Current Aspects

August 11
to 18, 2017

all interpretations written & copyrighted by Jenny Yates

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July 22 to August 16
Jupiter square Pluto

Jupiter square Pluto
(17° Libra/Capricorn)

This is a time of intense,
concentrated power struggles.  
Pluto is about power,
transformation, and hidden
influences, and it also has to do
with deeper desires, yearnings
and motivations.  Jupiter can
bring these up, exaggerate them,
and often (but not always) reveal
them to everyone.

Some of these struggles are
around questions of equality and
access.  Jupiter in Libra is very
idealistic.  So if there are unfair
things happening, this is the time
when people may stand up and
demand that these wrongs be

Pluto, however, can be very
heavy-handed at times, and so
these demands could be met
with iron-fisted resistance.  It’s a
dangerous time to be a
revolutionary.  But dangerous
times are when revolutionaries
thrive, because the human spirit
doesn’t take well to compression,
restriction and manipulation.   

This is noticeable July 22 to
August 16.                        

It's exact
in NYC: Fri, Aug 4, 2:48 pm
in Vancouver: Fri, Aug 4,
11:48 am
in London: Fri, Aug 4, 7:48 pm
in Singapore: Sat, Aug 5,
2:48 am  
in Sydney: Sat, Aug 5, 4:48 am  

Aug 11 to 15
Mercury oppose Neptune

Aug 7 to 13
Mars inconjunct Neptune

Sun inconjunct Pluto
(17° Leo/Capricorn)

This can bring up some thorny
leadership issues.  If you are a
leader who prides yourself on
flexibility, openness, and good
communication skills, it can be
disheartening when other people
criticize or judge you.  It can be
even more disheartening when they
make a grab for your power.  Good
intentions can go by the wayside
when you have to defend your

Or you may be on the other side,
and have an ineffectual, hot-air sort
of boss who never deals with the
real issues.  It may be that you’ve
been waiting all your life for a
chance at the top position, and now
you have some supporters who
believe in you.  So it may be time for
a palace coup.

This is a time to pay attention to
very subtle clues.  You can be
caught off guard by things that will
be evident in hindsight, but that you
were too busy to notice.  
Don’t try to do too many things at
once, because there’s always the
danger that the most important
tasks will be put off until it’s too late.  
And listen as much as you talk.      

This is noticeable August 7 to 11.   

It's exact
in NYC: Weds, Aug 9, 4:10 pm    
in Vancouver:  Weds, Aug 9,
1:10 pm    
in London: Weds, Aug 9,
9:10 pm    
in Singapore: Thurs, Aug 10,
4:10 am  
in Sydney: Thurs, Aug 10, 6:10 am

Mercury sextile Venus
(11° Virgo/Cancer)

This is a harmonious aspect, great for
communication of all kinds.  You could
spend your time reminiscing, or telling
stories, or sharing your feelings, or just
harmonizing with those you love in non-
verbal ways. Sometimes you communicate
more freely when you are working at
something, side by side.  It’s a good time
for gardening, cooking, or a quilting bee.   

At work, this aspect gives greater
organization, and makes for more
cooperation with others.  Everyone is
more sympathetic, more inclined to relate
to other people’s problems.  If you work in
a nurturing profession – if you’re a doctor,
or a midwife, or a therapist – this is a
particularly satisfying and effective time.  
Whatever you do, you may approach it in
a more nurturing way.  

It’s a good time for domestic chores as
well as domestic pleasures.  You could
make your home cozier and more
attractive.  You could host a family
reunion.  You could join a neighborhood
association, or put some time into
beautifying your local park.  If you get
together with other people,
you’re likely to make some rewarding

When it comes to romance, this is a good
time to get to know somebody.  A first date
is a good time for slow, attentive
conversation in a quiet restaurant, and
this aspect is perfect for that.     

This is noticeable August 7 to 12.    

It's exact
in NYC:  Thurs, Aug 10, 5:03 am
in Vancouver: Thurs, Aug 10, 2:03 am  
in London: Thurs, Aug 10, 10:03 am
in Singapore: Thurs, Aug 10, 5:03 pm   
in Sydney: Thurs, Aug 10, 7:03 pm

Mars inconjunct Neptune
(13° Leo/Pisces)

This transit is all about blurring the
boundaries, so you could find yourself
doing some very weird things.  You
may suddenly wonder about things
you’ve always taken for granted, and
this may lead you to do some
experimenting.  You could start
questioning the laws of physics, or
perhaps just the laws of your country.  
You could wind up in a plummeting hot
air balloon, or maybe in jail, so it’s
better not to follow every impulse.     

Mars in Leo is fiery, passionate and
enthusiastic, so there is a danger of
risking too much during this time.  You
could rashly volunteer for some job,
and find out that you haven’t got a
clue how to do it.  Your pride could be
hurt, and you could challenge
someone to a duel, only to find out
that your opponent is the world expert
in fencing, while you’re better at
flipping pancakes.  

It’s very easy to get lost during this
transit, whether literally or figuratively.  
You may think you know how to get
somewhere, and then find out it’s
nowhere near where you thought it
was.  So a little humility, and a
willingness to pre-plan, ask for
directions, or get help – or sometimes,
all three – can go a long way towards
smoothing things out.

This is noticeable August 7 to

It's exact
in NYC: Thurs, Aug 10, 9:30 am  
in Vancouver: Thurs, Aug 10,
6:30 am    
in London: Thurs, Aug 10,
2:30 pm  
in Singapore: Thurs, Aug 10,
9:30 pm    
in Sydney: Thurs, Aug 10,
11:30 pm  

The sun sextiles Jupiter
(18° Leo/Libra)

This is a pleasant, optimistic, lucky
transit.  People are generally able
to see the bright side of things, and
take a philosophical attitude to
anything that happens.  

It’s a good time for parties, parades,
weddings, community gatherings,
and all sorts of festivities. People
are more generous, more
expansive, more willing to fork out
lavish amounts of money for a piece
of art, an evening’s pleasure, or a
gift for a loved one.  Money flows
more freely. There’s also more
energy and confidence.

This is a good time for creative
artists of all kinds.  You feel a
stronger need to express yourself,
and more confidence about your art-
form, and at the same time, you’re
conscious of how it will look to your
audience. You are able to
effectively communicate whatever
you want to communicate, and at
the same time, create something

During this transit, you are clearer
about what feels good, what you do
well,  and what you like to do, and
so you gravitate towards the jobs
that suits you.  Leadership passes
more easily from one person to the
next, as everyone discovers their
talent for leadership.  

This is noticeable August 8 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Thurs, Aug 10, 5:24 pm  
in Vancouver: Thurs, Aug 10,

2:24 pm  
in London: Thurs, Aug 10,

10:24 pm  
in Singapore: Fri, Aug 11,

5:24 am     
in Sydney: Fri, Aug 11, 7:24 am     

Venus trine Neptune
(13° Cancer/Pisces)

This is a romantic, mellow aspect,
and it’s especially good if you’re in
love.  You may be feeling rather
rapturous about the object of your
affection.  If there isn’t a good
romantic object in sight, fear not,
since this is also a great time to
lavish hugs and kisses on your
family and on close friends.

You’re very attached to all the
people you love, no matter what the
relationship.  And you’re willing to
understand and accept, no matter
their little foibles.  They can walk
around wearing lampshades on their
heads, and you’ll just think they’re
cute, take pictures of them, and post
them on facebook.

This is a wonderful time for artists,
as you’re very imaginative and
inspired, and willing to go further in
exploring anything that’s strange and
mystical.  It’s especially good for the
more fluid arts, such as poetry, film
and photography.  Since Venus is in
Cancer, it lends itself to cooking as

Everything you do feels more
sensuous and delicious under this
influence, whether you’re playing
tennis or cleaning out the attic.  But
you’re also more likely to get
distracted, to stop cleaning out the
attic and write a poem inspired by
your great grandmother’s
scrapbook.  It’s not the most
practical influence, but you feel so
good that it doesn’t matter if you’re
not getting all that much done.  

This is noticeable August 10 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Sat, Aug 12, 1:17 am
in Vancouver: Fri, Aug 11,
10:17 pm      
in London: Sat, Aug 12, 6:17 am
in Singapore: Sat, Aug 12, 1:17 pm  
in Sydney: Sat, Aug 12, 3:17 pm

Mercury oppose Neptune
(11° to 13° Virgo/Pisces)

Mercury is in Virgo, a precise,
analytical sign, but all the precision
can go out the window when it opposes
Neptune, especially when it does this
right when it’s retrograding.  
Everything is a little fuzzier and more
confusing, and it’s very easy to make
mistakes in any task involving
speaking, writing, or organizing.  

This is an ambivalent time. There
seem to be many possible ways to
tackle everything, and
it’s really not clear which is best.  
Everything has its pros and cons.  One
way may look definitely better, and
then when you’ve gotten a good start,
you find that there are some basic
flaws to this method, and you should
have taken a different tack.

It’s very easy to get lost during this
transit.  It’s easy to lose things.  It’s
easy to misunderstand people, and to
be misunderstood.  You may be
fascinated by people, objects or
situations, and your fascination could
lead you to expect things that are
unlikely if not impossible. Other people
may also over-idealize you, and you
could find yourself in uncomfortable
situations in which you feel like an

The best way to handle this transit is to
check your information very carefully.  
Ask people to repeat themselves if
necessary, and immediately deal with
anything that seems ambiguous.  Don’t
make assumptions, if you can possibly
help it.  When in doubt, or when too
many possibilities are calling to you,
just take a moment to be quiet and to
center yourself.  This will make it
easier to stay grounded.  

This is noticeable August 11 to 15.       

It's never exact, but it’s strongest when
Mercury goes retrograde:
in NYC:  Sat, Aug 12, 9 pm
in Vancouver:  Sat, Aug 12, 6 pm
in London: Sun, Aug 13, 2 am  
in Singapore:  Sun, Aug 13,
9 am  
in Sydney: Sun, Aug 13, 11 am  

Sun trine Saturn
(21° Leo/Sagittarius)

The energy is fiery during this
period, but it’s also grounded and
stable.  With the sun in Leo, you’re
bold, confident, charismatic and
vital, and you are able to express
yourself with great flair.  But you’re
also able to focus all that bright
energy towards serious, important

You have convictions.  You believe
in something important, perhaps
connected to a philosophy, a
religion, or a political stance. Having
determined what is right, you are
now ready to act on it.  This transit
lends itself to definite, committed,
disciplined action.  You are likely to
be involved in something that
inspires you, and that lends greater
focus and clarity to everything you

Fire signs are very independent,
and so you are not going to follow
any leader or any philosophy
heedlessly.  You want to interpret it
in your own way, to leave your
unique mark.  This is a very self-
controlled time, in which you
recognize what you have to do, and
move ahead to do it.  

Leadership qualities are more
pronounced, and particularly good
leaders may emerge.  But they have
to prove their worth to a skeptical
population, and this is not a bad
thing.  Everyone is a bit more
sensible, more practical, and more
discriminating, at least as long as
this transit lasts!  

This is noticeable August 11 to

It's exact
in NYC: Sun, Aug 13, 5:06 pm   
in Vancouver:  Sun, Aug 13,
2:06 pm   
in London: Sun, Aug 13,

10:06 pm     
in Singapore: Mon, Aug 14,

5:06 am  
in Sydney: Mon, Aug 14, 7:06 am  

August 7 to 11
Sun inconjunct Pluto

Aug 7 to 12
Mercury sextile Venus

August 13 to 19
Mars inconjunct Pluto

August 13 to 16
Venus oppose Pluto

Aug 8 to 13
Sun sextile Jupiter

Aug 10 to 13
Venus trine Neptune

Aug 11 to 15
Sun trine Saturn

August 16 to 24
Mars sextile Jupiter

August 16 to 20
Venus inconjunct Saturn

August 15 to
September 7
Jupiter sextile Saturn

August 15 to 19
Venus square Jupiter

Venus oppose Pluto
(17° Cancer/Capricorn)

This makes for very intense
relationships.  People go down
deeper, and this can mean more
intimacy, more sex, and a deeper
level of connection.  But it can also
mean that people feel a bit
threatened by each other.  

You can have important
psychological insights under this
influence, both into other people and
into yourself.  It can be a time when
you’re really conscious of where
power lies, what drives people, and
where the bodies are buried.  Some
people will ignore other people’s
boundaries for their own ambitions
or cravings, and so it’s important to
be clear about where your
boundaries are, and about your right
to defend them.      

However, you may just feel invaded
because somebody has called
attention to something you thought
you were hiding, and you can
respond to that feeling in different
ways.  Is there really a threat, or is
this an opportunity to let go of one of
your barriers?  If someone is being
careless of your health, safety, or
emotional well-being, then yes, the
walls need to stay strong.  But you
might want to investigate a little, to
find out where the other person is
coming from.

For artists, this can be a time of
strong but disquieting work.  You
may be able to exorcise some old
demons through your art, but not all
of your audience can handle this.  

This is noticeable August 13 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Tues, Aug 15, 7:17 am
in Vancouver: Tues, Aug 15,
4:17 am
in London: Tues, Aug 15, 12:17 pm  
in Singapore: Tues, Aug 15,
7:17 pm   
in Sydney: Tues, Aug 15, 9:17 pm

Mars inconjunct Pluto
(17° Leo/Capricorn)

This can mean a few difficulties around will,
power, boundaries, and control.  You may be
trespassing, or someone else may be
disrespectful of your boundaries.  It’s best not
to react with unexamined passion, but to think
for a moment about what’s at stake.    

Mars is the planet of action, and when it’s in
Leo, it’s proud, ambitious, passionate,
dignified and authoritarian.  Everybody is in
charge of something, and some people are in
charge of a lot of things.   But even in the
areas when you usually feel very confident,
there are complicated situations afoot, and
the usual strategies may not work.  You may
need to bend more than you want to, perhaps
even to accept some limited or temporary

Because this aspect can indicate power
imbalances, it can be a bit dangerous.  When
you hit a problem, you may not realize how
deep the roots go.  If you are thoughtless or
inattentive, you could wake up a sleeping
dragon, and then you may wish you had kept
your distance.  

But there are times when you can’t keep your
distance, when you find yourself right in the
middle of the bullring, with the bull charging
straight at you.  These are the times to think
fast and use whatever you have at hand.  
Don’t worry about whether you’re looking
dignified.  You just want to limit the damage.  

And there are also times when you’re
experiencing the exact same thing, but it’s all
inside.  Nobody knows how devastated you
are except yourself, and you want to keep it
that way.  If this happens, it may take some
time to get yourself back together, to restore
your self-confidence.  Give yourself massive
doses of self-love, and that will help the
healing process.   

This is noticeable August 13 to 19.     

It's exact
in NYC: Weds, Aug 16, 6:37 am
in Vancouver: Weds, Aug 16, 3:37 am  
in London: Weds, Aug 16, 11:37 am  
in Singapore: Weds, Aug 16, 6:37 pm  
in Sydney: Weds, Aug 16, 8:37 pm

Venus square Jupiter
(19° Cancer/Libra)

It’s a time of abundance, when it’s
not all that easy to keep your
balance.  There could be lots of
wonderful possibilities opening up.  
There are more delicious things to
eat, so many that you could end up
with a stomach-ache, or in a
diabetic coma, if you aren’t careful.  
There are lots of beautiful things to
buy, and you could max out your
credit card, while telling yourself
that you’ll never see such bargains

And love.  How is it possible to have
too much love?  It could be that all
your friends are crowding around
you, and you have social events
from morning to night, and wear out
several pairs of dancing shoes.  It
could be that your family members
are all trying to bribe you with
flattery so that you’ll mention them
in your will. It could be that
everybody looks to you to fix things,
or cook them food, or sympathize
with them.  

If you have old unsatisfied hungers
– for love, attention, nourishment or
nurturing – now is the time when
they could show themselves in a
very definite way.  If you’re finally
getting something you’ve always
wanted, take it slow.  A famished
person can’t gorge on her first

So really the secret of dealing with
this transit is to be moderate, to
take what you need and what’s
good for you, even if you’re being
offered the world on a platter.  

This is noticeable August 15 to

It's exact
in NYC: Thurs, Aug 17, 2:39 am  
in Vancouver: Weds, Aug 16,
11:39 pm  
in London: Thurs, Aug 17, 7:39 am  
in Singapore: Thurs, Aug 17,
2:39 pm     
in Sydney: Thurs, Aug 17, 4:39 pm  

Jupiter sextile Saturn
(21° Libra/Sagittarius)

This is a transit which
bestows wisdom, so it comes
at a very good time.  Jupiter
in Libra is idealistic,
egalitarian and cooperative,
while Saturn in Sagittarius
gives more passion and
ambition, but is still focused
on duty and responsibility.  

Together, these two planets
refer to one’s relationship
with society.  What are your
obligations to others, and
what are theirs to you, and
how do you keep these things
in balance?  How do you
move forward as a
community, while still
maintaining this balance?  
Some excellent answers can
come to you during this
transit, and you will find
others who are equally drawn
to them.  

You can look at what you’ve
done in the recent past, and
it’s easy to see what has
worked and what hasn’t.  So
now your beliefs are firmer,
and your objectives clearer.  
You’re not content with just
an idealistic stance, but want
to put your principles into
action. But you’re not in a
hurry.  When you do
something, you want the
effect to be lasting.  You want
to put strong, durable
structures into place.       

This is noticeable August 15
to September

It's exact
in NYC: Sun, Aug 27, 8:15 am
in Vancouver: Sun, Aug 27,
5:15 am  
in London: Sun, Aug 27,
1:15 pm
in Singapore: Sun, Aug 27,
8:15 pm  
in Sydney: Sun, Aug 27,
10:15 pm

Venus inconjunct Saturn
(21° Cancer/Sagittarius)

This transit can give a sense of
deprivation, especially when it comes
to the things that make you feel safe.  
So you may feel there’s not enough
love, money, food, comfort or

It’s an especially challenging aspect
when it comes to intimate relationships.
Venus in Cancer gives strong
attachments, and a real need for
closeness, and at its best, this makes
for warm, nurturing relationships.  But
with the hard aspect to Saturn, these
emotional demands can be seen as
suffocating.  And so this sets up
situations in which one person is
yearning for more, and the other is
trying to get away.

In family relationships too, this
Venus/Saturn inconjunct can be
tough.  People can feel shut out or
abandoned by their parents, children,
or siblings.  Insecurities can drive
people further apart, especially if
there’s any emotional manipulation
going on.  Old sorrows can crop up
again, and people can accuse each
other of crimes committed years ago.  
Painful memories can last practically
forever, especially when they aren’t

So this is a time to be good to yourself,
and give yourself some of the
nurturing you need.  And it’s also a
time to be good to the ones you love.  
If they aren’t as available as you’d like,
accept it without blame.  They are who
they are.  

This is noticeable August 16 to 20.    

It's exact
in NYC: Fri, Aug 18, 2:55 pm   
in Vancouver: Fri, Aug 18, 11:55 am     
in London: Fri, Aug 18,7:55 pm   
in Singapore: Sat, Aug 19, 2:55 am  
in Sydney: Sat, Aug 19, 4:55 am  

Mars sextile Jupiter
(20° Leo/Libra)

This is a time of optimism and
success.  Mars in Leo is flashy,
dramatic, charming and confident, and
the sextile to Jupiter can put you in a
very fortunate groove. You know what
you’re doing, and the results are
generally very good.   

This doesn’t mean you can take over
the world during this transit, but if your
goals are more reasonable, you are
able to attain them.  It gives good
momentum, and helps you find ways to
expand your efforts, explore a wider
range of experience, and become
more influential.  And since Jupiter is in
Libra, you are also able to keep
yourself in balance, and to balance
your energies with those of others.  

Mars in Leo tends to be pretty
dominant, but with the sextile to Jupiter
in Libra, you are also able to
cooperate, and to work within
partnerships.  You are eager for your
place in the sun, but you are also kind
and considerate to other people, and
allow them to develop their talents as

This transti increases strength, will
power, and physical energy.  If you
have a big job to do, whether it’s
building a deck or painting a portrait,
this is a good time to tackle it.  You are
able to see the entirety of it, and to
figure out where it’s best to put your
energy.  You work cheerfully towards a
bright future.  

This is noticeable August 16 to 24.   

It's exact
in NYC:  Sun, Aug 20, 12:42 pm  
in Vancouver: Sun, Aug 20, 9:42 am  
in London: Sun, Aug 20, 7:42 pm    
in Singapore: Mon, Aug 21, 12:42 am  
in Sydney: Mon, Aug 21, 2:42 am