Current Aspects

April 20
to 27, 2018

all interpretations written & copyrighted by Jenny Yates

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April 22 to 30
Mars conjunct Pluto

April 27 to May 1
Sun trine Saturn

March 20 to May 1
Jupiter sextile Pluto

Jupiter sextile Pluto
(21° Scorpio/Capricorn)

This brings together the
expansive energy of Jupiter and
the concentrated focus of Pluto,
so it’s a very productive time.  
You can see the larger picture,
and you can also see the
particular, practical changes that
need to be made.

With Jupiter in Scorpio, you may
be involved in tearing down a
particular structure or system,
working to get rid of underlying
toxins.  You are able to seize
your power, whether it’s great or
small, and use it to make deep,
long-lasting changes. With your
laser-like focus, nobody can
deter you from whatever you
think is good and right.  

This is a good time for using the
law to make positive change.  It
also lends itself to group work.  
The whole community can come
together to do whatever must be
done, and become stronger and
more cohesive in the process.    

This is noticeable March 20 to
May 1.      

It's exact
in NYC: Sat, Apr 14,
5:58 am
in Vancouver: Sat, Apr 14, 2:58
in London: Sat, Apr 14,
9:58 am  
in Singapore: Sat, Apr 14,
5:58 pm   
in Sydney: Sat, Apr 14,
8:58 pm

April 22 to 28
Mercury square Saturn

Sun conjunct Uranus
(28° Aries)

Everyone is a little more wired during this
transit, a little more excitable and
There’s also a greater propensity to
accidents and mishaps, so be careful.  
Don’t electrocute yourself, or get hit by
lightning;  don’t burn or cut yourself.  
Mechanical things may have a mind of
their own, so be sure to save your work
when you’re on the computer.

There can be conflicts, and even outright
rifts.  People may tell you never to darken
their door again.  If you’re trying to make
peace, it’s more complicated than usual,
since everybody has their own story to
tell, their own truth to reveal, their own
pride and dignity.  There are a lot of
burned bridges, a lot of babies being
thrown out with the bath-water.  

It’s a very creative time, and it’s good for
thinking of innovative ways to solve
stubborn problems.  The main thing to
watch out for is a tendency to jump into
things, to be headstrong, and to do
outrageous things.  Sometimes a brilliant
idea can solve a few problems, but bring
on a host of new ones.  During this
transit, new problems are more
interesting than old ones, and that can
lead to trouble.    

This is noticeable April 16 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Weds, Apr 18, 10:00 am
in Vancouver: Weds, Apr 18,
7:00 am
in London: Weds, Apr 18,
3:00 pm  
in Singapore: Weds, Apr 18,
10:00 pm  
in Sydney: Thurs, Apr 19,
12:00 am

Mars sextile Jupiter
(20° Capricorn/Scorpio)

This is a fortunate, protective,
energizing transit.  It gives some
forward motion, and helps you find
ways to expand your efforts,
explore a wider range of
experience, and become more
influential.  You are more
resourceful, better able to make
use of whatever opportunities come
up.  You’re more capable and
better organized, and you can work
out strategies that will take you
quite a long way towards your

During this transit, you’re more
optimistic, more cheerful, and more
able to overlook any minor
setbacks.  Work goes more easily,
and you find that others support
and encourage you more than you
realized.  Your ambitions are hailed
and rewarded, and you are able to
engineer win/win scenarios.  

So if you have a pivotal job to do,
this is a good time to tackle it. You’
re able to see it in its entirety,
figure out the steps required to
make it happen, find the right
people to help you, and perhaps
finish the whole thing in record
time.  You could make some
important transformations in your
life, your business, or your

This is noticeable April 20 to 27.   

It's exact
in NYC:  Tues, Apr 24, 1:13 am
in Vancouver: Mon, Apr 23,

10:13 pm  
in London: Tues, Apr 24, 6:13 am
in Singapore: Tues, Apr 24,

1:13 pm  
in Sydney: Tues, Apr 24, 3:13 pm

April 16 to 20
Sun conjunct Uranus

April 20 to 27
Mars sextile Jupiter

Mercury square Saturn
(9° Aries/Capricorn)

This can be a frustrating time,
especially when it comes to
communication and transportation.
Mercury in Aries gives a sense of
being in a hurry, but Saturn in
Capricorn requires a cautious,
deliberate approach.  Saturn can
also give a tendency to
perfectionism, and this can cause
you to inhibit yourself.  You may be
so afraid of making a mistake that
you don’t speak, even though you
really want to, and even though you
have valuable information to impart.  

If you’re avoiding taking risks at this
time, try reframing the situation.  
Sure, it could be that your fears are
overcoming your courage.  Or it
could be that your wisdom is ruling
your impetuosity?  After all, you
really don’t know how things will turn
out.  Is it so bad to be cautious?  

It’s not just about you, either.  
Around you, there may be a lot of
delays, omissions, obstacles and
misunderstandings.  Before you get
started on anything, check for
incorrect assumptions, bad
information, and faulty equipment.  
Get things in writing, if possible,
rather than relying on your

Give yourself extra time, since
things may take longer. It’s harder
to get simple things done, and you
may find that you’re redoing things
that you thought were already
finished.  Don’t be discouraged if
something doesn’t work out while
this aspect is in orb.  Just wait a few
days and try again. If it still doesn’t
work, it was probably just a really
bad idea to begin with, and you can
be glad you didn’t force it.    

This is noticeable April 22 to

It's exact
in NYC: Weds, Apr 25, 5:28 pm      
in Vancouver: Weds, Apr 25,
2:28 pm      
in London: Weds, Apr 25,
10:28 pm      
in Singapore: Thurs, Apr 26,
5:28 am  
in Sydney: Thurs, Apr 26, 7:28 am  

Mars conjunct Pluto
(21° Capricorn)

This is a powerful transit.  On the
positive side, it can really focus your
energies, so that you can do things
that would normally be almost
impossible.  You are driven,
compelled, directed towards the
fulfillment of your deepest and most
cherished ambitions.  And so you can
take important steps towards changing
your life.  

On the other hand, there’s some
danger of getting caught up in your
own little obsessions during this time.  
Pluto always brings up a lot of buried
material, and with Mars conjuncting
Pluto, you want to act on this material,
whatever it is.  You aren’t necessarily
analyzing it.  You just feel this strong
urge to go with it.  And this can
sometimes be destructive.   

If your deepest desire is to save the
world, then the world will benefit from
your energy during this transit.  If
you’re an evil genius who is ready to
take over the planet, then we’re all in
trouble.  Hopefully there will be a
balance between heroes and villains!   
This is a good time to become
acquainted with the heroes and villains
inside your psyche.  

This is noticeable April 22 to 30.   

It's exact
in NYC: Thurs, Apr 26, 7:00 am  
in Vancouver:  Thurs, Apr 26, 4:00 am  
in London: Thurs, Apr 26, noon  
in Singapore: Thurs, Apr 26, 7:00 pm    
in Sydney: Thurs, Apr 26, 9:00 pm  

Sun trine Saturn
(9° Taurus/Capricorn)

Things are more settled and
organized during this time, with
everyone looking for structures
that work. You’re more disciplined
and persistent, more focused on
what is important in the long run,
and you can come up with
practical, realistic plans.  Using
your time and other resources
wisely, you can realize some of
your ambitions.

Even people who are normally
quite inefficient will see progress
in their enterprises, and will learn
some useful strategies for getting
things done.  People who are
normally scattered will find good
reasons to apply themselves.  A
certain amount of responsibility is
welcome, because it involves
creative challenges and an
ongoing sense of self-
development.  Good work is
recognized and rewarded, and this
builds a solid foundation for future

This is especially good for building
things.  With the sun and Saturn
both in earth signs, you can tackle
material objects with great
confidence and efficiency.  It feels
good to shape wood, clay, or brick
into structures that will add greater
value to your home or business.  If
you’re working in a more abstract
field, you can still enjoy the feeling
that you’re building a platform for
future development.  

This is a good time to take
leadership positions.  You’re more
restrained and cautious, and more
aware of the value of the people,
tools, and resources that are
available to you. People are less
rebellious, more willing to accept
any chain of command that gets
things done.   

This is noticeable April 27 to May

It's exact
in NYC: Sun, Apr 29, 6:03 am
in Vancouver: Sun, Apr 29,
3:03 am
in London: Sun, Apr 29, 11:03 am  
in Singapore: Sun, Apr 29,
6:03 pm  
in Sydney: Sun, Apr 29, 8:03 pm