and More
by Jenny Yates

August 25 to September 2, 2015

What sign is the moon in?  What signs do the planets occupy?  
What is the current lunar cycle about?  

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Venus is in Gemini

In Gemini, Venus is devoted to
intellectual pleasures.  This can mean
anything from crossword puzzles to
lectures on Medieval candle magic.   

It's especially good for scintillating
conversation.  Everyone is wittier and
more interesting, and everyone is
quicker to respond to your ripostes.
(And they're ready to repost
everything you write, too.)  

And yes, it's a good time for puns.  
Try to control yourself.    

Venus will be in Gemini until July 4.   

Venus entered Gemini
in NYC: Thurs, June 9, 10:23 am
in Vancouver: Thurs, June 9, 7:23 am
in London: Thurs, June 9, 3:23 pm
in Berlin:  Thurs, June 9, 4:23 pm

The Moon

moves into Capricorn
in NYC: Tues, Aug 25, 12:21 am
in Vancouver: Mon, Aug 24, 9:21 pm
in London: Tues, Aug 25, 5:21 am
in Singapore: Tues, Aug 25, 12:21 pm  
in Sydney: Tues, Aug 25, 2:21 pm

moves into Aquarius
in NYC: Thurs, Aug 27, 4:03 am
in Vancouver: Thurs, Aug 27, 1:03 am
in London: Thurs, Aug 27, 9:03 am  
in Singapore: Thurs, Aug 27, 4:03 pm  
in Sydney: Thurs, Aug 27, 6:03 pm

moves into Pisces
in NYC: Sat, Aug 29, 4:51 am
in Vancouver: Sat, Aug 29, 1:51 am  
in London: Sat, Aug 29, 9:51 am  
in Singapore:  Sat, Aug 29, 4:51 pm
in Sydney: Sat, Aug 29, 6:51 pm

moves into Aries
in NYC: Mon, Aug 31, 4:33 am
in Vancouver: Mon, Aug 31, 1:33 am  
in London: Mon, Aug 31, 9:33 am
in Singapore: Mon, Aug 31, 4:33 pm   
in Sydney: Mon, Aug 31, 6:33 pm

moves into Taurus
in NYC: Weds, Sept 2, 5:01 am
in Vancouver: Weds, Sept 2, 2:01 am
in London: Weds, Sept 2, 10:01 am  
in Singapore: Weds, Sept 2, 5:01 pm   
in Sydney: Weds, Sept 2, 7:01 pm

moves into Gemini
in NYC: Fri, Sept 4, 7:47 am
in Vancouver: Fri, Sept 4, 4:47 am  
in London: Fri, Sept 4, 12:47 pm
in Singapore: Fri, Sept 4, 7:47 pm  
in Sydney: Fri, Sept 4, 9:47 pm

What does the
moon's sign tell

Moon Signs and
Lunar Transits

Saturn is in Scorpio

This is the time when Saturn retrogrades back
into its old sign, and so you may have a déja
vu feeling, as you deal with some of the same
things you dealt with last year:  sex, death,
power dynamics, and inner transformation.  

This is a time when people are drawn towards
things that are usually taboo.  There’s a
fascination with whatever is mysterious,
unconventional, or raw.  And their underlying
emotional responses will be more visible:  
resentment, hunger, suspicion, desire,
obsession, paranoia.  When you deal directly
with these things, you release a lot of old,
stuck energy, and so these intense feelings
are gateways to transformation.

Everyone gets in touch with their inner devils,
to some extent or another, and everyone is
also required to work out a deeper moral code.
What is good and bad, what is right and wrong,
when you’re truly being honest with yourself,
recognizing what lies inside your own heart?

Saturn will be in Scorpio until September 17,

Saturn entered Scorpio
in NYC:  Sun, Jun 14, 8:35 pm
in Vancouver:  Sun, Jun 14, 5:35 pm
in London: Mon, Jun 15,1:35 am  
in Singapore: Mon, Jun 15,8:35 am     
in Sydney: Mon, Jun 15,10:35 am  

Pluto is in Capricorn

Pluto has to do with the slowest, most relentless and most
inexorable trends.  In spite of being demoted from planet
status, it's still very influential when it comes to social

As soon as Pluto entered this pragmatic, restrained
ascetic sign, the economy took a very different shape.  
Everyone switched from spending and speculating to
worrying and saving.  The emphasis is on what works, not
necessarily what feels good.

This is a long-term conservative influence, but the word
"conservative" can mean a lot of different things.  It could
mean conserving the land, and becoming better stewards
of the earth.  It could mean conserving the wisdom of our
elders.  It could mean looking to the people who have
spent their lives developing practical skills and asking,
"Okay, how do we do this?"

Pluto has been in Capricorn since November 2008 and
will be here until March 2023.  

Venus is in Leo

Venus is at her most charming, flamboyant and
dramatic in the fire sign Leo.  You’re more inclined to
adorn yourself with diamonds and flowers, and to put
in an appearance at the swankiest places you know.  
Even if you’re generally a modest soul, Venus in Leo
can give a sudden desire to shine, to see what center
stage feels like.

Everybody gets a moment in the sun while Venus is
here.  There’s a stronger emphasis on expressing
yourself, and this means singing, dancing, flirting,
partying, playing, performing.  Whatever you do, you
have an appreciative audience.  And you, in turn,
enjoy the high energy and the varied talents of all the
people around you.  Whether you’re croaking out a
tune at a karaoke bar, or singing around a campfire,
you join in with a good spirit.  

For lovers, this is a romantic time, good for stirring
proclamations of ardor. Everyone is warmer and more
excitable, and spontaneous demonstrations of
affection come easily.   You’re also likely to think of
the perfect gifts for the ones you love.  

Those who tend to be domineering or demanding will
be more so under this influence, however.  So at
times, there may be some need to set limits, to say
“no”, and to take space for yourself.  

Venus will be here until October 8.    

Venus entered Leo
in NYC: Fri, July 31, 11:27 am
in Vancouver: Fri, July 31, 8:27 am  
in London:  Fri, July 31, 4:27 pm
in Singapore: Fri, July 31, 11:27 pm  
in Sydney: Sat, Aug 1, 1:27 am

Neptune is in Pisces

This could be a time of beautiful spiritual flowering, a
time when large numbers of people open up their
hearts and connect with each other. The idealism of
Neptune becomes deeply intuitive, emotional and
sympathetic when this planet goes through Pisces.

The matter of faith is likely to be paramount as
Neptune goes through this sign.  Who and what do we
trust?  People will have a stronger need to believe in
something (or someone), and this can mean that
some folks will be preyed upon by unscrupulous con
men. A gullible populace isn't always good at picking
leaders, so it will be important to talk as clearly and
fully as
possible about all the issues of the day. Open
communication is important and protective during this

Neptune is the planet of the strange, so things may
take odd turns.  Everyone will be a little more
susceptible to illusions, confusion, fascinations, and
poetic deliriums.  New drugs could make an
appearance – both medicinal and recreational -  and
new healing techniques be developed.  Creativity is
enhanced by Neptune in this sign, especially when it
comes to rhythmic forms like music and poetry, and to
the arts of illusion such as theatre and film. We could
see the flowering of some amazing new art-forms.  

Religious institutions get new life from
Neptune’s passage through Pisces, but only if they
offer a true connection with the wisdom of the inner
self.  It’s not a time for dogma, but for breaking down
all artificial divisions and merging with the infinite.  

Neptune will be here until March 2025.  

Neptune entered Pisces
in NYC:  Fri, Feb 3, 2012, 2:03 pm
in Vancouver: Fri, Feb 3, 2012,
11:03 am
in London:  Fri, Feb 3,2012, 7:03 pm
in Berlin: Fri, Feb 3, 2012, 8:03 pm
in Sydney: Sat, Feb 4, 2012, 6:03 am

Mercury is in Virgo

Mercury is at home in Virgo, one of the signs
it rules.  Everybody becomes more organized,
analytical and methodical, and a little more
conscious of the objects around them.    Even
normally untidy people may feel a sudden
urge to organize the spice-rack, or wash their
sheets, or recycle all their newspapers.     

It’s a good time to look at the smaller issues,
and figure out how they all fit together and
form bigger issues. Small parts make up a
smooth, unified whole.  Everything has a
place, and when things are in their places,
and functioning as they’re meant to function,
it all goes more smoothly.

Mercury’s passage through Virgo is a good
time to deal head-on with health issues.  How
is your nutrition, how is your level of exercise,
are you doing things to combat stress?  This
is a good time to fix anything that isn’t working
well, in relation to your body or your lifestyle.  
It’s also good for mending things around the
house, and for working in the garden.  And it
lends itself to an efficient bout of summer

There’s a focus on figuring out definite,
practical answers to specific questions. The
main danger of Mercury in Virgo is that details
can be so involving that you don’t see the
whole picture.  If you spend hours on some
small task, making everything perfect, you
may not have time to get to more crucial

Mercury will be here until August 27.  

Mercury entered Virgo
in NYC: Friday, Aug 7, 3:14 pm
in Vancouver: Friday, Aug 7, 12:14 pm
in London: Friday, Aug 7, 8:14 pm  
in Singapore: Sat, Aug 8, 3:14 am  
in Sydney: Sat, Aug 8, 5:14 am  

Mars is in Leo

This is a time of extra passion, excitement and will-
power.  Mars is the planet of action, and in Leo, it’s
especially strong, confident and in charge.  You
are less likely to stand on the sidelines, more likely
to charge into the fray, to get involved, to take a
few risks.

Pride is stronger when Mars is in Leo, and the
urge to defend your pride is stronger too.  And so
sometimes conflict is all about posturing, bluffing,
and scoring points, with nothing real at stake.  If
you find yourself involved in something like this, try
to find the funny side of whatever is going on.  
Once you can laugh at yourself, you can usually
move on to some more productive activity.  But don’
t laugh at other people before they’re ready, as
they could become even more infuriated.

This is a very creative time.  You’re more
ambitious, and you need to express yourself in a
big, vivid, colorful way.  Everybody needs an
audience, and everybody needs a certain amount
of applause.  So don’t hog the spotlight, but don’t
avoid it either.  Take your turn in the sun, and then
be generous with other people as they show what
they can do.

You are more playful while Mars is in Leo, so be
sure to incorporate some spontaneous playtime in
your life.  Go out and run around with your dog in
the park, or find some kids who want to play hide-
and-seek.  When you do things just for the fun of
it, you’re rejuvenated.       

Mars will be here until September 24.

Mars entered Leo
in NYC: Sat, Aug 8, 7:32 pm   
in Vancouver: Sat, Aug 8, 4:32 pm   
in London: Sun, Aug 9, 12:32 am
in Singapore: Sun, Aug 9, 7:32 am  
in Sydney: Sun, Aug 9, 9:32 am

Jupiter is in Virgo

Jupiter enters a new sign yearly, so this could be
considered the astrologer’s New Year.  Jupiter’s effect is
to expand the characteristics of its sign, and so the
coming year will be more practical and realistic.  Virgo is
an analytic, discriminating, perceptive sign.   

People will generally become geekier, more interested in
science and technology, and this will make for a welcome
change.  This could be the year when climate change
finally is accepted as fact, and when there’s a stronger
push towards practical solutions.  People will work harder,
and often they’ll work together, to preserve the
environment that shelters and nurtures us all.  

There will be less of an emphasis on belief systems, and
more of an emphasis on things that can improve people’s
lives in the moment.  And instead of flashy things giving
status, people will gain more status from living in a green,
sustainable, somewhat rustic way.  This is a good year for
working out all sorts of alternate systems to replace the
ones that are falling apart, or that never worked well to
begin with.

Health will be an important theme this year.  As people
understand more about what makes for health, hopefully
there will be a gradual recognition that what’s good for
big business is often bad for the public health.  It’s not a
flashy, revolutionary year, so this might not manifest in a
big revolt.  However, a lot of small choices could add up
to some big changes.   

The shadow side of Jupiter in Virgo is a tendency to be a
bit too much of a purist about everything. Health nuts will
be nuttier, and techno-geeks will be geekier.  Everybody
is looking for something that works, and when they find it,
they will have a hard time understanding why everybody
else doesn’t adopt this perfect system, practice or
technology. At least the arguments will involve lots of
graphs and research results, rather than personal

Jupiter will be here until September 9, 2016.  

Jupiter entered Virgo.
in NYC: Tues, Aug 11, 7:11 am  
in Vancouver: Tues, Aug 11, 4:11 am  
in London: Tues, Aug 11, 12:11 pm    
in Singapore: Tues, Aug 11, 7:11 pm    
in Sydney: Tues, Aug 11, 9:11 pm  

The Current Lunar Cycle
(21° Leo)

This looks like a positive lunar cycle, with the sun and
moon conjunct Venus in Leo, and all three of them trine
Uranus.  Things will be lively, exciting, and, for the most
part, pleasurable.  It’s a good time for parties,
celebrations, festivities of all kinds.  Artists will be more
inspired, lovers more ardent, and gamblers more

If you have a general tendency to go overboard, you may
need to pay attention to that during this lunar cycle.  It’s a
dramatic time, and it could all be very entertaining, but
there’s some risk to the more fragile friendships and
partnerships. People are more open about their feelings,
including those they usually conceal.  Even if that’s
ultimately a good thing, it could make for some
unexpected plot twists.  

However, if you’re a shy, retiring type, you may find that
you can come out of your shell more easily, and it could
feel really good to take your turn in the sun.  This is a
good time for performers of all kinds.  Everybody is a

It’s not quite as favorable for communication, since there’
s a Mercury/Neptune opposition at the new moon.  This
could mean a few confusing situations involving the
things people say, write or plan, during this lunar cycle,
so watch for that.  You could be having a great time at a
party and express your affections to someone, and the
next thing you know, she and her German shepherd have
moved in with you.      

This lunar cycle lasts until the next new moon on
September 13.  Its climactic moment is the full moon on
August 29.  

The new moon occurred
in NYC: Fri, Aug 14, 10:53 am  
in Vancouver: Fri, Aug 14, 7:53 am  
in London: Fri, Aug 14, 3:53 pm  
in Singapore: Fri, Aug 14, 10:53 pm    
in Sydney: Sat, Aug 15, 12:53 am  

Venus is Retrograde
(0° Virgo)

Although Venus goes retrograde in Virgo, she
spends most of her retrograde period in the
exuberant fire sign Leo.  Venus in Leo is
generally pretty bold but she is a bit more
hesitant when retrograde.  

Relationships take a little longer to form now, and
so even if you’re having a great time at a party,
you may not bring anyone home with you.  If you
have someone’s number, it can take a while for
you to call them, and even longer for them to get
back to you. You have to be patient, since being
in a hurry won’t get you anywhere now.

If you’re in love and planning your wedding, you
could find yourself adding lots of elaborate ways
to celebrate, while still having some trouble
making binding decisions.  This is okay.  Let
yourself enjoy the moment, and when Venus is
direct again, things will move along in a more
definite and practical way.

If you’re part of an established couple, just enjoy
your significant other, and don’t worry about what
is or isn’t happening.  If there’s anything wrong, it
will work itself out eventually, but for now, just
appreciate your moments together.   

This is a good time to make connections with
friends and lovers from your past.  It can also be
good for returning to old forms of creative
expression.  You can dust off that paintbrush, or
start tuning that old guitar.  This is a nice time for
old-fashioned sing-alongs around the campfire,
as everybody is a little hungry for a simpler,
happier time, even if it only existed in their

Venus goes direct again on September 6.    

Venus went retrograde
in NYC: Sat, July 25, 5:28 am
in Vancouver: Sat, July 25, 2:28 am
in London: Sat, July 25, 10:28 am  
in Singapore: Sat, July 25, 5:28 pm  
in Sydney: Sat, July 25, 7:28 pm

The sun is in Virgo

This is a good time for a fall cleaning. The Virgo
sun gives an eagle eye for details, and so you’
re very aware of all the little areas of disorder
around you.  You can organize, mend, fix, and
generally get everything in shape.

Work also goes well with the sun in Virgo.  
People want to get things done, as efficiently
and thoroughly as possible.  People may be
staying late at the office, working through lunch,
and making a lot of progress on ongoing
projects.  Those pesky labor-intensive tasks can
finally all be taken care of.  It’s also a good time
for maintenance on all the tools and systems
that you customarily use.  

Everyone may be a little more critical than
usual, and this is something to watch out for.  It’
s important to encourage your staff, co-workers
and family members, even if they haven’t done
something as perfectly as you would do it
yourself.  And everybody has their own little way
of doing things.  Try to be tolerant of these
different methods, even if they don’t seem to be
as good as your own.  

This is also a good time to focus on health.  
Virgo is a sign dedicated to healing – so
whether you’re starting an exercise regime,
eating a nutritious breakfast every morning,
starting to take vitamins regularly, or getting a
check-up, you can improve your health this
month.  You can make some important revisions
to your daily schedule, in line with your beliefs
and goals.  

The sun will be here until September 23.  

The sun enter
ed Virgo
in NYC: Sun, Aug 23, 6:37 am
in Vancouver: Sun, Aug 23, 3:37 am
in London:  Sun, Aug 23, 11:37 am
in Singapore: Sun, Aug 23, 6:37 pm   
in Sydney: Sun, Aug 23, 8:37 am

Uranus is in Aries

This is the revolutionary planet in the revolutionary sign, so
you know some stuff is going to happen while it's here -
mainly, during the next seven years.

This is about liberation.  It's about freedom.   It's about
looking at the fixed structures that rule our lives, figuring
out which ones limit us, and dismantling them.

There's a fast, reckless rhythm about Uranus in Aries;  it's
not always the wisest approach.  There's an urge for
immediate, spontaneous action, and so people rush into
things without stopping to think.  Every moment is charged
with creative fire.      

It's pretty exciting.  But it's definitely not a calm influence.  
Everyone will need to stop and take some deep breaths
once in a while.

Uranus will be here until May 2018.

Uranus entered Aries
in NYC:  Fri, Mar 11, 2011, 7:49 pm
in Vancouver: Fri, Mar 11, 2011, 4:49 pm
in London:  Sat, Mar 12,2011, 12:49 am
in Berlin:  Sat, Mar 12, 2011, 1:49 am
in Sydney:  Sat, Mar 12, 2011, 11:49 am

Mercury enters Libra

Mercury, the planet of intellect, is well-suited to the air sign
Libra. There’s a real love of the intellectual process -  an
appreciation for learning, a willingness to teach and to share
knowledge, and an attraction to intricate concepts and well-
crafted sentences.  

This is an excellent time for cooperative work, especially in
small teams.  People are more willing to listen to each other,
to trade ideas back and forth, to compromise, to take turns
exercising leadership. Everybody is more focused on fairness,
equality, and balance. People are more apt to play by the
rules, especially if it’s obvious that these rules benefit others,
either collectively or individually.  

This is an idealistic time.  There’s less emphasis on individual
action, more on taking one’s place in the community and
being part of larger movements.  There may be quite a lot of
arguments and debates, but they will mostly be pretty orderly.  
The focus will be on ideas, principles, and beliefs.

Libra is an artistic sign, and so everyone finds it easier to
communicate in a graceful and effective way.  Rhetoric can
rise to new heights.  At the same time, where is the heart
behind the words?  Sometimes the words can seem a bit slick
and overly crafted, and they can hide underlying messages
that are not so pretty, not so open-minded.  

Mercury will be here until November 2.   

Mercury enters Libra
in NYC: Thurs, Aug 27, 11:44 am
in Vancouver: Thurs, Aug 27, 8:44 am
in London: Thurs, Aug 27, 4:44 pm
in Singapore: Thurs, Aug 27, 11:44 pm  
in Sydney: Fri, Aug 28, 1:44 am