Current Aspects

October 15
to 22, 2018

all interpretations written & copyrighted by Jenny Yates

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October 21 to 25
Sun oppose Uranus

October 21 to 27
Venus sextile Saturn

October 17 to 20
Mercury trine Neptune

October 17 to 21
Mercury square Mars

October 21 to 24
Mercury sextile Pluto

Mercury conjunct Venus
(8° Scorpio)

This is an intense time, but you can
connect to others in a deeper and
more emotional way.  Your intuition
is very strong, and you’re willing to
trust it.  And so you know yourself
better, and you also understand
what others are going through.  

You want to explore whatever is
mysterious, veiled, unusual, or even
slightly terrifying.  You aren’t
particularly interested in anything
superficial, and you may quickly
dispense with the small talk when
you go to a party.  You want to
share your profound understanding
of life with others.  You want to find
out what’s underneath the surface,
where all the bodies are buried.  

People are a bit more sensitive
during this transit, and it’s hard to
keep anything from others. However
that doesn’t mean that people will
interpret your feelings correctly
before you speak.  You may need to
keep clarifying, telling the truth,
clearing the air.  Everybody is more
imaginative, and more likely to
elaborate interesting scenarios from
small clues. This could mean more
conspiracy theories than usual.  

This is a good transits for artists, as
it gives more depth and meaning to
all artistic work. There is also a
sensuality to artistic work that comes
through now.   

This is noticeable October 14 to

It's exact
in NYC: Mon, Oct 15, 4:20 pm  
in Vancouver: Mon, Oct 15,
1:20 pm  
in London: Mon, Oct 15,
9:20 pm  
in Singapore: Tues, Oct 16,
4:20 am    
in Sydney: Tues, Oct 16,
7:20 am    

October 14 to 16
Mercury conjunct Venus

Mercury trine Neptune
(14° Scorpio/Pisces)

This is very pleasant, and gives
a feeling of attunement.  You
can flow with whatever is going
on, accepting whatever is at
hand. You notice the beauty
around you, the refreshing
breezes that blow in your
window and the benevolence of
sunshine. And
you’re more comfortable with
your own feelings, and with
those of the people around you.

Because you accept people
more fully, this is a good aspect
for relationships.  And because
you accept them, you move in a
natural, fluid way to correct any
problems that come up.  You
don’t waste time blaming
yourself or anybody else, but
look for whatever will alleviate
the discomfort.  You enjoy the
things that make your friends
and family members unique
and adorable, including all their
little quirks, and they manage
to appreciate yours as well.    

This transit enhances your
imagination, and so is good for
all creative work.  It’s
particularly nice for poets, as it
gives grace and flow to
language.  Even if you’re not
writing poetry, even if you’re
just giving a report to your boss
or a presentation to a client,
you are a little more poetic than
usual, and others respond to

This is noticeable October 17 to

It's exact
in NYC: Fri, Oct 19, 5:47 am
in Vancouver: Fri, Oct 19,
2:47 am
in London: Fri, Oct 19,
10:47 am
in Singapore: Fri, Oct 19,
5:47 pm   
in Sydney: Fri, Oct 19, 8:47 pm

Mercury square Mars
(14° Scorpio/Aquarius)

This is prone to accidents, injuries,
and conflicts, so be extra careful, and
be especially careful if you’re using
extra force on something that
appears stuck.  This applies both to
physical objects, and to interpersonal
situations.  A stuck door can give
suddenly, and you can end up on
your face.  A stubborn person can
also manipulate you in various ways,
especially when you’re feeling a bit

Your tongue may be a bit sharper
than usual during this time.  You are
dedicated to telling the truth, but you
may not be thinking about the effect
your words have on the other
person.  If someone feels attacked,
they could react more dramatically
than you thought they would.  This
doesn’t just mean equally harsh
words;  it can mean taking reprisals
by suing you or by trashing your
good name.  

You also need to be careful of
mechanical and technical errors.  
Especially when you’re using any kind
of tool or machine, be sure you know
what you’re doing. When
you’re driving, don’t let yourself get
distracted by strong emotions, and
don’t speed.  

This is rather a hectic time, because
of the risk of break-downs and
mishaps.  But it can also be a very
productive time.  People are more
energetic, ambitious, and
competitive.  Even those who are
usually mild-mannered may feel that
they need to prove themselves, and
jump headfirst into the fray.    

This is noticeable October 17 to

It's exact
in NYC: Fri, Oct 19, 1:23 pm  
in Vancouver: Fri, Oct 19, 10:23 am    
in London: Fri, Oct 19, 6:23 pm    
in Singapore: Sat, Oct 20, 1:23 am     
in Sydney: Sat, Oct 20, 4:23 am     

Mercury sextile Pluto
(18° Scorpio/Capricorn)

This gives focus, resourcefulness
and gravitas.  Mercury in Scorpio
concentrates on things that have a
lot of transformative power, and
this is increased with the sextile to
Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto.  You are
more inclined to notice the
underlying structure of things, the
deeper currents, the conditions
that need changing.  

It’s a good time for researchers in
all fields.  Scientists could discover
new elements, historians uncover
buried information about the past,
and spies could learn where the
bodies are buried.  This is not a
demonstrative position of Mercury,
so there could be a tendency to sit
on the information while figuring
out what to do with it.   

However, there’s also a willingness
to deal with areas that are usually
taboo, so it can be a really good
time for an in-depth discussion.  
You can talk about sex, death,
money, religion, or whatever is
presenting the main obstacle to
forward progress.  People are
discreet, able to keep secrets
when necessary, but honest about
the things that affect them.  

This is better for small groups and
private parties than it is for large
gatherings. If you’re at a party, you
may find one fascinating person to
talk to, and ignore everyone else.  
Teachers may also have a
tendency to focus on their best

This is noticeable October 21 to

It's exact
in NYC:  Mon, Oct 22, 3:13 pm  
in Vancouver: Mon, Oct 22,
12:13 pm  
in London: Mon, Oct 22, 8:13 pm  
in Singapore: Tues, Oct 23,
3:13 am    
in Sydney: Tues, Oct 23,
6:13 am    

Sun oppose Uranus
(0° Scorpio/Taurus)

This is a time of ups and downs,
probably pretty dramatic.  Don’t expect
anything to go in a normal way.  You
may find yourself jumping through a lot
of hoops, fielding fly balls, and juggling
an impossible array of tasks, all at the
same time.  Your body and your brain
are both active, and there could be
technical and mechanical challenges
and mishaps of all kinds.

Your inner rebel could emerge at this
time. You want both freedom and
control.  You want to be free to
express all your preferences and
beliefs, and you want total control over
the way you do this. If people try to
impinge on your freedom, you find
immediate and very effective ways to
stop them.  You could use both
financial pressures and emotional
threats.  (Or it may be that someone
else will use these on you, if you don’t
back off and let them do whatever they
want to do.)  

This is a dangerous but exciting time,
in which your creativity emerges.  You
are willing to be different.  Even
introverts will decide it’s time to rock
dramatic new hairstyles, while
extroverts will be as flamboyant as
peacocks.  Writers and artists will
throw themselves into dramatic,
ground-breaking work.  Art collectors
and museum curators will go in a more
radical direction too.

At the same time, controversy is
always right around the corner.  
Something that’s ground-breaking to
one person will be old hat to someone
else.  Some people will use radical
methods even as they fight to maintain
the status quo. And there will be a few
who are ready to throw any number of
babies out with the bathwater.              

This is noticeable October 21 to 25.  

It's exact
in NYC: Tues, Oct 23, 8:46 pm    
in Vancouver: Tues, Oct 23,
5:46 pm      
in London: Weds, Oct 24, 1:46 am
in Singapore: Weds, Oct 24, 8:46 am  
in Sydney: Weds, Oct 24, 11:46 am

Venus sextile Saturn
(4° Scorpio/Capricorn)

This is a stabilizing transit for
relationships.  It’s about affirming
relationships that are loyal,
consistent and honest.  

If you’re just getting to know
someone, this is good for mutual
understanding.  If you’re a little
further along, it may mean making
a commitment. Wherever you are
in a relationship, you’re able to be
clear about what you want to get
from it, and sensitive about what
your partner is feeling.    

This is also a great influence for
those in long-time relationships,
and there could be some gentle
nostalgia going on.  At the same
time, you could demonstrate your
love by doing something practical,
in line with earthy Saturn.  What
could be sexier than changing the
light bulb?  

This is good for artists too.  
You’re imaginative, visionary, and
open to all kinds of unusual
influences, but you’re also more
disciplined.  The Muse can’t come
by if you don’t show up, right?  
During this transit, you can figure
out a viable schedule, locating the
best time and space for your
creative work.  And your work is
more substantial, more likely to
stand the test of time, under this

This is noticeable October 21 to

It's exact
in NYC: Weds, Oct 24, 8:51 am
in Vancouver: Weds, Oct 24,
5:51 am  
in London: Weds, Oct 24, 1:51 pm
in Singapore: Weds, Oct 24,
8:51 pm   
in Sydney: Weds, Oct 24,
11:51 pm