and More
by Jenny Yates

March 16 to 23, 2018

What sign is the moon in?  What signs do the planets occupy?  
What is the current lunar cycle about?  

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Venus is in Gemini

In Gemini, Venus is devoted to
intellectual pleasures.  This can mean
anything from crossword puzzles to
lectures on Medieval candle magic.   

It's especially good for scintillating
conversation.  Everyone is wittier and
more interesting, and everyone is
quicker to respond to your ripostes.
(And they're ready to repost
everything you write, too.)  

And yes, it's a good time for puns.  
Try to control yourself.    

Venus will be in Gemini until July 4.   

Venus entered Gemini
in NYC: Thurs, June 9, 10:23 am
in Vancouver: Thurs, June 9, 7:23 am
in London: Thurs, June 9, 3:23 pm
in Berlin:  Thurs, June 9, 4:23 pm

The Moon

moves into Pisces
in NYC:  Thurs, Mar 15, 6:12 am
in Vancouver: Thurs, Mar 15, 3:12 am
in London: Thurs, Mar 15, 10:12 am
in Singapore: Thurs, Mar 15, 6:12 pm   
in Sydney: Thurs, Mar 15, 9:12 pm

moves into Aries
in NYC: Sat, Mar 17, 2:56 pm  
in Vancouver: Sat, Mar 17, 11:56 am    
in London: Sat, Mar 17, 6:56 pm  
in Singapore: Sun, Mar 18, 2:56 am    
in Sydney: Sun, Mar 18, 5:56 am   

moves into Taurus
in NYC: Mon, Mar 19, 9:06 pm
in Vancouver: Mon, Mar 19, 3:06 pm  
in London: Tues, Mar 20, 1:06 am
in Singapore: Tues, Mar 20, 9:06 am  
in Sydney: Tues, Mar 20, 12:06 pm

moves into Gemini
in NYC: Thurs, Mar 22, 1:29 am
in Vancouver: Weds, Mar 21, 10:29 pm   
in London: Thurs, Mar 22, 5:29 am
in Singapore: Thurs, Mar 22, 1:29 pm  
in Sydney: Thurs, Mar 22, 4:29 pm

moves into Cancer
in NYC: Sat, Mar 24, 4:52 am  
in Vancouver: Sat, Mar 24, 1:52 am  
in London: Sat, Mar 24, 8:52 am  
in Singapore: Sat, Mar 24, 4:52 pm    
in Sydney: Sat, Mar 24, 7:52 pm  

What does the
moon's sign tell

Moon Signs and
Lunar Transits

The Current Lunar Cycle
(27° Aquarius)

This is a cycle of change.  The new lunar cycle begins
with the sun, moon and Mercury all conjunct in Aquarius,
so it’s a good time for the truth to come out.  Aquarius is
dedicated to objective knowledge and scientific inquiry,
and Mercury gives a stronger focus on communication.
But that doesn’t mean that the result will be comfortable
for everyone.  

The planets are all grouped together in a bowl pattern,
which in Washington DC covers the western half of the
sky – and this is more about reacting than acting.  
Uranus, at the top of the wheel, indicates some
unexpected events, and it makes an inconjunct aspect to
Jupiter at the bottom.  This shows that these events have
an impact on established community systems, like the
stock market.  Jupiter also squares sun/moon/Mercury in
Aquarius, so some people are going to lose status
because of newly discovered information.   

There could also be a lot of unrest when it comes to
gender politics, drug policies, underlying scandals, and
unexplained deaths.  And there will be many people
rushing around, without being sure where
they’re going, as Mars and Neptune are closely square.  
But with a close Venus/Saturn sextile, some people will
gather where needed, to shelter and protect those who
are vulnerable.    

This lunar cycle lasts until the next new moon on March
17.  Its climactic moment is the full moon on March 1.   

The new moon occurs
in NYC: Thurs, Feb 15, 4:05 pm
in Vancouver: Thurs, Feb 15, 1:05 pm  
in London: Thurs, Feb 15, 9:05 pm  
in Singapore: Fri, Feb 16, 5:05 am  
in Sydney: Fri, Feb 16, 8:05 am  

Mars is in Sagittarius

In this fire sign, Mars really cuts loose.  There’s
lots of energy and excitement, and you can
have some riveting experiences.  This is the
best Mars signs for travel, and for expanding
your horizons in definite, physical ways.  You
don’t want to hang out at home.  You want to
see what’s out there in the world;  you want to
explore, to try your luck.

Mars in Sagittarius can mean a lot more
distractions than usual.  You’re distracted by all
the exciting things happening around you, as
well as by your own impulses.  There can be a
“feast or famine” energy about this Mars sign,
so that you rush around madly until
you’re totally exhausted, and then you drop.  
You need to figure out ways to pace yourself
and to direct your energy more efficiently.

It can also give a stronger tendency to escape
from any situation that doesn’t seem congenial
in the moment.  If you’re bored, or if you feel
oppressed, or if people are demanding too
much of you, you can be out the door without a
backwards glance.  If you have escapist
tendencies in your chart anyway, it’s especially
easy to pull this kind of vanishing act.  If you’re
usually very solid and reliable, you may
surprise yourself with some of your fantasies
and impulses.  

Mars will be in Sagittarius until March 17.      

Mars entered Sagittarius
in NYC: Fri, Jan 26, 7:56 am
in Vancouver: Fri, Jan 26, 4:56 am
in London: Fri, Jan 26, 12:56 pm  
in Singapore: Fri, Jan 26, 8:56 pm  
in Sydney: Fri, Jan 26, 11:56 pm

The sun is in Pisces

This is the last month of the zodiacal year, and the
last month of the winter in the northern hemisphere.  
It’s a meditative time, a time when it feels good to be
a little quieter than usual and to live a simpler life.
This is the time to write poetry, to spend some time in
a monastic retreat, or to take walks by the river.  Life
is a river.   

Psychic abilities are stronger, and artistic sensibilities
are especially noticeable.  Everyone is more
sensitive, more receptive, and more tender-hearted.  
People suffer more, but people also notice when
other people are suffering, and reach out to help.  

This is a time when it’s easier to merge – with other
people, with your environment, with characters in
films or books, or with the products of your own
imagination.  Boundaries are a little thinner.  People
who are very invested in their separate identities  –
cowboys, warriors, authority figures, contest winners
– may feel a bit lost and frustrated. The usual
divisions between “good” and “bad” can break down
during this time, and the ego may have trouble
getting a foothold.        

The sun will be in Pisces until March 20.  

The sun entered Pisces
in NYC: Sun, Feb 18, 12:18 pm     
in Vancouver: Sun, Feb 18, 9:18 am       
in London: Sun, Feb 18, 5:18 pm       
in Singapore: Mon, Feb 19, 1:18 am       
in Sydney: Mon, Feb 19, 4:18 am       

Pluto is in Capricorn

Pluto has to do with the slowest, most relentless
and most inexorable trends.  In spite of being
demoted from planet status, it's still very
influential when it comes to social

As soon as Pluto entered this pragmatic,
restrained ascetic sign, the economy took a very
different shape.  Everyone switched from
spending and speculating to worrying and
saving.  The emphasis is on what works, not
necessarily what feels good.

This is a long-term conservative influence, but
the word "conservative" can mean a lot of
different things.  It could mean conserving the
land, and becoming better stewards of the
earth.  It could mean conserving the wisdom of
our elders.  It could mean looking to the people
who have spent their lives developing practical
skills and asking, "Okay, how do we do this?"

Pluto has been in Capricorn since November
2008 and will be here until March 2023.  

Mercury is in Aries

Mercury, the planet of the mind, is on fire when
it’s in Aries.  You’re quick, alert, excitable,
mentally active, but even though there’s a lot
going on inside your head, you are also able to
focus clearly on important goals.  This is a great
time for spontaneous inspiration, and for

It’s a time to trust your first thoughts, your first
impulses, and to let them take you in new
directions. Every idea can take you somewhere
you’ve never been, and you’re eager to go and
check it out. You’re alive to all possibilities that
may have seemed a little too outrageous or
radical before.  You’re more independent, more
careless of public opinion.  

Everyone is a little more argumentative under
this influence, so there could be some thorny
disagreements.  On the other hand, these
conflicts erupt and are dealt with immediately,
rather than hanging over your head, and so the
air is cleared much more efficiently.  You may
be more impatient than usual, but remember
that not everything can happen

Mercury will be here until May 13.      

Mercury entered Aries
in NYC:  Tues, Mar 6, 2:34 am
in Vancouver: Mon, Mar 5, 11:34 pm
in London: Tues, Mar 6, 7:34 am  
in Singapore: Tues, Mar 6, 3:34 pm  
in Sydney: Tues, Mar 6, 6:34 pm

Saturn is in Capricorn

Saturn is now entering its home sign, where
it’s an especially strong influence.  This is a
period when the focus will be on duty,
responsibility and pragmatism, and there
won’t be a lot of time or room for frivolity. When
times are hard, people focus on the basics,
and act more cautiously.

This is a sign of structure and tradition, and so
the emphasis will be on maintaining the status
quo, and bolstering it further whenever
possible. We may see more poverty and lack,
for many reasons, during this time.  Natural
resources will become scarcer, and people
already in power will be even more efficient in
taking control of what’s there.     

With Saturn in this sign, I can see the world
becoming more and more like a factory, a
machine, with people being ground under by
the emphasis on efficiency and competence.
At the same time, organization is rewarded, in
whatever form, and so we are likely to see a lot
of grassroots organization take firm root.  
Discipline and commitment are rewarded by
this sign, and this will help people survive.    

Saturn is the planet that rules bones, and so
we’ll become aware of the bones of our
society. We’ll become well acquainted with its
framework, and it will be clear when it’s
crooked, when it’s unstable, when it’s not
sustainable. The process of righting it is slow
and painstaking, but that work will continue
doggedly during this time.   

Saturn will be in Capricorn until March 21,

Saturn entered Capricorn
in NYC: Tues, Dec 19, 11:48 pm
in Vancouver: Tues, Dec 19,
8:48 pm
in London: Weds, Dec 20, 4:48 am
in Singapore: Weds, Dec 20,
12:48 pm  
in Sydney: Weds, Dec 20, 3:48 pm
Venus is in Aries

Romantic passion has its day, with Venus in this
sign.  If you ever wanted to write a love sonnet,
now is the time.  You’re more spontaneous and
impetuous than usual, and if writing sonnets isn’
t your thing, you might just blurt out the way you
feel.  Later on, you may wonder how you
managed to be so bold!  But the good side of
this is that you get your answer right away, and
you can move on if the object of your interest
isn’t in the same place.

All lovers are a little friskier under this influence,
even if they’ve been together a long time.  
Everybody is looking for a little more excitement
in their lives.  

It’s also a great time for artists, as the urge for
creative self-expression is very strong.  There’s
an autobiographical feel about Venus in Aries,
and this will come through in any media.  You’re
drawing yourself, or doing comedy about your
own life, or putting your feelings into interpretive
dance.  Whatever you’re doing, it’s an
exploration of what it means to be you – and
what it means to be human – and the honesty
and spontaneity of your work engages your

When it comes to pleasure, you want to do
things that are different while Venus is here.  
You want to try something you’ve never done
before, something that will engage your body
and spirit.  You might go out and do the tango,
or climb a cliff, or learn something about rocket
science, and even if it challenges you, it will be

Venus will be in Aries until March 31.    

Venus entered Aries     
in NYC:  Tues, Mar 6, 6:45 pm
in Vancouver: Tues, Mar 6, 3:45 pm
in London: Tues, Mar 6, 11:45 pm
in Singapore: Weds, Mar 7, 7:45 am  
in Sydney: Weds, Mar 7, 10:45 am  

Neptune is in Pisces

This could be a time of beautiful spiritual flowering, a time when
large numbers of people open up their hearts and connect with
each other. The idealism of Neptune becomes deeply intuitive,
emotional and sympathetic when this planet goes through

The matter of faith is likely to be paramount as Neptune goes
through this sign.  Who and what do we trust?  People will have
a stronger need to believe in something (or someone), and this
can mean that some folks will be preyed upon by unscrupulous
con men. A gullible populace isn't always good at picking
leaders, so it will be important to talk as clearly and fully as
possible about all the issues of the day. Open communication is
important and protective during this period.      

Neptune is the planet of the strange, so things may take odd
turns.  Everyone will be a little more susceptible to illusions,
confusion, fascinations, and poetic deliriums.  New drugs could
make an appearance – both medicinal and recreational -  and
new healing techniques be developed.  Creativity is enhanced
by Neptune in this sign, especially when it comes to rhythmic
forms like music and poetry, and to the arts of illusion such as
theatre and film. We could see the flowering of some amazing
new art-forms.  

Religious institutions get new life from
Neptune’s passage through Pisces, but only if they offer a true
connection with the wisdom of the inner self.  It’s not a time for
dogma, but for breaking down all artificial divisions and merging
with the infinite.  

Neptune will be here until March 2025.  

Neptune entered Pisces
in NYC:  Fri, Feb 3, 2012, 2:03 pm
in Vancouver: Fri, Feb 3, 2012,
11:03 am
in London:  Fri, Feb 3,2012, 7:03 pm
in Berlin: Fri, Feb 3, 2012, 8:03 pm
in Sydney: Sat, Feb 4, 2012, 6:03 am

Uranus is in Aries

This is the revolutionary planet in the
revolutionary sign, so you know some
stuff is going to happen while it's here -
mainly, during the next seven years.

This is about liberation.  It's about
freedom.   It's about looking at the fixed
structures that rule our lives, figuring out
which ones limit us, and dismantling them.

There's a fast, reckless rhythm about
Uranus in Aries;  it's not always the wisest
approach.  There's an urge for
immediate, spontaneous action, and so
people rush into things without stopping
to think.  Every moment is charged with
creative fire.      

It's pretty exciting.  But it's definitely not a
calm influence.  Everyone will need to
stop and take some deep breaths once in
a while.

Uranus will be here until May 2018.

Uranus entered Aries
in NYC:  Fri, Mar 11, 2011, 7:49 pm
in Vancouver: Fri, Mar 11, 2011, 4:49 pm
in London:  Sat, Mar 12,2011,
12:49 am
in Berlin:  Sat, Mar 12, 2011, 1:49 am
in Sydney:  Sat, Mar 12, 2011,
11:49 am

Jupiter is in Scorpio

The character of the year changes, as Jupiter enters its
new sign.  And this new year is one of deeper thoughts
and feelings.  Many people will be moved to examine
what’s going on in their brains and their hearts, to
figure out where these angry or painful thoughts are
coming from, and perhaps to make changes.  

Scorpio is an intensely emotional sign, so a great many
strong feelings will emerge throughout this year.  
People will be laughing, crying, suffering, bonding, and
trying to come to terms with their inner demons. Some
people will do this in the quiet of their rooms, and
nobody will know about these dramatic inner struggles
until the explosion happens.  Other people will reach
out, will allow themselves to be vulnerable, will heal,
and will help others heal.  

So you can say this will be the year when we all deal
with our mental and emotional health.  Spiritual health
also plays a part in this, and Scorpio is a sign of
extremes.  So you may have more people rejecting the
noisy materialism of the world, and living in a state of
Zen purity.  Scorpio is a sign of strong desires, and it
can also manifest in the desire to completely renounce

And it’s also a year when hidden things can come to
light, including corruption, collusion and vice. I expect
some politicians to fall from grace, and some
rottenness to be exposed during the coming year.   

Jupiter will be here until November 8, 2018.  

Jupiter entered Scorpio
in NYC: Tues, Oct 10, 2017,  9:20 am
in Vancouver: Tues, Oct 10, 2017, 6:20 am
in London: Tues, Oct 10, 2017, 2:20 pm  
in Singapore: Tues, Oct 10, 2017, 9:20 pm  
in Sydney: Weds, Oct 11, 2017, 12:20 am

The Next Lunar Cycle
(26° Pisces)

There’s a lot of nervous energy during this
lunar cycle, with the sun and moon in Pisces
squaring Mars in Sagittarius.  People may act
like cats, suddenly dashing off in one direction,
coming to an abrupt halt and then dashing off
in another.  Everyone is impulsive, reactive,
overly emotional, and easily spooked.   

It doesn’t help that Mercury is just about to
retrograde.  Although Mercury is in Aries, the
sign of certainty, this still doesn’t mean that
things are decided.  People will assert
themselves in a very definite way one minute,
and then suddenly change their minds and
take a different tack.  Most people (unlike the
current US president) will realize they’re doing
this, however, and offer some reasonable

There are a few lucky breaks during this lunar
cycle, since the sun and moon are close to the
trine of Jupiter.  So yes, there could be some
messy accidents during this month.  But some
people could veer around in a reckless way
and then stumble over a gold mine. It could
happen to you.  

This lunar cycle lasts until the next new moon
on April 15.  Its climactic moment is the full
moon on March 31.    

The new moon occurs
in NYC: Sat, Mar 17, 9:11 am  
in Vancouver: Sat, Mar 17, 6:11 am  
in London: Sat, Mar 17, 1:11 pm    
in Singapore: Sat, Mar 17, 9:11 pm    
in Sydney: Sun, Mar 18, 12:11 am  

The sun enters Aries

Happy spring equinox, if you happen to live in
the Northern Hemisphere!   This is definitely a
time to move forward, to tackle new projects with
enthusiasm.   There’s energy to burn, and lots
of new and interesting possibilities to explore.

For creative people, this is a particularly good
time.  Aries is a sign which focuses on self-
expression, on the question “Who am I?  What
am I here to do and say?”  So people who were
shy and retiring before may experience a
sudden gust of confidence and courage, and
put themselves and their work forward for the
first time.  Of course, people who are a bit brash
and conceited may be quite insufferable under
this influence!

It’s a spontaneous time, both when it comes to
love and passion, and when it comes to anger
and conflict.  People get upset, fight it out, and
then forget about it.  There’s too much going on
to spend a lot of time brooding.  People are
living in the moment, and that generally feels
pretty good.   

The sun will be in Aries until April 19.   

The sun enters Aries
in NYC: Tues, Mar 20, 12:15 pm
in Vancouver: Tues, Mar 20, 9:15 am  
in London: Tues, Mar 20, 4:15 pm
in Singapore: Weds, Mar 21, 12:15 am   
in Sydney: Weds, Mar 21, 3:15 am   

Mars enters Capricorn

Mars in Capricorn makes everything earthier, more
pragmatic, and more traditional.  This is a good Mars-
sign for getting things done, especially on the physical
level.  You have the materials at hand, you have a
plan, you have a goal, and you work hard.  When you
have obligations, you meet them.  You work equally
well in groups or alone.  

This is a more cautious place for Mars, and it helps
people to work out any disagreements.  There’s a
stronger appreciation for the wisdom and experience
of the past, and a greater willingness to find practical
solutions.  At the same time, people can be a bit more
judgmental under this influence, since it gives a
stronger emphasis on external standards.           

People are not all that comfortable with things that are
vague and open-ended;  they want clarity and
definition.  They want an end to the loose ends;  they
want forms, patterns, structures, commitments, and
lasting value. They want to build something solid and
worthwhile.  And in the process, they don’t want to
waste any time or materials.  

Mars will be in Capricorn until May 16.    

Mars enters Capricorn
in NYC:  Sat, Mar 17, 12:40 pm  
in Vancouver: Sat, Mar 17, 9:40 am  
in London: Sat, Mar 17, 4:40 pm  
in Singapore: Sun, Mar 18, 12:40 am    
in Sydney: Sun, Mar 18, 3:40 am    

Mercury goes Retrograde
(16° Aries)

As always, Mercury retrograde can indicate a
lot of small inconveniences, mainly when it
comes to communication and transportation.  It
may be hard to get places and to reach
people.  Machines may break down, especially
cars, phones and computers.  

And there could be plenty of
misunderstandings.  Mercury in Aries is direct,
spontaneous and impulsive, and so people
say what’s on their minds – and this is not
always well received.  It’s not a bad idea to
stop for a minute and think about what the
effect will be.  Do you really need to unburden
yourself to that extent?  Does this person need
to know what you think about them?  What is
your objective here?  

A retrograde Mercury brings up all the
unfinished business from the past, and puts in
right in your path, so that you can’t possibly
ignore it.  If you’ve forgotten something, then
you’re clearly (and perhaps forcefully)
reminded of it.  This can make you a bit
impatient and frustrated.  But think of it as a
gift.  Nature is giving you the chance to catch
up on everything you’ve denied, ignored, or

Mercury goes direct again on April 15.     

Mercury goes retrograde
in NYC: Thurs, Mar 22, 8:18 pm
in Vancouver: Thurs, Mar 22, 5:18 pm
in London: Fri, Mar 23, 12:18 am
in Singapore: Fri, Mar 23, 8:18 am  
in Sydney: Fri, Mar 23, 11:18 am