Jan 23, 8:07 am
in Vancouver: Thurs, Jan 23,
5:07 am  
in London: Thurs, Jan 23,
1:07 pm  
in Singapore: Thurs, Jan 23,
9:07 pm   
in Sydney: Fri, Jan 24, 12:07 am

Mercury sextile Mars
(14° Aquarius/Sagittarius)

This is an energizing aspect, linking
as it does the body and the brain,
and it certainly helps you get things
done.  Mercury in Aquarius gives a
great curiosity about the world.  
You’re drawn to knowledge in all its
forms, and you love to find new ways
of putting it together.  You invent,
theorize, speculate, and do research,
and you share your ideas widely with

But with Mars in Sagittarius, you
don’t just think and talk.  You are
interested in action, the sooner the
better!  You feel a strong urge to
travel, to explore, to check out
different cultures and beliefs, to
experience life firsthand.  Mercury in
Aquarius is cooler and more
dispassionate, but with the sextile to
Mars, you want to throw yourself into
things.  You’re drawn to grand

So this can be a pretty exciting time,
dynamic and experimental. Mercury
in Aquarius is unafraid of radical
notions, and with Mars in Sagittarius,
you can put some of these into
practice.  And since this is a soft
aspect, you don’t experience a lot of
pushback from the people around
you.  On the contrary, other folks are
intrigued by your ideas, and
impressed by your passion and

This is noticeable January 23 to

It's exact
in NYC: Sat, Jan 25, 8:09 am    
in Vancouver: Sat, Jan 25,
5:09 am     
in London: Sat, Jan 25, 1:09 pm     
in Singapore: Sat, Jan 25,
9:09 pm      
in Sydney: Sun, Jan 26, 12:09 am

Venus square Mars
(16° Pisces/Sagittarius)

This transit can set up a few tricky
sexual dynamics.  With Venus in
Pisces, there’s a certain vagueness.  
You may not know exactly what you
want.  Is this a date, or are you just
going somewhere together?  Do you
feel like falling in love?  Is this the
right person, or should you see

what’s around the next corner?  Or
maybe you are pretty clear, and your
lover is the one who’s waffling,
making you feel insecure.

In addition, Mars in Sagittarius can
give the urge to flee, whenever things
get too complicated or troublesome.  
So you may be thinking that it’s time
to hit the road, or it may be that your
lover has packed her bags.  

Even for long-term partners, this can
be a tough transit, as it can be harder
to get together, in the bedroom or
elsewhere.  You’re both too busy, and
there’s too much going on.  Or
someone is dealing with some stuff,
emotionally or physically, and so the
other person is providing support and
hugs, even if she’d rather be doing
something steamier.  

If passions do lead you to the
bedroom, you may find yourself
discovering all sorts of new things
about yourself and your partner.  So
this is a time when trust issues could
be on top, as it were. Take the time to
feel all the feelings, and to really see
your loved one as she is.  

This is noticeable January 23 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Sun, Jan 26, 8:37 pm
in Vancouver: Sun, Jan 26, 5:37 pm
in London: Mon, Jan 27, 1:37 am   
in Singapore: Mon, Jan 27, 9:37
in Sydney: Mon, Jan 27, 12:37 pm    

January 21 to 25
Sun square Uranus

January 21 to 25
Venus sextile Jupiter

January 23 to 30
Venus square Mars

Venus conjunct Neptune
(16° Pisces)

This is a time when you’re
particularly sensitive to beauty,
love, and pleasure, and this can
be wonderful.  But it’s also a time
when your addictions can be
quite strong.  You may need to
take care of yourself by staying
far away from the usual
temptations.  You can also find
yourself in the grip of strange
new fascinations, and this could
lead you down some unfamiliar

And so this is actually not the
best time to make decisions
relating to love, even though
there’s a lot of romantic energy in
the air.  You may be totally
blissed out over someone, but
give it a little more time and
thought before rushing off to the
altar.  Remember that surface
beauty fades, and then you have
to find deeper reasons for your
commitment to another person.  
Will those reasons be there?

It’s a excellent transit for artists.  
With the Venus/Neptune
conjunction, you’re attracted to
images and ideas that are
strange, magical and surreal,
and this can give a hypnotic
quality to your work.  It’s also a
good time to enjoy art, especially
music and film.  The line between
dreams and life is thinner during
this transit, and both are more

This is noticeable January 25 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Mon, Jan 27, 3:00 pm
in Vancouver: Mon, Jan 27, 12:
00 pm
in London: Mon, Jan 27, 8:00 pm
in Singapore: Tues, Jan 28, 4:00
in Sydney: Tues, Jan 28, 7:00 am

Mars square Neptune
(16° Sagittarius/Pisces)

During this time, you’re extra sensitive,
sometimes too much so.  You’re
conscious of everything going on, not
just in your immediate vicinity, but in
far-flung places.  And there are lots of
things that seem to challenge your
sense of order and stability.  Why is it
happening this way?  It’s impossible to
know all the answers, and there’s no
way to keep control. When you try
harder, things just get more confusing,
so this transit is an exercise in relaxing,
taking a deep breath, and letting it

But that’s not necessarily easy, since
Mars in Sagittarius is passionate,
active, spontaneous and impulsive.  
And so you may find yourself
wandering around rather aimlessly, or
perhaps trying to do a lot of
contradictory things at the same time.

There are lots of interesting
possibilities, some of them quite
fascinating.  And this transit not only
gives the urge to do things, but to do
everything in a bigger way.  Why travel
to Paris, when you could take an extra
week or two and do the entire
continent?  Why redo your kitchen
cabinets, when you could refurbish
your whole house?

So maybe it’s a good idea to rein
yourself in a bit.  Enthusiasm is great,
but you do need to decide what you
want to do first, and then spend a little
time in preparation before flinging
yourself into it.  And remember, it may
not turn out exactly the way you
envision it.  There are some wild cards

This is noticeable January 25 to
It's exact
in NYC: Tues, Jan 28, 5:34 am
in Vancouver: Tues, Jan 28, 2:34 am  
in London: Tues, Jan 28, 10:34 am  
in Singapore: Tues, Jan 28, 6:34 pm  
in Sydney: Tues, Jan 28, 9:34 pm