Jenny Yates Astrology

Astrology – a tool for your life

Astrology hinges on the belief that everything is connected. We all tap into this connection all
the time, in myriad ways. But how far does it extend? Can we really decide on a job or a lover
by checking out the cycles of the moon?

My belief is that our connections extend much further than any of us know.  At the same time,
our independence is never in question.  We are not pushed;  we are not forced.  We are
surrounded by many influences, some stronger, some weaker.  We respond to these
influences, or we resist them, and in this way, we carve out our unique paths.

Astrology is just one of these influences.  I am a strong believer in using all the tools at your
disposal – your logic, your intuition, your granny’s advice.  Astrology speaks in the unique
patterns of the planets, and so it gives a cosmic perspective.  There are few overviews more

There are many people working with astrological symbols, many different approaches to
interpretation.  I believe that all this variety is a good thing.  You can pick your astrologer the
same way you’d pick a painter to do your portrait – because you like her (or his) style.  

I hope that a stroll through this site will give you a sense of my style.  In the descriptions of
the various kinds of charts that I do, there are lists of some of the questions that might be
answered. And be sure to read my monthly blog: Thoughts on the Month Ahead –