What can you find on this site?

Information about astrologer Jenny Yates:  
who I am,  and the kinds of readings I do

A day-by-day look at the coming week:   
What’s Going on These Days?

Info about when
the moon changes sign
(in five different time-zones).
Here, you can also find out what Venus, Mars
and all the other planets are doing
in their current signs.

Detailed information about
ongoing transits that affect all of us.  

A section for beginners:  
How do these transits affect you in particular?

A whole bunch of essays, including a section of particular interest to

A tiny l
inks section.  

Some cool photos taken by yours truly, sprinkled all over the site.

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A foray into fiction...

It's an international mystery novel,
and one of the heroes is an
astrologer!  Isn't this just what you
want to read this season?

Quito Murder Mystery by Jenny

It's on Kindle, too.