and More
by Jenny Yates

April 1 to 8, 2020

What sign is the moon in?  What signs do the planets occupy?  
What is the current lunar cycle about?  

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Venus is in Gemini

In Gemini, Venus is devoted to
intellectual pleasures.  This can mean
anything from crossword puzzles to
lectures on Medieval candle magic.   

It's especially good for scintillating
conversation.  Everyone is wittier and
more interesting, and everyone is
quicker to respond to your ripostes.
(And they're ready to repost
everything you write, too.)  

And yes, it's a good time for puns.  
Try to control yourself.    

Venus will be in Gemini until July 4.   

Venus entered Gemini
in NYC: Thurs, June 9, 10:23 am
in Vancouver: Thurs, June 9, 7:23 am
in London: Thurs, June 9, 3:23 pm
in Berlin:  Thurs, June 9, 4:23 pm

The Moon

moves into Cancer
in NYC: Tues, March 31, 7:43 am
in Vancouver: Tues, March 31, 4:43 am
in London: Tues, March 31, 11:43 am
in Singapore: Tues, March 31, 7:43 pm  
in Sydney: Tues, March 31, 9:43 pm

moves into Leo
in NYC: Thurs, April 2, 2:26 pm
in Vancouver: Thurs, April 2, 11:26 am  
in London: Thurs, April 2, 6:26 pm  
in Singapore: Fri, April 3, 2:26 am  
in Sydney: Fri, April 3, 4:26 am   

moves into Virgo
in NYC:  Sat, Apr 4, 5:18 pm
in Vancouver: Sat, Apr 4, 2:18 pm
in London: Sat, Apr 4, 10:18 pm
in Singapore: Sun, Apr 5, 5:18 am  
in Sydney: Sun, Apr 5, 8:18 am   

moves into Libra
in NYC: Mon, Apr 6, 5:16 pm
in Vancouver: Mon, Apr 6, 2:16 pm
in London: Mon, Apr 6, 10:16 pm
in Singapore: Tues, Apr 7, 5:16 am  
in Sydney: Tues, Apr 7, 7:16 am  

moves into Scorpio
in NYC: Weds, Apr 8, 4:16 pm
in Vancouver: Weds, Apr 8, 1:16 pm
in London: Weds, Apr 8, 9:16 pm  
in Singapore: Thurs, Apr 9, 4:16 am  
in Sydney: Thurs, Apr 9, 6:16 am   

What does the
moon's sign tell

Moon Signs and
Lunar Transits

Pluto is in Capricorn

Pluto has to do with the slowest, most
relentless and most inexorable trends.  In
spite of being demoted from planet status,
it's still very influential when it comes to
social transformation.  

As soon as Pluto entered this pragmatic,
restrained ascetic sign, the economy took
a very different shape.  Everyone switched
from spending and speculating to worrying
and saving.  The emphasis is on what
works, not necessarily what feels good.

This is a long-term conservative influence,
but the word "conservative" can mean a lot
of different things.  It could mean
conserving the land, and becoming better
stewards of the earth.  It could mean
conserving the wisdom of our elders.  It
could mean looking to the people who
have spent their lives developing practical
skills and asking, "Okay, how do we do

Pluto has been in Capricorn since
November 2008 and will be here until
March 2023.  

Venus is in Taurus

When Venus, the planet of love, goes through
Taurus, lovers are more reliable, more faithful,
and more loyal than usual.  There’s a tendency
to stick with a good thing, rather than trying to
change it.  You really notice all the pleasures
and delights of your current life, and counting
your blessings feels natural and easy.  

During this time, particular pleasure comes from
anything physical.  It’s nice for gardening, for
walking in the woods, for hugging trees, for
being outside in general. This is an excellent
time to go camping, to soak in the sounds and
smells and tastes of nature.  
It’s good for potting, weaving, painting,
sculpting, working in any kind of tactile media.  
And, of course,
it’s good for the pleasures of the flesh:  eating,
drinking, making slow love.

When it comes to relationships, people are
more forthright and honest when Venus is here.  
You present yourself as you are, with no hidden
agendas, and you prefer that others be that way
as well.  People who usually lead complicated,
dramatic lives may discover the joys of simplicity
while Venus is in Taurus.   

Venus will be here until April 3.          

Venus entered Taurus
in NYC:  Weds, March 4, 10:07 pm  
in Vancouver: Weds, March 4, 7:07 pm    
in London: Thurs, March 5, 3:07 am   
in Singapore: Thurs, March 5, 11:07 am      
in Sydney: Thurs, March 5, 2:07 pm    

Uranus is in Taurus

Uranus is the revolutionary planet, and now
it’s entering the most solid, grounded sign in
the zodiac, Taurus.  So this could be a time
when some very basic social and economic
factors will be challenged.  

There could be big changes to the way we all
handle matters of wealth and poverty, for
example. Currencies could be affected, and
some could go dormant, while new currencies
are suddenly born.  Our agricultural methods
could be altered during this time, along with the
way we distribute food and other goods.  New
technology will reshape science, especially
when it comes to medicine.  New art forms could
have a big influence, particularly in music and
spoken poetry.  

Ecological issues will also be addressed with
innovative technology during this time, and
some of it will work, while some of it will fail.  It
may become clear that we do need to
restructure our societies in order to live
sustainably on the earth, but whether this will
happen in a sufficiently radical way remains to
be seen.  There will be a lot of push-back for
every change that’s proposed.  Sometimes it
takes the shock of disaster to really alter people’
s consciousness, but that’s the hard way to do

There may be more radical movements towards
traditional lifestyles during this time. Of course,
everybody interprets tradition in their own way.  
Some of these will be oppressive to women, gay
people, and minorities, while others are able to
combine a kinder social ethic with a sustainable

Uranus will be in Taurus until July 7,

Uranus entered Taurus
in NYC:  Weds, Mar 6, 3:27 am
in Vancouver: Weds, Mar 6, 12:27 am
in London: Weds, Mar 6, 8:27 am  
in Singapore: Weds, Mar 6, 4:27 pm  
in Sydney: Weds, Mar 6, 7:27 pm

Neptune is in Pisces

This could be a time of beautiful spiritual flowering, a time
when large numbers of people open up their hearts and
connect with each other. The idealism of Neptune
becomes deeply intuitive, emotional and sympathetic
when this planet goes through Pisces.

The matter of faith is likely to be paramount as Neptune
goes through this sign.  Who and what do we trust?  
People will have a stronger need to believe in something
(or someone), and this can mean that some folks will be
preyed upon by unscrupulous con men. A gullible
populace isn't always good at picking leaders, so it will be
important to talk as clearly and fully as possible about all
the issues of the day. Open communication is important
and protective during this period.      

Neptune is the planet of the strange, so things may take
odd turns.  Everyone will be a little more susceptible to
illusions, confusion, fascinations, and poetic deliriums.  
New drugs could make an appearance – both medicinal
and recreational -  and new healing techniques be
developed.  Creativity is enhanced by Neptune in this
sign, especially when it comes to rhythmic forms like music
and poetry, and to the arts of illusion such as theatre and
film. We could see the flowering of some amazing new art-

Religious institutions get new life from
Neptune’s passage through Pisces, but only if they offer a
true connection with the wisdom of the inner self.  It’s not a
time for dogma, but for breaking down all artificial divisions
and merging with the infinite.  

Neptune will be here until March 2025.  

Neptune entered Pisces
in NYC:  Fri, Feb 3, 2012, 2:03 pm
in Vancouver: Fri, Feb 3, 2012,
11:03 am
in London:  Fri, Feb 3,2012, 7:03 pm
in Berlin: Fri, Feb 3, 2012, 8:03 pm
in Sydney: Sat, Feb 4, 2012, 6:03 am

The sun is in Aries

Happy spring equinox, if you happen to live in the
Northern Hemisphere!   This is definitely a time to
move forward, to tackle new projects with
enthusiasm.   There’s energy to burn, and lots of
new and interesting possibilities to explore.

For creative people, this is a particularly good
time.  Aries is a sign which focuses on self-
expression, on the question “Who am I?  What am
I here to do and say?”  So people who were shy
and retiring before may experience a sudden gust
of confidence and courage, and put themselves
and their work forward for the first time.  Of
course, people who are a bit brash and conceited
may be quite insufferable under this influence!

It’s a spontaneous time, both when it comes to
love and passion, and when it comes to anger
and conflict.  People get upset, fight it out, and
then forget about it.  There’s too much going on
to spend a lot of time brooding.  People are living
in the moment, and that generally feels pretty

The sun will be in Aries until April 19.   

The sun entered Aries
in NYC: Thurs, March 19, 11:49 pm
in Vancouver: Thurs, March 19, 8:49 pm
in London: Fri, March 20, 3:49 am
in Singapore: Fri, March 20, 11:49 am   
in Sydney: Fri, March 20, 2:49 pm

Mercury is in Pisces

Mercury in this mutable water sign gives a
tendency to daydream and ramble.  The mind is
not bound by the usual restraints, like reason
and logic.  It moves mysteriously, fluidly,
intuitively, investigating all the nooks and
crannies as it goes.

This is a good time to get better at non-verbal
communication, because there will be a lot of it.  
Musicians, choreographers and
cinematographers will be especially inspired, as
they communicate grace and beauty and a wide
range of emotions to their audiences.  Poets will
be more mysterious, more elusive, aiming to be
understood on a deeper level.  Writers of
science fiction and fantasy will help everyone
escape from the ordinary.

Everyone will have longer, more vivid dreams,
and it won’t always be easy to wake up from
them.  You may go around all day, thinking about
your dreams and wondering what they meant.  
Everyone will be a little more mystical, and it’s a
good time for spiritual retreats, meditation circles,
and healing work.  It’s not the most disciplined or
organized time, however, and there’s a greater
tendency to forget or lose things.     

Mercury will be in Pisces until April

Mercury entered Pisces
in NYC: Mon, March 16, 3:42 am
in Vancouver: Mon, March 16, 12:42 am
in London: Mon, March 16, 7:42 am
in Singapore: Mon, March 16, 3:42 pm  
in Sydney: Mon, March 16, 6:42 pm

The Current Lunar Cycle
(4° Aries)

The Aries new moon is the beginning of the
zodiacal year, a time to set your intentions for the
next cycle.  This new moon is particularly intense
and focused, with all planets contained within a
third of the circle.  

There’s a great deal of pressure this month.  

There’s a close conjunction of Jupiter, Pluto and
Mars, all in Capricorn, and this brings up all kinds
of buried thoughts, needs and feelings, some of
which have been repressed for a long time.  This
could manifest in explosions, since energy resists
being so contained. People may do things that are
daring and crazy, and danger is also magnified at
this time.  

The need to take action is very strong, and so
people may push onwards, even when things are
difficult.  At the same time, with Mercury and
Neptune in Pisces, it’s not easy to think clearly.  
These planets give a heightened imagination which
can strengthen all those inner demons.  And lastly,
the sun and moon in Aries urge you to express
yourself boldly and unequivocally.

The only planet in an air sign is Saturn, newly in
Aquarius. So Saturn is given the job of dispensing
wisdom during this lunar cycle, and it’s a formidable
task.  But there will be people who take it seriously,
and work hard to keep others from running amok.  
We can all contribute to this.    

This lunar cycle lasts until the next new moon on
April 22.  Its climactic moment is the full moon on
April 7.   

The new moon occurred
in NYC:  Tues, Mar 24, 5:28 am
in Vancouver: Tues, Mar 24, 2:28 am
in London: Tues, Mar 24, 9:28 am
in Singapore: Tues, Mar 24, 5:28 pm  
in Sydney: Tues, Mar 24, 8:28 pm

Saturn is in Aquarius

Saturn leaves its home sign, and goes into
one that’s more objective, intellectual and
scientific.  Saturn in Aquarius is all about
taking responsibility for the world we live in,
the technology we invent, and the societies
we jointly create.

Aquarius is a sign which gives a strong
awareness of the collective, and with
Saturn here, we will all be more conscious
of our roles in the community.  Saturn in
Aquarius gives a strong call to public
service and public accountability. There will
be an emphasis on education, and on
educating each other.  This won’t be about
pointing fingers, but about helping each
other to grow wiser and more aware.  

At the same time, Aquarius is an
experimental sign, and so we will see more
people putting their ideas into practice,
some with good results and some not so
good.  This could refer to both scientific
experiments and social ones.  Of course,
even failed experiments teach us quite a
lot, so it won’t be wasted effort. But,
occasionally, unfortunate situations could

Aquarius is also a very idealistic sign.  
However, the shadow of Saturn in Aquarius
is a tendency to discount the individual,
and to focus on the larger human body, or
the greater idea. And so this can be a time
when ivory-tower types can thrive, and
people with common sense and practical
knowhow can be ignored.  The main
challenge of Saturn in Aquarius is keeping
ourselves grounded.     

Saturn will be in Aquarius until July 1, 2020,
when it will retrograde back into Capricorn
for almost six months.  After this period, it
will be in Aquarius once more, this time for
two and a half years.      

Saturn entered Aquarius
in NYC: Sat, Mar 21, 11:58 pm
in Vancouver: Sat, Mar 21, 8:58 pm
in London: Sun, Mar 22, 3:58 am
in Singapore: Sun, Mar 22, 11:58 am  
in Sydney: Sun, Mar 22, 2:58 pm

Mars is in Aquarius

The planet of will and action becomes more
independent and free-spirited in Aquarius.  You
have a stronger urge to experiment, a desire to
venture into unknown territory.  The urge to
learn new things is strong, and this is not just a
mental but a physical desire.  You want to pick
up new physical skills, like sword-fighting or
puppy-juggling, and it’s a plus if not too many
other people know how to do it.

Mars has to do with the competitive urge, and
with Mars in Aquarius, you’re more intellectually
competitive.  So you may find yourself engaging
in battles of wit, and cowing other people with
your impeccable logic. You could get involved in
contests that are all about quick thinking, fast
reflexes, and technical expertise.     

You’re more eccentric, more of a non-
conformist, while Mars is here.  You want to do
things in your own way, and you could invent
some new gadget or technique that’s needed in
every household.  But you won’t market it,
because it’s not about making money.  It’s just
about the thrill of problem-solving, and you get
bored with it when it no longer presents a

It’s a very creative time, and everybody is
coming up with interesting ways to express
themselves.  Inventors are more inventive,
scientists are more inspired, and artists are
more avant-garde.   

Mars will be here until May 13.           

Mars enter
ed Aquarius
in NYC:  Mon, March 30, 3:43 pm
in Vancouver: Mon, March 30, 12:43 pm
in London:  Mon, March 30, 7:43 pm
in Singapore: Tues, March 31, 3:43 am   
in Sydney: Tues, March 31, 5:43 am   

Venus enters Gemini

This is a friendly place for the planet of love and
pleasure.  It lends itself to easy-going
conversations, sprightly discussions, and
pleasurable mental diversions.  People are friendly,
witty and engaging, and they laugh a lot under this
influence.  Even if the world is dealing with a
pandemic, there is plenty of humor to be had.    

The emphasis is on popular culture -  TV shows,
romance novels, thrillers, pop music, action films.  
Everyone wants to be entertained, without having
to work too hard to figure out what’s going on.  
However, there’s a lot of curiosity to Gemini, and so
even rather abstruse works of art can find an
audience.  There will always be someone ready to
explain it to everyone else.

The main thing now is communication.  There are
lots of bridges being built – between people and
people, between people and ideas, between ideas
and ideas.  Everyone is engaged in making
connections.  This is really good for the current
world of the 2020 pandemic, in which social spaces
are virtual rather than physical.  People can mill
around, checking out different ways of dealing with
the new reality, sharing hints and news,
maintaining a sense of freedom and choice.  

When it comes to relationships, this lends itself to
casual friendships and to speed-dating more than
to deeper levels of intimacy.  It’s a good time to get
to know someone, to hang out with them in lots of
different circumstances.  By the time Venus leaves
Gemini, you’ll have developed an easy and
comfortable connection, and you can see whether
you’d like to take it further.  It will be a while,
because Venus is retrograding in this sign.  But
maybe – just maybe – the pandemic will be over by
then, and people can actually shake each other’s

Venus will be in Gemini until August 7.           

Venus enters Gemini
in NYC: Fri, Apr 3, 1:10 pm  
in Vancouver: Fri, Apr 3, 10:10 am   
in London: Fri, Apr 3, 6:10 pm   
in Singapore: Sat, Apr 4, 1:10 am  
in Sydney: Sat, Apr 4, 4:10 am  

Jupiter is in Capricorn

Jupiter enters a new sign yearly, so this could be considered
the astrologer’s New Year.  Jupiter’s effect is to expand the
characteristics of its sign, and Capricorn is a pragmatic,
disciplined earth sign.  It’s not particularly optimistic, and so
it isn't always a good fit for this exuberant planet.  For many
people, the coming year will feel harder, plainer, simpler.  

This is a good sign when it comes to surviving, however.  
Whatever the year brings – climate change disasters,
economic ups and downs – people are more likely to seize
on practical, viable solutions.  There will be an emphasis on
preserving energy and resources, reusing things, and
preventing waste.

Old things will be valued more while Jupiter is in this sign,
and this includes older skills and traditions.  People will be
learning from their elders, learning from books, and taking
classes, as they study up on all the skills that kept people
alive before the Industrial Revolution.  Inventive people will
be constructing things that help people in immediate
practical ways.

The realism of Capricorn can help everyone survive, but it
doesn’t always offer a hopeful vision of the future.  There’s a
sense that we have to go slowly, painstakingly, with a lot of
discipline and a certain amount of deprivation.  There may
be less energy given to pleasure, romance and the arts.  

However, long-term strategy is one of Capricorn’s gifts, and
so there could be some steady progress this year.  There
could be new structures and systems for work, for
agriculture, for waste management, and for health care.
Foundational texts – such as the Bible and the Constitution –
could be changed in some practical ways.  (Maybe we’ll get
an amendment that does away with the electoral college.)  
Historical preservation is likely to proceed at a good pace.  

The shadow side of Jupiter in Capricorn is a preference for
hierarchy and tradition over anything new and innovative.  In
our current world, this could be disastrous.  But as I said,
Capricorn is a good sign for survival, and it’s also a realistic
sign.  So I’m thinking that, when they’re really needed,
working solutions will be proposed and put into practice.  
And, in general, paring down isn’t a bad idea at this point in

Jupiter will be here until December 19, 2020.   

Jupiter entered Capricorn  
in NYC:  Mon, Dec 2, 1:20 pm
in Vancouver: Mon, Dec 2, 11:20 am
in London: Mon, Dec 2, 6:20 pm
in Singapore: Tues, Dec 3, 2:20 am  
in Sydney: Tues, Dec 3, 5:20 am