Current Aspects

April 1
to 8, 2020

all interpretations written & copyrighted by Jenny Yates

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Jupiter conjunct Pluto
(24° Capricorn)

This is a time of fierce loyalties and
intense ambitions.  Jupiter expands
everything it touches, and now it’s
giving its energy to Pluto, planet of
power and transformation.  So there
could be quite a few protracted –
perhaps even violent - struggles for

Many of these struggles are hidden
away, below the surface. There could
be tangled webs of influence,
obsession, favors, and debts, and it
may not be easy to see what’s really
going on.  And then sometimes some
fierce, unruly emotion – some desire,
resentment, or ambition -  bursts
through, and everyone may jump on
it, shocked to the bone.  And yet it’s
been there all along, if anyone cared
to look a little deeper.  

The main danger with this aspect is
that people can become more
autocratic.  The urge for power can
reach toxic levels.  So
it’s really important to recognize your
own fierce longings, hungers and
rages, and own them.  It’s also
important to call out others who are
disrespectful of you, but check for
motes in your own eye first.  

Free discussion helps a lot in working
through the power imbalances.  And
you can accomplish an enormous
amount during this transit if you work
with others, and channel your deeper
emotions towards a concrete,
practical goal. If you’re trying to make
the world a better place in some
definite way, and you’re listening to
the people around you and
cooperating with them, then more
power to you.    

This is noticeable March 19 to May

It's exact
in NYC: Sat, April 4, 10:45 pm
in Vancouver: Sat, April 4,
7:45 pm
in London: Sun, April 5, 2:45 am
in Singapore: Sun, April 5,
10:45 am  
in Sydney: Sun, April 5, 1:45 pm

April 4 to 10
Mars square Uranus

March 19 to May 1
Jupiter conjunct Pluto

April 6 to 9
Mercury sextile Pluto

April 2 to 5
Mercury conjunct Neptune

April 2 to 6
Venus trine Saturn

Mars conjunct Saturn
(0° Aquarius)

This can slow things down quite a
bit.  However, it can be good for
things that require precision,
deliberation, and technical know-
how.  You are serious and
responsible in everything you do,
and so you can work patiently at
something that requires many
hours.  You’re motivated by the
need to solve some kind of problem,
and by the things you’re learning as
you work.  

At the same time, there can be
some frustrations associated with
this transit.  There may be too many
responsibilities, too many onerous
tasks, just too much to do, and it
can be very hard to manage it. You
may feel obligations that go way
beyond the personal – to your
community, your extended family,
your country, your world.  

With all you can do, it may feel that
it’s just a drop in the bucket, when
you compare it to the needs that
exist.  And so you can push yourself
to the point of exhaustion, or just
give up in frustration.   

All sorts of projects can hit
obstacles during this transit, and it
may seem that they are
permanently derailed.  Work
projects can run into snags when a
group can’t agree, when political or
philosophical disagreements get in
the way.  You may find yourself
hung up in all kinds of technical
snags, when you try to meet with
others.  Everything is a little tougher
now, so give yourself a lot of extra
points for anything you do manage
to accomplish.    

This is noticeable March 28 to April

It's exact
in NYC: Tues, March 31,
2:31 pm    
in Vancouver: Tues, March 31,

11:31 am      
in London: Tues, March 31,
6:31 pm     
in Singapore: Weds, Apr 1,
2:31 am  
in Sydney: Weds, Apr 1,
4:31 am  

March 28 to April 3
Mars conjunct Saturn

April 7 to 28
Venus trine Mars

April 6 to 9
Mercury sextile Jupiter

Mercury conjunct Neptune
(19° Pisces)

This can be a confusing time, as the
Mercury/Neptune combination can
mean losing objects, forgetting
things, and going in circles.  At the
same time, there’s the potential for
great inspiration.  You are more
sensitive, more open to whatever
comes.  Whatever your field, you’re
more creative and intuitive, drawn to
that which is mysterious and

If you’re a scientist, you become
more aware of the mystical elements
of science.  You wake up with
dreams that show you how
everything fits together, and help
you solve whatever problem you’re
working on. If you’re an artist,
everything suddenly seems
strangely easy.  You may have
struggled with your techniques and
materials before, but now all the
secrets of your art are revealed to
you.  You have the power to haunt,
amaze, and mesmerize your

If you’re in the healing professions,
you are possessed of an even
stronger sympathy for everyone who
is suffering.  Your intuition goes
unerringly to the source of the
problem.  You’re less constrained by
ordinary considerations, and may be
drawn to alternative techniques.  

Because this is a hypnotic transit,
there are some dangers, and the
main one is that you can be
hoodwinked by someone who’s
unscrupulous.  Watch out for sleight-
of-hand, for fraud, and for illusions.  
You may be all too ready to believe
what you want to believe, and this
could get you into trouble.  You can
also become drawn into someone
else’s fantasy, when it’s not really
right for you.    

This is noticeable April 2 to 5.           

It's exact
in NYC: Fri, Apr 3, 9:14 pm   
in Vancouver: Fri, Apr 3, 6:14 pm     
in London: Sat, Apr 4, 2:14 am    
in Singapore: Sat, Apr 4, 9:14 am      
in Sydney: Sat, Apr 4, 12:14 pm    

Venus trine Saturn
(0° Gemini/Aquarius)

With this transit, people take
responsibility for each other, help
each other, and work together.  It’s
a time when you notice how other
people are doing, and reach out to
them, and they reciprocate.  You
can work out agreements,
overcome any existing difficulties,
and figure out what to do with all
the deadwood from the past.  

It’s a good time for scheduling and
organization, because Saturn is a
very orderly planet.  But there’s
also a willingness to negotiate, to
talk about things until you’ve got
something that everyone feels
comfortable with. Saturn in
Aquarius lends itself to productive
group meetings, and to mastering
the technology that allows this to

Venus is the planet of beauty, and
so this transit lends itself to the
work of beautifying.  You may find
yourself learning to sew, and
stitching together cute little masks.  
Or you could be playing around
with Japanese ink drawing, or
puppetry, or calligraphy, or music
composition.  If you have kids
around you, these various arts
could be part of an educational

With Venus in Gemini, you’re
interested in all kinds of things,
and you may find yourself going
from one to the other.  But with
each one, you take a serious and
respectful attitude, appreciating
the work of others before you.  In
everything you do, you feel an
obligation to make the world a
more pleasant, congenial and
attractive place not just for
yourself, but for all of those around

This is noticeable April 2 to

It's exact
in NYC: Sat, Apr 4, 1:09 pm     
in Vancouver: Sat, Apr 4,
10:09 am      
in London: Sat, Apr 4, 6:09 pm      
in Singapore: Sun, Apr 5,
1:09 am    
in Sydney: Sun, Apr 5, 4:09 am    

Mars square Uranus
(5° Aquarius/Taurus)

This aspect can shake things up.  It’s one
of the most accident-prone aspects there
is, so don’t play with any volatile liquids in
your kitchen, and don’t stand under trees
in lightning storms.  There could also be
technical and mechanical problems, so
pay attention to your machines and

People are more impulsive under this
influence, and they can do wild, crazy
things. There’s a restlessness that’s not
easy to manage during a time like this,
when everybody is supposed to stay in
their houses.   You may be a bit edgy and
irritable, and can find more fault with your
family, room-mates, or pets.  This can
make for some household tension, so you
do need to find creative, interesting
outlets for this energy.

It can help to get outside to some
uninhabited place, and do something
physical:  go for a jog, throw a ball
around, or climb a tree.  Make it a small,
easy-to-climb one, though.  This is not the
best time to call the fire department
because you’re stuck up there.

The best approach is to see the current
situation as a puzzle.  How can you
accomplish things under these
circumstances?  If you’re not too
impatient, you can work with the
technology that’s around you, and find
good ways to connect, to learn, and to
plan – so that you’ll be ready to move
when it’s time.  However, do remember
that it’s an accident-prone period, so don’t
expect everything to go smoothly.  Be
ready to make a few mistakes, fix them,
and move on.   

If you’re a health care worker, or someone
in an essential line of work, you may be
dealing with unstable conditions, and a
constant lack of equipment and support.  
To keep on doing your job, the main thing
is to take care of yourself.  Make sure that
you get rest and food, rather than trying
to run on adrenaline alone.  And be extra
careful about accidents, even if it slows
you down.   

This is noticeable April 4 to 10.  

It's exact
in NYC: Tues, Apr 7, 2:50 pm   
in Vancouver: Tues, Apr 7, 11:50 am    
in London: Tues, Apr 7, 7:50 pm    
in Singapore: Weds, Apr 8, 2:50 am  
in Sydney: Weds, Apr 8, 4:50 am  

Mercury sextile Pluto
(24° Pisces/Capricorn)

This gives focus,
resourcefulness and a more
sensitive awareness of
underlying influences.  It’s a
good time for researchers in all
fields.  Scientists could discover
new elements, historians
uncover buried information
about the past, and spies could
learn where the bodies are
buried.  Some of this information
could come from intuitions,
dreams, or sudden hunches.  

There’s more compassion and
idealism, and there’s also a
desire to do something to
change what’s going on around
you.  This can begin with a
deep, meaningful discussion
with equally empathic people.  
You could touch upon a lot of
sensitive subjects, including
death, religion, and poverty, and
you could imagine some truly
inspired way to resolve
community problems.  It’s also a
good time for spiritual or
creative groups.  You could
invoke the ancestor spirits,
practice meditation, or share
sculpting or water-color

With Mercury in the meditative
sign Pisces, it’s easier to deal
with this weird period in which we’
re all supposed to stay home.  
With Mercury in Pisces, you’re
more easily fascinated by the
people around you, even if they’
re the same family members you
see every day.  If you’re alone,
you can amuse yourself with
fantasies, and more easily pick
up psychic messages from
distant friends and loved ones.  

This is noticeable April 6 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Tues, Apr 7, 5:27 pm   
in Vancouver: Tues, Apr 7,
2:27 pm    
in London: Tues, Apr 7,
10:27 pm     
in Singapore: Weds, Apr 8,
5:27 am     
in Sydney: Weds, Apr 8,
7:27 am     

Mercury sextile Jupiter
(25° Pisces/Capricorn)

This transit gives optimism, and is
especially helpful when it comes to
communication.  It’s much easier to
cooperate with people, to figure out
the interests that you have in
common and the outcomes that are
mutually beneficial.  Ideas come more
easily, and express themselves in a
warmer and more vivid way.  People
encourage, support and nurture
each other.  

Mercury in Pisces gives a very
sensitive, imaginative mind, and
sometimes a tendency to become
lost in dreams and fantasies.  But
with the sextile to Jupiter, you have a
broader vision.  While still being true
to your own feelings, you can go
beyond them.  You can be practical,
and you can solve problems, and this
energizes you.  In the interest of the
greater good, you let go of some of
your little quirks – and your
contributions are recognized and

This transit is conducive to growth in
all areas.  It favors professional
achievement, new educational
horizons, and philosophical insights.  
It’s an especially good time to write
and speak, to publish articles and
manifestos, to work out the
philosophical essence of a project, to
share wisdom across disciplines and
generations and cultures. It’s also
great for the arts – especially poetry,
story-telling, composing, or song-

This is noticeable April 6 to 9.      

It's exact
in NYC: Tues, Apr 7, 10:20 pm    
in Vancouver: Tues, Apr 7,
7:20 pm     
in London: Weds, Apr 8, 3:20 am       
in Singapore: Weds, Apr 8,
10:20 am         
in Sydney: Weds, Apr 8,
12:20 pm       

Venus trine Mars
(12-13° Gemini/Aquarius)

Venus is about art, love, and pleasure.
This aspect is sexually and
romantically stimulating, but how does
romance work under the current
conditions?  Luckily, the aspect is in air
signs, and the brain, as they say, is
the main human sexual organ.  So this
is a great time to seduce, to play, to
share, to experiment.  

You can use words to get closer to
someone, to see what they’re about, to
learn what makes them special, to
show them your best and most
beautiful self.  You may not be able to
meet right away, but this can just
heighten the anticipation.  Yes, you
can fall in love in all kinds of
circumstances, including in the middle
of a pandemic.  

If you happen to be sharing space with
your true love already, then lucky you.  
This aspect can make for some really
romantic moments – not just under the
sheets, but while enjoying candlelit
dinners, or reciting poetry to each
other.  Even if you’ve been together
for thirty years, you can discover new
things about each other.  

This is also good for all sorts of
relationships, and you could form a
warm friendship, or make a connection
with a congenial group – and these
connections could last much longer
than this pandemic. You could get
involved with people who encourage
you to explore all sorts of interests that
have been on the back-burner of your
mind for years.    

This is also a strong creative influence,
especially in air signs.  It’s particularly
good for writers, but it’s stimulating for
anyone involved in the arts in any
way.  Your aesthetic sensibilities are
stronger, and you want to surround
yourself with beauty, and to express
your own sense of what’s beautiful.   

This is noticeable April 7 to 28.      

This won’t be exact, since Venus is
slowing down to retrograde.  It’s at its
strongest on April 18.