19 to 23

Current Aspects

December 14, 2018

to January 7, 2019

all interpretations written & copyrighted by Jenny Yates

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December 18 to 22
Sun trine Uranus

Venus sextile Saturn
(9° Scorpio/Capricorn)

This is a stabilizing transit for
relationships.  It’s about affirming
relationships that are loyal, consistent
and honest.  

If you’re just getting to know someone,
this is good for mutual
understanding.  If you’re a little further
along, it may mean making a
commitment. Wherever you are in a
relationship, you’re able to be clear
about what you want to get from it,
and sensitive about what your partner
is feeling.    

This is also a great influence for those
in long-time relationships, and there
could be some gentle nostalgia going
on.  At the same time, you could
demonstrate your love by doing
something practical, in line with earthy
Saturn.  What could be sexier than
changing the light bulb?  

This is good for artists too.  You’re
imaginative, visionary, and open to all
kinds of unusual influences, but you’
re also more disciplined.  The Muse
can’t come by if you don’t show up,
right?  During this transit, you can
figure out a viable schedule, locating
the best time and space for your
creative work.  And your work is more
substantial, more likely to stand the
test of time, under this influence.  

This is noticeable December 13 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Sun, Dec 16, 9:26 am  
in Vancouver: Sun, Dec 16, 6:26 am  
in London: Sun, Dec 16, 2:26 pm    
in Singapore: Sun, Dec 16,
10:26 pm     
in Sydney: Mon, Dec 17, 1:26 am  

Mars sextile Pluto
(20° Pisces/Capricorn)

This gives more force, more drive,
more focus, and more executive
power.  If you’re working on a big,
ambitious project, this transit is
especially helpful.  You can
dominate your material, whatever
it is, while at the same time being
aware of all the underlying
subtleties.  You can organize on a
large scale, while still being
flexible enough to deviate from
your organizational model when
the situation changes.  

You have confidence in your own
intuition, and it guides you well.  
You’re not afraid of going
deeper;  you’re ready to make far-
reaching changes when they are
called for.  You have a sense of
your own power, and you also
understand its limits. In the end,
you know that power doesn’t
originate in you;  it flows through
you.  And you let it flow.    

Desires are stronger during this
transit, more intense and
demanding, and there could be
some amazing erotic
experiences.  In any area of life –
whether it’s a new lover or a new
job – there’s more likelihood of
fulfillment.  There’s a feeling of
being connected to a certain
magic, and whether it’s within you
or without, it doesn’t matter.      

This is noticeable December 13 to

It's exact
in NYC: Mon, Dec 17, 1:57 am    
in Vancouver: Sun, Dec 16,
10:57 pm  
in London: Mon, Dec 17,
6:57 am      
in Singapore: Mon, Dec 17,
2:57 pm       
in Sydney: Mon, Dec 17,
5:57 pm    

December 13 to 19
Venus sextile Saturn

December 13 to 20
Mars sextile Pluto

December 19 to 23
Mercury conjunct Jupiter

December 23 to 26
Mercury square

January 3 to 7
Venus inconjunct Uranus

January 2 to 5
Mercury trine Uranus

January 2 to 25
Jupiter square Neptune

December 19 to 23
Venus trine Neptune

December 26 to 30
Venus sextile Pluto

January 5 to 10
Mercury square Mars

December 30 to
January 4
Sun conjunct Saturn

January 2 to 6
Sun sextile Neptune

The sun trines Uranus
(28° Sagittarius/Aries)

This is an exciting and passionate
time.  This transit gives lots of energy
to artists, revolutionaries, inventors,
scientists, teachers and students.  It
will be especially enjoyed by anybody
who has an open mind, who is
interested in new possibilities, and who
isn’t afraid of change.  It’s great for
traveling and expanding your

Even the most traditional person is
likely to try something new under this
influence.  And so it’s a good time to
promote a different way of looking at
the world.  People are more interested,
more experimental, less threatened,
less resistant to change.

There’s a certain freedom about this
transit.  It doesn’t cause the existing
structures to fall, it just lets in a lot of
light and air. It stimulates the urge to
go somewhere, and to check out
different possibilities.  It gives lots of
direct, compelling impulses, along with
a strong urge to turn every new idea
into action.  How can you know what
will happen if you don’t try it?

During this time, people are
competitive, but not in a particularly
cutthroat way.  Rather, we all work
together as a team, with each person
expressing the best in herself or
himself.  The basic mind-set is that any
problem can be solved if we all think
outside our little boxes.  There’s an
emphasis on the bigger picture, the
things that benefit the community as a

This is noticeable December 18 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Thurs, Dec 20, 11:21 am
in Vancouver: Thurs, Dec 20, 8:21 am
in London: Thurs, Dec 20, 4:21 pm  
in Singapore: Fri, Dec 21, 12:21 am
in Sydney: Fri, Dec 21, 3:21 am

Venus trine Neptune
(13° Scorpio/Pisces)

This transit is generally good for
relationships, as it gives better
understanding between people.  
People are more emotional and
sympathetic, and loyalties run

Romance flourishes, in all its forms,
some more substantial than others.  
You may just be imagining the
pleasures of romance, having an
intense fantasy or a compelling
crush. Even if this is all that’s
happening, your imagination is taking
you to a really beautiful place, and
you’re learning something about
loving and accepting others.

But it’s also a good time for intimacy.  
People are more open, more willing
to expose their vulnerabilities to their
loved ones. Everyone is a little
gentler and more accepting.  And so
relationships can become deeper,
loyalties can be affirmed, and some
old problems could be resolved by a
new tenderness

And it’s a nice time for all fantasies,
not just romantic ones.  You might be
dreaming of flying, or living on a
beach, or taking on a disguise and
living as someone else.  Whatever
you dream of, there’s a part of you
that’s working out ways to make this
happen.  Maybe it won’t happen
literally, but some magical experience
could recreate the essence of the

This is a wonderful time for artists,
and you can go further in exploring
anything that’s strange and mystical.  
It’s especially good for the more fluid
arts, such as poetry, film and
photography.  Since Venus is in
Scorpio, some intensely dramatic
feelings could be conveyed.     

This is noticeable December 19 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Fri, Dec 21, 12:11 pm
in Vancouver: Fri, Dec 21, 9:11 am
in London: Fri, Dec 21, 5:11 pm
in Singapore: Sat, Dec 22, 1:11 am   
in Sydney: Sat, Dec 22, 4:11 am   

Mercury conjunct Jupiter
(9° Sagittarius)

This gives more confidence and
optimism.  Jupiter always expands the
planet it touches, and with the
Mercury/Jupiter conjunction, it expands
the mind, the ability to learn, and the
powers of communication.  You think of
bigger ideas, write more energetic
letters, and call up people who are far
away.  Just passing people in the hall,
you’re apt to get into long, stimulating
conversations, in which you start with
the weather and end up with universal
philosophical truths.  

In intimate relationships, you’re able to
express your affections more freely
and easily. But even with casual
acquaintances, there’s more good will
and cooperation, and a more
generous attitude. Whether you’re
sharing cookies with your co-workers,
or writing checks to save the whales,
you want to contribute to the greater

It’s also a good time to plan for the
future, because you can imagine truly
amazing things.  You have a vision of
the things you want to do, and many of
your usual inhibitions are gone.  
However, there is some danger of
going too wild and crazy with your
plans, so be careful before you sign on
any dotted lines.  

Most everybody gets along better
under this influence.  There’s a lot of
laughter and cheerful banter, and
there could be parties and gatherings.  
If you’re the shy, retiring type, this
aspect will help bring you out of your
shell, and teach you that you can
experience life on a bigger scale.  If
you’re normally exuberant and
extravagant, it might be best to leave
your credit cards at home.  

This is noticeable December 19 to

It's exact
in NYC: Fri, Dec 21, 12:37 pm
in Vancouver: Fri, Dec 21, 9:37 am  
in London: Fri, Dec 21, 5:37 pm
in Singapore: Sat, Dec 22, 1:37 am     
in Sydney: Sat, Dec 22, 4:37 am     

Mercury square Neptune
(13° Sagittarius/Pisces)

This is a confusing transit.  
With Mercury in the fast-
moving and impulsive sign
Sagittarius, a lot of information
can just fly by, without being
picked up by the people who
need it.  And then a big,
grandiose idea comes along,
and everybody just latches on,
as though the day has been
saved.  But what are the root
assumptions here?  Is there
truth at the core?  

Very religious people may
become even more devout
under this influence, and
spiritual people will see the
divine in everything.  This
could be beautiful, but it could
also mean ignoring immediate
practical information.  And it
can contribute to confusion
when other people think you’
re speaking literally rather
than metaphorically.   

It feels a bit like Mercury
retrograde, and it may remind
you of some of the things that
happened last month, when
Mercury did go retrograde.  
So this is not the time to make
assumptions.  If you’re making
plans to meet someone, make
sure that the meeting point is
really clear. Even if you feel
like an idiot going over the
information again, still it’s best
to check if you have even the
smallest doubt about what
you’ve just agreed to.  And
don’t count on your cell phone
working in a pinch.

This is noticeable December
23 to 26.                        

It's exact
in NYC: Mon, Dec 24, 7:32 pm
in Vancouver: Mon, Dec 24,
4:32 pm  
in London: Tues, Dec 25,
12:32 am
in Singapore: Tues, Dec 25,
8:32 am  
in Sydney: Tues, Dec 25,
11:32 am

Venus sextile Pluto
(20° Scorpio/Capricorn)

This can be a very romantic, intimate
time.  It gives more intense
relationships, deeper sexual energy,
and more focused desires.  You have
outlets for your more powerful
emotions, including some you may
have buried for a long time.  You are
ready to express what you feel, in a
clear and focused way.  

This is an excellent time for artists,
and you can produce some really
beautiful, moving work.  You have
access to a greater range of feelings,
and you find a place for these in your
craft, whatever it is.  It’s especially
good for actors and musicians;  you
are able to let all the feelings flow
through your body, and you can
anchor them through some kind of
formal structure.  This could be the
structure of a musical composition or
a dramatic scene, for example.  You
fill it out and bring it to life.  

No matter how strong the feelings,
this is not a noisy transit.  
Relationships become more private,
more discreet, and this also adds to
the intensity.  If you’re sharing
something with someone else, the
rest of the world is not necessarily in
the picture.  But you know what’s
going on, and you feel changed by

This is noticeable December 26 to

It's exact
in NYC: Fri, Dec 28, 4:31 pm
in Vancouver: Fri, Dec 28, 1:31 pm
in London: Fri, Dec 28, 9:31 pm
in Singapore: Sat, Dec 29, 5:31 am  
in Sydney: Sat, Dec 29, 8:31 am  

Sun conjunct Saturn
(11° Capricorn)

This is a serious time, when
people are focused on an inner
reality.  That reality can be many
things.  It can be tough, a thick
brush of thorny self-criticisms.  It
can be holy, a vision of ancient
deities.  It can be about taking
responsibility for our time on this
planet, shouldering the burdens
we were born to carry.  

Some people will struggle with
depression under this influence.  
Some people will work through it,
others will fall under it.  It’s not
easy to reveal oneself, with the
sun in cautious Capricorn, and so
this is a good time to reach out to
others, if you can.   

Externally, there could also be
delays, obstacles and
restrictions.  Many things are
harder, perhaps because you don’
t have the tools or help you
need.  But generally, what you
need to survive is at hand, even if
it isn’t exactly what you want.  You
don’t need champagne when you’
re walking through the desert;  
you just need water.  

This is noticeable December 30
to January 4.                        

It's exact
in NYC: Weds, Jan 2, 12:49 am  
in Vancouver: Tues, Jan 1,
9:49 pm  
in London: Weds, Jan 2, 5:49 am  
in Singapore: Weds, Jan 2,
1:49 pm    
in Sydney: Weds, Jan 2, 4:49 pm  

Mercury trine Uranus
(28° Sagittarius/Aries)

This is an exciting, creative transit, a
time when you can think beyond
your usual limits, and when you want
to check out new horizons.  You’re
enthusiastic, inventive, original, and
independent. The ordinary is not for
you;  you are a little wilder, a little
bolder, and a little freer these days.

This is a wonderful time to learn,
and it’s also great for teaching.  
You’re thinking big, and you are
interested in larger philosophies,
more inclusive ways of seeing the
world.  You feel more passionate
about larger questions, and you
could get involved in political or
social causes, to a greater degree
than usual.  You can come up with
innovative ways to spread your
message.  Controversy doesn’t
scare you, and you welcome
diversity of opinion.  

During this time, you’re not satisfied
with a back-row seat.  It’s a time of
growing knowledge, but
it’s more about experiential
knowledge than book-learning.

Who are you, and who can you be?  
Now is the time to explore these

This is noticeable January 2 to

It's exact
in NYC: Fri, Jan 4, 12:13 am
in Vancouver: Thurs, Jan 3,
9:13 pm
in London: Fri, Jan 4, 5:13 am  
in Singapore: Fri, Jan 4, 1:13 pm   
in Sydney: Fri, Jan 4, 4:13 pm

Sun sextile Neptune
(14° Capricorn/Pisces)

Spiritually, this is a very
open time, and it can be
quite beautiful.  It lights up
your imagination, and
enhances your sense of

This aspect also helps you
express emotion.  In fact,
you may be a bit sentimental
during this period, but this
isn’t a bad thing.  People
need to know that you care
about them, and it’s a
wonderful time to reach out,
to check in with your loved
ones at the beginning of a
new year.  It inclines towards
a compassionate and
charitable approach, and it’s
great for doing community

Basically, this transit is
about trust and belief.  You
may believe in a deity, or in
a universal design, or in the
essential goodness of
humans, or in the cleansing
power of mother nature.  
Whatever you believe, it
provides a consistent light
for you.  It’s the inner truth
that keeps your heart

This is noticeable January 2
to 6.         

It's exact
in NYC: Fri, Jan 4, 2:57 pm
in Vancouver: Fri, Jan 4,
11:57 am
in London: Fri, Jan 4,
7:57 pm  
in Singapore: Sat, Jan 5,
3:57 am   
in Sydney: Sat, Jan 5,
6:57 am   

Jupiter square Neptune
(14° Sagittarius/Pisces)

Jupiter’s role is to expand, and during this
transit, it expands the spiritual realm ruled
by Neptune. So it can be a time of particular
signs and portents, although it may not be
all that clear what any of them mean.  

However, many people are grasping for
meanings, interpreting things in a way that
fits in with their particular belief systems,
and often feeling absolutely sure that
they’ve found the truth. So during this
transit, you find more zealots, fanatics, true
believers, and cult followers, and they’re
broadcasting their beliefs far and wide.  
They may be trying for a more perfect world,
but the end result is that they just make it a
weirder one.  

Other people are flailing, completely
confused about what’s true and what’s not.  
One philosophical system supplants the
next, and there’s never a total allegiance to
anything.  These folks don’t have much
ground under their feet, and so it’s easy for
them to panic, and to get into more trouble.

The best way to handle this transit is to
check your own beliefs and assumptions.  If
you’re honest, you’ll recognize that there
are lots of articles of faith, and you may not
be right about any of this stuff.  This doesn’t
mean you need to change what you believe,
but you can be open to considering other
points of view.   Listen to other people, learn
more about the larger world, and pay
attention to the magic around you.  Maybe it
isn’t telling you something.  Maybe it just

This is noticeable January 2 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Sun, Jan 13, 1:58 pm
in Vancouver: Sun, Jan 13, 10:58 am  
in London: Sun, Jan 13, 6:58 pm
in Singapore: Mon, Jan 14, 2:58 am  
in Sydney: Mon, Jan 14, 5:58 am  

Venus inconjunct Uranus
(28° Scorpio/Aries)

This transit is intense and
changeable.  People are more
independent, more willful, but less
reliable.  Everybody has a very
strong sense of what they want, and
how they want to go about getting it,
and when it’s necessary to work
together, there can be quite a few
conflicts.  Some people may have a
hard time articulating their desires,
while others may be in too much of
a rush.  There can be a tendency to
push or bully people who aren’t on
the same page.  

Venus in Scorpio gives strong
desires, but also some tendency to
go to extremes, and with the
inconjunct to Uranus, these
extremes can be explosive.  Some
buried feelings could emerge, and
could be expressed rather
ruthlessly.  You can tell people what
you want and what you don’t want,
what you expect and what you can’t
stand.  And this might go over well,
or it might not.  

This is a very creative aspect,
though, good for artists and
craftspeople.  You are passionate
and skillful, whatever you’re doing,
and you can also play with some
truly revolutionary ideas.  Other
people may not be all that fond of
these, but you need to express
what’s in your heart.  It’s a time to
reveal your own personal truths,
whatever they may cost you.         

This is noticeable January 3 to 7.
It's exact
in NYC: Sat, Jan 5, 9:28 pm   
in Vancouver: Sat, Jan 5,
6:28 pm     
in London: Sun, Jan 6, 2:28 am
in Singapore: Sun, Jan 6,
10:28 am   
in Sydney: Sun, Jan 6, 1:28 pm

Mercury square Mars
(4° Capricorn/Aries)

This gives a lot of mental and physical
energy, but it’s quite accident-prone,
so be extra careful during this time.  
Mars in Aries is quick, reckless, hot-
blooded, explosive, and prone to
conflict.  With the square to Mercury, it
doesn’t want to hear what other people
are saying.  It just wants to rush into
action, to reach the finish line ahead of
everybody else.  

So watch out when operating
machines, when handling anything
sharp or hot, or when in motion. Be
careful of falling rocks if you’re
standing near a mountain. This is not
the time to clean your gun or polish
your sword.  And try not to get
anybody riled up, as people are more
impatient and confrontational.  Don’t
cut anybody off in traffic, and if they
cut you off, refrain from giving them
the finger.

As you’ve probably gathered, you
shouldn’t ignore safety considerations
during this transit.  There could also
be challenges to authority, and this
could be a problem if you’re in a
leadership position.  People may tear
up your flow charts and do things in an
entirely different way.  Everything
could become extremely disorganized.  
You may feel your experience has
been devalued.  

On the other hand, if you’re one of the
rebellious band, you may be
aggravated that the old fogies in
charge are so resistant to change.  
Why are they holding you back by
trying to plan everything, by going over
and over the same territory, by being
slaves to tradition?  Don’t they realize
that when things get started, you’ll
have to improvise?      

So pay attention to how you’re using
the extra energy that this transit can
bring.  Don’t rush around, and don’t
say or write things that are going to get
you divorced, fired or thrown into
prison – at least not unless you’re sure
those are the results you’re looking
for. Stay in balance.       

This is noticeable January 5 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Tues, Jan 8, 5:04 am
in Vancouver: Tues, Jan 8, 1:04 am
in London: Tues, Jan 8, 10:04 am  
in Singapore: Tues, Jan 8, 6:04 pm   
in Sydney: Tues, Jan 8, 9:04 pm