Current Aspects
January 13
to 21, 2021

all interpretations written & copyrighted by Jenny Yates

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January 16 to 24
Mars conjunct Uranus

January 21 to 25
Venus sextile Neptune

January 15 to 30
Mars square Jupiter

January 21 to 26
Sun conjunct Saturn

Mars square Saturn
(3° Taurus/Aquarius)

This is a constrictive influence,
especially with these planets in
fixed signs.  Mars is the planet of
action, and Saturn is the planet of
restriction, so it can be a time of
limited action.  You’re working really
hard, pushing yourself mentally and
physically, but there may be all
kinds of roadblocks in your path.  

It may be that the path is taking a
turn that you didn’t expect, and
nothing looks familiar anymore. But
you’re still trudging on, trying to fit
things into your old mental
structure. When you’re unaware of
a new reality, you’re more likely to
trip over it. So this is a time to keep
your eyes open, to notice that the
stop signs are in different places.

It may be that you’re ready for a
different future, but the people
around you aren’t. Perhaps they’re
angry and stubborn about the
things that have changed, too
proud to compromise, unable to
listen to reason. Some old anger
could resurface, reminding us that

it’s never been resolved. Old
unfinished responsibilities could
come back, demanding to be
addressed, even though nobody
can agree on how this should be

It’s frustrating when things move so
haltingly, and it’s frustrating when
needed changes are stymied. But
try not to turn on others. There’s
always a little disconnect between
the past and the future, and now
it’s a wider gap than usual.

This is noticeable January 7 to 18.   

It's exact
in NYC:  Weds, Jan 13, 6:01 am
in Vancouver: Weds, Jan 13,
3:01 am
in London: Weds, Jan 13,
11:01 am  
in Singapore: Weds, Jan 13,
7:01 pm   
in Sydney: Weds, Jan 13, 10:01 pm

Jupiter square Uranus
(6° Aquarius/Taurus)

This is a rebellious, quick-moving
and nervous-making aspect.  
There’s a strong desire to break
through the usual boundaries and
to try new things.  The desire to
learn is especially strong, and
can lead to all kinds of unusual,
daring and sometimes dangerous
activities.  Whatever it is, if it’s
exciting and it teaches you
something new, you’re inclined in
that direction.     

Anything that hints of liberation is
especially seductive.  If you’ve
been especially disciplined and
rational lately, you may be ready
to forget all about those rules,
and just do what you feel like
doing. Your reason wars with your
instincts. You understand the
social constraints, but you still
feel bound and frustrated by them.

Both Aquarius and Uranus are
revolutionary influences, and so
you may be more radical during
this transit. However, you can get
into some passionate arguments
with those who see revolution in a
different way than you do. No
matter how outrageous you think
you are, there’s somebody else
who thinks you’re playing it safe.

Watch out for accidents,
especially involving technology,
mechanics and electricity.  If the
robots are going to break away
and take over the world at any
point, now’s the time, so treat
them nicely.  Also try to avoid
blowing things up – including
friendships and other
relationships - as you might feel
differently later, and it’s hard to
reconstruct things that have
become smithereens.  

This is noticeable January 9 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Sun, Jan 17, 5:49 pm
in Vancouver: Sun, Jan 17,
2:49 pm
in London: Sun, Jan 17, 10:49 pm
in Singapore: Mon, Jan 18,
6:49 am  
in Sydney: Mon, Jan 18, 9:49 am   

Mercury square Uranus
(6° Aquarius/Taurus)

This is quite accident-prone, so
be extra careful during this
transit.  It can mean all sorts of
unforeseen situations, especially
having to do with communication,
technology, planning, and
transportation.  Some of the
unexpected events could be
interesting, fun, or
advantageous, but you can’t
really count on that.

It’s a busy time, with a lot going
on, and so you may be more
distracted than usual, and this
can lead to accidents and
errors.  But it’s also a highly
creative time, when you can get
into some stimulating
conversations, debates and
arguments, or when you can
brainstorm with others and come
up with exciting ideas.  New ideas
are the building blocks of the

It’s a very good time for artists,
and for those who teach the arts
to others.  It’s great for activists
and revolutionaries:  for those
people who see the larger
outlines of social justice, and
want to trace those outlines on
the streets and sidewalks where
they live.  And it’s a wonderful
time for scientists.  You could
have some eureka moments.  
You could discover something no
one has ever seen before.  

At the same time, it’s not great
for risky behavior.  Be sure your
landing gear is working before
you take off into the

This is noticeable January 11 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Tues, Jan 12,

9:59 am     
in Vancouver: Tues, Jan 12,
6:59 am      
in London: Tues, Jan 12,
2:59 pm      
in Singapore: Tues, Jan 12,
10:59 pm       
in Sydney: Weds, Jan 13,

1:59 am

Venus trine Uranus
(6° Capricorn/Taurus)

This is a very creative aspect.  Venus
is not all that flashy when it’s in
Capricorn, but it gives you a good
grasp of earthy materials, tools, and
techniques.  Your creativity emerges
in everything you do, but especially if
you’re dealing with something
that’s tactile, something that appeals
to your senses.  

Whether you’re painting a picture,
playing a piccolo, making pots,
building a portico, or baking a loaf of
pumpernickel bread – you infuse it
with joy and beauty.  The results are
great, and just a little out of the
ordinary.  You put your own unique
stamp on everything you do. And you
enjoy the process, the excitement of
making something new.

This transit gives lots of energy to
your social life.  You’re drawn to free,
unconventional people, and it’s a
great time to share stories about
where you’ve been and what you’ve
done, and to listen to the amazing
tales of others.  You may find yourself
taking up with people who are very
different from anyone you’ve known
before.  You learn a lot from these

Venus in Capricorn tends to be
conservative about romance, but the
trine to Uranus can take you out of
your comfort zone, and in doing so,
extend that zone a bit.  You could fall
for someone who really challenges
and stimulates you, while still honoring
your values and traditions.  Existing
relationships also feel the stimulation
of this aspect, and you can
experiment without threatening what
you have.  

This is noticeable January 12 to

It's exact
in NYC: Weds, Jan 13, 7:22 pm
in Vancouver: Weds, Jan 13,
4:22 pm
in London: Thurs, Jan 14,
12:22 am   
in Singapore: Thurs, Jan 14,
8:22 am     
in Sydney: Thurs, Jan 14, 11:22 am   

Sun conjunct Pluto
(24° Capricorn)

This makes everything more
intense, especially your
focus.  You go more deeply
into everything, and may be
drawn to things that are
shadowy, edgy, perhaps a
little scary.  You want to
understand them.  You want
to test your power.   

Because this transit brings
out the things that are hidden
in the deepest part of your
psyche, it can manifest in
some self-destructive
behavior at times.  You may
find yourself doing things that
really don’t make much
sense, unless you recognize
the underlying emotions that
are driving you – desire,
jealousy, resentments,
unfulfilled needs, or old

As you become more aware
of those powerful buried
feelings, you can work
towards accepting them and
integrating them into your
personality.  More self-
awareness brings more
resourcefulness, courage and
creativity, and helps you
achieve your ambitions.  And
when you share deeper
feelings with others, you can
gain some perspective on
them.  You are no longer at
the mercy of all the demons

This is noticeable January 12
to 16.   

It's exact
in NYC: Thurs, Jan 14,
9:18 am     
in Vancouver: Thurs, Jan 14,
6:18 am       
in London: Thurs, Jan 14,
2:18 pm       
in Singapore: Thurs, Jan 14,
10:18 pm       
in Sydney: Fri, Jan 15,
1:18 am      

January 7 to 18
Mars square Saturn

January 9 to 26
Jupiter square Uranus

January 11 to 13
Mercury square Uranus

January 12 to 15
Venus trine Uranus

January 12 to 16
Sun conjunct Pluto

Mars square Jupiter
(7° Taurus/Aquarius)

This expands your desires, and
adds to your ambitions. Because
it’s happening in fixed signs,
you’re determined, persistent,
willing to just hold on until you get
what you want. You are also willing
to take action, and extreme action
at times, in the service of a plan,
an idea, or a belief system.

The level of conflict is higher
during this transit, especially
between airy types (thinkers) and
earthy types (doers). If you’re a
doer, you may be really peeved at
someone, or a group of people,
who think omelets can be made
without breaking eggs. If you’re a
thinker, the other side may seem
crass and primitive to you, lacking
in finesse. Either way, anger is
expressed in words, in legal
challenges, in loss of money and
reputation, and sometimes in

The principle danger of this transit
is overreach. Convinced that you’
re entirely justified, that only you
know the best situation, you can
badly mistake your odds of
prevailing. This could mean failure,
damage, or loss. So the main thing
now is to check your hubris.

With all the energy and
determination it provides, this
could be a successful transit, if
you can keep things simple. Think
about what you need, rather than
what you crave, and aim for that.
Make sure it’s legal, healthy,
affordable, and sane, and then go
for it.

This is noticeable January 15 to

It’s exact
in NYC: Sat, Jan 23, 2:48 am
in Vancouver: Fri, Jan 22,
11:48 pm
in London: Sat, Jan 23, 7:48 am
in Singapore: Sat, Jan 23, 3:48 pm
in Sydney: Sat, Jan 23, 6:48 pm

Mars conjunct Uranus
(6° Taurus)

This is an exciting, dynamic transit,
but it’s also quite unstable and
accident-prone, so be especially
careful, and don’t take any undue
risks.  You can get a lot done
during this time, but you could also
cause some destruction, if you don’t
pay attention.  This could mean
anything from breaking your arm to
crashing your car to accidentally
insulting a valued customer.   

Mars is generally pretty cautious
and practical in Taurus, but the
conjunction to Uranus brings out a
different side of it. The
stubbornness of Taurus is
legendary, and so this can mean
hanging on to an untenable
situation, even when lightning is
crashing all around you. All kinds of
crazy things can happen, and you
can be so fixated on whatever story
you’re telling yourself that you don’t
notice you’re in danger.

No matter how immersed you are in
whatever you’re doing, look up from
time to time. If there’s smoke wafting
up from the basement, something
could be on fire.

You can expect all your technical
and mechanical devices to behave
oddly during this time. However, it’s
a very creative time, so you may be
able to fix them in inventive ways. If
you’re technically-minded, you
could develop some amazing new
prototype. Just be sure you don’t
cut off your finger with the electric
saw while you’re making the model.

Conflicts could spring up during this
time, sometimes going in some very
unexpected directions. You may
have been getting along just fine
with your roommate, and suddenly
she doesn’t want you using her pots
and pans any more. To get through
this, you need patience,
understanding, and a willingness to

This is noticeable January 16 to

It’s exact
in NYC: Weds, Jan 20, 3:38 pm
in Vancouver: Weds, Jan 20,
12:38 pm
in London: Weds, Jan 20, 8:38 pm
in Singapore: Thurs, Jan 21,
4:38 am
in Sydney: Thurs, Jan 21, 7:38 am

Venus sextile Neptune
(19° Capricorn/Pisces)

This is a very creative time.  
Venus is the planet of artists, and
in an earth sign, it’s more
grounded and practical.  Your
imagination is working overtime,
and you want to turn all your
visions and inspirations into
concrete forms. You want to see
and touch the things you create.  
Venus in Capricorn gives an
attraction to structure, and the
sextile to Neptune insures that
you aren’t too rigid about this.  
You move towards forms that are
flowing, rhythmic, and graceful.  

This transit is also good for
relationships, so it helps you deal
with the tense energy of the
Mars/Uranus conjunction,
described at left.  It’s true that
everybody needs their own
space. But during this transit, it’s
easier to accept others, with all
their foibles and eccentricities.
 It’s easier to express your
affections, to lend a hand when
needed, to offer a shoulder to cry
on.  Some reserve may melt
away, even from people who are
usually wary of human

This is also very helpful in
contrast to the sun/Saturn
conjunction, described at right.
Some things are stuck, it’s true,
but there are some things that
still give delight. There are ways
to escape the mundane. There is
whimsy and magic. With the
pandemic, you may not be able to
go to the movies, but you can
watch something dazzling at
home. Or you could dazzle
yourself by digging up old books
and photographs, or by sharing
haunting old stories by

This is noticeable January 21 to

It’s exact
in NYC: Sat, Jan 23, 2:49 pm
in Vancouver: Sat, Jan 23,
11:49 am
in London: Sat, Jan 23, 7:49 pm
in Singapore: Sun, Jan 24,
3:49 am
in Sydney: Sun, Jan 24, 6:49 am

Sun conjunct Saturn
(4° Aquarius)

This is a serious time, and you
could find yourself dealing with
burdensome, uncomfortable
situations. If you tend to
depression, find ways to take care
of yourself, and to the extent you
can, reach out to others who are

Energy can get bogged down
during this transit. Some things
were running along at a pretty
good clip, and suddenly, they aren’
t going anywhere. Everyone is
tapping their toes, waiting for the
next thing to happen, but there’s
this yawning void. Or only
unexpected things, way out of left
field, are happening, since the
Mars/Uranus conjunction and the
Mars/Jupiter square (described
above and at far left) are also in
orb. So progress is erratic at best,
and completely stalled at worst.

There can also be some abrupt
failures during this transit. If you
were doing something that seemed
sketchy, this may be the time when
it all falls apart. However, if you’re
pretty sure that you’re on the right
track, and your efforts aren’t
hurting anyone, you may want to
just take a step back during this
transit, rather than closing up shop

There’s a strong dose of reality
about this transit, and it can be a
time when lots of chickens come
home to roost. If you have a pretty
good relationship with your
chickens – if you feel mostly okay
about the way you’ve been living
your life – than this isn’t so bad.
But if you’ve gotten away with
some bad choices in the past, you
may find that, finally, there are
consequences. You may need to
make amends for the things you’ve
done, one way or another.

This transit is a good time to seek
wisdom. But wisdom is merciful, so
be kind to yourself and others, as
much as you can.

This is noticeable January 21 to

It’s exact
in NYC: Sat, Jan 23, 10:01 pm
in Vancouver: Sat, Jan 23, 7:01 pm
in London: Sun, Jan 24, 3:01 am
in Singapore: Sun, Jan 24,
11:01 am
in Sydney: Sun, Jan 24, 2:01 pm